2019 hardcore and metal albums

Metal albums released in 2019. Hardcore albums released in 2019. You know the drill.

.gif from godapproximation_of_a_humanProsthetic Records09/27/2019
1349The Infernal PathwaySeason Of Mist10/18/2019
3TeethExxxitCentury Media Records07/05/2019
A Secret RevealedSacrificesLifeforce Records01/25/2019
A Wake In ProvidenceThe Blvck Sun || The Blood MoonOuterloop Records03/29/2019
AbbathOutstriderSeason Of Mist07/05/2019
Abigail WilliamsWalk Beyond the DarkBlood Music11/15/2019
AbnormalitySociopathic ConstructsMetal Blade Records05/10/2019
Absence of DespairDesolate 09/13/2019
Abysmal LordExaltation of the Infernal CabalHells Headbangers08/16/2019
AdrenalineAdrenalineFlatspot Records05/24/2019
AenimusDreamcatcherNuclear Blast Records02/22/2019
After The BurialEvergreenSumerian Records04/19/2019
AfterlifeBreaking PointHopeless Records01/11/2019
Agnostic FrontGet Loud!Nuclear Blast Records11/08/2019
AlcestSpiritual InstinctNuclear Blast Records10/25/2019
All HellThe Witch's GrailProsthetic Records06/07/2019
All Out WarCrawl Among the FilthUnbeaten Records07/26/2019
AllegaeonApoptosisMetal Blade Records04/19/2019
Alpha WolfFaultSharpTone Records04/19/2019
AltarageThe Approaching RoarSeason Of Mist01/25/2019
American GrimUltra BlackeOne Music11/01/2019
Amon AmarthBerserkerMetal Blade Records05/03/2019
AmygdalaOur Voices Will Soar ForeverProsthetic Records05/03/2019
Angel Du$tPretty BuffRoadrunner Records03/15/2019
Angel WitchAngel of LightMetal Blade Records11/02/2019
Ante UpT.I.M.E.Upstate Records12/13/2019
Any Given DayOverpowerSharpTone Records03/15/2019
Arch/MatheosWinter EtherealMetal Blade Records05/10/2019
ArclineGateway DrugsUpstate Records11/01/2019
Arrival of AutumnHarbingerNuclear Blast Records03/29/2019
As Cities BurnScream Through the WallsEqual Vision Records06/07/2019
As I Lay DyingShaped By FireNuclear Blast Records09/20/2019
AshbringerAbsolutionProsthetic Records06/28/2019
AttilaVillain 02/22/2019
August Burns RedPhantom SessionsFearless Records02/08/2019
AurasBinary GardeneOne Music07/12/2019
AvatariumThe Fire I Long ForNuclear Blast Records11/22/2019
AxiomaCrownTranslation Loss Records06/28/2019
Bad WolvesN.A.T.I.O.N.Eleven Seven Music10/25/2019
BarbarianTo No God Shall I KneelHells Headbangers06/07/2019
BaronessGold & Grey 06/14/2019
BaskIIISeason Of Mist11/08/2019
BatushkaHospodiMetal Blade Records07/12/2019
BeheadedOnly Death Can Save YouAgonia Records06/14/2019
Being As An OceanProxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story 09/13/2019
Berthold CityWhat Time TakesWar Records06/14/2019
Betraying The MartyrsRaptureSumerian Records09/13/2019
Big|BraveA Gaze Among ThemSouthern Lord Records05/10/2019
BillyBioFreedom's Never FreeBridge Nine Records05/10/2019
Blacks0nCry For InspirationFamined Records07/12/2019
Blood EagleTo Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed I EPNuclear Blast Records09/20/2019
Blood EagleTo Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed II EPNuclear Blast Records11/22/2019
Blood IncantationHidden History of the Human RaceDark Descent Records11/22/2019
BloodletViper In Hand EPTranslation Loss Records12/20/2019
BloodlineBetter ViewStay Sick Recordings03/29/2019
Blut Aus NordHallucinogenDebemur Morti Productions10/11/2019
Body HarvestParasitic SlaveryComatose Music05/03/2019
BombusVulture CultureCentury Media Records11/15/2019
BordersPurifyLong Branch Records05/10/2019
