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Between The Buried And Me Colors

1. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack 2. (B) The Decade Of Statues 3. Informal Gluttony 4. Sun Of Nothing 5. Ants Of The Sky 6. Prequel To The Sequel 7. Viridian 8. White Walls
2007 Victory Records
Our score 6

by Nick

There's no denying the impact that Between the Buried and Me has had on the hardcore and metal scene since the group's beginning in 2001. The band's brand of progressive metalcore has influenced countless other acts, all while consistently broadening their songwriting scope with each release. Furthermore, their technical aptitude and near-flawless live performances only add to their lengthy list of credentials. Love 'em or hate 'em, these guys have set the standard for the technical metalcore genre as of late. Now, with their fourth full-length (kindly overlooking last year's blatant misstep of a cover record), BTBAM once again puts forth a progressive songwriting effort throughout the duration of Colors. The opening track, "Foam Born (A) The Back Track," takes on a piano ballad form, as it slowly builds and adds a dose of arpeggio synth lines, a tongue-in-cheek take on their own sweep-heavy guitar work. As the album moves into "(B) The Decade of Statues," BTBAM returns to their familiar sound, a carefully executed blast of metalcore along the lines of much of what was heard on The Silent Circus. "Viridian," a three minute long instrumental interlude featuring smooth guitar work and complementary ambience, excels greatly in its execution and serves as an excellent transitional track, leading into the disc's closing number, "White Walls." The spotlight track moves effortlessly between a wide range of groove, power, and tech metal influences to a softer melodic mid-section accompanied by the somber singing of "This is all we have when we die / It's what's left of us when we die / We will be remembered for this." "White Walls" is a perfect example of the band being at the top of their game, and it's no surprise that past BTBAM fans should have little problem finding a lot to like about the majority of Colors. Unfortunately, it's the rest of Colors, the minority, that clogs up the spotlight. Past releases have shown that no sound is beyond the band's vision, a mindset initially heard in the stark juxtapositions of melody and abrasiveness on their self-titled release, and reaffirmed by the mid-disc departure of The Silent Circus and a few of the borderline-gratuitous touches of Alaska. Looking to once again up the ante, BTBAM included a number of off-the-wall musical helpings, but this time it just proved to be too much. Without a common thematic element, including things like tribal drumming ("Informal Gluttony"), polka-esque grooves with childish whining ("Sun of Nothing"), and a bluegrass jam accompanied by background saloon sounds ("Ants of the Sky"), is completely unnecessary. It's as if Colors suddenly transforms into an unfunny Crotchduster record. Did the band lose a bet while in the studio These parts aren't brilliant, nor are they a sign of progressive musicianship. They're weak attempts at garnering attention and any experienced listener should have no trouble immediately recognizing it. It's a shame that such a small portion of Colors can have such a negative effect on the praise-worthy majority of the album. It may be disappointing, but it's the unfortunate consequence of not understanding the difference between experimental and just plain out of place. Bottom Line: Most of Colors features everything that listeners have come to expect from Between the Buried and Me: excellent musicianship, a wide range of well-executed metal and hardcore influences, and progressive songwriting. But these positives somehow manage to be overshadowed by the few, but incredibly prominent musical gratuities that plague the record. Eighty-five percent of this record is great, while the rest ranges from unmoving to downright embarrassing. And that's just not going to cut it.


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ross_ 10/3/2007 2:30:10 PM

holy shit. i had no idea that someone could possibly dislike this album. i'll just toss your name in there with don kaye from blabbermouth so i know when you give something a good score its awful and when its a bad score the record is probably amazing.

shodan_ 10/3/2007 2:31:47 PM

I am confused. Shouldn't a band that has an 85% great album have received at least an 8 for the album? Maybe I didnt learn math well enough.

get__offyourcross_ 10/3/2007 2:35:32 PM

totally disagree with this review... i got this the day it came out and still haven't stopped listening to it and most likely won't for a very long time. "these parts aren't brilliant, nor are they a sign of progressive musicianship..." yea i'm gonna just assume you have no idea what the f*ck you're talking about and you obviously have no idea of the meaning of the word "progressive." hands down the best album ever, and definately the most progressive metal band ever.

Fat Idiot_ 10/3/2007 2:36:54 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot it was "cool" to hate this band, f*ck you

xavier_ 10/3/2007 2:39:50 PM

this guy obviously is not a musician and doesn't understand music to give a good review. this is one of the most original and fantastic albums in the past 10 yrs and he doesn't know how to do math. you give a 6 for this album but would probably give a 10 for something that sounds like every other band like suicide silence. maybe the writer should just go listen to bleeding through and not write about tru musicianship because he is too close-minded to understand something diff from the gay metalc

yourcityliesindust_ 10/3/2007 2:45:39 PM

This album is amazing.

