2015 hardcore and metal albums

Metal albums released in 2015. Hardcore albums released in 2015. You get the idea.

36 CrazyfistsTime and TraumaSpinefarm Records02/17/2015
A Dark OrbitInvertedBasick Records11/27/2015
A Skylit DriveASDTragic Hero Records10/09/2015
AbhorrentIntransigenceWillowtip Records11/20/2015
Abigail WilliamsThe AccuserCandlelight Records10/30/2015
AbioticCasuistryMetal Blade Records04/21/2015
Abnormal Thought PatternsAltered States Of ConsciousnessLifeforce Records06/30/2015
AbramsLust. Love. Loss. 06/16/2015
AbyssHeretical Anatomy20 Buck Spin04/14/2015
Act of DefianceBirth and The BurialMetal Blade Records08/21/2015
AevangelistEnthrall To The Void Of Bliss20 Buck Spin10/09/2015
After The FallDedicationBridge Nine Records05/12/2015
Agnostic FrontThe American Dream DiedNuclear Blast Records04/07/2015
Agoraphobic NosebleedArcRelapse Records12/22/2015
AlesanaConfessionsRevival Recordings04/21/2015
AlestormSunset on the Golden AgeNapalm Records08/04/2015
AlkaloidThe Malkuth Grimoire 03/17/2015
All Out WarDying GodsOrganized Crime Records06/23/2015
All That RemainsThe Order Of ThingsRazor & Tie02/24/2015
AltarsA Profound Respect For Life 01/06/2015
Ambassador GunTomb Of Broken Sleep 07/15/2015
American NightmareReunion DocumentaryDeathwish Inc.08/07/2015
AmorphisUnder The Red CloudNuclear Blast Records09/04/2015
Angelus ApatridaHidden EvolutionCentury Media Records01/27/2015
AnnisokayEnigmatic SmileSPV/Steamhammer04/14/2015
AntigamaThe InsolentSelfmadegod Records05/07/2015
AosothIVAgonia Records10/23/2015
ApophysPrime IncursionMetal Blade Records04/07/2015
ArcturusArcturianProphecy Productions05/08/2015
ArkaikLucid DawnUnique Leader Records10/30/2015
ArmageddonCaptivity & DevourmentListenable Records01/20/2015
Armored SaintWin Hands DownMetal Blade Records06/02/2015
AscensionThe Dead of the WorldSeason Of Mist01/27/2015
At The Gates/Voivodsplit 7"Century Media Records04/07/2015
AtreyuLong LiveSpinefarm Records09/18/2015
August Burns RedFound In Far Away PlacesFearless Records06/30/2015
AurasCrestfalleneOne Music05/05/2015
Author & PunisherMelk En HoningHousecore Records06/30/2015
AutopsySkull GrinderPeaceville Records11/27/2015
AxisShow Your GreedGood Fight Music09/04/2015
BaronessPurple 12/18/2015
Barren EarthOn Lonely TowersCentury Media Records03/24/2015
Bastard GraveWhat Lies BeyondPulverised Records10/30/2015
Battalion Of SaintsBattalion Of Saints 7"Southern Lord Records10/30/2015
BattlecrossRise to PowerMetal Blade Records08/21/2015
Behold! The MonolithArchitects of the Void 10/02/2015
Being As An OceanBeing As An OceanInVogue Records06/30/2015
BenightedBenighted - Brutalive the Sick (live CD/DVD)Season Of Mist02/23/2015
Between The Buried And MeComa EclipticMetal Blade Records07/10/2015
Bio-CancerTormenting the InnocentCandlelight Records03/24/2015
Birds In RowPersonal WarDeathwish Inc.10/30/2015
Bitter EndIllusions of DominanceDeathwish Inc.06/30/2015
BL'AST!For Those Who've Graced The Fire!Rise Records10/30/2015
Black BreathSlaves Beyond DeathSouthern Lord Records09/25/2015
Black FastTerms Of SurrendereOne Music08/07/2015
Black Sheep WallI'm Going To Kill MyselfSeason Of Mist01/27/2015
Black TongueThe Unconquerable DarkCentury Media Records09/04/2015
Black TowerSecret FireNo Idea Records06/02/2015
BlacklistedWhen People Grow, People GoDeathwish Inc.02/10/2015
Blaze of PerditionNear Death RevelationsAgonia Records06/26/2015
Bleach EverythingFree InsideMagic Bullet Records08/21/2015
BlessthefallTo Those Left BehindFearless Records09/18/2015
BlisteredThe Poison of Self Confinement6131 Records08/21/2015
Blood DivisionsBlood DivisionsMetal Blade Records08/28/2015
