2014 hardcore and metal albums

Metal albums released in 2014. Hardcore albums released in 2014. You get the idea.

'68In Humor and SadnesseOne Music07/08/2014
'68MidnightNo Sleep Records04/01/2014
1349Massive Cauldron of ChaosSeason Of Mist09/30/2014
Abandon All ShipsMalocchioRise Records02/11/2014
AbortedNecrotic ManifestoCentury Media Records04/29/2014
Abysmal DawnObsolescenceRelapse Records10/27/2014
AcceptBlind RageNuclear Blast Records08/19/2014
AcraniaTotalitarian DystopiaUnique Leader Records08/19/2014
ACxDCAntichrist DemoncoreMelotov Records06/24/2014
AdaliahShedding SkinMediaskare Records11/18/2014
AdestriaGilded HeartsArtery Recordings04/29/2014
Admiral Sir Cloudesley ShovellCheck Em Before You Wreck EmRise Above Records04/15/2014
AegesAbove & Down BelowThe Mylene Sheath09/23/2014
AffianceBlackoutBullet Tooth09/23/2014
AgallochThe Serpent & The SphereProfound Lore Records05/13/2014
Ageless OblivionPenthosSiege of Amida Records03/18/2014
AgielDark PantheonsDeepsend Records02/18/2014
AkissforjerseyNew BodiesInVogue Records01/21/2014
AlesanaThe Decade EPArtery Recordings04/01/2014
Alive Like MeOnly ForeverRise Records10/07/2014
AllegaeonElements of the InfiniteMetal Blade Records06/24/2014
AlterbeastImmortalUnique Leader Records03/18/2014
AlunahAwakening The ForestNapalm Records10/07/2014
American HeritageProlapseSolar Flare Records11/24/2014
Anaal NathrakhDesideratumMetal Blade Records09/29/2014
Anatomy Of HabitCiphers + AxiomsRelapse Records10/27/2014
Ancient AscendantEchos And CinderCandlelight Records03/25/2014
Ancient VVisdomSacrificialMagic Bullet Records10/14/2014
Angel Du$tA.D.Reaper Records06/10/2014
AnimalInstinctWe Are Triumphant Records10/28/2014
Animals As LeadersThe Joy of MotionSumerian Records03/25/2014
AnnihilatedXIII Steps to RuinationUnique Leader Records10/28/2014
AnnisokayThe Lucid Dream[er]SPV/Steamhammer05/27/2014
AnthraxChile On Hell DVDMegaforce Records09/16/2014
Anti-MortemNew SouthernNuclear Blast Records04/15/2014
AntropomorphiARites Of PerversionMetal Blade Records09/16/2014
Arch EnemyWar EternalCentury Media Records06/10/2014
ArchitectsLost Forever // Lost TogetherEpitaph Records03/11/2014
ArchspireThe Lucid CollectiveSeason Of Mist04/29/2014
ArkanSofiaSeason Of Mist05/27/2014
ArkonaYavNapalm Records05/06/2014
Artificial BrainLabyrinth ConstellationProfound Lore Records02/18/2014
As Blood Runs BlackGround ZeroStandby Records10/27/2014
AscensionThe Dead of the WorldSeason Of Mist12/24/2014
Asking AlexandriaLive From Brixton and Beyond DVDSumerian Records12/15/2014
Ass To MouthDegenerateSelfmadegod Records02/18/2014
AssassinsWar Of AggressioneOne Music03/18/2014
At The GatesAt War With RealityCentury Media Records10/28/2014
AtriarchAn Unending PathwayRelapse Records10/28/2014
AttilaGuilty PleasureArtery Recordings11/24/2014
Austrian Death MachineTriple BrutalArtery Recordings04/01/2014
AutopsyTourniquets, Hacksaws and GravesPeaceville Records04/29/2014
AvatarHail The ApocalypseeOne Music05/13/2014
Aversions CrownTyrantNuclear Blast Records11/24/2014
Backstabbers Inc.M.I.A. 01/01/2014
BacktrackLost In LifeBridge Nine Records01/14/2014
Bad Case of Big MouthStraight Up Bad LuckEulogy Recordings08/19/2014
BaneDon't Wait UpEqual Vision Records05/13/2014
BaptistsBloodminesSouthern Lord Records10/14/2014
Baring TeethGhost Chorus Among Old RuinsWillowtip Records11/25/2014
BarrierEventide 12/09/2014
Bastard FeastOsculum InfameSeason Of Mist07/22/2014
Bastard SaplingInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media08/26/2014
BehemothThe SatanistMetal Blade Records02/04/2014
Being As An OceanHow We Both Wondrously PerishInVogue Records05/06/2014
BelowAcross The Dark RiverMetal Blade Records04/15/2014
BelphegorConjuring The DeadNuclear Blast Records08/05/2014
BeneathThe Barren ThroneUnique Leader Records04/29/2014
BenightedCarnivore SublimeSeason Of Mist02/18/2014
