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Haste When Reason Sleeps

Our score 7

by Alex

When Reason Sleeps features solid musicianship, engineering, and production, making the album quite digestible from a presentation standpoint. Kicking off the effort is "Brand New Opposites", which flexes some serious metalcore muscle, but in a controlled, calculated sort of way. The tune's thick grooves are nicely peppered with tempo changes, and solidly reinforced with the pummeling assault of two vocalists. Both singers are capable of belting out some serious aggression, but their timbres and ranges vary enough to keep things interesting. One voice is high-pitched and snarling (sounds slightly like Mike Ski of Brother's Keeper) while the other is throaty and powerful. Not content to simply yell, both vocalists also partake in actual singing at varying intervals of the album (especially on "Confessions Of A Lesser Known Saint" and "Off Parting Sound"). Regardless of their approach, the vocalists prove to be extremely competent, and they actually complement each other quite nicely. On "Off Parting Sound", the album's fourth track, the diversity of Haste quickly becomes evident. The song opens with some shimmering guitar chords, before settling into a nice balance of bass grooves, subtle guitar melodies, and occasional flashes of metal power. This track alone will be enough to confuse those seeking to categorize Haste's style of music. The confusion won't subside over the course of the next few tracks either as Haste continues to skillfully balance blistering metalcore with thoughtful doses of emo-laced rock. The album nearly comes full circle towards the end, as track 8, "Vicki... Is This A Compromise" sees the band return to the ferocity so aptly displayed on "Brand New Opposites" and "Meridian Summer". Bottom Line: Near-flawless execution, an abundance of variety, and a nice blend of maturity and energy... When Reason Sleeps should spend some quality time in your CD player. Haste is able to cover a lot of ground on this album, and they do it quite well.


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