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Sluts Sluts

Sluts - Sluts
01. Home is Where the Heart Ends
02. Anthem for the Rats
03. Rocky Marciano
04. The Summer Us
05. Tentatively Titled "Fuck You, Liz."
06. The Persistance of Flight Despite My Best Efforts With Tow Hooks and Cannons
07. Second Chances and Seconds Wasted
08. Party Line Party Line
09. Inside Jokes and Party Favors
2007 self-released

Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 8/25/2007

Behind the racy (and somewhat difficult to Google) band name of Sluts lies a young Boston hardcore act with a style that falls somewhere in between the highly influential output of American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost and the earlier material of Comeback Kid. But don't write these guys off as just another local posicore band. Yes, the catchy riffs and up-tempo drumming are there, as is the vocalist's monotone yell of typical hardcore fare. But Sluts managed to go above and beyond the bare requirements of the posicore rubric and decided to not just write songs, but to write memorable songs. And in a time when it seems like just about anybody can throw together a few drop-D riffs in the name of hardcore, this quality makes all the difference. In many ways, this disc is very similar to GUTG's We're Down Til We're Underground in its use of the small melodic touches to set the songs apart from run-of-the mill hardcore.

The beginning of the opening track could easily draw comparisons to the acoustic intro track on WDTWU, as slowly escalating guitars build until the song breaks loose into the melodic hardcore that is very indicative of the rest of the disc's content. As the vocals enter with the lines "We turned our backs on a world that sold us short / We turned our backs on a world that swore us gold / On a god that promised love and never fucking showed," the listener will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the lyrical content of this release is far from the monotonous posi norm. Those who enjoy this style of music, but just can't handle hearing anymore songs about staying true to the scene and one's "bros" might find a nice fit in Sluts' decently intelligent and candid lyrical content.

The standout of this disc is definitely the nearly eight minute closer, "Inside Jokes and Party Favors." The track begins like the rest of the songs on the EP, but soon dives into a mid-tempo melodic exploration perfectly accentuated by the repeated line, "Giving up is killing me." This track is another perfect comparison to the small melodic touches of WDTWU and its seemless transition from hardcore into an intrumentally driven epic is quite an impressive feat. Tell the majority of hardcore bands to write a cohesive, engaging eight minute song and see what happens. I'm going to bet that very few will be as memorable and well-written as that of Sluts.

But like most debuts, there's always room for improvement. Some of the tracks on this disc have parts that are just a little too typical of current hardcore, such as the predictable chugging in the middle of "Home is Where the Heart Ends," and a few cliché lyrical lapses like the line, "We'll kiss the lips of lies and break the teeth of truth." These moments hold the EP back from being truly amazing, but they definitely don't change the fact that with this debut, Sluts should get noticed for being so much more than just another posicore band.

Bottom Line: This self-titled debut from Sluts should find a proper home in the music collections of fans of American Nightmare/GUTG and earlier Comeback Kid. Sluts have demonstrated that they are more than capable of executing a very solid melodic hardcore sound, but more importantly, that they are capable of using their musical versatility to expand upon that sound and include the small touches that make a disc memorable. Check these guys out.

RespectableMan_   posted 8/30/2007 2:00:12 AM
They were way more dece with the bald dude.
xcorruptx_   posted 8/29/2007 6:53:42 PM
Just met and played a few shows w/ these dudes last month. Good dudes, good band. Backed.
onepartloss_   posted 8/29/2007 9:25:20 AM
Awesome band. 'Tentatively titled..' is such a good song.
colin_   posted 8/28/2007 12:22:21 PM
posicore is such a dirty word.
osamabinmoshin_   posted 8/28/2007 1:01:50 AM
uh..... this band doesn't have breakdowns retard. they have like 1 sorta breakdown.

get your facts straight gay.

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