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The_Network This Is Your Pig's Portrait

The_Network - This Is Your Pig's Portrait
01. We Are The Network
02. Faith In Lust
03. Innocent V. State
04. Prison Letters
05. Play Dead
06. Love On The Lips Of A Whore
07. Dead Like You
08. Send Them In
09. Bright Lights, Big City
10. Pig's Portrait
11. Idiot Tender Welcomes
12. Oh, Girls
13. 00:00:56
14. Scream
15. Canon Figure
16. End Transmission
2007 Black Market Activities

Reviewed by: Casey Boland   //   Published: 3/3/2007

It makes sense that Guy Kozowyk would release this. They bear more than a passing resemblance to his day job, though The_Network sound like they listen to as much Blood Brothers as Red Chord. You hear it in the twin vocal assault, one playing the cookie monster ying to the other's schoolboy nasal yang. You envision a guy in a pink An Albatross shirt along with a dude donning a black Anal Cunt tee. The juxtaposition can be jarring; at least it separates The_Network's wheat somewhat from the newer school crazy core chaff.

Ed Gein rifle off similar batshit explosive blasts. Job For a Cowboy have gained massive notoriety as of late brandishing their own brand of tech-cum-metal hardcore, complete with Ion Dissonance-esque pig squeal vocal theatrics. The_Network flaunts likeminded pork-fried flare. Sixteen songs bludgeon with jackhammer blast beats and time-signature defying drum patterns. It's 37 minutes and 12 seconds of aural agony.

Kevin Howley and Pete Marr know what to do with their trusty axes. The guitars play the starring role, with impressive Dillinger-like sweeps and taps. Tim Meehan does a commendable job keeping up beating the skins. Trouble is, the recording makes his snare sound like someone popping a rubber band against a paper cup. The rumble is provided by Nate Johnson, the low-end anchor to the guitar and drum squalls that erupt all over the record. I'm not sure who is responsible for what vocals, yet the insert informs me the band contains a stand-alone singer going by the moniker of Scott White. Whether or not he is of the big man gruff roars or the boyish shrill shrieks would be determined in show.

With song titles along the lines of "Love on the Lips of a Whore," "Oh, Girls" and "Faith in Lust," the band appear fans of Pig Destroyer (also note the frenzied blasts of fury). "Play Dead" boasts the band's positive qualities, with winding guitars over pummeling drums and a munching off-time Meshuggah-like passage. "Dead Like You" takes the speed down on a notch for a slower, bruising repose. An acoustic guitar opens "Prison Letters," followed by highly questionable Gavin Rossdale crooning.

Where The_Network errs is their insistence on assaulting us with machine-gun volleys of musical mayhem. Some of it adds up to "songs." But a lot of this sounds intentionally amorphous. They've got some chops and demonstrate the capacity to experiment and nudge the envelope. Yet they could work wonders by focusing their energies on crafting songs instead of creating sonic tantrums.

Bottom Line: If you want to make you or your neighbor's ears bleed and head throb, play The_Network at hard volume. Not for the weak-willed fairweather music fan.

guy debord_   posted 4/5/2007 4:34:42 PM
I've seen this band live a handful of times they do an amazing job of "going off" and screaming into their guitars. wicked intense guy
doogmah_   posted 3/13/2007 11:09:22 PM
i need a line_   posted 3/9/2007 2:54:27 AM
one of the few reviews i started reading and finished the whole thing before hitting up the comments.
smokeoutloud_   posted 3/8/2007 1:01:36 PM
Take reviews for that are, a f*ckin opinion, gee. The band sounds okay, good grind, i dug it. I'd listen to this b4 Red Chord any day.
Ant_   posted 3/8/2007 12:31:04 PM
f*cking great/amazing live band. The CD has nothing on them live. I know that happens to a lot of bands... Again a must see live band to appreciate the CD!! Great f*cking dudes!!

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