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Scissorfight New Hampshire

Our score 7

by Alex

Portsmouth, New Hampshire's finest are back with another hard-rock experience. Scissorfight is a band that pulls no punches. The band members are frequently photographed wearing Purina Chow and John Deere hats while Ironlung, the appropriately named Scissorfight vocalist, almost always sings about drugs, sex, guns, livestock, alcohol, or trucks. The opening track, "Granite State Destroyers", sets the mood for the entire album with this rural poetry ---- "Weed, guns and axes, we don't pay our taxes, because we don't exist, on any government list". These guys are rawer than raw. Listening to this album conjures up many an image in my head. Here's what I'm thinking; After separate dinners of steak and potatoes, these guys all hop in their pickups and head off to meet up at their rehearsal shack, somewhere deep in the woods of New England. After admiring each other's gunracks for the 8th night in a row, the boys throw back a few bottles of Jack Daniels, break out the beer, plug in the amps, and jam the evening away, frequently spitting tobacco at the squirrels who scamper by the open shack door... How else could a band produce such redneck-core gems as "Lamprey River" and "Roman Boxing Glove", a romper-room inspired aural assault. The album's best track, "The Ballad of Jacco Macacco" molds powerful guitar riffs, memorable vocals, and a catchy chorus into a perfect example of just how much potential the band has. Scissorfight wields a mighty musical ax, and when they swing it just right, get out of the way. Bottom Line: They've often been compared to Clutch, and though there are definitely similarities between the two bands, Scissorfight possesses enough individuality (and undeniable intensity) to easily separate themselves from Washington D.C.'s Clutch. And although this album is certainly not a masterpiece, it's certainly a good album. If you're tired of dark themes and brooding lyrical content, but still crave music that kicks, take a drive to New Hampshire.

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Lambgay_ 6/26/2005 3:16:06 AM

first post shit band no care ever