Devin_ 10/3/2007 2:46:45 PM

Can't say I agree with this review. This album easily deserves a 9/10.

no_cool_names_left_ 10/3/2007 2:47:21 PM

what a bunch of whiny little gays. awww, your fav li'l band didn't get a positive review.

observethemoon_ 10/3/2007 2:48:48 PM

haha. definitely agree with the review. A lot of this album is excellent but some of the parts are impossible to get past.

evilf22_ 10/3/2007 2:49:26 PM


NoTalentAssclown_ 10/3/2007 2:50:01 PM

I believe this review to be pretty accurate. They try to do something different, and sometimes it works great, and at other times, it sucks. A 7 in my book, but i can understand the 6. Not nearly as good as their previos efforts.

anally injected death _ 10/3/2007 2:50:04 PM

Jesus christ, where did all of these BTAM fanboys come from?? This record is complete overindulgence in every way, kind of like their shitty covers record. what the f*ck is up with the Mr. Bungle sounding parts? lame.

shredtacular_ 10/3/2007 2:55:26 PM

usually my favorite reviewer, but this one didn't make sense, yeah i'm a huge BTBAM fanboy, but the couple of idiotic parts in this otherwise amazing album deem a 6/10? 85% of the album is good and it gets that rating. Retarted review, amazing album and a 9/10 in my book

arty_mcfarty_ 10/3/2007 2:55:54 PM

this is a GREAT review, i was so afraid cory would have done it. i probably would have given it a higher score but i agree with the review completely and it's nice to read something on here that actually describes the music

anonymous 10/3/2007 2:58:02 PM

Mammal Sauce!

Rocco_ 10/3/2007 2:58:39 PM

f*cking... What the f*ck. Who the f*ck f*cked this f*cking... How did you two f*cking f*cks...f*ck!

ben_ 10/3/2007 3:05:02 PM

good to see i'm not alone here... i thought the album was brilliantly executed and it was great to see these guys taking a lot of chances with various sounds and instrumentation. besides the fact these guys can seriously shred! although, the majority of metalcore is virtually unlistenable breakdown garbage, these guys rise above the heap and make even the breakdown sections enjoyable! kudos to BTBAM.

HORSE_ 10/3/2007 3:07:42 PM

good review

anonymous 10/3/2007 3:09:47 PM

What exactly makes something "metalcore"? This doesn't sound very metalcore to me, at all. Is it because they tour with shitty hardcore bands and play metal? Or is it because their fans all dress like scenester gays (which is how you lambgoat gays all dress too).

jim_ 10/3/2007 3:10:21 PM

it's not the supposed gratuities that get me...these gratuities, i felt, were fun and light. overall, i just hear more on alaska than on this album, colors. i agree with 6/10 but definitely for different reasons.

Kevin_ 10/3/2007 3:19:11 PM

"not understanding the difference between experimental and just plain out of place." This sums up my feelings on this album about as concisely as possible. When one of those parts would come on I found myself saying "what the f*ck?" much more often than "wow, cool."

chas_ 10/3/2007 3:33:29 PM

ah this is crap. this album is a f*cking 10/10. perfect in every way. havnt stopped listening to it since i downloaded it in august. and this is coming from a reviewer that called gaza "metalcore" which to me, is absurd. colors is amazing.

kyle_ 10/3/2007 3:36:13 PM

this album deserves at least an 8/10, but I wouldn't expect a fair review from such a shitty joke of a website that no one cares about. the reviewers are all self-righteous pricks who no one takes seriously. diaf.

jamie_ 10/3/2007 3:43:55 PM

defintiely have to disagree. One of the most uniquely written metal albums in years. Thinking outside the box ftw. to those who dislike the album: Im sorry they didnt stick to the boring formulas most metal bands are writing their records from these days. 9/10

tim_ 10/3/2007 3:46:22 PM

if 85% of this record is great...isnt that at least an 8 or 9 out of 10 rating?

shockvalue_ 10/3/2007 3:53:59 PM

i love this album, the weird bluegrass/mrbungle/whatever parts don't really bother me, but i can see how others would be turned off. However the "tribal drumming" on Informal Gluttony i think fits the song and sounds badass... to each his own. 8/10 for me

simon_ 10/3/2007 3:55:47 PM

the country western section through me for a loop too, everything else is kick ass.

HB_Dad_ 10/3/2007 4:05:54 PM

i don't reply to reviews often as everyone has their opinion. However, I must step in here. This review is WAAAAAAAY off the mark! This should've been the first 10/10 review easily as this is quite possibly the best progressive metal record to date. In fact, the only release I can see coming down the line that may compete technically and musicianship-wise is the upcomin "The Ocean' CD on Metal Blade who also play very technical and progressive music. The review of this album should've been handl

xtroyx_ 10/3/2007 4:07:22 PM

i thought 6/10 was being pretty generous. i barely got through a single listen of its entirety. good call on the out of place parts. i've had enough of btbam "progression" and "experimentation." smashing together various genres doesn't make a "brilliant" record. love the crotchduster reference. keep up the good work nick.

JB_ 10/3/2007 4:16:34 PM

This score is too low. 8/10

monolithic_ 10/3/2007 4:24:45 PM

"haha. definitely agree with the review. A lot of this album is excellent but some of the parts are impossible to get past. posted by observethemoon () on 10/3/2007 2:48:48 PM" - Seconded.

hotaction_ 10/3/2007 4:34:24 PM

wah. wah. wah. i didn't know it was still cool to like this band. theres a huge difference between being good at your instruments and writing good songs. this shit is cringe worthy. good review.

alex_ 10/3/2007 4:37:29 PM

dude you're a f*cking moron

robert_ 10/3/2007 4:38:37 PM

could not agree more with the review. i f*cking hate all three of those parts he mentioned (tribal drumming, polka part, and bluegrass jam). damn, those parts bug.

thedeadeningprocess_ 10/3/2007 5:29:20 PM

the review sucks , not the cd of the year ..but very good

g_g_ 10/3/2007 5:42:40 PM

No read, shit band, crybaby fans.

anonymous 10/3/2007 5:49:28 PM

Wah! This album has things I'm not used to hearing! A band is trying to do something different, but I'm too scared to listen to new things, and change confuses me! I need to go hug my Converge CD!

