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xDeathstarx We Are The Threat

01. Where's Your Faith Now 02. Burn Everything 03. We Are The Threat 04. The Wake 05. Decline Of The Western Civilization 06. Through Dead Eyes 07. The Great Opiate 08. City Of Lost Children 09. Because The Flesh Is Weak 10. Fallen Sons 11. Salvation
2007 Facedown Records
Our score 5


You know what you're getting into when you pick up a disc with a band name that begins and ends with "x." Straight edge hardcore a la Throwdown or the Remembering Never side project xBishopx...they just keep coming. xDeathstarx is another addition (from the sunny Orange County, California area) to this all too familiar formula. I feel like I'm getting dragged into the pit kicking and screaming. xDeathstarx is comprised of eight members (sounds more like the lineup of Yes), including four singers. That's right, four singers, who are faintly discernable from each other, take the mic and end up sounding like a muddy mess. At least they aren't barking at you to stop drinking or telling you how ridiculous you look with a cigarette in your mouth (Casey Jones anyone). The eleven tracks presented on We Are the Threat kind of form one gigantic mosh track, showing no signs of deviation from one other. Chugga chugga guitars grind and squeal at an energetic speed. Clean vocal sing-along parts attempt to sweeten the deal as in the title track and "The Great Opiate," but are neither catchy nor enjoyable. The energy is definitely here; "Because the Flesh is Weak" blows through with fists flying, and "Fallen Sons" supplies the shred that the first half of the disc was lacking, but I feel like I've done this before. And I don't feel that warm nostalgic feeling that I should be. Facedown Records may have spawned a great band like Comeback Kid, but their line-up is a mess of generic tough guy hardcore and metalcore with a Christian message. xDeathstarx bring nothing new to the table, and God knows we need another straight edge band polluting the waters. This is middle-of-the-road stuff that falls short of the big dogs like Throwdown and Terror. Bottom Line: If you're looking for more of the same old breakdowns to windmill kick to with a little metal sprinkled on top, this is your soundtrack. Nothing too threatening here folks.


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feaeaf_ 2/16/2007 10:05:05 AM

you could have ripped it way harder than that. christian "tough guy" straight edge hardcore with 4 vocalists who all sound the same. it's pure shit. 5/10 wtf???? more like 2/10 review = 0/10

Lord_gold_ 2/16/2007 10:27:23 AM

too br00tal edge for my liking 0/10

seawhelk_ 2/16/2007 10:41:36 AM

who art thou Chris Green?

PopeCthulhuTron9000X_ 2/16/2007 10:43:57 AM

The score says 5, but the review says 3.

Destroyerofpoon_ 2/16/2007 10:58:28 AM

To xgayryx no listen ever

xpoopx_ 2/16/2007 11:15:22 AM

Ugh. I couldn't agree more with the review.. but the score needs to be 2/10.

Akuma_ 2/16/2007 11:19:06 AM

Who is Chris Green?

CuntSnot_ 2/16/2007 11:22:01 AM

no care ever... 2/10 band

truthsayer_ 2/16/2007 11:29:27 AM

5/10 is WAY too generous - this is definitely 2/10 material

fuckingfight_ 2/16/2007 12:05:44 PM

who the hell is chris green? this is one of the shittiest reviews i've ever read on t3h goat. i'd rather read a gluck.

panzram_ 2/16/2007 12:45:50 PM

*xDeathstarx is COMPOSED of...

burzum_ 2/16/2007 12:49:15 PM

BORING!! Xnobody wants to hears thisX

anonymous 2/16/2007 2:07:27 PM

Redlands California is not Orange County for your info. That would be the shitty inland empire.

xDeathstarx singer #3_ 2/16/2007 2:51:02 PM

Thats cool we got a five. A two would have been more fitting. But please just don't say anything bad about Her Candane.

Oswaldo Sánchez_ 2/16/2007 3:14:22 PM

I would have given this shit band 1/10. I saw these idiots a few times a while back. They actually handed out championship belts to whoever brought the most "mosh". What a lame ass way of trying to demonstrate how tough you are. f*ck this bullshit joke of band. xsuckersx. f*ck straight edge too!

Hans Moleman_ 2/16/2007 3:18:02 PM


deathstar singer #1_ 2/16/2007 3:33:43 PM

f*ck you

allstarjones_ 2/16/2007 3:56:53 PM

Watch the conversation Oswaldo Sánchez or INS will be hearing about this.

You write like shit._ 2/16/2007 4:08:05 PM

Mr. Chris Green loses all credibility with this comment alone; "Facedown Records have spawned a great band like Comeback Kid".

sdg_ 2/16/2007 4:18:06 PM

*xDeathstarx is COMPOSED of..." ... comprised is perfectly correct.

anaturaldisaster_ 2/16/2007 5:36:27 PM

This record is actually pretty good for what it is. Has more in common with Disembodied or Martyr A.D.'s old stuff than a lot of the newer, shittier metalcore and tough guy.

anonymous 2/16/2007 5:58:07 PM

no guys this isnt fair having x's around yer band name is the coolest new thing... u should stop making fun of this awesome band.... - note the sarcasim

Nobody_ 2/16/2007 6:25:34 PM

I love this band!

anonymous 2/16/2007 7:01:44 PM

i love how this review talks like their some new band, yet they've been around for years, GREAT WORK i haven't heard the cd, but i like their old material and they're a great bunch of guys

thereapersson_ 2/16/2007 8:36:01 PM

Eight Members and NO f*ckING BEER KEG DRUMMER? Highly unacceptable!

