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Cursed III: Architects of Troubled Sleep

Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep
01. Architects of Troubled Sleep
02. Night Tremors
03. Magic Fingers
04. Antihero Resuscitator
05. Friends in the Music Business
06. Into the Hive
07. III
08. Unnecessary Person
09. Hegel's Bastards
10. Dead Air at the Pulpit
11. Gutters
Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 4/2/2008

The following statement is far from a secret: Cursed fucking rules. As arguably the best act in the modern hardcore scene, the Canadian foursome has unleashed another installment in their appropriately named full-length series and the result is yet another half hour slab of pissed off mayhem. And in a heavy music world where bands seem to have the tendency to get caught up in lackluster melodic experimentation after a few releases, Cursed has kept their sound exactly where it belongs: deeply rooted in sludgy, crust-tinged hardcore.

So while Three might not pack any major musical surprises, the execution and songwriting is nearly flawless. The one-two punch of the noisy, quote-filled intro, "Architects of Troubled Sleep," and the blazingly fast, blast-beat heavy "Night Terrors" is quick to display that Cursed hasn't lost a step. And just like prior releases, intelligent lyrics reflecting complete political disdain continue to anchor the band, easily distancing them from the abundance of mundane lyrical topics in the rest of modern hardcore.

Cursed's ability to avoid repetitive songwriting also sets Three apart from the pack. The His Hero is Gone lean of songs like "Magic Fingers" and "Hegel's Bastards" might be the best representation of the band's sound, but this album is far from eleven identical tracks. "Unnecessary Person" is a slow paced, meandering catharsis of dirty guitar hooks and Chris Colohan's downright depressing vocals. When coupled with the preceding instrumental interlude, "III," the pair of tracks gives an added dimension to a band known primarily for their up-tempo intensity. And then there's "Friends in the Music Business," a track so abrasive and punishing that even veteran listeners desensitized to many things heavy will find it impossible not to appreciate the thick, sludgy bass lines and Colohan's coarse screams of "Don't call me, I won't call you."

Three rarely misses throughout its duration. Cursed's mixture of sludge, crust, and hardcore was certainly to be expected, but the band's songwriting variation and ability to simply do what they do better than anyone else make this album a must have. "Gutters," the record's closer, might be a bit excessive as it drones on for over seven minutes, but the potential misstep is saved by the stellar analog recording that allows the song to flourish due to its great guitar tone. And after the destruction that the first ten tracks provided, a subdued closer actually feels quite fitting.

Bottom Line: Three is just one more reason why Cursed sits atop the modern hardcore scene. As a perfect extension to the rest of their catalog, it's the sludgy hardcore that past fans deserve and that new fans need.

svein_   posted 5/8/2008 4:18:20 PM
death metal? wtf? sounds like it's ripe time for a f*ckING COOKIE.
crusher_   posted 4/22/2008 6:47:43 PM
I"m a HUGE fan but I think III is a bit of a disappointment. A few awesome tracks but does not hold the interest throughout the entire album like I and II did. I'd give it a 6 or 7.
cantfakethepunk_   posted 4/15/2008 6:20:14 PM
model home invasion. thats all im gonna say
deathmetal666_   posted 4/12/2008 6:25:48 PM
i just heard this cd 4 the 1st time and it is one of he most brutal death metal/hardcore death metal/punk death metal any of u will ever here. if you havent herd it yet i highly suggest recommend it. bc the review sums it up perfect "thick screams" or whatever it says in the review. lol. if ur into real heavy music with pretty much screaming the whole way through ull like this shit
Mikee_   posted 4/12/2008 1:32:29 AM
lol to the person who called this album boring, hahahahaaa.

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