Betraying The MartyrsPhantomSumerian Records07/15/2014
Between The Buried And MeFuture Sequence: Live at the FidelitoriumMetal Blade Records09/30/2014
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionSeason Of Mist10/28/2014
Black AnvilHail DeathRelapse Records05/27/2014
Black Crown InitiateThe Wreckage Of StarseOne Music09/30/2014
Black TongueBorn Hanged : Falsifier [Redux]Century Media Records09/02/2014
Black TripGoin' UnderProsthetic Records08/05/2014
Bleach Everything / Vorssplit 7"Magic Bullet Records10/14/2014
BlisteredSoul Erosion6131 Records04/08/2014
Blood of KinguDark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent MoonSeason Of Mist09/02/2014
BloodbathGrand Morbid FuneralPeaceville Records11/18/2014
BloodletEmbrace EPA389 Records02/07/2014
BloodtruthObedienceUnique Leader Records09/16/2014
Body CountManslaughterSumerian Records06/10/2014
BodyfarmThe Coming ScourgeMetal Blade Records02/18/2014
Boris The BladeThe Human HiveSiege of Amida Records05/13/2014
BotanistVI: FloraFlenser Records08/11/2014
Bowl EtherealBowl Ethereal 7"Southern Lord Records07/22/2014
Boysetsfire / Funeral For A Friendsplit 7"No Sleep Records05/13/2014
Breathe CarolinaSavagesFearless Records04/15/2014
Brimstone CovenBrimstone CovenMetal Blade Records08/05/2014
Broughton's RulesAnechoic HorizonRelapse Records11/10/2014
Bruised But Not BrokenFragmentStandby Records03/04/2014
Brutality Will PrevailSuspension Of ConsciousnessSiege of Amida Records04/08/2014
Buried In VeronaFacelessArtery Recordings03/18/2014
Bury TomorrowRunesNuclear Blast Records05/27/2014
BurzumThe Ways of YoreCandlelight Records09/02/2014
Buzz OsborneThis Machine Kills ArtistsIpecac Recordings06/03/2014
CalibanGhost EmpireCentury Media Records02/04/2014
Calm HatcheryFading ReliefsSelfmadegod Records10/14/2014
CandiriaThe Invaders EPGiant MKT04/29/2014
Cannabis CorpseFrom Wisdom To BakedSeason Of Mist06/24/2014
Cannibal CorpseA Skeletal DomainMetal Blade Records09/16/2014
CapsizeThe Angst In My VeinsEqual Vision Records09/30/2014
Capture the CrownReign of TerrorArtery Recordings08/05/2014
CarcassSurgical Remission / Surplus Steel EPNuclear Blast Records11/11/2014
CarnifexDie Without HopeNuclear Blast Records03/04/2014
CarrierLowlifeEulogy Recordings08/19/2014
CastleUnder SiegeProsthetic Records05/20/2014
Caught In A TrapGoodnight New YorkDead City Records01/28/2014
Cauldron Black RamStalagmire20 Buck Spin04/01/2014
Cavalera ConspiracyPandemoniumNapalm Records11/04/2014
CentinexRedeeming FilthAgonia Records12/09/2014
Chelsea GrinAshes To AshesArtery Recordings07/08/2014
Child BiteStrange WasteHousecore Records11/24/2014
ChiodosDevilRazor & Tie04/01/2014
Circa SurviveDescensusSumerian Records11/24/2014
ClimatesBody ClocksArtery Recordings10/14/2014
Cloak of AlteringPlague BeastsCrucial Blast Records04/29/2014
CloudkickerLittle Histories 12/01/2014
CloudkickerLive With IntronautCentury Media Records11/24/2014
Code OrangeI Am KingDeathwish Inc.09/02/2014
CoffinwormIV.I.VIIProfound Lore Records03/18/2014
Cold WorldHow The Gods ChillDeathwish Inc.08/05/2014
ColossusBadlandsFacedown Records09/16/2014
ColtsbloodInto the Unfathomable AbyssCandlelight Records03/25/2014
ColumnsPlease ExplodeRelapse Records08/04/2014
Come The DawnLight of the WorldSumerian Records09/30/2014
Comeback KidDie KnowingVictory Records03/04/2014
ConanBlood EagleNapalm Records03/11/2014
ConfessionLife And DeathMediaskare Records06/24/2014
ConnoisseurStoner JusticeTankcrimes07/08/2014
Conquering DystopiaConquering Dystopia 03/11/2014
Corrosion of ConformityIXCandlelight Records07/01/2014
Corrupt Moral AltarMechanical TidesSeason Of Mist07/22/2014
CretinStrangerRelapse Records12/09/2014
Crimson ShadowsKings Among MenNapalm Records09/09/2014
CripperHyenaMetal Blade Records11/24/2014
Cripple BastardsNero In MetastasiRelapse Records02/18/2014
