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The Word Alive Deceiver

The Word Alive - Deceiver
01. The Hounds Of Anubis
02. Epiphany
03. The Wretched
04. Consider It Mutual
05. 2012
06. Dream Catcher
07. Like Father Like Son
08. Battle Royale
09. You're All I See
10. We Know Who You Are
2010 Fearless Records

Reviewed by: Joshua   //   Published: 11/24/2010

43 Seconds. That's how long I was a fan of The Word Alive. 43 seconds of furious double kick drums and a scream from the depths of Hades rocking along with thick and quick guitars. Then, out of nowhere, yet completely expected, came the cleanest, whiniest, most awful vocals I have ever heard. It sucked out all the energy, all the hate, and all the brutality from what could have been a linchpin of an opening track. It sucked all of it out, because frankly, The Word Alive sucks.

Google their name and you will read some rave reviews of Deceiver, the debut full-length from this Phoenix sextet. I have no idea what those fools are smoking, and for once I can say, “I want none of that shit,” because The Word Alive encompasses everything that is wrong with heavy music today.

Burly breakdowns puss out at every turn. Estrogen enhanced emo vox do more damage than a roofie cocktail, hurting the head worse than the worst hangover. Just when you think they've sunk to the deepest depths of commercial mall-metal, the fast guitar flurries are re-re-remixed with stupid sounding synths. And I don't believe for a second that the drums aren't digitally enhanced.

The only reason Deceiver even ranks this high is because the heavy parts are really good, albeit an extreme rehash of deathcore's finer acts. The beginning of "The Hounds of Anubis" had me, surprisingly, nodding along, thinking that this was going to be a nice surprise of a record. After that, it was agonizing just getting through this entire record once, let alone a second time in order to write this review.

I could itemize the few pros (the intro to "Like Father Like Son") and many cons (just about everything else) of Deceiver, but it would really be a waste of type and time. Any positive aspect of heaviness that's achieved is immediately nullified by something overwhelmingly abysmal. They play their relative instruments well, but who the hell cares?!?

Bottom Line: Don't believe the hype. The Word Alive are not good. Regardless, it's probably selling a boatload of copies.

anonymous   posted 12/25/2012 11:51:50 AM
if you think this is good, you either are not a musician, and its ok think its good because you are ignorant to music, or; you simply have not listened to enough good music and will eventually realize how lame and unoriginal this is...luke holland, you better be getting paid good because this band is a huge waste of your time and talent...
anonymous   posted 7/20/2012 12:54:19 AM
The reviewer of this is a f*cking dipshit. "Regardless, it's probably selling a boatload of copies." NO SHIT SHERLOCK. That's because it's f*cking GOOD. Damn it I hope lambgoat gets shut down for this type of shit.
anonymous   posted 5/13/2012 5:07:17 AM
I agree with the previous comment. This album is pretty damn good. I don't listen to a lot of metal bands with breakdowns, but I have an exception for The Word Alive. I like to think of them as a younger and more experimental Trivium.
None_   posted 2/11/2011 11:40:52 AM
f*ck you bud. this album is actually good. really though, who the shit do you listen to that is oh so heavy that you compare them to?
objective opinion_   posted 12/24/2010 9:50:05 AM
minus the singing vocals and the thin production it sounds like frail words collapse from as i lay dying

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