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Death Before Dishonor Count Me In

Death Before Dishonor - Count Me In
01. Intro
02. Count Me In
03. Nowhere
04. Break Through It All
05. Curl Up And Die
06. Behind Your Eyes
07. Fuck It All
08. See It Through
09. Nothing But Agony
10. Infected
11. Take Me Away
12. Still Standing
13. Boston Belongs To Me (Cock Sparrer)
2007 Bridge Nine Records

Reviewed by: Cory   //   Published: 5/22/2007

It's been about two years since Death Before Dishonor released their breakout Bridge 9 EP, Friends Family Forever, and while not a whole lot seems to have changed about these guys, Count Me In is a more enjoyable listen than its predecessor. The band's not-so-unique brand of tough-guy hardcore has wisely been upgraded to include quite a bit more songwriting variety and a thoroughly beefed-up sound. Since 2005, the band has gone from doing something stupid fairly well to doing something slightly less stupid exceptionally well and that surprisingly makes quite a difference. Count Me In is a successful genre piece and outdoes anything current tough-guy champs Madball have ever released.

Death Before Dishonor's two great strengths on this album are two things that hardcore acts rarely utilize, especially at the same time. The first is variety; perhaps not in a stylistic sense from one song to the next, but within each song there are different elements and there's no one thing they beat into the ground the way a band like Hatebreed does with ripped-off Slayer riffs. There are a couple of real surprises hidden in what could be a fairly standard record, including some great tempo shifts, a few passages of inspired drumming and a couple of unforgettable guitar parts. The best of all three are found on album highlight "Break Through It All."

The other strength of this record is the recording, courtesy of Jim Siegel at the Outpost. Arguably one of the most consistently impressive engineers working in hardcore, Siegel's work here helps these songs shine. I've always been partial to a great bass sound and Count Me In has one of the best I've heard recently. Unfortunately for the band, the disc's packaging wasn't so carefully thought out, making the spine damn near impossible to read from more than a few inches away. That gripe aside, this record consists of eleven original tracks of solid hardcore and a notable but slightly corny take on Cock Sparrer's "England Belongs To Me" (with the titular location being obviously changed to the band's hometown of Boston) that should satisfy anyone familiar with that city's rich hardcore tradition.

Bottom Line: Death Before Dishonor's previous output hasn't really done a whole lot for me, but this album is definitely worth any hardcore fan's time. It's a well-written slab of beatdown hardcore with a bit more to it than most of its competition. Every summer, one or two hardcore discs stay in my permanent rotation and Count Me In has definitely earned its spot.

NYHC_   posted 8/21/2007 4:58:49 PM
ray_   posted 8/21/2007 4:55:39 PM
How the hell are you going to say this is better than anything Madball ever released. Set It OFF is the best NYHC album EVER. Who ever wrote this should have their ears and tounge removed.
anonymous   posted 7/5/2007 1:02:28 PM
You could identify a couple hundred people wearing a hoodie and camo shorts in a hardcore video, retard.

This album is bland generic hardcore. It's a shame, because FFF had a couple of very unique songs and has held up fine since its release.
itouchyourkids_   posted 6/11/2007 6:58:55 PM
dude, im in that video. im wearing the hoodie and camo shorts.
Electrickle_   posted 6/10/2007 12:20:49 PM
One of the worst bands in music, to hell with this brocore bullshit.

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