Born Of OsirisSoul SphereSumerian Records10/23/2015
BoysetsfireBoysetsfireBridge Nine Records09/25/2015
Brick By BrickThis World, My EnemyEulogy Recordings11/13/2015
BrigadesIndefinitePure Noise Records07/28/2015
BrightwellAlphaOuterloop Records02/10/2015
Bring Me The HorizonThat's The SpiritRCA Records09/11/2015
Bring The FightBring The FightEulogy Recordings09/18/2015
Brothers Of The Sonic ClothBrothers Of The Sonic ClothNeurot Recordings02/17/2015
Bullet For My ValentineVenomRCA Records08/14/2015
Buried In VeronaVultures Above, Lions BelowRise Records08/07/2015
By The PatientGehennaLifeforce Records01/27/2015
ByzantineTo Release Is To Resolve 04/07/2015
Call Of The VoidAgelessRelapse Records02/10/2015
Cancer BatsSearching For ZeroMetal Blade Records03/10/2015
Cane HillCane HillRise Records10/23/2015
Carach AngrenThis is No FairytaleSeason Of Mist02/24/2015
Caravels / OctavessplitTopshelf Records01/27/2015
CaspianDust and DisquietTriple Crown Records09/25/2015
Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene ExtinctionMetal Blade Records08/07/2015
CeremonyThe L-Shaped ManMatador Records05/19/2015
Cherubs2 YnfynytyBrutal Panda Records03/03/2015
Children of BodomI Worship ChaosNuclear Blast Records10/02/2015
CHONGrowSumerian Records03/24/2015
Christian MistressTo Your DeathRelapse Records09/18/2015
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!Get Lost, Find YourselfFearless Records05/18/2015
City Of ShipsUltraluminalTranslation Loss Records03/20/2015
Cloak of AlteringManifestationCrucial Blast Records12/04/2015
ClutchPsychic WarfareWeathermaker Music10/02/2015
Coal ChamberRivalsNapalm Records05/19/2015
Coal ChamberRivalsNapalm Records05/19/2015
CockpunchThe Rebirth of CoolRise Records11/13/2015
CodemutAgonia Records03/10/2015
ColiseumAnxiety's KissDeathwish Inc.05/05/2015
Common WarThe SearchEulogy Recordings04/07/2015
ConnoisseurStoner JusticeTankcrimes06/09/2015
Conquer DivideConquer DivideArtery Recordings07/24/2015
ContinentsReprisalVictory Records10/30/2015
ContinuumThe HypothesisUnique Leader Records04/21/2015
ContrarianPolemicWillowtip Records11/20/2015
ConvergeThousands of Miles Between Us DVDDeathwish Inc.11/27/2015
ConveyerWhen Given Time To GrowVictory Records09/04/2015
Corrections HouseKnow How To Carry A WhipNeurot Recordings10/23/2015
CounterpartsTragedy Will Find UsPure Noise Records07/24/2015
CowardsRise To InfamyDeadlight Entertainment02/09/2015
Cradle of FilthHammer Of The WitchesNuclear Blast Records07/10/2015
CrossfaithXenoRazor & Tie09/18/2015
CrownNatronCandlelight Records08/21/2015
Crown of ThornzNothing But TragedyBridge Nine Records08/14/2015
Crown The EmpireThe Resistance: Deluxe EditionRise Records10/30/2015
CrucibleThe Trials 11/06/2015
CryptopsyThe Book of Suffering Tome 1 10/30/2015
Crystal LakeThe SignArtery Recordings10/09/2015
Cult LeaderLightless WalkDeathwish Inc.10/16/2015
Cult LeaderUseless AnimalDeathwish Inc.06/16/2015
Culture KillerThroes of MankindMetal Blade Records11/27/2015
Cut UpForensic NightmaresMetal Blade Records06/30/2015
Dance Gavin DanceInstant GratificationRise Records04/14/2015
DanzigSkeletonsNuclear Blast Records11/27/2015
Dark SermonThe OracleeOne Music08/21/2015
Dawn of AzazelThe Tides Of Damocles 04/28/2015
DayseekerOriginInVogue Records04/21/2015
Dead In The MangerCessation20 Buck Spin02/03/2015
Dead to a Dying WorldLitanyGilead Media10/16/2015
DeafheavenNew BermudaEpitaph Records10/02/2015
Dealey PlazaDeliver Us 08/11/2015
Death AlleyBlack Magick BoogielandTee Pee Records05/19/2015
Death AngelthrashumentaryNuclear Blast Records07/24/2015
DeathriteRevelation of ChaosProsthetic Records07/24/2015