thecreepyroom_ 10/3/2007 5:49:31 PM

Anyone that can't see that this album is nothing short of amazing is a f*cking idiot. Plain and simple. It's not even a matter of opinion.

maudlin_ 10/3/2007 5:51:09 PM

Lmao @ all the crying. This record got tired after a couple listens. 6/10 is pretty accurate.

anonymous 10/3/2007 6:00:52 PM

I agree for the most part. This album strikes people as amazing because they think "wow these guys MUST be great if they can incorporate so many styles". But if you actually look at each of these self-indulgent new parts they are executed with mediocrity. It's just the contrast with the heavy music that makes it stand out. Not a bad album or anything, but I liked Alaska a lot better. And LOL at people who just say "if you don't like this you're stupid", it just sounds like you can't handle insu

bq_ 10/3/2007 6:25:30 PM

cry more, gays. shit band

wannaseemenaked_ 10/3/2007 6:29:22 PM

totally agree. the polka/country random bullshit has to stop. i did like the tribal part though. btbam fanboys, keep crying.

facerip_ 10/3/2007 6:39:50 PM

i tend to agree more with the recent rundown at ... shit's good.

anonymous 10/3/2007 6:41:22 PM

suck dcks, gargle c-m, burn in hell....gayS.

threexs_ 10/3/2007 6:44:33 PM

i don't think this is any less than an 8, the blugrass part sucks, but everything else fits great, and the fact that it plays as one large song is just great.

Chaosweaver_ 10/3/2007 6:46:12 PM accurate review of this band that doesnt claim they are the best thing to hit metal in years. This cd is a total load of crap.

FranklinDelanoBluth_ 10/3/2007 6:46:59 PM

"cry more, gays. shit band -bq" This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Sounds like lyrics to a Korn song or something. Loser.

Chaosweaver_ 10/3/2007 6:52:06 PM

"Wah! This album has things I'm not used to hearing! A band is trying to do something different, but I'm too scared to listen to new things, and change confuses me! I need to go hug my Converge CD!" Nope...Converge sucks too.

insideyou_ 10/3/2007 7:14:17 PM

are you f*cking gays friends with the band or something? quit whining you pussies.

kaveh_ 10/3/2007 7:18:51 PM

good review, the record is overrated, they should put out a solely jazz record, now that would be good, all this genre lapping mishaps are exactly what it is mishaps.

thanos_ 10/3/2007 7:21:06 PM

this band sucks shut up you gays

Wallpaper_ 10/3/2007 7:49:30 PM

This album quite honestly blew me away. However, I can understand NOT liking those parts that keep getting referenced, i.e. the tribal/polka/bluegrass influenced sections, which I happened to love. But to call this a bad album because YOU happen to not to like these "thrown in" parts(which is about 3% of the the album) is just plain ridiculous and stupid. It obviously comes down to taste, but to deny BTBAM's expertly crafted, proficiently executed musicianship is to showcase blatant ignorance an

Travis Aker_ 10/3/2007 8:01:27 PM

The problem that most Lambgoat people have with this new album by Between The Buried and Me, they cannot comprehend about the musical diversity of the album how smooth they do the different styles of music. I really trully do appreciate the music and they are all excellent musicians in my books Definitely a 10/10 easy

hussle_ 10/3/2007 8:02:38 PM

I really do agree with the review and see where youre coming from about of lot of it being gratuitous, but i whole heartedly disagree with the finally score being a 6/10.

homofagsshittour_ 10/3/2007 8:44:10 PM

I think this is a fantastic album. Overindulgence was obviously the nest step for BTBAM, given their current trends, and this album sounds f*cking awesome. It's pretty easy to see where "the off tracks" can be a sticking point for people, but I know that if I wanted to listen something more akin to BTBAM's older work, I would just listen to their older albums. This is a perfect addition to their discography, and something that I will be picking apart in different ways each listen for a long time

xcorruptx_ 10/3/2007 8:54:28 PM

Holy shit some of you kids whine like no other. Scores are bullshit, this isn't a f*cking competition, its a review. BTBAM has proven time and time again to have problems with overindulgence, especially at the end of Alaska, and during large parts of their first record. Nick obviously likes the band, but he, like i, seems to have gotten tired of bands doing songs just to do them, not because they belong on a record. Oh, but Crotchduster has never been funny.

shutitdown_ 10/3/2007 9:34:07 PM

If 85% of the album is good why did it get a six?

shutitdown_ 10/3/2007 9:36:11 PM

wtf did I post that before reading the comments.f* the new animosity.

hotaction_ 10/3/2007 9:37:09 PM

do you kids even know what "progressive" means?

Kevin_ 10/3/2007 10:48:55 PM

Wouldn't 85 % of the album being good warrant an 8.5 that could be rounded to a 9? We know how often LG gives those out.

xTomWaitsx_ 10/3/2007 11:02:01 PM

Wow I couldn't agree with the first post more. People are simply too afraid to try things that are intricate, progressive, and generally exceptional that break any standard that bands (hardcore/metal or not) have attempted. This album has everything you could want in aggressive music and there's no reason to listen to any aggressive band besides this one anymore.

