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A Static Lullaby A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby
01. The Art of Sharing Lovers 02. Static Slumber Party 03. Eager Cannibals 04. The Collision 05. Hang 'em High 06. Mechanical Heart 07. Trigger Happy Tarantula 08. Annexation of Puerto Rico 09. Contagious 10. Life in a Museum 11. Stare at the Air
2006 Fearless Records
Our score 6

by Cory

A Static Lullaby found themselves catapulted into the limelight in 2003 with the release of their debut album on Ferret Music. After that record's success, they signed to a major and released an album that didn't quite perform to Columbia's standards. This sort of quick rise to fame and subsequent fall from grace can take its toll on a band and in A Static Lullaby's case, the price paid was the departure of three founding members. With a retooled lineup that features Jarrod Alexander (Death By Stereo, The Suicide File), A Static Lullaby have resurfaced in 2006 on Fearless Records with an album that most likely would have been a smash hit even a year ago. This eponymous release is a streamlined slab of pop-metalcore that wastes no time establishing its unrelenting pattern of decent riffing, great vocal hooks and top-notch percussion. Provided that you don't possess some deep-seated loathing for all things melodic, it's highly likely that at least a handful of the tracks on this album will have a strong appeal. "Hang 'Em High" is as solid a song as the genre has produced lately. "The Art of Sharing Lovers" is another immediate standout. There's not a ton of complexity here to wrap your head around, but the tracks possess an inherent likability that many more experimental or progressive acts can't seem to get a handle on. There are, of course, a couple of moments that cross the line into pure cheese, ("The Collision," "Eager Cannibals") but for the most part the rhythm section carries these tunes when vocalist Joe Brown can't. The production this time around is handled by Steve Evetts who engineered the band's Ferret debut, so the album sound understandably similar at times to that record. Bottom Line: While I generally like to keep my pop melodies separate from my metal, A Static Lullaby's latest album makes it abundantly clear how the group wound up on a major in the first place: Of the bands out there doing this, these guys are among the best. Fans of the band's first album will most likely be pleased with the general return to form here and open-minded music fans with a penchant for a catchy pop-punkish tune should find quite a bit to like here.


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theguyfromcameo_ 12/9/2006 10:22:21 AM

lolololololollolol first

murdermittenmatt_ 12/9/2006 10:28:25 AM

thats awesome that they have a song name from the movie little giants

vegard_ 12/9/2006 10:41:26 AM

i always mix these guys up with my chemical romance.

Sweet tits_ 12/9/2006 10:51:30 AM

they were dropped because they sucks. Jarrod Alexander is a solid drummer, if not one of the best in hardcore these days. I dont know why he's wasting his talents on this band. I also still don't see how this type of music and image is at the forefront for the representation of "heavy" music. Cory did a decent job reviewing this CD even though you can tell he thinks this music sucks. It's very hard not to be biased towards gimmicky gay music like this.

I_AM_FUCK_ 12/9/2006 10:53:33 AM

A Static LOLaby

HARDY_HAR_ 12/9/2006 11:05:37 AM

only cory would put a static lullaby on the same level as mastodon. this guy is the bill o'reilly of heavy music.

Coldchain_ 12/9/2006 11:14:17 AM

6/10? You disgust me brah

anonymous 12/9/2006 2:03:49 PM


big_daddy_grip_n_rip_ 12/9/2006 2:44:22 PM

dear cory///// you r a gayget//// stop reviewing records//// kill yourself///// and stfu.

quititcorey_ 12/9/2006 3:05:18 PM

worst. reviewer. ever.

hxcobd_ 12/9/2006 5:54:12 PM

This album is actually damn good. No care.

mefuckyeah_ 12/9/2006 7:48:51 PM

I actually like this cd and don't care what anyone says. Their other cd's lick nutz tho

vCREATIONv_ 12/10/2006 7:53:50 AM

sooo this gets a 6 and cancer bats gets a 4? wtf is going on guys? you reviewer gays need to adopt an across the board barometer of some sort. there is absolutley no consistency. RIDICULOUS!

arty_mcfarty_ 12/10/2006 11:33:42 AM

you gave THIS the same rating that you gave blood mountain *faints from overload of gayry*

john_doe_ 12/11/2006 3:28:44 PM

you know what jarrod axleander should do? go back to f*cking hope con.

xthardingx_ 12/11/2006 11:28:08 PM

why the f*ck is lambgoat reviewing this bullshit record?!!

jeff_ 12/13/2006 10:43:18 AM

mastodon and static lullaby are two different genres. similiar scores mean nothing you butt touchers

omgzeezer_ 12/14/2006 8:59:53 AM

This genre needs to die. It pretty much already has. Underoath, From first to last, Story of the Year ect all had their 15 minutes of fame. They're all going to fade back into obscurity once again.

jeffxxx_ 12/19/2006 11:09:57 PM

how could you this record anything higher then a two...

gay_ 12/22/2006 10:56:42 AM


piratehooker_ 5/9/2007 1:37:27 PM

complete shit.

anonymous 8/20/2012 11:36:29 AM

Great album anyone whos trashes music is sad cause that just means u listen to shit u dont like just to bash it if u dont like it dont listen to it you dumb f*cks