BorknagarTrue NorthCentury Media Records09/27/2019
Born of OsirisThe SimulationSumerian Records01/11/2019
Bound In FearThe Hand of ViolenceUnique Leader Records08/16/2019
Brand of SacrificeGod HandUnique Leader Records07/05/2019
Brick by BrickHive MentalityUpstate Records02/22/2019
Bring Me The HorizonAmoRCA Records01/11/2019
BrujeriaAmaricon CzarNuclear Blast Records02/22/2019
BrutusNestSargent House03/29/2019
BuildingsNegative SoundGilead Media11/22/2019
Bury Your DeadWe Are Bury Your DeadStay Sick Recordings10/11/2019
CableTake The Stairs To HellTranslation Loss Records07/26/2019
Call Of The VoidBuried In LightTranslation Loss Records05/10/2019
CandlemassThe Door to DoomNapalm Records02/22/2019
Cane HillKill The SunRise Records01/18/2019
Cannabis CorpseNug So VileSeason Of Mist11/01/2019
CapstanRestless Heart, Keep RunningFearless Records09/20/2019
CaptureLost ControlArtery Recordings08/16/2019
Car BombMordial 09/27/2019
CarnifexWorld War XNuclear Blast Records08/02/2019
Cattle DecapitationDeath AtlasMetal Blade Records11/29/2019
Cave InFinal TransmissionHydra Head Records06/07/2019
Cerebral RotOdious Descent Into Decay20 Buck Spin08/16/2019
CeremonyIn the Spirit World NowRelapse Records08/23/2019
Ceremony Of SilenceOutisWillowtip Records04/05/2019
ChainbreakerLethal DesireHells Headbangers02/15/2019
ChamberRipping / Pulling / TearingPure Noise Records07/17/2019
ChemtrailColliderGood Fight Music07/05/2019
CherubsImmaculada HighRelapse Records07/26/2019
Child BiteBlow Off The OmensHousecore Records11/22/2019
Children of BodomHexedNuclear Blast Records03/09/2019
ChokeholdWith This Thread I Hold OnGood Fight Music04/19/2019
CHONCHONSumerian Records06/07/2019
CianideUnhumanizedHells Headbangers12/27/2019
City StateEquinoxFamined Records09/20/2019
CliteratiUgly Truths / Beautiful LiesTankcrimes08/30/2019
CloakThe Burning DawnSeason Of Mist10/25/2019
CoarseCut and Preserved6131 Records08/23/2019
CoffinsBeyond The Circular DemiseRelapse Records09/20/2019
CognizanceMalignant DominionProsthetic Records09/06/2019
Cold CurseViolent MeasureCreator Destructor Records07/12/2019
ComradesFor We Are Not Yet, We Are Only BecomingFacedown Records06/07/2019
ConsumerIn ComputersFlenser Records10/25/2019
ContinuumDesigned ObsolescenceUnique Leader Records02/22/2019
CounterpartsNothing Left to LovePure Noise Records11/01/2019
Creeping DeathWretched IllusionseOne Music09/27/2019
Crematory StenchGrotesque DeformitiesRegain Records02/15/2019
CrepuscleHeavenly SkiesCreator Destructor Records10/11/2019
Criminal InstinctTerrible ThingsClosed Casket Activities11/08/2019
Cro-MagsDon't Give InVictory Records06/28/2019
Cro-MagsFrom The GraveVictory Records12/06/2019
Crown The EmpireSudden SkyRise Records07/19/2019
Crypt SermonThe Ruins of Fading LightDark Descent Records09/13/2019
Crystal LakeHelixSharpTone Records02/15/2019
Cult of LunaA Dawn to FearMetal Blade Records09/20/2019
CultedVespertina Synaxis - A Prayer for Union & Emptiness EPSeason Of Mist08/30/2019
CuntsCuntsIpecac Recordings11/01/2019
CyhraNo Halos In HellNuclear Blast Records11/15/2019
Dan BriggsBeyond What Is Real 07/05/2019
DarkthroneOld StarPeaceville Records05/31/2019
Dawn of DiseaseProcession of GhostsNapalm Records11/01/2019
Dawn Ray'dBehold Sedition PlainsongProsthetic Records10/25/2019
DayshellMr. Pain 10/29/2019
Dead To A Dying WorldElegyProfound Lore Records04/19/2019
DeafkidsMetaprogramac¸aoNeurot Recordings03/15/2019
