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Unearth III: In The Eyes of Fire

Unearth - III: In The Eyes of Fire
01. This Glorious Nightmare
02. Giles
03. March of the Mutes
04. Sanctity of Brothers
05. The Devil Has Risen
06. This Time Was Mine
07. Unstoppable
08. So It Goes
09. Impostors Kingdom
10. Bled Dry
11. Big Bear and the Hour of Chaos
2006 Metal Blade Records

Reviewed by: Rob McFeters   //   Published: 11/29/2006

I have been listening to Unearth for years now and while I'm not their biggest fan, I do have a certain level of respect for these guys. Even though it has been said for a while now that the "metalcore" genre has been worn out, I don't think it's going anywhere. Unearth has always stuck out to me, and here's why: If my memory serves me correctly, Unearth was the first band I heard that incorporated the Swedish sounds of In Flames and At the Gates with big breakdowns. After they signed with Eulogy Recordings and released The Stings of Conscience, their popularity exploded. Predictably, so did the number of bands infusing said Swedish sound. [If I'm wrong, I'm sure Gluck or Cory, as well as so many "intelligent" comments left here, will let me know.]

III: In the Eyes of Fire is Unearth's latest offering, and it's a linear continuation of their last album, The Oncoming Storm. Unearth is steadily, albeit slowly, pushing their sound in a heavier direction. There is no mistaking that this is Unearth, because all the elements they've always had are here, including a healthy serving of breakdowns. However, one thing I've always liked about these guys is the fact that they actually write some creative breakdowns, with nice tempo shifts and drumming that fills in the gaps. I won't lie and say that it doesn't get a bit old from time to time, but such is this genre of metal.

All things considered, Unearth has shifted their Swedish influence to the side a bit, instead dropping in some Iron Maiden influenced leads and melodies. They make it work quite well throughout the album and the changes in the songs transition very well. There is also some good old American metal going on as well. I can hear familiar traces of Metallica and Testament pop up here and there. Additionally, the riffs are a bit faster than I've heard on previous Unearth albums. Unfortunately, while the fret-work is quite good, the content can be fairly average at points.

I'm glad to hear that these guys decided to drop the awkward, clean singing. To my ears, it just didn't work on their last album. So, from front to back, you just have Trevor's harsh yelling. I think it works; these songs are probably the most ferocious Unearth has ever written. Another plus this time around is better production. The Oncoming Storm had a production that was too slick and sterile for my tastes, but III has a sound that is clear and powerful, all while retaining a nice raw edge.

Bottom Line: III: In the Eyes of Fire is the album that I expected Unearth to release. There is nothing that jumped out and surprised me whatsoever. This is Unearth continuing to get more aggressive and metal. Sure, there were better metal albums released this year, but for the "metalcore" genre, Unearth remains near the top of the heap.

Devildude   posted 5/2/2012 4:30:26 PM
Great band, haven't heard this yet but just bought it and about to listen.
Bull_   posted 8/28/2008 10:20:13 AM
i really sincerely hope that these eliteist gays with their "mallcore" and "generic metalcore" buzzword put downs has their favorite band start to get slightly popular so they will realize they are just tools that shit on something because more than 5 people like it, If you are one the pioneers of a genre you cant be generic, secondly i dont think you can rip your own riffs off....you can have a style, which in turn would have riffs sound similar to each other...these dudes can flat out rip an
machines_   posted 12/12/2006 1:42:16 PM
as far as the band goes.. there great guys and have deffenatly proven to be a great band. as for the new album, i was personaly disapointed... it was no where near as good as the oncoming storm...yet theyve even ripped their own riffs off from the oncomming storm.. some of the guitar work is way better but to me it sounded like a bunch of songs that could have been just fillers for the oncomming storm. all in all still decent.
anonymous   posted 12/10/2006 12:09:25 AM
great cd... not as good as the oncoming storm tho id stil give it an 8
wizardsbeard_   posted 12/4/2006 7:46:00 PM
I'd like to just point out that "family crest"-style artwork is completely played out. Please stop copping things people were already getting tired of in the 14th century. That said, "Stings of Conscience" was good.

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