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For The Fallen Dreams Changes

For The Fallen Dreams - Changes
01. Brothers in Arms
02. New Beginners
03. Hopeless
04. Last Dying Breath
05. This World Around Us
06. Never Again
07. Changes
08. Vengeance
09. Falling Down
10. Through the Looking Glass
2008 Rise Records

Reviewed by: Josh H.   //   Published: 3/14/2008

When any genre or subgenre of music becomes popular, it isn't long before legions of bandwagon jumpers start coming out of the woodwork hoping to cash in on the success of the innovators that came before them. Such is the case with For The Fallen Dreams on their debut album, as the band's approach is so utterly faceless they could just as easily have titled the release Metalcore II: Attack of the Clones.

From the very get-go, For The Fallen Dreams lay bare their musical formula: verse, chorus/refrain, breakdown, repeat, with the occasional Misery Signals-esque "atmospheric" section thrown in. It's one thing to have influences, but the band is so painfully derivative that the album's very existence is rendered completely redundant. This has all been done before, and done much better by genre architects like Poison The Well and 7 Angels 7 Plagues. Tracks like "New Beginnings", "Last Dying Breath" and "Falling Down" are so typical they sound like the band wrote them in their sleep.

But For The Fallen Dreams' musical plagiarism isn't limited exclusively to metalcore as the band attempts to tackle nu metal on "Vengeance," ripping off Slipknot wholesale in the process with a track that sounds uncannily like a rough version of "(sic)". The song makes one wonder whether or not the members of For The Fallen Dreams aren't failed nu metallers who decided to trade their clown makeup in for camo shorts in an effort to try their hands at being "the next big thing." The band's knack for utilizing a drop-tuned guitar tone on songs like "Through The Looking Glass" that would have easily fit in on a Coal Chamber record doesn't do much towards disproving this theory.

By the end of the record it's quite apparent that For The Fallen Dreams don't have an original bone in their collective body, with the album coming off more like a laundry list of influences than a complete listening experience. The band might be extremely skilled at mimicry, but then again so is the local cover band playing at the Ramada Inn down the street.

Bottom Line: All in all, Changes is another in a long line of fifth-tier metalcore releases destined to get lost in the deluge of copycat bands currently flooding the scene. Definitely one to steer clear of.

anonymous   posted 3/3/2012 9:32:16 AM
I dont think I've seen a rating higher than 5 on any of lambgoats reviews.Comparing for the fallen dreams to Slipknot really?they are bashed immediately because they didnt innovate a new genre. There are only so many chords u can play on a guitar with so many tunings. Seeing that there are only 10 or so genres of metal and hardcore whether they are death,thrash,melodic,beatd own this would mean that there are only 10 or so bands that shouldnt be bashed.
anonymous   posted 1/19/2012 11:44:43 AM
for the fallen dreams killed every album they wrote. Changes, Relentless, and Back Burner. They are amazing, and ispiring.
ogessel_   posted 2/22/2011 10:36:14 AM
personally love this album. the lyrics are the weak point that is truth. unless you can relate just specifically. overall MAD HEART.
justin_   posted 5/29/2010 11:08:21 AM
lmao, "dont agree with me.. then fight me!" lmao. f*cking die you scum. set up a time and place so i can f*cking stab you to death, f*cking idiot.
anonymous   posted 2/6/2010 12:06:23 AM
Wow the reviewer sucks. This is a great album. The sound isn't totally original, but well worth it.

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