Decline Of The IRebellionAgonia Records03/10/2015
Deez NutsWord Is BondCentury Media Records04/21/2015
DefeaterAbandonedEpitaph Records08/28/2015
DeivosTheodicySelfmadegod Records02/15/2015
Demon LungA DraculaCandlelight Records06/16/2015
DemonicalBlack Flesh RedemptionAgonia Records05/05/2015
Despite ExileDisperseLifeforce Records11/27/2015
Destruction Of A KingDestruction Of A King 03/31/2015
Devil You KnowThey Bleed RedNuclear Blast Records11/06/2015
Devin TownsendZiltoid: Live At The Royal Albert HallInsideOut Music11/13/2015
Dew-ScentedInterminationProsthetic Records06/30/2015
DiscourseSanity DecaysClosed Casket Activities01/27/2015
DisgraceTrue EnemyClosed Casket Activities03/24/2015
DødheimsgardA Umbra OmegaPeaceville Records03/17/2015
Dr. Living Dead!Crush The Sublime GodsCentury Media Records02/24/2015
DraconianSovranNapalm Records10/30/2015
DragonforceIn The Line Of Fire DVDMetal Blade Records07/10/2015
DrudkhA Furrow Cut ShortSeason Of Mist04/20/2015
Drug ChurchHit Your HeadNo Sleep Records10/30/2015
DwellDwellBlood & Ink Records03/10/2015
DystrophyWretched HostSelfmadegod Records11/16/2015
Earth CrisisThe DisciplineBullet Tooth05/19/2015
EarthsideA Dream in Static 10/23/2015
Ecstatic VisionSonic PraiseRelapse Records06/30/2015
EinherjerAv Oss, For OssIndie Recordings01/13/2015
ElitistElitistEqual Vision Records06/30/2015
Empty FlowersFourTranslation Loss Records06/16/2015
EnforcerFrom BeyondNuclear Blast Records04/07/2015
EnsiferumOne Man ArmyMetal Blade Records02/24/2015
EnslavedIn TimesNuclear Blast Records03/10/2015
Enter ShikariThe MindsweepHopeless Records01/20/2015
Enterprise EarthPATIENT 0Stay Sick Recordings12/11/2015
EntrailsObliterationMetal Blade Records05/19/2015
EnvyAtheist's CorneaTemporary Residence Ltd.07/10/2015
ErimhaThesis Ov WarfareVictory Records10/30/2015
EschatonSentinel ApocalypseUnique Leader Records05/19/2015
Eskimo CallboyCrystalsSpinefarm Records06/23/2015
EssencePrimeSpinefarm Records10/02/2015
Eternal SleepBelief In the Truth Of NothingHarm Reduction Records03/03/2015
Evil InvadersPulses Of PleasureNapalm Records03/10/2015
Extinction A.D.FaithkillerGood Fight Music08/21/2015
Extreme Noise TerrorExtreme Noise TerrorWillowtip Records11/06/2015
FailureThe Heart Is A Monster 06/30/2015
Faith No MoreSol InvictusIpecac Recordings05/19/2015
Falling In ReverseJust Like YouEpitaph Records02/24/2015
FallochThis Island, Our FuneralCandlelight Records01/27/2015
Fear FactoryGenexusNuclear Blast Records08/07/2015
Feed Her To The SharksFortitudeVictory Records02/10/2015
Fell To LowLow In The DustRevelation Records07/24/2015
Fight AmpConstantly OffBrutal Panda Records06/09/2015
Fine Fine TitansRenaissanceCI Records11/20/2015
FinsterforstMach Dich FreiNapalm Records02/10/2015
FirespawnShadow RealmsCentury Media Records11/13/2015
Fit For An AutopsyAbsolute Hope, Absolute HelleOne Music10/02/2015
For All EternityMetanoiaFacedown Records07/10/2015
For TodayWakeNuclear Blast Records10/02/2015
Forced OrderVanished CrusadeRevelation Records08/07/2015
Forgotten TombHurt Yourself and The Ones You LoveAgonia Records04/21/2015
Four Year StrongFour Year StrongPure Noise Records06/02/2015
From First To LastDead TreesSumerian Records04/28/2015
Fuck The FactsDesire Will Rot 08/25/2015
Fucked UpYear of the HareDeathwish Inc.06/16/2015
FulgoraStratagemHousecore Records03/24/2015
GallowsDesolation SoundsPlay It Again Sam04/13/2015
Gamma PulseDead But DreamingBullet Tooth02/24/2015
George KolliasInvictusSeason Of Mist05/19/2015
Get ScaredDemonsFearless Records10/30/2015
GhostMelioraLoma Vista Recordings08/21/2015
Ghost KeyThe Things I Am NotNo Sleep Records06/30/2015
Gift GiverShitlifeCentury Media Records04/21/2015
