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Through The Eyes Of The Dead Skepsis

Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Skepsis
01. Parasite Throne
02. Dementia
03. No Haven
04. Perpetual Defilement
05. Inherit Obscurity
06. The Manifest
07. Defaced Reality
08. Siphonaptera From Within
09. Insomnium
10. Skepsis
Reviewed by: Rob   //   Published: 2/20/2010

Yes, everyone's talked about the ever-shifting line-up of South Carolina's shining star, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, and they've already talked about how the split or the EP was their the best. That's not even the point though: TTEOTD has gone from metalcore stalwarts, before metalcore was a black mark on a band, to death metal legits, to many hot-button topics on Lambgoat and -GASP!- elsewhere on the interweb and in print. In the end, nobody cares about opinions, or this ridiculous review, or what you think about Through The Eyes a few years back.

Ultimately, Through The Eyes Of The Dead has been one of the few bands to fuse hardcore and death metal and not totally fuck it up. That's meant in the nicest way possible, because when you hear these cats say they love Cannibal Corpse and can name drop albums, it seems - and, thankfully, is - genuine. It's a touch of hardcore in a death metal band surrounded by riffs that are catchy, heavy, and just plain good.

Sure, some of the licks reek of At The Gates, and there are breakdowns (as much as the band wants to deny it), but I'll be a monkey's uncle before someone can legitimately say that the songs, the riffs, the everying isn't catchy. The bass drums aren't as brutal as any of the underground death metal outfits you cling on to for cred, but if the band can't write songs, I'll be said monkey's uncle's uncle. At the end of the day, what the hell do you want? This dude wants a fucking song. None of that Journey bullshit where it's chorus all the time (you know you love Journey, don't deny it), but a cohesive set of stuff - be it bass, guitar, drums, vocals, whatever. THAT makes a good tune at the end of the day.

The production, this time thanks to the band's own hand, has proven helpful. They brought out what's best about the band. Sure, you have to turn it up a little more than their contemporaries, but it makes sense. TTEOTD, after losing hardcore/death metal super vocalist Nate Johnson, had something to prove. What better way to do that than bring in new screamer Danny Rodriguez and produce the effort yourself? That's where they might have hit the paydirt. Rodriguez is able to fill the gap between the Anthony Gunnells fanboys and the Johnson-type "death metal or die" crowds. He does a fantastic job of incorporating the two, but focusing more on the death side of stuff. And guess what? I'm alright with that. More than alright, actually.

Bottom Line: With track titles - and riffs to match - like "Perpetual Defilement" and "Defaced Reality," Through The Eyes Of The Dead has apparently discovered what makes Odious Mortem so good. Sure, they don't noodle around the neck of the guitar, but damned if they don't write good songs. Add in Rodriguez's vocal themes and the legitimacy of the band shines through even more than on Malice. That might have been more death metal, but Skepsis is solid. Let's hope they keep going and don't make me red in the face with the endorsement, but whenever a new Through The Eyes Of The Dead record comes out, it's exciting. Fuck what's hip or cool, or whatever the new terms are. The riffs are there and it's as heavy as a bag of bricks.

the_smile_that_kills_   posted 4/21/2010 10:28:40 AM
i thought this album was pretty rad, it brought the metal and didn't relent.
LifeInBlack_   posted 3/30/2010 12:28:23 PM
1 original member remaining and it shows... this band died when Kulick left.
dogswholikebeer_   posted 3/27/2010 2:35:08 PM
This album is brutal. They really turned their game up a notch. They have a great live show. Skepsis is above and beyond any of this harsh criticism because with one listen you can see for yourself they are on top of their game with a solid lineup and solid tracks. For real, check it out before talking shit, you just might impress yourself for doing so.
Rob_   posted 3/15/2010 5:27:55 PM
Rob_   posted 3/12/2010 12:41:50 PM
f*ck you guys! Let's see you write a f*ckin' review for f*ckin' Lambgoat! That's what I f*ckin' thought!

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