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Hatebreed Supremacy

Hatebreed - Supremacy
01. Defeatist
02. Horrors of Self
03. Mind Over All
04. To the Threshold
05. Give Wings to My Triumph WINDOWS MEDIA
06. Destroy Everything
07. Divine Judgment
08. Immortal Enemies
09. The Most Truth
10. Never Let It Die
11. Spitting Venom
12. As Diehard as They Come
13. Supremacy of Self
2006 Roadrunner Records

Reviewed by: Cory   //   Published: 9/12/2006

After waiting five years to release their second album, Hatebreed has spent the last five years churning out records. Their latest, Supremacy, follows in the footsteps of the last two, cementing Hatebreed's place as one of the most consistent acts in the history of hardcore after 13 years of existence, despite having only two original members. The key to Hatebreed's success and staying power has a lot to do with their formula of tough-guy hardcore with Slayer riffs. Unfortunately, this tried-and-true formula is also their biggest shortcoming and it's never been quite so obvious as on Supremacy.

Supremacy can definitely be enjoyed if approached with the right set of relatively low expectations. It's a perfectly anthemic meathead hardcore record, tailor-made for high school football players and gym rats looking for the ultimate theme songs to their practices and workouts. It's the soundtrack to a shirtless, sweaty Pantera-style push mosh. Supermacy is a even a great record to enjoy in your car on the way to work in a traffic jam. It just isn't anything more. The simplistic and one-dimensional lyrics are mediocre, even by Hatebreed standards. The riffs are predictably unoriginal, albeit this time a bit more inspired by the early 90's than the mid-80's.

Despite all of this, the real justification for Supremacy's existence is obvious after the first few seconds: Nobody does this better than Hatebreed. There's a place for this sort of thing just like there's a place for cheesy commercial rap music. Simply stated, most fans of hardcore and metal have a soft spot in their heart for something mindlessly entertaining and Hatebreed does both "mindless" and "entertaining" like nobody's business. Supremacy plays out like the slightly slower-paced, catchier offspring of 2003's The Rise of Brutality, showing that Hatebreed have a near-perfect understanding of their audience and their strengths.

Perhaps the addition of Ringworm's Frank Novinec on guitar will help them address some of their songwriting weaknesses. Who knows. Whatever minimal attempts to mix things up that have been implemented on Supremacy are appreciated, as in the slightly melodic vocals on "Never Let It Die" or the punk-style shouts on "Immortal Enemies," but these are just minor flourishes tacked on to the established Hatebreed style rather than noteworthy innovations.

Bottom Line: I can't call Supremacy a "good" or "bad" record because I think those descriptors are meaningless in relation to a Hatebreed record at this point in time. It is what it is and you'll either find something you like in it or you won't. I've got a spot in my heart (and on my shelf) for everything Hatebreed has released and Supremacy is no exception.

FICKLExFUCKER_   posted 3/2/2007 3:24:00 PM
Hatebreed is a great band. I like everything I've heard from them. New and old. But we have to be honest, it does have a tough jerk feel to it. I don't mind that when its hatebreed they pull it off good. But the fact that everyone that is disagreeing with this review are being jerks and saying they'll beat his ass or "Tough Guys" proves his point. I disagree with him. But why prove his point.
throwbreedengage10_   posted 12/17/2006 9:48:37 PM
great cd deffentily beats the rise even though it was good this is a deff perserverence type album i love it tis going back to a lot of the hardcore roots but still keeps the good metal riffs here and there 9/10
citrous_   posted 11/23/2006 4:05:42 AM
Always the same
mike_   posted 9/23/2006 12:37:00 PM
i agree with this review, but i think this cd should of been a 7 , it does have its good parts. but some parts are kinda lame
scarlito_   posted 9/18/2006 9:51:33 AM
I think this is a pretty good review. For what the album is intended to be, energetic meathead anthems, it does it's job well. Great album to get psyched up to.

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