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Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell

Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell
01. Storm the Gates of Hell
02. Lead Us Home
03. Sixteen
04. Fading Away
05. Carry Me Down
06. A Thread of Light
07. I Am You
08. Incision
09. Thorns
10. Follow the Wolves
11. Fiction Kingdom
12. The Wrath of God
2007 Solid State Records

Reviewed by: Rob Parker   //   Published: 11/27/2007

If 2005's The Triptych saw a few Demon Hunter fans quietly concerned that their band was vying for more commercial success, those fears are confirmed on Storm the Gates of Hell.

The title track sees the band peddling the same brand of nu-metalcore they always have. Ryan Clark offers up a solid round of barking and snarling while Don Clark and Ethan Luck thrash away with some passable riffing. The song is tight, fast and I wasn't reaching for the eject button yet. The second track sees Demon Hunter sliding (further) into fruitless mediocrity as they lapse into a hybrid of generic metalcore and bland, uninspired post-grunge.

On "A Thread of Light" and "I Am You," the work isn't entirely dismal. In these cases, a more diverse sonic palette augments the chugging breakdowns and doesn't bore one to tears; the inclusion of lap steel on "Follow the Wolves" managed to surprise me for a few seconds. The opening of "Fiction Kingdom" actually had enough ferocity to recapture my attention for a few seconds. The solo capping off "The Wrath of God" isn't half-bad either.

Unfortunately, these tracks are exceptions to the rule, and a significant percentage of the album shifts from stale metalcore chugging to staler Breaking Benjamin-styled crooning. It's the constant shifting between different shades of mediocrity that eclipse whatever momentum the band is able to muster.

It's evident that Demon Hunter are passionate about what they're doing. It's just that their often stale songwriting utterly cripples whatever impact they're striving for.

Bottom Line: I can understand embracing some pop sensibilities, or playing with more melodic vocals because it works within the confines of the album. In this case, though, the results are too uniformly mediocre to produce anything but a tiresome drudge of an album. Fans of the band's previous releases might find a bit to enjoy here, but (God help me) I'm having a hard time imagining that.

JT_   posted 1/2/2008 12:56:15 PM
In my opinion this is one of the best cd's of the year. You are all entitled to your opinion but if you don't listen to them then why bother commenting? If you don't believe what they believe that's fine, but to rip a band just because of their beliefs is sad.
XcableXguyX_   posted 12/13/2007 6:35:09 PM
f*ck bands with three names. "Blood something something" or "heaven something something" Quit with your stupid overdramatic names that look good on girls t-shirts. Nice crow and blood splatters gays.
demonhunterfan_   posted 12/6/2007 6:57:47 PM
i have to say ryan was rit. u guys r gay. u think ur so cool bcause you listen to whtever, well let me tell you that my youth pastor say you all gonna burn in hell. devils. DM r totally trying to reach u and u reject them. seriously this cd is da best thang i ver heard. ya'll should also listen to da sic band, with blood comes cleansing!
XcableXguyX_   posted 12/5/2007 2:33:10 PM
Krishna and buddha too. And the towel guy.
eatshit_   posted 12/5/2007 1:47:38 PM
keep larry the cable guy out of hardcore

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