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Unearth III: In The Eyes of Fire

01. This Glorious Nightmare 02. Giles 03. March of the Mutes 04. Sanctity of Brothers 05. The Devil Has Risen 06. This Time Was Mine 07. Unstoppable 08. So It Goes 09. Impostors Kingdom 10. Bled Dry 11. Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos
2006 Metal Blade Records
Our score 7


I have been listening to Unearth for years now and while I'm not their biggest fan, I do have a certain level of respect for these guys. Even though it has been said for a while now that the "metalcore" genre has been worn out, I don't think it's going anywhere. Unearth has always stuck out to me, and here's why: If my memory serves me correctly, Unearth was the first band I heard that incorporated the Swedish sounds of In Flames and At the Gates with big breakdowns. After they signed with Eulogy Recordings and released The Stings of Conscience, their popularity exploded. Predictably, so did the number of bands infusing said Swedish sound. [If I'm wrong, I'm sure Gluck or Cory, as well as so many "intelligent" comments left here, will let me know.] III: In the Eyes of Fire is Unearth's latest offering, and it's a linear continuation of their last album, The Oncoming Storm. Unearth is steadily, albeit slowly, pushing their sound in a heavier direction. There is no mistaking that this is Unearth, because all the elements they've always had are here, including a healthy serving of breakdowns. However, one thing I've always liked about these guys is the fact that they actually write some creative breakdowns, with nice tempo shifts and drumming that fills in the gaps. I won't lie and say that it doesn't get a bit old from time to time, but such is this genre of metal. All things considered, Unearth has shifted their Swedish influence to the side a bit, instead dropping in some Iron Maiden influenced leads and melodies. They make it work quite well throughout the album and the changes in the songs transition very well. There is also some good old American metal going on as well. I can hear familiar traces of Metallica and Testament pop up here and there. Additionally, the riffs are a bit faster than I've heard on previous Unearth albums. Unfortunately, while the fret-work is quite good, the content can be fairly average at points. I'm glad to hear that these guys decided to drop the awkward, clean singing. To my ears, it just didn't work on their last album. So, from front to back, you just have Trevor's harsh yelling. I think it works; these songs are probably the most ferocious Unearth has ever written. Another plus this time around is better production. The Oncoming Storm had a production that was too slick and sterile for my tastes, but III has a sound that is clear and powerful, all while retaining a nice raw edge. Bottom Line: III: In the Eyes of Fire is the album that I expected Unearth to release. There is nothing that jumped out and surprised me whatsoever. This is Unearth continuing to get more aggressive and metal. Sure, there were better metal albums released this year, but for the "metalcore" genre, Unearth remains near the top of the heap.


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Canada rules_ 8/11/2006 2:13:02 AM

pretty damn sick FIrst post bitches

glitch_ 9/6/2006 12:44:50 PM

Amazing stuff. Great follow up to Oncoming Storm.

threexs_ 10/20/2006 1:53:07 PM

Over produced generic metalcore... this trend is on it's last legs.

the voice of reason_ 11/29/2006 10:56:59 PM

im shocked someone had the balls to submit this review knowing the shitstorm it will inevitably bring about......f*ck all the hate, unearth always has been and still is a good f*cking band.......this album is better than a lot of music that people who hate unearth listen to.

joehardcore _ 11/29/2006 11:09:12 PM

being an unearth fan from the beginning (oh yea) this review is quite valid. they were impressive as a new band but as they stay atop Mount Metalcore, they aren't doing anything to diversify. If anything they are starting to assimilate to gain a broader audience. This record is good and better then most but for all that they've worked for over the past 6 years, they could have grown some balls and push the limits instead of catering to the masses. still love em though, just won't listen to thes

anonymous 11/29/2006 11:16:27 PM

sick SICK album.. although the ocoming storm was a bit better... 7 is fair CANT WAIT TILL SLAYER AND UNEARTH IN OTTAWA :D

anonymous 11/29/2006 11:20:28 PM

The Oncoming Storm was better. 7 is a good figure.

