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Whitechapel A New Era of Corruption

Whitechapel - A New Era of Corruption
01. Devolver
02. Breeding Violence
03. The Darkest Day of Man
04. Reprogrammed to Hate
05. End of Flesh
06. Unnerving
07. A Future Corrupt
08. Prayer of Mockery
09. Murder Sermon
10. Necromechanical
11. Single File to Dehumanization
2010 Metal Blade Records

Reviewed by: Alex Freilich   //   Published: 7/4/2010

This is the third release from Whitechapel, one of the biggest names in the "deathcore" genre today, meaning whatever they put out is what 16 year-olds in bands everywhere will be copying. So if this album is the new standard for deathcore, the genre is fizzling out just as fast as all the haters said it would.

I actually enjoyed this band's previous release, This Is Exile. I was hoping Whitechapel would step it up even more this time around and take deathcore somewhere new, maybe silence a few critics and show that they can progress as musicians. Nope. I'm not saying that This Is Exile was record of the year when it came out, but almost all of the things that made it a decent release are gone in New Era Of Corruption. Gone is any sign of intelligent guitar work. On nearly every track, it seems as though the three-guitarist army of Whitechapel never leaves the first four frets. Solos are few and far between, or at least it feels that way when they only last about 10 seconds, before returning to more formulaic deathcore. To be fair, there are a few decent riffs on this album, but not nearly enough to make the guitars anything but typical.

The lyrics are also a step down from This Is Exile, which wasn't that mind-blowing, but was at least based around an interesting concept. The song titles alone ("Murder Sermon," "End of Flesh," "Necromechanical") seem completely uninspired. The songs use the same old recycled deathcore subjects: extinction, hate of religion, human weakness... I get the feeling that I've heard these lyrics more than a few times before. Though he doesn't seem to be able to bring any interesting lyrics to the table, vocalist Phil Bozeman actually does have some fairly impressive vocal talent. His contributions may honestly be the strongest part of the album.

Production wise, A New Era Of Corruption sounds better than the past two releases. The three-guitarist thing has never really impressed me, but at least you can hear a bit more definition between parts this time around. As with their live show, the bass is almost completely absent. No surprises there. Meanwhile, the drums are extremely clear, but as with many deathcore releases, sound as if they are computer programmed for maximum clarity. Really though, the production is fairly solid and at least doesn't detract from the album.

Bottom Line: Though they lead the pack in modern deathcore, Whitechapel seems to be stuck in the endless chugging and blast-beats that have been the staples of the genre for far too long. The main defense that deathcore fans have is that the genre is new and must be given time to mature. Unfortunately, Whitechapel shows here that any progression will likely be a long time coming.

anonymous   posted 7/23/2012 4:12:39 PM
I agree with some of the reviewers ideas. For the most part i enjoy whitechapel, but this album lacked imagination. It was a short listen. That's my opinion anyway.
carlsagan_   posted 9/1/2011 2:42:41 PM
good album. i hated their previous records cause it sounded like total bullshat put together in like an hour. but this cd acutally flows and sounds good. bad lyrics? nahh the lyrics are much better than the previous cds. copy and pasted drums? nah cause they have studio footy of the drummer physically recording the songs. lolz. this alex guy needs to shoot himself. old school death metal bands suck. PERIOD. death metal bands these days learned from the mistakes of old school death metal and they
DP_   posted 8/31/2010 3:44:02 PM
This reviewer is a f*cking moron
Impending Douche_   posted 7/25/2010 11:32:49 AM
Whitechapel is amazing. The new album is great work!

Big al, did u really just say that TAS is leading the Deathcore genre?....

You do know there needs to be a hint of death to say your deathcore... TAS is nothing close to Death. No blasts, etc.

You sure know your metal...
big_metal_al_   posted 7/23/2010 5:04:31 AM
Whitechapel has always sucked you f*cking idiots. "lead the pack in modern deathcore"? Are you a gay hipster like the rest? Wow: 1. Way to jump on the bandwagon, 2. Modern deathcore is called "deathcore" or "gaycore" 3. If anything TAS leads the "modern deathcore" scene because they started the trend.

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