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Society's Finest And I, The Drunkards

Society's Finest - And I, The Drunkards
01. NYC
02. And I, The Drunkards
03. Cutters, Oh Cutters
04. One More Kiss
05. Holland
06. Sunday Prayer
07. Goddess
08. Fourth Floor Corpse
09. Nebraska
10. Dear Rebecca Nurse
11. Deadlightstrangers
2006 Hand Of Hope Records

Reviewed by: Nick   //   Published: 7/26/2006

From what I can gather, Society's Finest has been around the metalcore scene for eight years, although until now I have never had the chance to give them a listen. With their latest full-length, And I, The Drunkards, Society's Finest displays an aptitude for writing competent heavy music with few downfalls. Yet, from a different angle, I could just as easily say that this album doesn't have a lot of truly impressive parts either.

Society's Finest's take on the metalcore genre is composed of the standard fast metallic riffing, complemented by a plethora of breakdowns, all tied together by melodic rock passages. While their style isn't even close to bringing any new ideas or sounds to the scene, these guys do pull it off well. I would even go as far to say that when this disc is at its fastest and heaviest parts, I tend to enjoy it. But after six or seven tracks, I found my interest waning, as it became difficult to pay attention to the latter half of the album. Even though the songs on the second half of the CD tended to have more memorable and melodic aspects, such as the calm interlude in the middle of "Fourth Floor Corpse" and the instrumental track "Untitled," this diversity wasn't enough to save the album from my dwindling interest.

Vocalist Joshua Ashworth, known for his touring with Zao in 2003, provides both screaming and singing on the record. While I enjoy the screams, I find the singing to be a bit lethargic. I do applaud Society's Finest for choosing not to include catchy clean choruses on the album, but where there is singing, it tends to just drag on and on, much like the clean vocals on the latest Scarlet album. Soon after listening, I then discovered that And I, The Drunkards was produced by Scarlet's drummer, Andreas Magnusson, thus making the comparison not so coincidental. In fact, the final track, "Deadlightstranger," could easily be mistaken for a slower paced Scarlet song, complete with the aforementioned lethargic singing, electronic sounding drums, and background screaming. As for the overall production, I have neither complaints nor praises. It's semi-polished, but not nauseatingly so, and it simply gets the job done.

Bottom Line: There is no doubt in my mind that past listeners of Society's Finest will accept this album with arms wide open, but there just isn't enough appeal to this album to draw me in. This album is pretty damn average.

insideyou_   posted 8/9/2006 8:40:57 AM
it's funny that people even care about this band.
ihavegas_   posted 7/29/2006 9:06:28 AM
was better that the reviewer hadnt heard them previously as it provided a fresh look on their music instead of a biased fan/hater. good way to get people that were wanting to hear the band after this a conclusion on what theyd hear.
xthardingx_   posted 7/28/2006 1:14:56 AM
i agree with the dude above. you should be able to review a band without at least hearing their old stuff. although i havent heard this yet i would like to say this. society's finest has been at it for a long time and they along with many others defined the metalcore genre. so its not like they are playing to sound like other bands out there. they are doing what they have been doing. word.
Shim_   posted 7/27/2006 4:16:26 PM
the journey so far' was the only thing they released worth getting really.. this is a correct rating 5/10
shitonme_   posted 7/27/2006 11:15:32 AM
this album is actually pretty damn sweet....reminds me more of aild than scarlet...

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