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Nahemah The Second Philosophy

01. Siamese 02. Killing My Architect 03. Nothing 04. Like A Butterfly In A Storm 05. Change 06. Labyrinthine Straight Ways 07. Subterranean Airports 08. Phoenix 09. Today Sunshine Ain't The Same 10. The Speech
2007 Lifeforce Records
Our score 8

by Nick

Taking cues from progressive metal connoisseurs Opeth, Spain's Nahemah draws from countless influences to create The Second Philosophy, a forward thinking metal record overflowing with experimentation. As the album flows from sections of Swedish metal to ambient and electronic segments to spacious melodic rock passages, The Second Philosophy displays great continuity, especially when considering the wide range of sounds and styles integrated into the disc. While Opeth fans will certainly be quick to point out that Nahemah's writing approach isn't exactly revolutionary, their combination of musical elements and their excellent execution make it difficult to write them off as merely an Opeth clone. The Second Philosophy is packed with shining musical moment after shining musical moment, thus making it tough to reduce this album to one or two stand out tracks. The album opener, "Siamese," utilizes sharp keyboard arrangements similar to that on Coprofago's Unorthodox Creative Criteria to complement the mid-range screams and the soaring clean singing. Ambient passages like in "Killing My Architect" and "Nothing" provide soothing, but interesting breaks in the album. Tracks like "Subterranean Airports" and "The Speech" bring to mind the sonic landscapes of Mogwai and other like-minded instrumental rock groups.In fact, the eight and half minute long rock opus of "Subterranean Airports" bears little resemblance to metal side of this album, yet somehow fits perfectly. And let's not forget about the actual metal content of this album, as it is certainly up to par with that of other Swedish metal artists. Any one of these individual musical elements that Nahemah uses would be enough to produce a good album, but it is the meticulous arrangement and the exceptional finished product that make The Second Philosophy more than worthy of a listen for Swedish prog-metal fans. The only real mistake these guys make occurs in the closing minute of "Phoenix" and in the following track "Today Sunshine Ain't The Same." The clean vocals take a blatant wrong turn and end up with a distinctive nu-metal style, which is both a complete shock and an immediate turnoff. Fortunately, the nu-metal vocals are only around for a few minutes, but why they even made it on to the album is simply confusing. Yet, as unsettling as the nu-metal singing is, it is impossible to forget about the many moments of excellence that the rest of the album possesses. Bottom Line: Although the idea of Swedish progressive metal is nothing new, Nahemah displays excellent song writing that allows the group to combine a number of different influences into a strong, cohesive album. There are a few vocal parts that are a bit of a letdown, but any fan of Opeth or other melodic prog-metal should find much to enjoy about The Second Philosophy.


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notorious_dob_ 1/2/2007 3:12:05 PM

omg frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst

goodfellow_ 1/2/2007 4:27:48 PM

this album is awesome.

anonymous 1/2/2007 9:19:27 PM

f*ck, at a quick glance i thought it said nehemiah

pseudoxme_ 1/3/2007 4:40:33 PM

and you were upset because you thought nehemiah we're back together right? anyways, this album is awesome. good review.

BenSY_ 1/4/2007 8:18:09 AM

But nehemiah broke up!

veganstasetgood_ 1/6/2007 3:17:42 AM

i dont know....the singing is not that bad. good cd though