Death AngelHumanicideNuclear Blast Records05/31/2019
Death Before DishonorUnfinished BusinessBridge Nine Records07/26/2019
Death TherapyVoicesSolid State Records04/12/2019
Death WolfIV: Come the DarkRegain Records12/13/2019
DecayerEnd NoteWe Are Triumphant Records05/24/2019
Deez NutsYou Got Me Fucked UpCentury Media Records10/18/2019
DefeaterDefeaterEpitaph Records05/10/2019
DeiphagoI, The DevilHells Headbangers04/30/2019
DeivosCasus BelliSelfmadegod Records11/29/2019
Demon HunterPeace 03/01/2019
Demon HunterWar 03/01/2019
DenIron DesertCorpse Flower Records11/22/2019
Denial of GodThe Hallow MassOsmose Productions10/25/2019
Denial of GodThe Shapeless MassHells Headbangers06/28/2019
Despised IconPurgatoryNuclear Blast Records11/15/2019
DestrageThe Chosen OneMetal Blade Records05/24/2019
DestructionBorn To PerishNuclear Blast Records08/09/2019
Devil MasterSatan Spits on Children of LightRelapse Records03/01/2019
Devin TownsendEmpathInsideOut Music03/29/2019
DevourmentObscene MajestyRelapse Records08/16/2019
DisentombThe Decaying LightUnique Leader Records07/12/2019
DismembermentArc Of AncientsCreator Destructor Records11/08/2019
Domination Inc.Memoir 414SPV/Steamhammer08/23/2019
Downfall of GaiaEthic of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records02/08/2019
Drag Them DownDrag Them Down 08/30/2019
DreadnoughtEmergenceProfound Lore Records05/10/2019
Dream TheaterDistance over TimeInsideOut Music02/22/2019
Drown This CityAlpha // SurvivorUNFD07/05/2019
DrowseLight MirrorFlenser Records06/07/2019
Drugs Of FaithDecay EPSelfmadegod Records09/06/2019
Dust BoltTrapped In ChaosNapalm Records01/18/2019
DysrhythmiaTerminal ThresholdTranslation Loss Records10/04/2019
EarthFull Upon Her Burning LipsSargent House05/24/2019
East Of The WallNP-CompleteTranslation Loss Records03/29/2019
ElderThe Gold & Silver Sessions 07/12/2019
EluveitieAtegnatosNuclear Blast Records04/05/2019
EmbludgeonmentBarn BurnerComatose Music04/19/2019
Employed To ServeEternal Forward MotionSpinefarm Records05/10/2019
En MinorEn MinorHousecore Records08/02/2019
EncoffinationWe Proclaim Your Death O' LordSelfmadegod Records05/17/2019
EnforcedAt The WallsWar Records07/12/2019
EnforcerZenithNuclear Blast Records04/26/2019
Enterprise EarthLuciferouseOne Music04/05/2019
EnthronedCold Black SunsSeason Of Mist06/07/2019
Entombed A.D.Bowels of EarthCentury Media Records08/30/2019
EquipoiseDemiurgusThe Artisan Era03/08/2019
EschatonDeath ObsessionUnique Leader Records09/13/2019
EsotericA Pyrrhic ExistenceSeason Of Mist11/08/2019
Essence of DatumSpellcrying MachineSeason Of Mist08/30/2019
Evil AngelUnholy Evil MetalHells Headbangers05/31/2019
ExhorderMourn The Southern SkiesNuclear Blast Records09/20/2019
ExhumedHorrorRelapse Records10/04/2019
ExitWoundsVisionsSharpTone Records02/22/2019
ExmortusLegions Of The Undead EPM-Theory Audio10/25/2019
Eyes Of The LordMisery Feels Like HomeClosed Casket Activities08/30/2019
FallujahUndying LightNuclear Blast Records03/15/2019
FalsePortentGilead Media07/12/2019
FaminehillAscendFamined Records04/05/2019
FenThe Dead LightProphecy Productions12/06/2019
FesterdayiihtallanSeason Of Mist01/04/2019
FetidSteeping Corporeal Mess20 Buck Spin06/07/2019
Fever 333Strength In Numb333rsRoadrunner Records01/18/2019
FinsterforstZerfallNapalm Records08/02/2019
Fire From the GodsAmerican SunEleven Seven Music11/01/2019
Fit For An AutopsyThe Sea of Tragic BeastsNuclear Blast Records10/25/2019