Nick_ 10/3/2007 11:06:20 PM

Since so many of you are having fun with the math thing, I'll clarify. Records that get 9's have no weak points. Records that get 8's might have a one or two inconsequential flaws, but are otherwise a complete record. 85% of this album is great, but the rest of it is very poor. I've never listened to an album where I've enjoyed so much of it, but completely hated the rest. It's a disappointment, really. This record is not the complete package, thus the above average, but not high score.

silentasian_ 10/3/2007 11:19:51 PM

xTomWaitsx you obviously haven't heard Today is the Day

me_ 10/3/2007 11:47:58 PM

take the dck out of your ear when you're reviewing a cd.

anonymous 10/3/2007 11:51:17 PM

"do you kids even know what "progressive" means?" It doesn't always mean good that's for sure. Agree with the review. Just because a band plays their instuments well doesn't mean you have to like everything they do. Stop crying about it.

hotaction_ 10/4/2007 12:43:13 AM

^^you mustve missed my earlier post. im annoyed with these "kids" who think this is a "prog" masterpiece. give me a break.

kingben_ 10/4/2007 12:52:25 AM

i'm not a huge btbam fan, but this album is pretty f*cking excellent. i've been listening solidly for since i got it. each time i hear something new. i've been let down with most stuff of 2007, and this is great.

uhhh_ 10/4/2007 1:22:39 AM

Amazing album from an amazingly talented band. Minimum 9/10.

frenetic_ 10/4/2007 1:24:55 AM

did some gay really call this the best album ever? i dont even have to listen to it to know it's a 6/10 at best. f*ck this band.

anonymous 10/4/2007 1:41:32 AM

definitely some dumb parts thrown in for no reason on this cd. I agree with the review. half-assed attempts at random genres out of place in the songs isn't exciting... its dumb. grow up people.

blowonmyface_ 10/4/2007 1:48:07 AM

i totally agree with the review.

Selvin_ 10/4/2007 1:49:13 AM

You write shitty reviews. c*nt.

Sean_ 10/4/2007 1:58:10 AM

God LG spouts out the most useless reviews i've ever read, which is why no one f*cking bothers to take them seriously. 6/10? Really guys? Give me a break.

thorgasm_ 10/4/2007 2:04:30 AM

First of all: just because peeping tom sucked doesn't mean it's okay to openly ape Patton now. He's ripping himself off now and it sucks. Second, every minute is forgettable, "hey here's country, here's grind, here's metal (= sweep)." It's scenario rock. No groove. There is no argument here for those who know good music. BTBAM has composed a fine entry into the realm of dildocore. It's raining.

zampano_ 10/4/2007 4:35:05 AM

I wish I had a penny for every Lambgoat review that started 'There's no denying...'. I'd have at least, erm, 27 pennies.

devilondemand_ 10/4/2007 5:18:11 AM

10/10 review. piece of shit record

anonymous 10/4/2007 8:44:40 AM

People who jock this are f*cking morons. I really like the argument "If you don't like this you just can't appreciate truly progressive music". The only people that are actually impressed by this stupid shit are dumbass hardcore kids who think they are being open minded and eclectic, just like this egotastic band. Here's an interesting thought for you gays. If any of the really melodic or quirky parts were not on a btbam record, you would never f*cking listen to them or think they were intere

p33t_ 10/4/2007 10:16:20 AM

Had I reviewed this album, I would've given it both a 5/10 and a 10/10- 5 for coherence, 10 for individual parts that make you go "f*ck yeah!" And yeah, they've always had a problem with coherence, but with this album it's as if they've learned to embrace it and take it as far as possible. I realize why I shouldn't like this album, but I really really do, just for the sheer ridiculousness of it.

baobab_ 10/4/2007 10:17:57 AM

About half these fanboys wouldn't be here if lambgoat wasn't getting popular.

Ed_ 10/4/2007 10:25:56 AM

BTBAM is pretty good, but also the most boring live band ever and definately full of themselves. Also, they can't write "songs." 6/10 is right on.

chris_ 10/4/2007 10:29:50 AM

id rather be a cheeseball lead player and write some actually creative parts than a cookie cutter lead player anyday

good god_ 10/4/2007 10:59:19 AM

82 f*cking comments! Yes they are now huge..

anonymous 10/4/2007 11:23:34 AM

LOL at the people who think that saying "people are too stupid to appreciate or 'get' this album" is a good argument. One could easily say that YOU are the simple one for thinking this weighs up, perhaps the people you think are simple-minded think more deeply than you about the music and this is basic to them

lol_ 10/4/2007 11:33:25 AM

while it is definitely not basic, i understand its not for everyone, especially people on this site. after listening to metal for 15 years, there are some very talented bands out today that just dont sit well with me because frankly half the bands today sound too much like stuff ive already heard before. it is because of this that i completely love this CD. The very fact that people are arguing so much over this release (especially the elitist metal pursists) is fact that they are pushing t

anonymous 10/4/2007 11:35:28 AM

85% - 8 - 9

Dreader_ 10/4/2007 12:26:16 PM

i think what the other reviewers are missing, perhaps out of fanboy ignorance, is that between the buried and me (f*ck these abbreviations) went from merely aping dream theater or opeth to ripping them off wholesale. while other DT related projects (liquid tension experiment et al) or spastik ink can work in "humorous" passages into their nonstop prog wankery, a band who purports itself as masters of modern music by covering the counting crows cannot. if they didn't have the victory records

D_ 10/4/2007 1:23:14 PM

Cheese ball lead player? Do you know anything about the notes he plays? Oh wait, you just hear shit that you cannot comprehend and say it's shit. As for the review, I think 7-8 would of been alright. I personally enjoy the tribal drumming, etc. But they are somewhat out of place. It doesn't flow perfectly like it should. Eh, nice review somewhat anyway.