Kevl_ 11/29/2006 11:34:37 PM

ENDLESS FIGHT! *crowd punches*

mefuckyeah_ 11/29/2006 11:39:27 PM

I liked a lot better than their last got a little old tho for me

anonymous 11/29/2006 11:54:33 PM

>Unearth was the first band I heard that incorporated the Swedish sounds of In Flames and At the Gates with big breakdowns. No,sir. It's PRAYER FOR CLEANSING or AFTeRSHOCK.

Chuck_ 11/30/2006 12:28:14 AM

You should review old albums more often, because everyone wants to read about albums they already have.

penguinsrock_ 11/30/2006 12:48:56 AM

The new Misery Signals gets a 6 and this gets a 7? What the f*ck?

ChadBroChill_ 11/30/2006 1:04:47 AM

Yeah Dudes me and my ATO Bros where at the football game jockin some bitches Brah Gnar Gnar Style. With some brewskis then we hopped in the Lifted Ford with our sick Independant sticker on the back and Jammed this so Hard!

PIG_DESTROYER_ 11/30/2006 1:25:52 AM

absolutely nothing unique or different, but an all around awesome album that delivers all the breakdowns, awesome guitar lines and solid vocals that you'd expect. I'm happy they are staying strong. BUT, the next album they should diversify a little bit.

daikini_ 11/30/2006 2:08:11 AM

darkest hour did it before unearth. not sure if anybody did it before them

cave in, anyone?_ 11/30/2006 2:13:46 AM

Way to strike while the iron is hot, lambgoat!

nyhctom_ 11/30/2006 4:23:19 AM

Killswitch and Shadowsfall before Unearth and Darkest Hour, IMHO...

nyhctom_ 11/30/2006 4:26:17 AM

i mean, DH changed its sound around 2000, sounded more chaotic then swedish at the beginning...

CuntSnot_ 11/30/2006 9:15:17 AM

solid album... 7 works

anonymous 11/30/2006 9:18:30 AM

hasn't this cd been out since this past summer? anyways yea 7 works...same unearth which isn't bad just blah whatever.

anonymous 11/30/2006 11:11:18 AM

PRAYER FOR CLEANSING and AFTeRSHOCK did it before UNEARTH, KsE and SF. ex-AFTeRSHOCK menbers formed KsE and SHADOWSFALL. f*ck you gay boys.

Destroyerofpoon_ 11/30/2006 1:27:10 PM

Meh shit album all the breakdowns mostly feel forced and only 3 songs really stand out.

db_ 11/30/2006 1:49:35 PM

what a ridiculous album title...

plaguebearer_ 11/30/2006 2:18:58 PM

fire doesnt have eyes

hotaction_ 11/30/2006 2:21:00 PM

i hope youre all joking. this cd is horrible. a 7? yeah right! the last one blew and this one is just following in it s foot steps! all hail the new kings of mall metal!

Hot Topic Manager-Iowa_ 11/30/2006 2:48:49 PM

If anyone from Metal Blade is reading this, then please ship us a box of 100 Unearth-III albums. We're all out. Late, DarkmarK

Destroyerofpoon_ 11/30/2006 2:49:04 PM

*Waits for dumbass with sideways camo hat to defend band

dirk_ 11/30/2006 3:10:25 PM

shit review for a shit album

anonymous 11/30/2006 3:27:22 PM

ken susi is the biggest gay ever

mk_ 11/30/2006 5:19:53 PM

Swedish sound with break-down. Did you ever listen to The year of our lord" My god, right before they broke up, they basically sounded exactly like In Flames. Unearth was chugga chugga back then.

xomertax_ 11/30/2006 6:33:59 PM

Darkest Hour did NOT do this first because Darkest hour doesn't have "big breakdowns." This cd is f*cking good. They picked up the speed and thrashiness and it sounds alot better than the oncoming storm.

awelurlwer_ 11/30/2006 6:45:42 PM

f*ck unearth

zero_x_potential_ 11/30/2006 9:21:19 PM

Good review, Rob. I pretty much agree.