FixationInto The PainWar Records05/10/2019
FleshcrawlInto the Catacombs of FleshApostasy Records11/29/2019
Fleshgod ApocalypseVelenoNuclear Blast Records05/24/2019
Florida ManTropical DepressionSpartan Records05/03/2019
FlubFlubThe Artisan Era06/07/2019
Forgetting The MemoriesKnown DarknessLong Branch Records08/23/2019
Fractal UniverseRhizomes Of InsanityMetal Blade Records04/19/2019
Frail BodyA Brief MemoriamDeathwish Inc.11/01/2019
FriendshipUndercurrentSouthern Lord Records06/14/2019
Full Of HellWeeping ChoirRelapse Records05/17/2019
Funeral StormArcane MysteriesHells Headbangers05/31/2019
FuryFailed EntertainmentRun For Cover Records05/03/2019
GatecreeperDesertedRelapse Records10/04/2019
Get ScaredThe Dead DaysFearless Records04/19/2019
Ghost IrisApple Of DiscordLong Branch Records02/22/2019
GideonNo Love/No One EPEqual Vision Records02/01/2019
GideonOut of ControlEqual Vision Records10/11/2019
Glare of the SunTheiaLifeforce Records06/21/2019
GlassingSpotted HorseBrutal Panda Records05/17/2019
GosTValedictionCentury Media Records10/04/2019
Grand MagusWolf GodNuclear Blast Records04/19/2019
Greet DeathNew HellDeathwish Inc.11/08/2019
GygaxHigh FantasyCreator Destructor Records06/21/2019
HalshugDrømSouthern Lord Records07/19/2019
HammerfallDominionNapalm Records08/16/2019
Hands Of GodBlueprint for Self Destruction 01/09/2019
Hanging GardenInto That Good NightLifeforce Records11/15/2019
HangmanOne By OneFlatspot Records09/20/2019
Harms WayPSTHMNMetal Blade Records04/19/2019
HateAuric Gates Of VelesMetal Blade Records06/14/2019
HathOf Rot and RuinWillowtip Records04/12/2019
Have A Nice LifeSea of WorryFlenser Records11/08/2019
He Is LegendWhite BatSpinefarm Records06/28/2019
Hecate EnthronedEmbrace Of The Godless AeonM-Theory Audio01/25/2019
HellhorseParadise LostCreator Destructor Records10/04/2019
Helms AleeNoctilucaSargent House04/26/2019
HerodSombre DesseinPelagic Records02/15/2019
Hesitation WoundsChicaneryDeathwish Inc.08/30/2019
Hex MachineCave Painting 06/21/2019
Hideous DivinitySimulacrumCentury Media Records11/08/2019
High CommandBeyond The Wall Of DesolationSouthern Lord Records09/27/2019
Hiss From The MoatThe HarrierM-Theory Audio02/22/2019
Holding AbsenceHolding AbsenceSharpTone Records03/08/2019
HorndalRemainsProsthetic Records02/22/2019
Hot Water MusicShake Up The ShadowsEpitaph Records05/24/2019
Hour Of PenanceMisotheismAgonia Records10/25/2019
Howling SycamoreSeven Pathways to AnnihilationProsthetic Records06/21/2019
Humanity's Last BreathAbyssalUnique Leader Records08/02/2019
HyvmineRetaliationSeek and Strike07/12/2019
I Declare WarDowncast 10/18/2019
I PrevailTraumaFearless Records03/29/2019
ImmanifestMacrobialThe Artisan Era11/08/2019
Immortal BirdThrive On Neglect20 Buck Spin07/05/2019
ImploreAlienated DespairCentury Media Records09/27/2019
ImprecationDamnatio Ad BestiasDark Descent Records03/22/2019
In Cold BloodLegion of AngelsFast Break! Entertainment08/23/2019
In FlamesI, The MaskEleven Seven Music03/01/2019
In MourningGarden Of StormsAgonia Records10/04/2019
In Search Of SolaceEnslaved To TragedySharpTone Records08/30/2019
Inanimate ExistenceClockworkThe Artisan Era05/10/2019
InclinationWhen Fear Turns to ConfidencePure Noise Records03/15/2019
InferiThe End of an Era | RebirthThe Artisan Era04/12/2019
Infidel ReichReichensteinRegain Records11/15/2019
IngestedThe Call of the VoidUnique Leader Records06/14/2019
Insanity Alert666-PackSeason Of Mist01/25/2019