D_ 10/4/2007 1:24:49 PM

^Hear shit and think its shit" *Hear music and think it's shit

anonymous 10/4/2007 1:43:08 PM

Cheese ball lead player? Do you know anything about the notes he plays? Oh wait, you just hear shit that you cannot comprehend and say it's shit. As for the review, I think 7-8 would of been alright. I personally enjoy the tribal drumming, etc. But they are somewhat out of place. It doesn't flow perfectly like it should. Eh, nice review somewhat anyway. You are a stupid f*cking moron and you actually just further prove my point. "dur hur hur you just can't understand the crazy shit he does.

fecalbombardment_ 10/4/2007 2:27:32 PM

Death's The Sound of Perseverance it true progression gays, the riffing is allright, they are good musicians but it still isn't very good.....

fucktards_ 10/4/2007 3:28:44 PM

hahahaha Dream Theater gays speak out!

thetowerofrome_ 10/4/2007 3:43:27 PM

wow.... i dont even want to read this review.... 6/10 ... this cd is brilliant and amazing.... they have more talent in one finger then this whole group of people....really a retarded review

seanbomb23_ 10/4/2007 4:26:24 PM

the review is ok, but it really skims the top of this cd; as I've noticed a lot of reviewers seem to do here. Is there something here against really dissecting an album? Or are reviews really in the backseat of lambgoat?

sad_ 10/4/2007 4:58:17 PM

are you serious? 6/10?? this cd at least deserves a 8... i cant believe man.. this review is fake, i think the guy who write this was under some sort of drug..

anonymous 10/4/2007 5:31:26 PM

Since when does throwing random shit into a record qualify as progressive or creative? It didn't work for Dillinger and it doesn't work for BTBAM.

haha_ 10/4/2007 6:53:37 PM

gotta love cookie cutter metal fans. " omg they threw 'random shit' in. some of their parts were not taken out of the metal recycling bin and they didnt write this record within the invisible rules of what goes and does not go in a metal song!" grow up. 8/10

D_ 10/4/2007 7:03:47 PM

I'm not talking about shredding, ass. I'm talking actual notes like A# etc. Thus proving my point you don't know shit. Kthxbai

fucktard_ 10/4/2007 7:14:55 PM

gotta love shitty music fans "omg, pretty parts and riffs< whose dck do i suck first!" seriously i dont think lambgoat has ever had this many gays complain about a review for a mediocre's so unlike lambgoat.....

destruction_ 10/4/2007 7:16:05 PM

shitty 14 year old gays....get off lambgoat...

anonymous 10/4/2007 7:19:04 PM

Wait, so you're telling me that BTBAM uses A#'s? No way!

fuckoffBTBAMfanboys_ 10/4/2007 7:20:44 PM

f*ck colors it sucks purely for the fact it has jared leto's gay ass on the cd. Shitty record. Go buy the new animosity dumb f*cks.

yourlame_ 10/4/2007 8:09:15 PM

totally agree with comment above me new animosity rips this shit

Garin_ 10/4/2007 9:00:45 PM


Max_ 10/4/2007 9:00:57 PM

Well seeing as music is all about personal preference I can't say shit about the 6/10 (personally I'd give it higher). Though the review is total shit. There is a total of about a paragraph describing the actual music. I don't know about you but I haven't come across many albums this technical (as in not just breakdowns or blast beats) that dosen't require a bit more detail. So I give this review a 4/10. Not for musical view, but for quality of review.

anonymous 10/4/2007 9:04:52 PM

What? The entire review is about the music.

anonymous 10/4/2007 9:39:47 PM

wow this album should be at least a 8/10 it's way better then half the crap that's being put out right now. i can see how the comparison can be made with crotch duster because of the various styles played within the album, but crotch duster goes from pop to death metal in 2 seconds this album flows in and out of various styles and has sort of "movements" like a classical musical piece would be conducted, im not directly comparing it to that, but this album is deserving more than a 6/10. yes some

Blue_ 10/4/2007 9:45:20 PM

nick is a c-ck-smoking gay and probably couldn't hear the album over the sound of balls slapping against his ass and c-m being splattered in his ears. Next time, try to review an album while not being throat-f*cked by shaquille o'neal. Better yet, give up album reviews and stick your head under a moving cement truck.

seanbomb23_ 10/4/2007 10:16:56 PM

Jared Leto on the cd? Im pretty sure the only guest singer is the singer from Fear Before the March of Flames.

hotaction_ 10/4/2007 10:45:17 PM

^^thats all you needed to say. oh and ps. A#s!!!!

Max_ 10/4/2007 11:37:16 PM

"What? The entire review is about the music." Really? I mean, it sure as hell says stuff about the music (i.e. how self-indulgent, or how its "everything that listeners have come to expect") but nothing ABOUT the music. Due to this review I know of 4 small parts of the album: The two minute piano ballad, the minute and 20 second tribal part, the 20 second polka part, and the minute long country part. Thats only about 4 minutes and 40 seconds of the 64 minute album. Was there really nothing el

attn:max_ 10/4/2007 11:48:09 PM

"As the album moves into "(B) The Decade of Statues," BTBAM returns to their familiar sound, a carefully executed blast of metalcore along the lines of much of what was heard on The Silent Circus. "Viridian," a three minute long instrumental interlude featuring smooth guitar work and complementary ambience, excels greatly in its execution and serves as an excellent transitional track, leading into the disc's closing number, "White Walls." The spotlight track moves effortlessly between a wide ran

anonymous 10/5/2007 12:25:32 AM

yet again lambgoat provides the converse of my opinion, reaffirming to me just how wonderful Colors is. I concede having similarly questioned myself as to the relevance of the variation found on the album, but with time, which is absolutely crucial in the digestion of such a monumental and complex arrangement of songs, Colors proves to make sense after all; the so-called 'gratuities' prove to blend and complement the complete picture. Please give this record the chance, and the TIME, it deser

anonymous 10/5/2007 12:54:54 AM

i wasnt aware that 112 people total came to lambgoat

Jeff_ 10/5/2007 1:11:29 AM

Meh, I like it.

