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This Moment Star < Parallel

01. Star Parallel 02. Oxygen for the Weary Traveler 03. The Glass Soul of Murano 04. Rising Above Shadows (Leaving Earth) 05. Shackleton's 27 vs. Vedova's Red Paint 06. Bullet Trains and Pensions 07. Cast the Nets 08. Tenir Bon Contre 09. Watercolor Vocabulary 10. Cobblestone Sanskirt 11. Release of Hostage City 12. Beatific Vision
2007 Uprising Records
Our score 3

by Cory

Ever since the advent of the album as more than a collection of singles in the early 1960's, rock acts have been attempting to weave recurring themes throughout a set of songs with varying degrees of success. This Moment's Star Parallel is another in a string of poorly conceived metalcore concept albums about love and death that suffers less for guitarist/lyricist Matt Lafferty's indulgence than it does for the time it apparently took away from writing quality songs. Star Parallel plays out more as a concept album about the last four years of melodramatic metalcore, minus the clean vocals and personality. If you've ever been listening to a Killswitch Engage record and wished that the memorable part of the song wouldn't have been there, This Moment will be your new favorite band. On a first listen, Star Parallel didn't seem all that bad. Quality production courtesy of Paul Miner (Atreyu, Terror) makes these songs seem a lot better than they are. The lack of whiny clean vocals was also an initial plus. Unfortunately, as the disc continues on, it becomes more and more evident that the whole record is just a series of verses in search of a chorus and jun-jun's in search of a weeeee. There's some moderately technical playing throughout the disc but the riffs all sound like they were found at a Ferret Music or (recent) Metal Blade garage sale. The vocals sound amateurish at best and lack any significant charisma. The disc's best actual composition is the out-of-place-yet-obligatory instrumental "Release of Hostage City." The song's basic guitar work and stirring violin playing immediately call to mind the score of the brilliant sci-fi western series Firefly. Bottom Line: While a poorly constructed concept album is most often sunk by the weight of its own absurdity, This Moment's Star Parallel isn't even memorable enough to earn that distinction. Instead of aiming for greatness and failing miserably, This Moment has simply dressed up their mediocrity in great production and a miserable concept. If you love predictable metalcore riffs and hate the occasionally catchy portions that even the most marginally talented bands can put between them, buy this record.


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Single Guy_ 5/2/2007 1:41:48 PM

sweetzombiejesus_ 5/2/2007 2:29:58 PM

"buy this record" - Cory, Lambgoat

Coldchain_ 5/2/2007 2:37:54 PM


behran_ 5/2/2007 2:41:15 PM

hands down the best line in a review ever

PissMoment_ 5/2/2007 2:44:29 PM

I'll get the new Poison the Well, instead.

Cory's Mom_ 5/2/2007 2:53:38 PM


ese_bauber_ 5/2/2007 3:43:02 PM

*threatens to kill cory* -the band and their 3 fans

anonymous 5/2/2007 4:48:57 PM're an jerk. plan and simple.

anonymous 5/2/2007 4:54:38 PM

why is cory still working for lambgoat? they really like the way he makes them look? i lost all respect for this site..this record is mediocre yea, but it's better than a least a 6 or 7

Cory_ 5/2/2007 4:55:55 PM

"why is cory still working for lambgoat? they really like the way he makes them look? i lost all respect for this site..this record is mediocre yea, but it's better than a least a 6 or 7" if you admit a record is mediocre, then it's definitely not a 6 or 7. it's categorically and unrelentingly subpar. let's move on.

Jeff_ 5/2/2007 6:22:48 PM

mediocre and boring band, nothing special nothing that would cause a warrent listen.

hotaction_ 5/2/2007 8:49:22 PM

mediocre=average=no more than 5

nightmare_ 5/2/2007 9:01:13 PM

10/10 review

hunt_fish_with_dynamite_ 5/2/2007 11:59:50 PM

This band f*cking blows, the kids are gay. Perfect review for a shit band.

hamwarmer_ 5/3/2007 12:38:39 AM

stopped reading @ Killswitch Engage

mojotfb_ 5/3/2007 1:20:25 AM

"...just a series of verses in search of a chorus and jun-jun's in search of a weeeee." HAHAHAHA!

coryluvsdix_ 5/4/2007 9:02:11 AM

good review, but how could you intially give PTW the same score, you fat flaming gay?

anonymous 5/6/2007 1:34:53 PM

shit review, these dudes are great and uprising is a great label, people need to realize what genuinely shitty music is and stop hating on any band that might not be 'original'.

surfjam_ 5/7/2007 7:36:52 PM

stopped reading at weeee. you dumb shit

Mozes_ 5/9/2007 10:12:22 AM

First I read "3/10"; then "buy this record" and then "Cory" ... Figures

chrisdrumsx_ 5/16/2007 2:49:44 AM

do you really still work here cory?

zombiesaretight_ 5/22/2007 11:47:49 AM

i look and see a 3 and some how i knew it was cory at his finest again. why do u still review? f*ck