Gnaw Their TonguesAbyss Of Longing ThroatsCrucial Blast Records08/07/2015
Go DeepInfluence6131 Records11/06/2015
GoatsnakeBlack Age BluesSouthern Lord Records06/02/2015
Goblin RebirthGoblin RebirthRelapse Records06/30/2015
GoldNo ImageProfound Lore Records11/06/2015
Good TigerA Head Full of Moonlight 11/06/2015
GorodA Maze Of Recycled CreedsUnique Leader Records10/16/2015
GraveOut Of Respect For The DeadCentury Media Records10/16/2015
Grave PleasuresDreamcastMetal Blade Records11/13/2015
GraveyardInnocence & DecadenceNuclear Blast Records09/25/2015
Great American GhostEveryone LeavesGood Fight Music07/10/2015
GrieverOur Love is DifferentVitriol Records02/24/2015
GruesomeSavage LandRelapse Records04/21/2015
Gutter InstinctThe InsurrectionProsthetic Records05/19/2015
H2OUse Your VoiceBridge Nine Records10/09/2015
HalshugBlodets BandSouthern Lord Records02/24/2015
HarlottProliferationMetal Blade Records09/18/2015
Harm's WayRustDeathwish Inc.03/10/2015
Haste The DayCowardSolid State Records05/19/2015
HatchetFear Beyond LunacyThe End Records10/30/2015
HateCrusade:ZeroNapalm Records02/10/2015
Hate EternalInfernusSeason Of Mist08/21/2015
HatebeakThe Number Of The BeakReptilian Records06/23/2015
Hateful AbandonLiars/BastardsCandlelight Records01/13/2015
Haunted ShoresViscera 11/06/2015
Heart Of A CowardDeliveranceCentury Media Records10/02/2015
HegemonThe HierarchSeason Of Mist11/13/2015
HeidevolkVeluaNapalm Records04/07/2015
Hellish OutcastStay of ExecutionListenable Records02/03/2015
High On FireLuminiferouseOne Music06/23/2015
Hooded MenaceDarkness Drips ForthRelapse Records10/30/2015
Hope DroneCloak Of AshRelapse Records07/24/2015
Hot NerdsStrategically Placed BananasThree One G03/10/2015
HouseholdTime SpentBlood & Ink Records09/25/2015
HundredthFreeHopeless Records06/16/2015
HuntressStaticNapalm Records09/25/2015
HypothermiaSvartkonstAgonia Records05/19/2015
Ice Nine KillsEvery Trick In The BookFearless Records12/04/2015
If These Trees Could TalkAbove The EarthMetal Blade Records01/27/2015
If These Trees Could TalkBelow The SkyMetal Blade Records01/27/2015
ILSAThe Felon's ClawA389 Records04/28/2015
inAeonaForce Rise The SunProsthetic Records08/07/2015
IncantationDirges of ElysiumListenable Records06/24/2015
IncinerateEradicating Terrestrial SpeciesComatose Music04/21/2015
Infernal WarAxiomAgonia Records04/21/2015
IngestedThe Architect Of ExtinctionCentury Media Records01/27/2015
InquisitionInvoking The Majestic Throne Of SatanSeason Of Mist02/24/2015
InsvrgenceEvery Living Creature Dies AloneInnerstrength Records10/30/2015
IntervalsThe Shape of Colour 12/04/2015
Into AnotherOmens 04/14/2015
IntronautThe Direction Of Last ThingsCentury Media Records11/13/2015
Iris DivineKarma SownSensory Records03/31/2015
Iron MaidenThe Book of SoulsSanctuary Records09/04/2015
IwrestledabearonceHail MaryArtery Recordings06/16/2015
Jungle RotOrder Shall PrevailVictory Records06/30/2015
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the WitchesSalem's WoundsCentury Media Records03/10/2015
KataklysmOf Ghosts And GodsNuclear Blast Records07/31/2015
KatatoniaSanctitude DVDKscope03/31/2015
Keep Of KalessinEpistemologyIndie Recordings02/24/2015
KEN modeSuccessSeason Of Mist06/16/2015
KennedyThe Guilty PoorHotfoot Records10/02/2015
KhemmisAbsolution20 Buck Spin07/10/2015
King ParrotDead SetHousecore Records05/19/2015
KingcrowEidosSensory Records06/23/2015
Kings DestroyKings DestroyWar Crime Recordings05/05/2015
Kissing CandiceBlind Until We BurnVictory Records06/30/2015
KorpiklaaniNoitaNuclear Blast Records05/05/2015
Kowloon Walled CityGrievancesNeurot Recordings10/09/2015
