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Gaza He Is Never Coming Back

Gaza - He Is Never Coming Back
01. How It Is. How It's Going to Be.
02. The Kicking Legs
03. Bishop
04. The Biologist
05. Windowless House
06. He Is Never Coming Back
07. Canine Disposal Unit
08. The Anthropologist
09. The Meat of a Leg Joint
10. The Astronomer
11. Tombless
12. The Historian
13. Carnivore
2009 Black Market Activities

Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 11/19/2009

There are three things you need to know about the dudes that make up Gaza. Number one: they're skillful purveyors of dissonant metalcore. Number two: they're staunch atheists with an aesthetic and outspoken mentality to match. And most importantly, number three: as good as I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die was, He Is Never Coming Back blows it away.

Gaza's progression seems to mirror that of their peers in fellow Black Market Activities band The_Network, both in execution and time frame. The bands released their full-length debuts within a few months of each other in late '06/early '07, and both have returned with a more fine-tuned, cohesive follow-up, blissfully exceeding expectations. But to use a word like "blissfully" within fifty feet of Gaza is the definition of paradoxical. The reason He Is Never Coming Back is such a strong record lies in the band's decision to drive their sound into a darker, more cacophonous hole, stripping it of any and all melody in the process. This is burly, brazen, and simply more disillusioned than most records to have hit the market this year.

However, the catch here is that He Is Never Coming Back is probably more inaccessible than their last release (and yes, I do realize that calling I Don't Care. accessible is yet another paradoxical statement for the books). But after making it through a few rounds of the record's discordant one-string riffs, churning bass rhythms, and pounding drums, their take on that late '90s/early 2000s noisy hardcore sound becomes blatantly intelligent. Yes, their sound can still be traced back to the standard Deadguy, Coalesce, Botch, and Burnt by the Sun prerequisites, but by stripping away all of the catchy grooves and subtle melody from the aforementioned list, they've actually managed to create something more memorable than their previous album. Feedback, massive breakdowns, and a wall of incessant growls always have been Gaza's mark, but this record drives that point home twice as hard. Any metal/hardcore listener into this genre's classics needs a spot on their CD rack for this stripped down, painfully abrasive work of dissonant metalcore art (as long as "metalcore art" isn't paradox number three).

Bottom Line: Putting words like discordant, cacophonous, and dissonant to use is about as much as any so-called music journalist can do to accurately describe Gaza's He Is Never Coming back. But vocabulary will only take us so far -- if a coarse, desolate take on the Deadguy/Coalesce/Botch/BBTS sound seems like it's up your alley, it probably is. And no amount of thesaurus consulting will represent this record's aesthetic as accurately as it deserves.

mmmTech_   posted 2/3/2010 10:58:05 AM
i dun't curr whur i go when i dye!!!

bitchmover_   posted 1/29/2010 12:21:08 PM
this shit is sick!!!!!!!!!
diarrhea diaries_   posted 12/26/2009 6:08:28 PM
wittyname_   posted 12/6/2009 1:47:43 AM
Meh. I don't hear any Burnt by the Sun...
Fat_guy_eater_   posted 12/3/2009 10:42:03 PM
And that cover art is just Norma Jean.

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