InsomniumHeart Like A GraveCentury Media Records10/04/2019
InsvrgenceHell At LastStay Sick Recordings11/01/2019
Inter ArmaSulphur EnglishRelapse Records04/12/2019
InVisionsBetween You & MeStay Sick Recordings02/08/2019
IssuesBeautiful OblivionRise Records10/04/2019
It PrevailsA Life Worth LivingStay Sick Recordings08/23/2019
IthacaThe Language of InjuryHoly Roar Records02/01/2019
JastaThe Lost Chapters Volume 2 12/13/2019
Jeff HughellSleep Deprivation 01/25/2019
Jeromes DreamJeromes Dream 07/19/2019
JinjerMacroNapalm Records10/25/2019
JinjerMicro EPNapalm Records01/11/2019
JudiciarySurface NoiseClosed Casket Activities01/25/2019
Kayo DotBlasphemyProphecy Productions09/06/2019
KickerPure DrivelTankcrimes02/08/2019
Killswitch EngageAtonementMetal Blade Records08/16/2019
King 810Suicide King 01/25/2019
King ApathyWoundsLifeforce Records02/22/2019
Knocked LooseA Different Shade of BluePure Noise Records08/23/2019
Kolten Wong CityExpressed Written Consent 03/29/2019
KornThe NothingRoadrunner Records09/13/2019
KryptsCadaver CirculationDark Descent Records05/31/2019
Kublai KhanAbsoluteRise Records10/04/2019
La DisputePanoramaEpitaph Records03/22/2019
Lacuna CoilBlack AnimaCentury Media Records10/11/2019
LandlessMoonflowerFamined Records05/24/2019
LedgeAll I Hope ForTranslation Loss Records08/30/2019
Lee McKinneyInfinite MindSumerian Records03/29/2019
Left BehindNo One Goes To HeavenPure Noise Records11/15/2019
Legion of the DamnedSlaves of the Shadow RealmNapalm Records01/04/2019
LeprousPitfallsInsideOut Music10/25/2019
LiceWoe Betide YouSeason Of Mist05/10/2019
Life AwaitsFluorescentFamined Records11/29/2019
Light The FireCompassion in Unlikely PlacesStandby Records01/25/2019
Like Moths To FlamesWhere the Light Refuses To GoUNFD11/13/2019
LillakeMemory Lies 01/11/2019
Lord DyingMysterium TremendumProsthetic Records04/26/2019
Lord MantisUniversal Death ChurchProfound Lore Records11/22/2019
Lost In KievPersonaPelagic Records04/26/2019
Low DoseLow DoseBrutal Panda Records03/29/2019
LuggageShiftCorpse Flower Records11/22/2019
LvcifyreSacramentDark Descent Records05/24/2019
Magic CircleDeparted Souls20 Buck Spin03/29/2019
Malevolent CreationThe 13th BeastCentury Media Records01/18/2019
Mark DeutromThe Blue BirdSeason Of Mist01/04/2019
Mark MortonAnestheticSpinefarm Records03/01/2019
Mars Red SkyThe Task EternalListenable Records09/27/2019
MartyrdodHexhammarenSouthern Lord Records05/10/2019
Mass WorshipMass WorshipCentury Media Records10/18/2019
MayhemDaemonCentury Media Records10/25/2019
MemoriamRequiem For MankindNuclear Blast Records06/21/2019
Meth.Mother of Red LightProsthetic Records08/23/2019
Mind PowerQ2 04/02/2019
Mind PowerQ3 07/01/2019
MinorsAbject BodiesHoly Roar Records02/22/2019
Misery IndexRituals of PowerSeason Of Mist03/08/2019
MizmorCairnGilead Media09/06/2019
MonolordNo ComfortRelapse Records09/20/2019
More PainMore PainThree One G04/19/2019
MortiferumDisgorged From Psychotic DepthsProfound Lore Records10/11/2019
MotankaMotankaNapalm Records06/07/2019
Motionless In WhiteDisguiseRoadrunner Records06/07/2019
Municipal WasteThe Last RagerNuclear Blast Records10/11/2019
MylingarDöda Själar20 Buck Spin08/02/2019
Nailed To ObscurityBlack FrostNuclear Blast Records01/11/2019
NailsI Don't Want To Know YouNuclear Blast Records04/12/2019
Neckbeard DeathcampSo Much For The Tolerant LeftProsthetic Records05/24/2019
NecronomiconUnusSeason Of Mist10/18/2019