KrisiunForged In FuryCentury Media Records08/07/2015
KronosArisen New EraUnique Leader Records07/24/2015
KrugerAdam and SteveListenable Records01/20/2015
Kublai KhanNew StrengthArtery Recordings11/27/2015
KylesaExhausting FireSeason Of Mist10/02/2015
Lamb of GodVII: Sturm Und DrangEpic Records07/24/2015
Lay SiegehopeisnowhereLifeforce Records04/07/2015
LegendLGNDRise Records10/15/2015
LeprousThe CongregationInsideOut Music06/02/2015
Lies / White Jazzsplit 7"Deathwish Inc.10/30/2015
LifelessDreamFast Break! Entertainment03/24/2015
Like Moths To FlamesThe Dying Things We Live ForRise Records10/23/2015
LocrianInfinite DissolutionRelapse Records07/24/2015
Loma PrietaSelf PortraitDeathwish Inc.10/02/2015
Lord DyingPoisoned AltarsRelapse Records01/27/2015
Lorna ShorePsalmsDensity Records06/09/2015
LuciferLucifer IRise Above Records06/16/2015
Machinist!PronegativeEulogy Recordings07/10/2015
Magic CircleJourney Blind20 Buck Spin11/20/2015
Make Do And MendDon't Be LongRise Records02/24/2015
Make Them SufferOld Souls 06/02/2015
Malevolent CreationDead Man's PathCentury Media Records10/15/2015
MalfunctionFear of FailureBridge Nine Records11/20/2015
MamaleekDolorosaFlenser Records05/26/2015
MantarDeath By BurningBrutal Panda Records05/19/2015
MardukFrontschweinCentury Media Records02/10/2015
MarutaRemain DystopianRelapse Records06/02/2015
MatriarchsScandalous JointzEulogy Recordings10/30/2015
MayfieldLet It Be KnownWe Are Triumphant Records02/10/2015
MeatwoundAddioMagic Bullet Records07/24/2015
Meek Is MurderOnward/Into the SunRising Pulse Records05/05/2015
MelecheshEnkiNuclear Blast Records03/10/2015
Melted SpaceThe Great LieSensory Records10/16/2015
MestisPolysemySumerian Records11/06/2015
Metal AllegianceMetal AllegianceNuclear Blast Records09/18/2015
Miles AwayTideSix Feet Under Records05/05/2015
MinskThe Crash & The DrawRelapse Records04/07/2015
MirrorMirrorMetal Blade Records11/13/2015
Miss May IDeathlessRise Records08/07/2015
Modern PainPeace DelusionsBridge Nine Records09/04/2015
MohicansMohicansCreator Destructor Records12/18/2015
MoonspellExtinctNapalm Records03/17/2015
More To MonroeAppalachiaRoadrunner Records09/18/2015
MorgothUngodCentury Media Records04/07/2015
MotivesThis World, Not Dead, Merely SleepingInVogue Records09/04/2015
MotorheadBad MagicUDR Music08/28/2015
MuckYour Joyous FutureProsthetic Records02/24/2015
Mutoid ManBleederSargent House06/30/2015
My Dying BrideFeel The MiseryPeaceville Records09/18/2015
MyrkurMRelapse Records08/21/2015
Napalm DeathApex Predator - Easy MeatCentury Media Records01/27/2015
NastyShokkaGood Fight Music02/24/2015
Native ConstructQuiet WorldMetal Blade Records04/21/2015
NecrowretchWith Serpents ScourgeCentury Media Records02/24/2015
NervecellPsychogenocideUnique Leader Records01/27/2015
NervousDuration and DelusionTwelve Gauge Records10/23/2015
Neurotic NovemberFighting WordsVictory Records09/18/2015
New HeartTime Is Running OutBlood & Ink Records05/26/2015
Night DemonCurse of the DamnedCentury Media Records01/27/2015
NightfellDarkness Evermore20 Buck Spin09/11/2015
NightrageThe PuritanDespotz Records04/24/2015
Nights Like TheseOld Youth Culture 06/05/2015
NileWhat Should Not Be UnearthedNuclear Blast Records08/28/2015
NoisemBlossoming DecayA389 Records06/06/2015
NorthThrough Raven's Eyes (EP)Prosthetic Records08/14/2015
NorthlaneNodeRise Records07/24/2015
Now And On EarthBlacked OutEpitaph Records04/14/2015
NuclearFormula For AnarchyCandlelight Records08/21/2015
NY In 64NY64Magic Bullet Records04/07/2015
NYXHomeAgonia Records10/30/2015
ObsequiaeAria Of Vernal Tombs20 Buck Spin05/12/2015
OceanoAscendantsEarache Records03/24/2015
Oceans Ate AlaskaLost IslesFearless Records02/24/2015