surfjam_ 11/30/2006 10:14:58 PM

this cd has the exact same breakdrown as in "endless". lame.

balls_ 12/1/2006 10:22:41 AM

why should they have to change the sound they like just because a couple of talentless gays want them to

fueledbyfailure_ 12/1/2006 10:52:01 AM

First, Darkest Hour >>>>>>> Unearth. Secondly, what's with these Mallcore bands using other band's names as album titles (Killswitch "Daylight Dies" / Unearth "Eyes of Fire")? And lastly, this is a pretty solid album, but could have easily been done without all the karate breakdowns. Without a doubt - a strong 7/10. Kill the breakdowns and vary the vocals just a little bit and could've easily been an 8/10.

First_Bloodlust_ 12/1/2006 11:55:27 AM

I agree with everything rob says. its not mind blowing, but still a great metal album

anonymous 12/1/2006 4:23:32 PM

i dont know why people think the oncoming storm is better. that cd was horrible.

Destroyerofpoon_ 12/1/2006 6:30:38 PM

I agree with everything rob says. its not mind blowing, but still a great metal albumReal metal bands dont have a breakdown every godamn song and wtf is up with the last track poor mans excuse for an instrumental more like a b-side w/no vox pure core kid garbage.

OcommodityO_ 12/1/2006 6:58:04 PM

big fan of stings of conscience... great band live... The Oncoming Storm was good the first 100 times.... This album lost me for some reason... seems dated and recycled

French Alex_ 12/2/2006 5:35:11 PM

I for one will always support this great band, regardless of what the toolbags that call them "mallcore" or generic metalcore. "REAL" metal doesn't have breakdowns BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. If the f*cking haters actually took the time to listen to them rather than simply generalize them based on the genre they happen to fall into, maybe theyd realize their talent. This album was solid and more hungry than Oncoming Storm, but I still enjoy the Storm better. I just cant understand how anyone could ac

Destroyerofpoon_ 12/2/2006 5:36:25 PM


Flex_ 12/3/2006 4:40:00 PM

I'd rather listen to The Haunted - The Dead Eye than this mediocre album.

Frank_ 12/4/2006 1:10:36 PM

These guys are as generic as it gets... Total crap!

ckk_ 12/4/2006 1:44:36 PM

^^Typical "generic", uninformed argument. How the f*ck can band be considered generic for having a style they helped create? Being generic implies sounding just like everyone else and being "just anotehr band". Well, no, most shitty metalcore bands sound like them, NOT the other way around. Dousche

piecemaker_ 12/4/2006 2:52:43 PM

the riffs are all recycled from the oncoming storm. tell me im not the only one who knows this.

wizardsbeard_ 12/4/2006 7:46:00 PM

I'd like to just point out that "family crest"-style artwork is completely played out. Please stop copping things people were already getting tired of in the 14th century. That said, "Stings of Conscience" was good.

anonymous 12/10/2006 12:09:25 AM

great cd... not as good as the oncoming storm tho id stil give it an 8

machines_ 12/12/2006 1:42:16 PM

as far as the band goes.. there great guys and have deffenatly proven to be a great band. as for the new album, i was personaly disapointed... it was no where near as good as the oncoming storm...yet theyve even ripped their own riffs off from the oncomming storm.. some of the guitar work is way better but to me it sounded like a bunch of songs that could have been just fillers for the oncomming storm. all in all still decent.

Bull_ 8/28/2008 10:20:13 AM

i really sincerely hope that these eliteist gays with their "mallcore" and "generic metalcore" buzzword put downs has their favorite band start to get slightly popular so they will realize they are just tools that shit on something because more than 5 people like it, If you are one the pioneers of a genre you cant be generic, secondly i dont think you can rip your own riffs can have a style, which in turn would have riffs sound similar to each other...these dudes can flat out rip an

Devildude 5/2/2012 4:30:26 PM

Great band, haven't heard this yet but just bought it and about to listen.