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Inhale Exhale The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred

Inhale Exhale - The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred
01. Redemption
02. By Grace
03. Frail Dreams And Rude Awakenings
04. Dance All Night
05. A Call To The Faithful
06. Touch Of Deception
07. You Walls...My Words
08. Tonight We Die Together
09. Sons Of Tomorrow (To Noah James)
10. Rose Among The Ashes
11. The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred
2006 Solid State Records

Reviewed by: Cory   //   Published: 1/10/2007

There's a battle going on within Inhale Exhale's new record. It's not an interesting philosophical dichotomy or even a stylistic one. It's a constant struggle between good music and bad music that happens within each and every song. It's not uncommon for a generally good band to have some bad parts sprinkled throughout a record, but Inhale Exhale's modus operandi appears to involve writing a pretty decent, heavy metal/rock song then sabotaging it with miserable melodic singing in unnecessarily upbeat choruses. Never before have I encountered a record so decisively split between fairly good and unforgivably bad. It's almost as if they had the songs completed and the record company demanded that each song be watered down, so these choruses were their solution.

It's hard to recommend this disc or even any particular song to anyone. Every song appears to be a delicious pie cooling on your kitchen counter. You cut into the pie to discover that instead of apple or cherry or even pumpkin filling, the pie is stuffed to the brim with manure. Each song starts off promising but inevitably turns itself into a shit pie within the first minute. I found myself listening and listening to this disc over and over, trying to solve the mystery of why any band with a modicum of talent would let their finished songs turn out so poorly. Perhaps one of the band's members is a terminally ill child with bad taste and they're just indulging his love of Fall Out Boy while quietly hoping for his demise. I can only hope that's what's happening because that's the only scenario that allows me to respect the members of Inhale Exhale.

Bottom Line: Someone in a real band should download this record, steal its good riffs and use them in better songs.

urineidiot89_   posted 10/3/2007 2:46:19 PM
this review was terrible..im sorry they arnt your typical shit metal band and actually decide to have some great melodic chorus'..this album is awesome..id love to see you playing johns rediculous guitar riffs..or find a 4 piece metalcore band with 1 guitarist that comes anywhere near inhale.. oh and the band wasnt named after "one of the best grindcore albums of all time"..it had nothing to do with that..idiots..and i looked that album up..and wanted to shoot myself..
bearclawrawr_   posted 4/10/2007 10:04:31 AM
yea, cory is a dick

and this album is f*cking sweet, and they are awesome live
slater_   posted 1/22/2007 12:20:18 AM
Wow, Cory really dropped the ball on this one, I just listened to their stuff. Its pretty f*ckin sweet. Open your ears dude. I'm going to pick the record up.
Lohan_   posted 1/21/2007 12:25:16 AM
Its not as badas a three. I would say maybe even a 6. They're really not that bad. Yeah the melodic choruses seem forced, just like some of the breakdowns in the new unearth, but they're definately not terrible. Id check em out live.
not surprised_   posted 1/17/2007 2:10:26 AM
so predictable -
once again you have slaughtered a christian record.
you are so amazing, I guessed a 3/10 before I even clicked the link. what a jerkoff you are.
get a life, animal.

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