Oceans of SlumberBlueCentury Media Records08/21/2015
Of Feather and BoneEmbrace the Wretched FleshGood Fight Music09/18/2015
Of Mice & MenRestoring Force: Full CircleRise Records02/24/2015
OgotayDead God's ProphetSelfmadegod Records08/01/2015
Old WoundsThe Suffering SpiritGood Fight Music06/30/2015
Outer HeavenDiabolus VobiscumMelotov Records02/10/2015
PalisadesMind GamesRise Records01/13/2015
Paradise LostSymphony For The LostCentury Media Records11/20/2015
Paradise LostThe Plague WithinCentury Media Records06/02/2015
Parkway DriveIreEpitaph Records09/25/2015
PelicanThe Cliff EPSouthern Lord Records02/24/2015
PentagramAll Your Sins DVDPeaceville Records02/23/2015
PentagramCurious VolumePeaceville Records08/28/2015
PeripheryJuggernautSumerian Records01/27/2015
PhinehasTill the EndArtery Recordings07/10/2015
PIGSWrongerSolar Flare Records10/02/2015
Poison IdeaConfuse & ConquerSouthern Lord Records04/07/2015
Poison TonguesFor Freedom's SakeFast Break! Entertainment10/30/2015
PowerHeavy MuscleTwelve Gauge Records07/10/2015
Primitive ManHome Is Where The Hatred IsRelapse Records02/17/2015
Pro-PainVoice Of RebellionSPV/Steamhammer06/23/2015
PrometheeUnrestLifeforce Records10/02/2015
ProngSongs From The Black HoleeOne Music03/31/2015
PrurientFrozen Niagara FallsProfound Lore Records05/12/2015
PsycropticPsycropticProsthetic Records03/10/2015
Publicist UKForgive YourselfRelapse Records08/21/2015
PyramidsA Northern MeadowProfound Lore Records03/17/2015
PyrrhonGrowth Without EndSelfmadegod Records10/02/2015
Rage Against The MachineLive At Finsbury Park DVDEagle Rock Entertainment10/16/2015
Raised FistFrom The NorthEpitaph Records01/20/2015
RAMSvbversvmMetal Blade Records10/30/2015
Ramming SpeedNo EpitaphsProsthetic Records09/04/2015
ReflectionsThe Color CleareOne Music09/18/2015
RefusedFreedomEpitaph Records06/30/2015
RetoxBeneath CaliforniaEpitaph Records02/10/2015
RevengeBehold.Total.RejectionSeason Of Mist11/13/2015
RitualRitualBullet Tooth10/30/2015
Ritual KillerExterminanceSeason Of Mist09/18/2015
Rivers of NihilMonarchyMetal Blade Records08/21/2015
RosettaQuintessential Ephemera 06/22/2015
Rotting ChristLucifer Over AthensSeason Of Mist08/21/2015
Rotting OutReckoningPure Noise Records03/10/2015
Royal ThunderCrooked DoorsRelapse Records04/07/2015
Runaway KidsBetter DaysMediaskare Records06/23/2015
RVNTVulnerableWe Are Triumphant Records01/27/2015
Sabertooth ZombieHuman Performance IVTwelve Gauge Records03/03/2015
SannhetRevisionistFlenser Records03/03/2015
SarpanitumBlessed Be My BrothersWillowtip Records02/17/2015
SatyriconLive At The OperaNapalm Records05/05/2015
SavioursPalace Of VisionListenable Records10/30/2015
Scale The SummitVProsthetic Records09/18/2015
SecretsEverything That Got Us HereRise Records12/11/2015
Secrets Of The SkyPathwayMetal Blade Records05/19/2015
Self Defense FamilyHeaven Is EarthDeathwish Inc.06/30/2015
Self Defense Family / Touche AmoreSelf LoveDeathwish Inc.03/10/2015
Senses FailPull The Thorns From Your HeartPure Noise Records06/30/2015
Senses Fail / Man Overboardsplit EPPure Noise Records03/03/2015
Serial ButcherBrute Force LobotomyUnique Leader Records09/18/2015
Set To StunSet To Stun and The Desperado UndeadTragic Hero Records11/27/2015
Shai HuludJust Can't Hate Enough X 2 - Plus Other Hate Songs EPNo Sleep Records12/04/2015
Shape of DespairMonotony FieldsSeason Of Mist06/16/2015
Shattered SunHope Within HatredVictory Records04/21/2015
ShiningInternational Blackjazz SocietySpinefarm Records10/23/2015
ShiningIX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, EndsSeason Of Mist04/21/2015
Shreddy KruegerDeeper DarkerInVogue Records10/23/2015
