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All Else Failed Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With

All Else Failed - Good Enough For The Girls We Roll With
1. One Seven Three
2. Strip Solitaire
3. General Anesthetic
4. Did You Think Of Me?
5. Your Days Are Numbered
6. Route 1
7. Machines
8. Choker
9. A Release
10. Rapist In The Choir
11. The Cheap Shot Artist
12. Wither
13. Gut
14. Something To Cry About
15. Shoverleers
16. Abandon Ship
17. Pushover
18. Working Stiff
19. Center Of Attention
20. Stagger
21. Blindfold
2006 Thorp Records

Marchosias_   posted 12/2/2008 9:38:20 AM
I have to say, especially as an avid fan of AEF, that this was the perfect way to end their run as one of the best heavy bands from the area. The only gripe I have with the album is that they skimmed it down from five new songs to three new songs (all of which, however, are f*cking sick.) But I really did enjoy hearing their first recording again, since that's how I got to know who they were, and from there, straight on to Archetype. They definitely left their mark on music, and on the Philly