NekrasovLust of ConsciousnessProsthetic Records04/12/2019
NekrofilthLove Me Like a Reptile EPHells Headbangers07/12/2019
Nekroi TheoiDead GodsProsthetic Records05/31/2019
NighnachtChristophilaHells Headbangers04/26/2019
NightfellA Sanity Deranged20 Buck Spin09/13/2019
NileVile Nilotic RitesNuclear Blast Records11/01/2019
No One Knows What The Dead ThinkNo One Knows What The Dead ThinkWillowtip Records09/20/2019
Nocturnus ADParadoxProfound Lore Records05/24/2019
NoisemCease To Exist20 Buck Spin03/15/2019
Norma JeanAll HailSolid State Records10/25/2019
Nothing LeftDisconnectedFacedown Records12/13/2019
Novembers DoomNephilim GroveProphecy Productions11/01/2019
NumenoreanAdoreSeason Of Mist04/12/2019
NYOGTHAEBLISZAbrahamic Godhead Besieged by Adversarial UsurpationHells Headbangers12/27/2019
Oath of CrueltySummary Execution at DawnDark Descent Records12/13/2019
Obey The BraveBalance 07/19/2019
ObsequiaeThe Palms Of Sorrowed Kings20 Buck Spin11/22/2019
OceanwakeLights Flashing In Mute SceneryLifeforce Records04/26/2019
October TideIn Splendor BelowAgonia Records05/17/2019
Of Mice & MenEarthandskyRise Records09/27/2019
Of VirtueWhat Defines YouSharpTone Records05/24/2019
Oh, SleeperBloodied / UnbowedSolid State Records07/12/2019
Okilly DokillyHowdilly Twodilly 03/29/2019
OmicidaDefrauded Reign 03/08/2019
Omophagia646965Unique Leader Records09/06/2019
OpethIn Cauda VenenumNuclear Blast Records09/27/2019
OrganectomyExistential DisconnectUnique Leader Records06/21/2019
OriginAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records05/03/2019
OsiahKingdom of LiesUnique Leader Records05/03/2019
OssuariumLiving Tomb20 Buck Spin02/01/2019
Outline In ColorOutline In Color 02/08/2019
OverkillThe Wings of WarNuclear Blast Records02/22/2019
PaladinAnamnesis EPProsthetic Records12/13/2019
PaladinAscensionProsthetic Records05/17/2019
Parting GiftEnsomFearless Records03/22/2019
PathologyReborn to KillPavement Entertainment08/09/2019
PelicanMidnight And MescalineSouthern Lord Records04/13/2019
PelicanNighttime StoriesSouthern Lord Records06/07/2019
PeripheryPeriphery IV: HAIL STAN 04/05/2019
PetbrickIClosed Casket Activities10/25/2019
PhobiaGeneration CowardWillowtip Records08/09/2019
Pickwick CommonsWeak Bones 03/15/2019
Pinkish BlackConcept UnificationRelapse Records06/14/2019
Pissed RegardlessImperial CultCreator Destructor Records10/18/2019
Portrayal of GuiltSuffering Is A Gift EPClosed Casket Activities08/30/2019
PossessedRevelations of OblivionNuclear Blast Records05/10/2019
Primitive Man / Hellsplit LPTranslation Loss Records02/22/2019
Process BlackCountdown Failure EPDeathwish Inc.10/25/2019
ProfanaticaRotting Incarnation of GodSeason Of Mist10/11/2019
ProngAge Of DefianceSPV/Steamhammer11/29/2019
PurgatorySection 219Unbeaten Records04/19/2019
RagnarokNon DebellicataAgonia Records11/15/2019
Raised FistAnthemsEpitaph Records11/15/2019
RamallahThe Last Gasp of Street Rock N' RollSailor's Grave Records10/04/2019
Raw HexAlways High, Always LowClosed Casket Activities11/15/2019
ReclaimerGrief, Enslaved EPFamined Records08/02/2019
Red DeathSickness DivineCentury Media Records11/29/2019
RedbaitCagesNew Age Records06/21/2019
RefusedWar MusicSpinefarm Records10/18/2019
Rings of SaturnGidimNuclear Blast Records10/25/2019
RingwormDeath Becomes My VoiceRelapse Records05/03/2019
RosettaSower of WindPelagic Records01/04/2019
Rotting ChristThe HereticsSeason Of Mist02/15/2019
Rule Them AllDreams About…Flatspot Records12/06/2019