SighGravewardCandlelight Records05/05/2015
SilversteinI Am Alive In Everything I TouchRise Records05/19/2015
Sirens & SailorsRising Moon : Setting SunArtery Recordings08/07/2015
Six Feet UnderCrypt Of The DevilMetal Blade Records05/05/2015
SkindredVolumeNapalm Records10/30/2015
SkinlessOnly The Ruthless RemainRelapse Records06/02/2015
SlayerRepentlessNuclear Blast Records09/11/2015
Sleeping With SirensMadnessEpitaph Records03/17/2015
So HideousLaurestineProsthetic Records10/16/2015
SodomSacred Warpath EPSPV/Steamhammer01/27/2015
SoilworkLive In The Heart Of HelsinkiNuclear Blast Records04/07/2015
SoilworkThe Ride MajesticNuclear Blast Records08/28/2015
Sonic PoisonSonic PoisonLifeline Records06/22/2015
SorcererIn The Shadow Of The Inverted CrossMetal Blade Records03/24/2015
SoulflyArchangelNuclear Blast Records08/14/2015
SparrowsDragging HellNew Damage Records08/28/2015
Speaking the King'sCarouselNuclear Blast Records10/16/2015
SpylacopaParallelsRising Pulse Records03/31/2015
Steel NationThe Harder They FallDeathwish Inc.03/10/2015
Steve Von TillA Life Unto ItselfNeurot Recordings05/12/2015
Stick To Your GunsDisobedientSumerian Records02/10/2015
Strawberry GirlsAmerican GraffitiTragic Hero Records11/13/2015
Stray From The PathSubliminal CriminalsSumerian Records08/14/2015
Strength Through SufferingSetting Things StraightEulogy Recordings07/10/2015
Strengthen What RemainsJustice Creeps SlowBlood & Ink Records06/09/2015
StrifeIncision 09/04/2015
Suburban ScumUltimate AnnihilationClosed Casket Activities10/23/2015
Suicide SilenceSacred WordsNuclear Blast Records10/23/2015
SumacThe DealProfound Lore Records02/03/2015
Sunn O)))KannonSouthern Lord Records12/04/2015
Swallow The SunSongs from the North I, II & IIICentury Media Records11/13/2015
Sweet CobraEarthMagic Bullet Records07/24/2015
Sweet CobraEarthMagic Bullet Records04/25/2015
Sworn InThe Lovers/The DevilRazor & Tie04/07/2015
SylosisDormant HeartNuclear Blast Records01/13/2015
Symphony XUnderworldNuclear Blast Records07/24/2015
TaakeStridens HusCandlelight Records02/10/2015
Taken By The SunTaken By The Sun 02/24/2015
Tau CrossTau CrossRelapse Records05/19/2015
Tear Out The HeartDead, EverywhereVictory Records01/27/2015
Teenage Time KillersGreatest Hits Vol. 1Rise Records07/31/2015
TeethgrinderMisanthropyLifeforce Records05/25/2015
TempelThe Moon Lit Our PathProsthetic Records06/16/2015
Temple of BaalMysteriumAgonia Records10/02/2015
TerrorThe 25th HourVictory Records08/07/2015
TesseracTOdyssey/ScalaCentury Media Records05/19/2015
TesseracTPolariseOne Music09/18/2015
The AgonistEye Of ProvidenceCentury Media Records02/24/2015
The Beautiful OnesJaded Love6131 Records04/21/2015
The Black Dahlia MurderAbysmalMetal Blade Records09/18/2015
The Body / KriegThe Body & KriegAt A Loss Recordings11/13/2015
The Bunny The BearA Liar Wrote ThisVictory Records07/24/2015
The CrinnShadowbreather 04/28/2015
The CrownDeath Is Not DeadCentury Media Records01/13/2015
The Devil Wears PradaSpaceRise Records08/21/2015
The FiendGreed Power Religion WarCandlelight Records08/21/2015
The Great DiscordDuendeMetal Blade Records06/02/2015
The HellBrutopiaProsthetic Records10/30/2015
The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeSoulless HymnsDensity Records01/13/2015
The Moth GathererThe Earth Is The SkyAgonia Records11/27/2015
The Ongoing ConceptHandmadeSolid State Records06/16/2015
The Plot In YouHappiness In Self DestructionStay Sick Recordings10/16/2015
The Saddest LandscapeDarkness ForgivesTopshelf Records10/23/2015
The Story So FarThe Story So FarPure Noise Records05/19/2015
The SwordHigh CountryRazor & Tie08/21/2015
