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Abigail Williams Legend

01. From a Buried Heart 02. Like Carrion Birds 03. The Conqueror Wyrm 04. Watchtower 05. Procession of the Aeons
2007 Candlelight Records
Our score 5

by Nick

Abigail Williams, self-proclaimed beneficiaries of Myspace marketing, have been constantly growing in popularity since the band's inception on the wings of their so-called revolutionary "black metalcore" sound. Thankfully, the hardcore influence is subtle, and this EP is free of any obnoxious mosh-inducing moments. Their combination of standard Swedish melodic death metal, the symphonic black metal of Dimmu Borgir, and a touch of hardcore influence looks to find a home in the music collection of listeners who may not have been exposed to traditional European black/death metal. And that's just the problem with this disc: it may sound new in comparison with the rest of the current metalcore scene, but most metal fans will be quick to realize that Legend is far from groundbreaking. To be fair, however, the musical execution on Legend is extremely competent. The EP begins with "From a Buried Heart," a track heavy in keyboard presence and melodic death metal riffing. As expected, high pitched screams are combined with the standard death growls in a predictable manner throughout the song. The track concludes with a serene piano outro courtesy of the band's talented female keyboardist. As much as I find the keyboard presence to be slightly overbearing from a personal preference standpoint, there is no denying that the keyboardist carries much of the band's sound on her shoulders, and has absolutely no difficulty in doing so. Fans of symphonic metal will most likely be impressed with this characteristic of Abigail Williams. Other tracks also display moments of quality musicianship, such as the sweeping guitar work in "Like Carrion Birds," but quite frankly, musical competency can only account for so much of the content of an album. I just can't imagine too many metal fans taking a break from their Dimmu Borgir and Arch Enemy albums to hear Abigail Williams' predictable, albeit proficient, attempt at blackened death metal. The production on Legend is crisp and clean, which comes as no surprise from Candlelight Records. The keyboards of Abigail Williams are the backbone of their sound, and their strong presence in the mix clearly reflects this. Bottom Line: Abigail Williams' Legend is a musically competent attempt at combining traditional Gothenburg melodic death metal with the symphonic side of black metal. Based on the growing popularity of this band, there is no doubt that kids on this side of the pond are eating it up, but I suspect that many metal fans will not find a whole lot to get overly excited about in Legend.


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crowflier_ 4/8/2007 2:03:54 PM

first post

Mike_ 4/8/2007 2:04:14 PM

If this band had kept the 4 Vehemence guys, they would have maybe been something. Instead it just sounds like a late arrival on the Black Dahlia tribute bandwagon (which All Shall Perish have already perfected). Vehemence-God Was Created is all that will ever remotely matter with regards to death/black/metalcore.

grindcore_ 4/8/2007 2:05:31 PM

pure shit

okarma_ 4/8/2007 2:13:45 PM

good review

Carrion_ 4/8/2007 3:21:30 PM

f*ck this band. Vehemence> Kyds Vs. Columbus >

brettnbutler_ 4/8/2007 5:23:01 PM

I wasn't too stoked on this, but the fact that there was no mention of the top-notch drumming on this ep is an atrocity.

threexs_ 4/8/2007 6:38:05 PM

i like this disc a lot, i would throw it in the 7/10 range

CuntSnot_ 4/8/2007 7:48:19 PM

I remember when this band played shitty scene bree Deathcore at every show I went to... the new material is a major improvment, but still not very good... AZ needs better bands...

swampthang_ 4/8/2007 8:46:21 PM

the man is right, tho in my opinion i think this band is actually really bad considering the fact that it contains members of Vehemence. Yet another poorly done/overated metalcore band.

bobjohnson_ 4/9/2007 5:33:29 AM

Yeah, but the keyboard player is smoking hot.

CuntSnot_ 4/9/2007 10:07:20 AM

Vehemence f*cking owns... they still play shows together here every once and a while, and Im hoping they reform and at least release another album...

Carrion_ 4/9/2007 10:11:08 AM

c*ntSnot, you're a liar. AW was never bree, and Vehemence will not reform, nor do they play "every now and then"

xRYBREADx_ 4/9/2007 11:42:28 AM

I used to disregard this band as shitty scene metal, but after finally giving them a chance I really like this EP. The riffs are pretty well thought out, the keyboards add a nice touch, and the drumming definitley is top notch and helps form the songs. I'm excited to hear a full-length. And the "breakdowns" aren't core sounding. You could never mosh to this stuff like All Shall Perish. I don't know why everyone keeps saying shit like that.

wolfpack_ 4/9/2007 1:17:57 PM

jesus what a horrible name!

xSeanHannityx_ 4/9/2007 2:27:15 PM

i'd say 6/10. Okay, but it's been done death.

CuntSnot_ 4/9/2007 5:08:57 PM

c*ntSnot, you're a liar. AW was never bree, and Vehemence will not reform, nor do they play "every now and then" posted by Carrion () on 4/9/2007 10:11:08 AM actually, they were, before the whole lead singer/keyboardist assault thing... they played bull shit, but kicked out several members and changed their sound... also, Vehemence last year did a reuinion show, and plan on doing more in the future

anonymous 4/10/2007 5:33:04 AM

Their drummer is the previous drummer of The Black Dahlia Murder. He joined this band after Miasma. Ashley (the keyboardist) is no longer in the band.

carrion_ 4/10/2007 3:08:18 PM

no c*ntsnot, Conner didn't bree, so there. Vehemence did a show post Nate leaving, but I doubt it will happen again. John is a gay now. Are you John?

carrion_ 4/10/2007 3:10:32 PM

Conner didn't do brees, so there. They played once with Nate back on vocals, but doubt it will happen ever again. Nate has He Who Binds Himself and John is a gay now. Are you John? I know more than you do, so suck me.

CuntSnot_ 4/10/2007 5:03:13 PM

He did brees, and their music sounded like f*cking JFAC until several members left, then they play their current shit... and no matter what you say, Vehemence did a reunion show... and Im not John, sorry... where do you live in AZ?

Destroyerofpoon_ 4/10/2007 5:11:13 PM

God awful band break up and reform vehemence

anonymous 4/10/2007 6:18:28 PM

major scene cred battle is going on here

Ken_ 4/10/2007 8:21:44 PM

I have never done a "bree" in my life... I dont even know how to do that shit.

carrion_ 4/11/2007 2:26:40 PM

PHX, right by Metal D

CuntSnot_ 4/11/2007 3:59:01 PM

Im in Mesa... just curious... are you going to the show at Hell House this Saturday?

CuntSnot_ 4/11/2007 3:59:25 PM

Im in Mesa... just curious... are you going to the show at Hell House this Saturday?

shredemdead_ 4/12/2007 8:59:02 PM

reviewer is obviously homo. no mention of the awesome drumming. 7/10 easily.

anonymous 4/30/2007 5:59:23 AM

^^^^^ Lol @ you for not knowing about pro tools