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Darkest Hour The Eternal Return

01. Devolution of Flesh 02. Death Worship 03. The Tides 04. No God 05. Bitter 06. Blessed Infection 07. Transcendence 08. A Distorted Utopia 09. Black Sun 10. Into the Grey
2009 Victory Records
Our score 6

by Nick

After roughly 14 years as a band and five studio albums, Darkest Hour has certainly left quite an impression on the American death metal and metalcore scenes. As arguably the most prominent act still running with the melodic death sound, the group has influenced countless metalheads across the US, many of whom used the band as a stepping stone back into classics like In Flames, At the Gates, and Carcass. So with all of that under their belts, how does their sixth studio album, The Eternal Return, stack up Well, I'd like summarize its effect with a simple question: Darkest Hour is still a band It's a bit harsh, perhaps, but what other way is there to explain that eclipsing Undoing Ruin or Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation just isn't that likely The Eternal Return is everything you'd expect out of these guys -- crisp riffing, melodic lead guitar work, sharp vocals, etc. -- and although it bears no blatant flaws, it's just not that memorable. So what else is there to say The best bands in metal push their sound in new directions as time wears on, much as Darkest Hour did from their rough beginnings through Undoing Ruin. But even though they've secured that firm spot in the American metal scene, releasing well-executed, cleanly produced records just isn't going to be enough if they sound as predictable and safe as The Eternal Return. If you're a Darkest Hour fan, there's absolutely no danger in picking up a copy of this record. The band hasn't necessarily passed its prime in terms of musicianship, but they are in dire need of an added spark to produce something as hard-hitting and remarkable as their output was five years ago. Bottom Line: There will always be a legion of Darkest Hour fans waiting to pick up the band's latest release, and for good reason, as the band has had an excellent track record. But The Eternal Return, as sharp and well-put-together as it is, isn't going to stand out, both in comparison to Darkest Hour's career and the current metal scene. Hopefully these guys will find that necessary catalyst for creativity next time around. Until then, here's one of the best sounding metal records of 2009 that you'll forget about in a month.


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TA_ 10/3/2009 5:53:50 PM


anonymous 10/3/2009 6:13:05 PM

second post. shit band.

BABAGHANOUSH_ 10/3/2009 6:14:59 PM

I still think this is Darkest Hour's best album...ftw

RP_ 10/3/2009 6:35:04 PM


make_babies_ 10/3/2009 6:58:49 PM

darkest hour ftw

al_czervik_ 10/3/2009 7:00:54 PM

this album came out, what... 2 months ago? little behind on this one. as much as i hate saying this i agree with nick, but f*ck. darkest hour is still better than about 95% of any other metalcore bands.

al_czervik_ 10/3/2009 7:03:06 PM

and they might as well not review the new BDM, because it would probably say about the same thing as this review did.

Eat Shit_ 10/3/2009 7:30:15 PM

I said the exact same thing about this album "here's one of the best sounding metal records of 2009 that you'll forget about in a month." Well written. I couldn't agree more. I love this band, but this album was a bit of a let down.

xote_ 10/4/2009 12:34:40 AM

This band will always hold a special place in my heart. In the eraly days they were the BEST local band around. But yeah this is just an standard release. Maybe leaving Victory would help them out.

anonymous 10/4/2009 1:19:24 AM

love the band always but their shows are quite lacking in audience. no one seems to care anymore, and if they do its not enough to attend their concerts.

Mike Novak _ 10/4/2009 4:05:37 AM

can't they just get this taken down like Every Time I Die did? f*ck you, nick. retard.

thereapersson_ 10/4/2009 4:53:03 AM

This album is awesome. I don't think it's as good as "Deliver Us", but it still beats most of what's out these days. Whether that's good or bad, it doesn't matter. I think the biggest problem with this is that there's no real differentiation between the songs like there was on their previous couple albums. Overall I'd give it an 8/10.

thereapersson_ 10/4/2009 4:54:17 AM

Also, way to be late to the review party on this one. Lambgoat is really slipping....

anonymous 10/4/2009 5:48:40 AM

Darkest Hour is so f*cking mediocre. Nothing is impressive. GENERIC f*ckING NOTE CHOICES abound. f*ck them and f*ck this record. "Great band"? Bullshit.

Godfather_ 10/4/2009 11:19:36 AM

What a crappy review... The eternal return is very very good.

Yourbandprobablysucks_ 10/4/2009 3:27:53 PM

Pretty Harsh but fair review, Darkest hour will always slay, but they probably wont stray away from the balss to the wall epic metal sound that Undoing Ruin birthed. Ill still give em props though at least they're talented.

Fuck Nick_ 10/4/2009 7:54:05 PM

"Well, I'd like summarize"

GPTK_ 10/5/2009 12:18:51 AM

Usually when I read an album review I want to know about the album. Not their f*cking scene cred you f*cking trollop.

HBDad_ 10/5/2009 4:55:28 AM

Whoa... I actually agree 100% with Nick... my life may be over!

asilentcircus_ 10/5/2009 6:38:38 AM

you're JUST NOW reviewing this, didnt this f*ckin come out in like June? little slow there with the review sloth. had this album downloaded in like may for f*cks sake

mikediaz_ 10/5/2009 3:38:05 PM


Mike_ 10/5/2009 4:26:03 PM

Agreed, thought the same thing.

cgg_ 10/6/2009 4:13:34 AM

this album was a total letdown.same old sh*t they did on the last 2 albums.disappointed...........

Jamey Hour_ 10/6/2009 12:10:42 PM

You f*cking shithead. You don't know the first thing about metalcore; we put a lot of time and effort into this CD, and it's one of the heaviest releases of the year. We better not catch you around at any shows, because if my crew sees you, you'll wish you never got out of bed that day. Oh, and to everyone who actually CARES about this record, listen up! Thanks to everybody who bought it already but for those who have not been able to find it, try TARGET, yes TARGET is stocking it for ONLY $6.99

Metal D_ 10/7/2009 1:07:13 AM

first off,little bit late on review as already posted,anyway.....darkest hour is not a shit band and yeah they probably won't stray from their methods of songwriting,but it's still a good record.the tides and death worship are awesome DH songs.Too bad though Kris Norris left though.

anonymous 10/9/2009 3:22:47 PM

this band should have broke up years ago

Jamey Verbose_ 10/10/2009 3:02:53 PM

My intense calculations have lead to me the conclusion that you, the reviewer known by the name of Nick, are an undesirable person whose head consists of feces. You seem very poorly informed about the music genre of metalcore, or metal mixed hardcore; we spent very long hours in the studio, and it has a very distinct sound that makes it the heaviest sounding record released in the year 2009. We hope that we will not have any kind of encounter with you at our performances of musical noise, becaus

agreed_ 10/10/2009 5:21:38 PM

i agree with "If you're a Darkest Hour fan, there's absolutely no danger in picking up a copy of this record. The band hasn't necessarily passed its prime in terms of musicianship, but they are in dire need of an added spark to produce something as hard-hitting and remarkable as their output was five years ago."

ex_401_ 10/13/2009 10:58:11 AM

DARKEST HOUR IS SO DAMN GOOD! listen to From All WIthin

BFUNK_ 10/13/2009 2:19:04 PM

Im surprised no one mentioned this: this is the last album on their shit label victory records, so I can understand why it wasnt as good as their previous stuff. Victory didnt print them any albums to bring on tour nor did they make any for canada during the first week of release. Pretty sweet thank you for 14 years of face melting metal no? Who ever runs Victory should be shot and pissed on, there I said it. I thought the album was pretty good but nothing crazy, little slow. I talked with