The Weight of AtlasReflectionsWe Are Triumphant Records03/17/2015
The Wonder YearsNo Closer To HeavenHopeless Records09/04/2015
TheoriesRegressionMetal Blade Records03/24/2015
These StreetsClockwiseFast Break! Entertainment04/07/2015
This Gift Is A CurseAll Hail the SwinelordSeason Of Mist10/16/2015
ThulcandraAscension LostNapalm Records02/10/2015
Thy Art Is MurderHoly WarNuclear Blast Records06/30/2015
Thy CatafalqueSgurrSeason Of Mist10/16/2015
TidemouthVelvet and StoneMelotov Records06/09/2015
TorcheRestarterRelapse Records02/24/2015
TraitorsNight Terrors 01/01/2016
TraitorsThe Hate Campaign 02/24/2015
TribulationThe Children Of The NightCentury Media Records04/21/2015
TriviumSilence In The SnowRoadrunner Records10/02/2015
TsjuderAntilivSeason Of Mist09/18/2015
TurnstileNonstop FeelingReaper Records01/13/2015
Twitching TonguesDisharmonyMetal Blade Records10/30/2015
UfomammutEcateNeurot Recordings03/31/2015
Ultra-ViolenceDeflect The FlowCandlelight Records05/05/2015
Unbreakable HatredRuinsUnique Leader Records08/21/2015
Uncle Acid & The DeadbeatsThe Night CreeperRise Above Records09/04/2015
UndeadFalse PropheciesListenable Records05/12/2015
UnderoathTired Violence DVD 05/01/2015
V/AWhatever NevermindRobotic Empire04/18/2015
ValkyrieShadowsRelapse Records05/19/2015
VannaALTPure Noise Records10/02/2015
VarathronThe Confessional Of The Black PenitentsAgonia Records10/23/2015
VastumHole Below20 Buck Spin11/06/2015
Vattnet ViskarSettlerCentury Media Records06/16/2015
Veil of MayaMatriarchSumerian Records05/12/2015
VenomFrom the Very DepthsSpinefarm Records01/27/2015
VHÖLDeeper Than SkyProfound Lore Records10/23/2015
VIDe Praestgiis AngelorumAgonia Records09/25/2015
Violent ReactionMarching OnRevelation Records03/31/2015
VisigothThe Revenant KingMetal Blade Records01/27/2015
Vision of DisorderRazed To The GroundCandlelight Records11/27/2015
VivisickNuked IdentityTankcrimes09/11/2015
VoicesLondonCandlelight Records01/27/2015
Wage WarBlueprintsFearless Records11/27/2015
Wailin StormsOne Foot In The Flesh GraveMagic Bullet Records11/20/2015
War On WomenWar On WomenBridge Nine Records02/10/2015
We Came As RomansWe Came As RomansEqual Vision Records07/24/2015
We Lost The SeaDeparture SongsTranslation Loss Records11/27/2015
Wearing ThinFake AmendsTragic Hero Records12/11/2015
WeedeaterGoliathanSeason Of Mist05/19/2015
While She SleepsBrainwashedEpic Records03/24/2015
White Widows PactTrue WillNew Damage Records10/16/2015
WhitechapelThe Brotherhood of the Blade DVDMetal Blade Records10/30/2015
Wild ThroneHeart of DarknessRoadrunner Records07/30/2015
Wilderness DreamWilderness DreamCreator Destructor Records10/16/2015
WildlightsWildlightsSeason Of Mist08/21/2015
Will HavenOpen The Mind To DiscomfortArtery Recordings05/19/2015
WilsonRight To RiseRazor & Tie06/30/2015
WindhandGrief's Infernal FlowerRelapse Records09/18/2015
Wisdom In ChainsThe God RhythmFast Break! Entertainment06/30/2015
WitchsorrowNo Light, Only FireCandlelight Records09/18/2015
With The DeadWith The DeadRise Above Records10/16/2015
Withered BonesFor the Ones I LoveBlood & Ink Records12/04/2015
WolfheartShadow WorldSpinefarm Records08/21/2015
WolfheartWinterbornSpinefarm Records02/03/2015
Wolves At The GateRepriseSolid State Records05/12/2015
Wrath Of VesuviusWrvthUnique Leader Records06/16/2015
WrongStop GivingRobotic Empire03/05/2015
XibalbaTierra Y LibertadSouthern Lord Records01/27/2015
YautjaSongs of LamentForcefield Records09/25/2015
Youth FuneralSee You When I See YouTwelve Gauge Records01/27/2015
Yuth ForeverFreudian SlipProsthetic Records07/10/2015
ZaoXenophobe / Fear Itself 07/10/2015
ZoaxIs Everybody Listening?Century Media Records02/10/2015