Justin_ 10/5/2007 3:57:58 AM

Wow total disagreement with this review, this should at lesat be an 8/10 this new album is amazing. wow im shocked...

Dan_BTBAM_ 10/5/2007 10:55:22 AM

OOOH, you don't like our music! boo f*cking hoo. Cry me a river fanboy. We have more talent in our little finger than you do in your whole body. What band do you play for tough guy? huh? probably some bull shit in flames rifoff. gays.

brian_ 10/5/2007 11:07:04 AM

^not dan from btbam lol

FlexYoFace_ 10/5/2007 11:37:32 AM

Album of the year next to Kaddisfly.. what a horrible review, this cd is amazing.

Kevin_ 10/5/2007 2:00:16 PM

haha i love how all of you care about how people dress or what their style is. What gets me is that once someone steps outside of the box, its immediately shot down. Being around very different types of music ranging from jazz to hardcore to metal to even far eastern cultured music, its hard to believe that we can say something bad about this album when all these styles of music are incorporated into the album without having terrible transition parts. If you notice on the album, it seems as thou

lol_ 10/5/2007 2:53:37 PM

85% good....6/10....did i miss a decimal point somewhere? maybe i forgot to divide by zero....moron

brian_ 10/5/2007 3:31:54 PM

people LOVE to suck this band's dck. candiria pisses on this

anonymous 10/5/2007 3:34:20 PM

Interesting record.

anonymous 10/5/2007 4:16:32 PM

quit crying gays

nickdick_ 10/5/2007 6:29:33 PM

badest review ever on lambgoat

Animal_ 10/5/2007 6:37:32 PM

Animosity rips this shit f*ckers. Buy it now.

deadchinadoll_ 10/5/2007 6:41:52 PM

this review fails

anonymous 10/5/2007 8:36:15 PM

FANBOYS are f*cking gold, so cute and angry over a REVIEW. Heh, whatever, tools. It's not like anyone in the band will be impressed with you.

fuck_ 10/5/2007 10:56:17 PM

i totally called an LG gay reviewer giving this album a 6 before i opened this page. you scored veil of maya's album higher than this? get bent you gay f*ck.

anonymous 10/5/2007 10:58:28 PM

these comments are hard evidence of the gayry that this website spawns. someone please shut this website down

Godfather_ 10/6/2007 8:43:56 AM

Oh look fanboys.

ghost_ 10/6/2007 1:43:57 PM

wow lambgoat please never let this gay do reviews again.

Cory_Sucks_ 10/6/2007 4:54:17 PM

At least Nick didn't bitch about the song lengths like we know Cory would have.... what a homo... he needs to quit reviewing so he can spend more time slapping dcks w/ Graham Landers

hottesties_ 10/6/2007 8:11:51 PM

Nick is the new Cory

Kevin_ 10/7/2007 1:24:10 AM

haha what the f*ck is a fanboy? some sort of superhero in a shitty comic book?

anonymous 10/7/2007 10:42:04 AM

I agree with the review. When I first got this record I loved it, but weeks later, trying make it through some the 13min songs and ffwding to my favorite parts has become exhausting. I love this band, great record, but again, as the review states, its overindulgence makes for a tuff sell at this point.

Ben_ 10/7/2007 6:22:10 PM

Of course Nick doesn't know any music theory. If he did, he would love this album.

Mike_ 10/7/2007 10:40:14 PM

This type of review is exactly why I don't take lambgoat seriously. Site is a joke now, which means it has something in common with the majority of its readership. Great album. Lambgoat, what the hell's happened to you?

dane_ 10/8/2007 8:05:05 AM

this album sorely disappointed me, end of.

jer_ 10/9/2007 3:33:55 AM


samonilla_ 10/9/2007 11:56:54 AM

8.5/10 as an album. AMAZING music. if you're a musician and like metal then you definately can't complain with this album. if you're looking for easy listening that you can remember and sing along too then this isn't you bag. This is ART.

xSilencio_ 10/9/2007 7:15:51 PM

this album is second only to the silent circus. how it got a 6/10 is beyond me.

[]_ 10/10/2007 9:32:12 AM

none of their albums will compete with the silent circus. end of story

random dude_ 10/10/2007 4:33:52 PM

This band blows and the album really isn't that exciting. If this is someone's idea of "art" in metal than that's pretty sad. This is a metalcore band trying to be "artsy" prog tech metal but not delivering. I'm tired of bands trying to wank with they're guitarist and jamming in fancy time signatures, most of it ends up just being terrible songwriting and having no cohesiveness. But that's what give kids metallic boners these days. Sad. Very Sad. Overrated. Very Overrated.

xthardingx_ 10/10/2007 4:42:39 PM

this alblum is f*cking amazing. i haven't read an accurate review from lambgoat in ages. this cd is sheer musical genius. f*ck you lambgoat for hating all that is gnar.

xmetalcorefagx_ 10/11/2007 1:51:51 AM

This album really changed my life, them naming their album colors is really deep stuff. I'm touched like an altar boy.