banana dick_ 2/17/2007 4:30:24 AM

Thanks for the bands bio you stupid f*ck. that was the most awful review i've ever read...just a fourth of the damn thing actually talked about the cd. it's obvious you dont need much of an edjumacation to have your own reviews on this site.

anonymous 2/17/2007 10:41:27 AM

lol at thereapersson

wolfpack_ 2/17/2007 9:10:47 PM

some new douchbag reviewer..horrible review

mefuckyeah_ 2/19/2007 2:47:42 AM

Thats cool we got a five. A two would have been more fitting. But please just don't say anything bad about Her Candane. posted by xDeathstarx singer #3 () on 2/16/2007 2:51:02 PM this made me lol

me_ 2/19/2007 2:59:04 AM

shit band...drummer is a total douchebag

yeahdude_ 2/19/2007 7:10:51 AM

okay, the "sarcasim" has been noted.

xsaltxblakex_ 2/19/2007 3:15:50 PM

5 out of 10.... not too bad of a review but there are so many bands out there that just flat out f*cking suck and i don't think i would lump these guys into that group. atleast they sing about shit thats inportant to them and to others as well so i think thats pretty dope. thats a lot more than what other people on here are doing now a days. oh and they don't have a shitty music video of some dumb half naked bitch running somewhere like she just got f*cked and dropped off at the edge of the w

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Otterpop_ 2/22/2007 2:17:22 PM

ok guys....all of you have no clue of a good album when you hear it. First of all just because its straight edge doesnt mean that they are shuving it in your face. this album is a 100% improvement from the triumph and that album was good too. this album from what i have heard is nothing that is out right now and they are pioneers to this southern hardcore with a powermetal feel. i think that album is a 10/10 so all you guys need to freakin learn what good music is. and no one talk crap on

aXstrong_ 2/22/2007 9:56:15 PM

hmmm...i agree with otterpop. the album is good. at least there's no inwards. redlands.... amazing. so my review is 9.

otterpop_ 2/22/2007 11:15:04 PM

not only that, but if sounds like you have more against straight edge then you do the album its self. so Chris Green you are reviewing this album off that fact that they're straight edge and not off the music.

Willy_ 2/23/2007 3:31:35 AM

Four vocalists is not necessary at all, end of story on that. Muddy mess is all over what I've heard from these guys so far. Overall this band is so so right along with this review.

anonymous 2/23/2007 12:06:16 PM

lol @ "pioneers to this southern hardcore with a powermetal feel"

xCommentx_ 2/23/2007 1:18:34 PM

Ok, I can dig ripping on it for being generic, and for being a straightedge band with way too many singers, awesome, makes sense. But comparing this band as having a PLUS compared to Casey Jones? "..or how ridiculous you look with a cigarette in your mouth (Casey Jones anyone?)" You DO know Casey Jones isn't a 'serious' straight edge band, and themselves are making fun of how serious bands take it? With a song title like "If you're smoking in here this room better be on fire", dear god

efyourbrokencouch_ 2/23/2007 4:27:26 PM

f*ck you.. seriously your a shitty reviewer. grow up and get some dignity.

Electrickle_ 2/23/2007 6:43:35 PM

Bands like this are so f*cking ridiculous.

punk rock._ 2/26/2007 3:52:10 AM

everyone needs to stop caring about bands having a bunch of "singers"? in hardcore everybody is the "singer." obviously they were friends and wanted to have fun. chill.

Tim_ 3/1/2007 1:00:26 AM

your obviously anti striaght edge oand anti christian, but also anti hardcore. if you don't like a genre don't review its albums. i don't even know why i'm responding to this. your started out saying "You know what you're getting into when you pick up a disc with a band name that begins and ends with "x."" Obviously you don't, listen to xBishopx and then listen xlooking forwardx and tell me how similar they are. Your an idiot you probably just got done listening to Will Smith "Jiggy With It"

youareadumbass_ 3/2/2007 1:10:44 AM

"hey are pioneers to this southern hardcore with a powermetal feel" do you know anything about anything? honestly do you? name me a "southern band" that sound close to the riffs that deathstar has? get a f*cking clue. other then that, solid album

poop_ 3/5/2007 1:57:51 AM

they have 3 singers you jerks, not four, so gt your info better next time before doing a review, this is an awesome band

Sapthuran_ 3/9/2007 3:10:05 PM

i had no idea these guys were a real band, they actually take themselves seriously?

destroy_ 8/26/2007 3:16:03 PM

hey "ME" why dont you not be a little f*ckin pssy and go tell there drummer he is a douchbag. you will get f*cked up

Travis Aker_ 9/30/2007 11:02:42 PM

I wonder if the reviewer ever listen to the cd all the way though. I have the cd and it freakin rocks and is lot better than what I thought it would be. I don't think the production on it sounds like Mud at all they went to Trax East Studio and recorded the album. The 4 vocals coordinate with each other too I would give it a 7/10 but not no five though.

IE_ 1/25/2008 3:32:53 PM

They're from Redlands, the Inland Empire.

micheal_ 2/15/2010 3:09:01 AM

regardless of being straight edge or Christian... xDSx is pretty much one of a kind. There are no other major hardcore bands that ever did more than two singers. They do thier style flawlessly. If yo want heavy then xDSx is where its at. miss this band alot.