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Impious Death Domination

01. Abomination Glorified 02. The Demand 03. I Am The King 04. And The Empire Shall Fall 05. Dead Awakening 06. Hate Killing Project 07. Rostov Ripper 08. Legions 09. As Death Lives In Me 10. Irreligious State Of War
2009 Metal Blade Records
Our score 8


For a few years now Impious has consistently put out quality melodic death metal. There are a few bands like this out there amidst the changing tides of what's hip, the flavor of the week, or whatever is getting jocked, so it's likewise been consistently reassuring for the genre every time a new Impious record surfaces, especially since The Crown hung it up in 2004 (they reformed in late-2009, albeit with no real plans). Any coincidence that 2004 was when Metal Blade added Impious to its roster? Regardless, 2004's Hellucinate was a great record stuffed with quality riffs and relentlessly-paced death metal that stands the test of time. Meanwhile, 2007's Holy Murder Masquerade, while a gimmicky concept-based departure, was successful in fitting the mold for Impious' brand of death metal, managing to again reinforce the band's welcome take on the well-trodden genre. That said, why should the band change their formula for Death Domination? It's all still there: the riffs, the tasteful bursts of solo flairs, and a pace that nearly never lets up, all heavily influenced by thrash, but with undeniable death tendencies. So if you're one of the seeming few that still misses new material from the The Crown yet Impious isn't in your collection, Death Domination is as solid a place to start as any. Moreover, two-time The Crown vocalist Johan Lindstrand appears on "The Demand" (the album's second track), so that ought to serve as segue enough for the weary. Meanwhile, "Legions" displays some of the lead work In Flames and Dark Tranquillity helped put on the frontlines of the Swedish metal sound in the 90s alongside galloping rhythms with equal parts Florida and Sweden and a touch of American thrash. "Irreligious State Of War" has an absolutely ripping - and dare I say catchy - solo, while "Abomination Glorified" swiftly rips Death Domination into full (and aptly-worded) gear as the opening track in just under two-and-a-half minutes. Often opting more for speed and riffs that would make Mike Amott happy rather than solos the Carcass/Arch Enemy guitarist would gush over, the focus is mostly on Martin Åkesson's gravelly, throaty vocals and the one-two riff punches of guitarists Valle Adzic and Robin Sörqvist. Drummer Mikael Norén anchors the group with nearly relentless pacing. Sure, it does slow down for the intro of "And The Empire Shall Fall," but it's an intro. And it's quick to move back into double bass territory. Bottom Line: If melodic death metal from Sweden with tinges of thrash tendencies (The Crown, At The Gates, et al) ain't your bag, this won't resonate. Repeated listens will indeed yield a deeper appreciation for the uninitiated, but if this is your thing to begin with, Death Domination obliterates by way of death metal from the get-go.


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