xclosemindedmetalfanx_ 10/11/2007 8:04:59 AM

i only listened to the first 2 songs but i know the rest of the record is terrible because it didnt have enough blast beats and its not cool to like this band if youre a metal purist.

xcorruptx_ 10/11/2007 5:53:20 PM

This type of review is exactly why I don't take lambgoat seriously. Site is a joke now, which means it has something in common with the majority of its readership. Great album. Lambgoat, what the hell's happened to you? posted by Mike () on 10/7/2007 10:40:14 PM Um.. so you obviously dont remember when this site was reviewing Korn cds and giving them 100%'s, do you? Welcome to hell new jack. Oh, and this record is ok, but writing a concept record fails if the songs cant stand on their

claudio_ 10/11/2007 9:12:29 PM

I disagree with the review given by this guy: this album is probably one of the best record that has come out in the last 5 years for this genre. I agree that the "bluegrass jam" at the end of Ants of The Sky is a bit exaggerated.

Gareldorf_ 10/12/2007 2:41:10 PM

I honestly can't see where the "core" is on this record. And this is for the best. I never liked their first but enjoyed each releases more than the other before. This is by far their most accomplished work. For the people saying that there are "misplaced" part, well OK, but I think it adds a lot to the songs. While some parts are pretty complex to truly assimilate, these parts lighten the songs and keep you coming to it because you remember there was a "different" part. Well, that worked for me

xshotunseranadex_ 10/12/2007 6:35:06 PM

dude....this isnt my favorite band ever and i didnt really like the last 3 albums but i could listen to them here and there... this album though is so amazing, its something different i have hundreds of metal cds and they all have they're own little niche but this one is a niche on its own its original and if you dont like it i dont understand how you can say you enjoy music, and complain about metalcore always ripping off at the gates, this is none of that yet some of you still bitch... just li

pilot_ 10/13/2007 1:56:20 AM

I was looking forward to this album a lot because of BTBAM's excellent musicianship but by the time i got through three songs i had to stop. It was too random for me which is hard to say because i love tech shit, but the "off" parts everyone keeps referencing aren't that great and yet they aren't horrible. they add a little to the songs but each song could do without them. I agree with this review 99%(BTBAM isn't metalcore) there are moments where i am blown away by the musicality. It is NOTHING

piecemaker_ 10/15/2007 4:03:58 AM

gayest paragraph ever ^^^^^

Evilf22_ 10/15/2007 12:18:51 PM

if you dont agree with this review it is a direct reflection of an overwhelming level of gayry in your body.

FDR_ 10/15/2007 10:31:44 PM

Good thing The Silent Circus got like a 3 on this website. What does this go to say?

keepthechange_ 10/16/2007 4:02:57 PM

good album better than a 6 for sure, but this websites full to the brim with douche bags and gays so who gives a shit really

zombiesaretight_ 10/19/2007 12:04:49 PM

animosity gets a 9/10 and this only gets a 6/10. f*ck the reviewers on this site. you all suck

anonymous 10/24/2007 11:19:06 AM

Most progressive album this year, yet another great Victory release. Those odd parts are what sets this CD apart from the fakes.

Rich_ 10/24/2007 11:38:19 AM

if you understood what the songs represented and what the lyrics were about, you'd understand the experimental breakdowns on this cd. obviously, not everyone will enjoy it. i don't expect everyone to, but if you have any sense of musicianship/an open mind/a sense for good lyrical content, you would see that this album is more than just a bunch of breakdowns that are surprising. read the lyrics, listen to the rhythm changes, take a music theory class, then come up with an intellegent answer.

anonymous 11/1/2007 9:50:06 PM

amazing cd, so what if they put samples in that seem cheesy, they have crazy talent and make it work BTBAM are artists

Black_Snook_ 11/5/2007 12:36:04 PM

I have been listening to BTBAM since the day i heard Mordecai about 4 years ago and from there on they were one of the most talented bands i have ever heard. This new album "colors" is a let down. Dont get me wrong there are some song on there that are amazing such as "Foam Born: The Decades of Statues" but other songs i hear Country riffs and ripoff riffs of Blind Guardian songs? I just dont understand why BTBAM cant just stick with what they are good at which is the MathTechnicalMetal we al

balls_rich_ 11/10/2007 8:16:36 PM

the person before me said it best, this cd is a let down to the true btbam fans. and i even consider alaska to be a let down. nothing will ever be able to compare to the first two cds. f*ck everything after. just keep it metal you f*cks. none of this stupid experimental bullshit.

Andrew_ 12/7/2007 3:30:35 PM

People on this site are complete gays, these reviews suck dck. BTBAM is Prog as F. I agree, Self-Titled and Silent Circus are better, but still. 6? Wtf? New Tony Danza scored higher.

Jordan_ 12/20/2007 10:27:31 AM

For everyone who agreed with this sub-par review, i sincerely encourage you all to go pick up a guitar, bass, drums (whatever you prefer), get a band together and just TRY to outmatch the incredible musicianship brought out in this album. 9/10. Hands down.

