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Zoroaster Matador

1. D.N.R. 2. Ancient Ones 3. Odyssey 4. Triden 5. Firewater 6. Old World 7. Black Hole 8. Odyssey II 9. Matador
2010 MNRK Music Group
Our score 9


Just a few seconds into Matador and you can tell that Zoroaster's amps go to 11. True story: amid the second listening of Zoroaster's new album, my rear surround sound speaker waddled off of the shelf—twice. Hatchbacks far and wide would rattle to bits trying to push this beast of out their bass bins. To put it bluntly, this band is heavy. And I mean Paul Bunyon—HEAVY. The first third of the record bears witness to Zoroaster's love of mud-drenched guitars that lumber alongside someone singing through a fan after gargling glass. The Sabbath-styled pot-metal is a headbobber's dream. Guitar solos soar in psychedelic, almost-prog passages that give their drummer an excuse to pulverize his kit to powder. "Odyssey" would make Homer proud with its adventurous overtones, albeit unepic duration. While Zoroaster has been known to put folks to sleep with their lengthy opuses, most of these tracks get by at a clip of around 4-7 minutes; sprints compared to their previous marathons. The Second Act of the album is where the meat is. After the punked-up "Trident," the murderous rage of Zoroaster is unleashed with the pissed-off monster "Firewater." The entire instrumental is awash with noise, static, and distortion, a frightening moment that is one of the best on the record. "Old World" is exactly what an old world would sound like: slow, sludgy, yet ethereal. Dudes can rock a riff like there's no tomorrow. Steadily measured blows repeatedly pummel until you look like Jared Leto's face after Fight Club. The tune "Black Hole" then boot-heels the spine with galloping tom-toms before breaking down into guttural growls over a knuckle dragging rhythm. Violent tremolo picking fades out with final screams so gruesome you can almost hear blood curdling in the throat. Closing the disc are the sequel song, "Odyssey II," a tune that didn't necessarily demand another installment, but the wet acoustic cool-down is much appreciated, and the album's title track, "Matador." A long deliberate intro sets the tone of nodding stoner sludge, before becoming a behemoth of a finale, swirling in psilocybin and a pounding riff that rocks back and forth. Bottom Line: Get big speakers. Then, buy this record. Then, turn it up loud. The album demands to be listened to repeatedly in order to absorb its massive thickness. But that's not a bad thing, because as the title suggests, Matador is killer.


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ipaintmycrimes_ 8/7/2010 11:17:26 AM

oh cool, zoroaster

anonymous 8/7/2010 12:05:49 PM

The "murderous rage" of a bunch of stoners playing fuzzed-out guitar riffs.

what_ 8/7/2010 6:17:02 PM

This is one of the most boring records I've suffered through.

Fur_Beach_ 8/7/2010 10:44:51 PM

Great f*ckin album

arty_mcfarty_ 8/8/2010 9:34:24 AM

apparently it is really hard to get people that aren't f*cking idiots to write reviews on this website

xmusicislifex_ 8/9/2010 9:34:02 AM

a 9?? Thats excessive PERIOD

doomer_ 8/9/2010 12:00:44 PM

yea. this record rocks hard. spot on.

hutch13_ 8/9/2010 1:30:12 PM

This album is heavy - as reviewed. spot on and done with style. If you do not like doom or stoner - why you taking time to comment? This review accurately relays the monstrosity of this lp. a 9 is spot on. and as far as Arty McFarty - you should watch your mouth, son. Just cuz you disagree with an opinion, does not make someone "an idiot"; especially when you've never met someone. you are going to call the wrong person the wrong name one day. oh, wait you already did. fool.

bonertumor_ 8/9/2010 5:52:08 PM

fuzzy, CATCHY, heavy, spacey(notkevin), and im done

._ 8/10/2010 9:01:43 AM


anonymous 8/15/2010 2:13:43 PM

i find it incredible that people consistently complain that 'tuning your guitars down and playing doesn't mean you're f*cking heavy' but then will say that anything that is fuzzy, influenced by rock music from 35 years ago, and made by potheads is PAUL BUNYON HEAVY. give me a f*cking break, this shit needs to f*cking go

puntis_ 8/16/2010 4:39:55 PM

jesus christ. that was the dumbest review i've ever read.

dazedandentombed_ 9/3/2010 10:42:53 AM

I'm still trying to find the review for this album... Is it before or after the rant by a thirteen year old testing out his "impressive" new vocabulary?

TheForbiddenFool_ 9/15/2010 3:16:01 AM

Meh, seriously "meh". I love many spacey bands like Cult of Luna, Isis, Intronaut, Kylesa, and so on. However this album is pretentious at best. Lambgoat has some amazing reviews as well as few that are not so "spot-on". This album has it's high points*giggle*, but it never really catches my attention or anyone else I play it for. There's many bands in the "Cult-Of-Neurisis" or whatever the f*ck people are calling it these days genre, but this is just pretentious spaced-out crap.

Jorge Jr._ 9/29/2010 11:31:35 PM

this album is sooooo good....on scary good.