Russian CirclesBlood YearSargent House08/02/2019
Sacred ReichAwakeningMetal Blade Records08/23/2019
Sacred Reich / Iron Reagansplit 7"Metal Blade Records04/19/2019
Saint VitusSaint VitusSeason Of Mist05/17/2019
SalvationYear of the FlyForge Again Records11/22/2019
SamsaraReap What You SowInnerstrength Records05/24/2019
SanctionBroken in RefractionPure Noise Records07/26/2019
SaverThey Came With SunlightPelagic Records03/08/2019
SchammaschHearts Of No LightProsthetic Records11/08/2019
SECTBlood Of The BeastsSouthern Lord Records08/30/2019
Section H8Phase OneFlatspot Records03/29/2019
SeeYouSpaceCowboyThe Correlation Between Entrance And Exit WoundsPure Noise Records09/27/2019
Self Defense FamilyPerformative Guilt6131 Records04/19/2019
Sempiternal DuskCenotaph of Defectuous CreationDark Descent Records09/27/2019
SeptaBitten by the Serpent of the Kingdom of the SpiritVenona Records11/22/2019
SermonBirth Of The MarvellousProsthetic Records03/22/2019
SerpentsTemet Nosce 04/26/2019
Shock NarcoticI Have Seen the Future and It Doesn't WorkHousecore Records08/16/2019
Sick GazelleOdumWar Crime Recordings05/03/2019
Signs Of The SwarmVital DeprivationUnique Leader Records10/11/2019
SingularityPlace of ChainsThe Artisan Era10/11/2019
Sisters of SuffocationHumans Are BrokenNapalm Records03/01/2019
SkinlabVenomousArt Is War Records10/25/2019
SkullsmasherRocket Hammer Brain SurgerySelfmadegod Records03/29/2019
SlaughtbbathAlchemical WarfareHells Headbangers09/06/2019
SleaveDon't Expect AnythingEngineer Records10/22/2019
Sleep TalkEverything In ColourUNFD05/03/2019
Sleep TokenSundowningSpinefarm Records11/22/2019
Sleeping With SirensHow It Feels To Be LostSumerian Records09/06/2019
SlipknotWe Are Not Your KindRoadrunner Records08/09/2019
SodomOut of the Frontline Trench EPSPV/Steamhammer11/22/2019
Sofy MajorTotal DumpCorpse Flower Records01/25/2019
SoilworkVerklighetenNuclear Blast Records01/11/2019
Sons of TexasResurgence EP 11/11/2019
SorxeThe Ark BurnerProsthetic Records10/11/2019
Speaking With GhostsInto The Grey EPSeek and Strike08/23/2019
Spirit AdriftDivided By Darkness20 Buck Spin05/10/2019
SpiteThe Root of All EvilStay Sick Recordings10/04/2019
SpotlightsLove & DecayIpecac Recordings04/26/2019
State FaultsClairvoyantNo Sleep Records06/21/2019
Strawberry GirlsTasmanian GlowTragic Hero Records10/18/2019
Stray From The PathInternal AtomicsUNFD11/01/2019
Street SectsGentrification III: Death and DisplacementFlenser Records08/02/2019
Street SectsGentrification IV: Suspended from Gallery RailsFlenser Records11/22/2019
StrigoiAbandon All FaithNuclear Blast Records11/22/2019
Strung OutSongs of Armor and DevotionFat Wreck Chords08/09/2019
Suicide SilenceLive & MentalNuclear Blast Records07/12/2019
Sun in ShadowsBad Spirits 10/31/2019
Sunn O)))PyroclastsSouthern Lord Records10/25/2019
SuperstitionThe Anatomy of Unholy Transformation20 Buck Spin06/21/2019
Swallow The SunWhen A Shadow Is Forced Into The LightCentury Media Records01/25/2019
Sworn EnemyGamechangerM-Theory Audio04/05/2019
Take OffenseKeep An Eye OutPure Noise Records10/18/2019
TeethThe Curse of EntropyTranslation Loss Records11/29/2019
Tengger CavalryNorthern Memory 05/10/2019
The Acacia StrainIt Comes In WavesClosed Casket Activities12/26/2019
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Toxic HolocaustPrimal Future: 2019eOne Music10/04/2019
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