Matt_ 1/24/2008 7:57:00 AM

This Review is a Mockery! If you listen to them play live, or on any of their albums (The Self Titled, The Silent Circus, Alaska, or even The Anatomy of...) then you know exactly what this band is about and you know that you can never anticipate the next move. This album would have scored a 9/10 if I worked for Lambgoat and not this pompous P.O.S. that did this review.

werd_ 1/29/2008 1:28:08 PM

ok nick, it may have those little outburst of random shit but still when you say 85% is good and then you give it a 6/10. wouldnt that make it 60% good? i mean there are small parts they through in there i guess for humor. i dont know. but try not to make no sense what so ever when writing a review please.

xandyshredx_ 2/2/2008 9:42:52 PM

this cd deserves a f*ckging 12/10... i mean this reviewer has no f*cking idea what he is talking about...adds comment of unnecisary "wanking"...f*cking idiot go die the reviewer should go listen to more f*cking slipknot and korn bullshit... BTBAM owns your life

snarf_ 5/22/2008 12:40:28 PM

Agreed, could have been a great album without all the bullshit genre melting

anonymous 6/4/2008 9:32:24 AM


TD_ 6/13/2008 9:57:53 PM

Well written review.

ian _ 7/4/2008 10:24:32 PM

Ridiculous. "These parts aren't brilliant, nor are they a sign of progressive musicianship." What are you talking about. Those parts are about 30 seconds long a piece if you don t like them... so that makes a 13 min song bad? And besides those parts are great! That s amasing that a band can play the metal style that they do and have the creativity to use other genres. You re a terrible reviewer. Horrible review. Terrible. This album deserves a 9/10 at least. In my opinion 13/10.

tom_ 7/10/2008 11:13:03 AM

Music critics generally leave me with the impression that theyre douchebags because they accept a paycheck to rearyze a subjective artform and present opinions as if they were facts. They usually do this without being able to produce art that is of higher craftsmanship than the work they criticize.

anonymous 10/30/2008 8:17:47 PM

ehh, the album is ok, its btbam trying some new things, they do it good but i think they have gone too far from their original sound. colors is for the people that got into btbam's softer side on alaska, but true btbam fans that were into ST + the silent circus when they were new most likely dont like the way the band went here. i think it lacks that dark side of btbam that showed on the silent circus, but thats me

CES_ 12/4/2008 6:15:22 AM

I agree with this review, but not the score. As an avid fan of BTBAM's pre-Alaska material, I will admit that some of the new, "progressive" stuff isn't working and I hope that they learned that from this album. However, that in no way justifies a 6/10... The fact is, this album contains 8 very solid songs and a few short, corny fills, easily overlook-able when you consider the depth of the entire song. 8/10 In my opinion.

DewdScented_ 12/4/2008 12:07:11 PM

This jerk is clearly full of shit

anonymous 12/8/2008 9:00:57 AM

Haha, f*ck. More than a year later, butthurt fanboys are still so furious they're shaking. Awesome.

Doesn't Matter_ 1/11/2009 11:44:53 PM

I'd have to agree with this review half n half. But how can u possibly b so narrow minded? Why do they have to follow every "rule" to YOUR idea of progressive? The transitions to the bluegrass n "lala" breaks r that of which no1 else can do. usually some1 just stops n breaks but these guys actually make it blend. i didn't lk the egyptian break at 1st but hey it all fits in sounds cool so quit being so close minded n quit trying to go by this "rock and roll rulebook" u seem to have created.

Andrew_ 4/11/2009 7:01:10 PM

The 'progressive' parts totally blend in for me and sound perfect. And metalcore? They're at least deathcore in places, regardless of genre though, it's excellent and desrves at least a 9. Having said that, I don't like the 'tribal' sounding bits in Informal Gluttony, but that's just me.

Bryce_ 4/14/2009 1:26:12 PM

this album easily deserves a ten out of ten ive never heard any metal band with the ideas, writing style, talent, or production quality that this band has. they're creative, quirky, and tons of fun to listen to i cant stop listening to this album. its perfect beyond a shadow of a doubt

rkk145_ 4/14/2009 6:43:11 PM

This review is stupid. first of all, the album is amazing. all the middle songs. like sun of nothing and ants of the sky use amazing metal and soft rock crosses to make a full effect.

haha. _ 11/22/2009 5:34:29 PM

hahaha. Yeah, the tribal drumming is 'unnecessary,' same with all the other creative imaginative breaks. pff. 9/10 Nick is a depressed gay IMHO.

Eli from milwaukee_ 12/6/2009 2:31:26 AM

yes all because the band has a sense of humor and put in a saloon part displaces you to judge them and say these parts arent a sign of progressive musicianship. I'd have to say your a total idiot and dont understand the word progressive which is btbam, to push limits into different genre's which make this band grade A stuff. Like i swear they make you listen to two minutes of random shit to get to the catchy parts and in the end totally dig the two minutes i waited to get to that catchy part

rofl_ 2/19/2010 5:27:31 AM

to all the metal gays, learn to accept diversity, and maybe you'll get laid

nick_ 3/29/2010 12:11:13 AM

I revoke this entire review. My puny mind just couldn't handle its awesomeness. I originally gave it a 6 b/c at the time i was into being a pretentious gay. 10/10

Steve_Haize_ 6/2/2010 11:24:06 AM

Nick better have been fired after this review. 6 out of 10? really? EASILY a 10 if you know wtf you're talking about.

Nick_ 8/11/2010 2:59:03 PM

im a fat 36 year old virgin who plays computer games and beats off all day and cant review worth shit.

ShreddieVanWhailin_ 6/8/2011 3:37:49 PM

Dear Reviewer, You Have No Taste In Music If You Think This Album Isnt Flawless. Kill Yourself.

anonymous 10/1/2014 6:17:52 AM

If the guy had done any research ahead of time, he would know that the album was written as one 64 minute long song that was broken into tracks. Just because they want to have a little fun with a blue grass saloon doesn't mean they lack progression at all. And I'm sorry the tribal drumming only enhances the epic guitar riff that guides that song. The purpose of a review is to be objective, something that was clearly not done here.