Cross ExaminationDawn Of The Dude EPOrganized Crime Records08/19/2014
Crosses † † †† † † (Crosses)Sumerian Records02/11/2014
CrowbarSymmetry In BlackeOne Music05/27/2014
Crown The EmpireThe Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysRise Records07/22/2014
Cruel HandThe NegativesHopeless Records09/23/2014
Cult LeaderNothing For Us HereDeathwish Inc.04/15/2014
CultedOblique To All PathsRelapse Records01/21/2014
Cursed SailsRotten SocietyRise Records05/13/2014
CynicKindly Bent to Free UsSeason Of Mist02/18/2014
Dark FortressVenereal DawnCentury Media Records09/02/2014
Darkest HourDarkest HourSumerian Records08/05/2014
Darkness DividedWritten In BloodVictory Records08/19/2014
DawnbringerNight Of The HammerProfound Lore Records10/28/2014
De La TierraDe La TierraRoadrunner Records01/14/2014
Dead EndingDE IIIBridge Nine Records04/15/2014
Dead In The MangerTransience20 Buck Spin04/29/2014
DeadlockThe Re-ArrivalLifeforce Records08/19/2014
Dealey PlazaProvoke The HumanWe Are Triumphant Records05/20/2014
Death Of An EraBlack BaggedArtery Recordings06/23/2014
Death PenaltyDeath PenaltyRise Above Records09/16/2014
DecapitatedBlood MantraNuclear Blast Records09/30/2014
Demon HunterExtremistSolid State Records03/18/2014
Den SaakaldteKapittel II: Faen i HelveteAgonia Records06/10/2014
DestrageAre You Kidding Me? No.Metal Blade Records03/04/2014
Devil You KnowThe Beauty Of DestructionNuclear Blast Records04/29/2014
DevilmentThe Great And Secret ShowRelapse Records11/10/2014
Devin TownsendZ2Century Media Records10/28/2014
DictatedThe DeceivedMetal Blade Records08/19/2014
DominationBonded By MiseryInnerstrength Records11/28/2014
DownDown IV - Part Two 05/13/2014
Down Among the Dead MenDown Among the Dead MenMetal Blade Records02/18/2014
Downfall of GaiaAeon Unveils The Thrones Of DecayMetal Blade Records11/11/2014
DownsetOne Blood 07/22/2014
DragonForceMaximum OverloadMetal Blade Records08/19/2014
Dream TheaterBreaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)Roadrunner Records09/30/2014
Dust BoltAwake the RiotNapalm Records06/10/2014
Dust MothDragon MouthThe Mylene Sheath04/22/2014
Early SeasonsRedemptionArtery Recordings03/18/2014
Earth CrisisSalvation of InnocentsCandlelight Records03/18/2014
Electric FuneralTotal FuneralSouthern Lord Records07/22/2014
Electric WizardTime To DieSpinefarm Records09/30/2014
EluveitieOriginsNuclear Blast Records08/05/2014
EmarosaVersusRise Records09/09/2014
EmblazonedEucharistiae SacramentumDeepsend Records09/02/2014
EmmureEternal EnemiesVictory Records04/15/2014
Empress ADStill Life Moving FastThe End Records09/02/2014
Empty FlowersThe Air You FoundTranslation Loss Records02/18/2014
EnablerLa Fin Absolue Du MondeCreator Destructor Records05/27/2014
EncoffinationIII - Hear Me, O' DeathSelfmadegod Records12/10/2014
English DogsThe Thing With Two HeadsCandlelight Records07/08/2014
Enterprise Earth23We Are Triumphant Records10/14/2014
EnthronedSovereignsAgonia Records04/15/2014
Entombed A.D.Back To The FrontCentury Media Records08/05/2014
EntrailsResurrected From The Grave - Demo CollectionMetal Blade Records07/22/2014
EpistasisLight Through Dead GlassCrucial Blast Records04/01/2014
ErraMoments of Clarity EPSumerian Records11/10/2014
Every Time I DieFrom Parts UnknownEpitaph Records07/01/2014
Exhumed / Iron Reagansplit 12"Tankcrimes01/07/2014
ExmortusSlave To the SwordProsthetic Records02/04/2014
ExodusBlood In, Blood OutNuclear Blast Records10/14/2014
ExotypeExotypeRise Records10/07/2014
ExpirePretty LowBridge Nine Records06/17/2014
Extinction A.D.Plague ProphecyGood Fight Music08/19/2014
EyehategodEyehategodHousecore Records05/27/2014
FallujahThe Flesh PrevailsUnique Leader Records07/22/2014
Famous Last WordsCouncil Of The DeadInVogue Records08/25/2014
Favorite WeaponSixty SaragossaRise Records10/14/2014
Feed The RhinoThe Sorrow And The SoundSiege of Amida Records06/16/2014
FinchBack To OblivionRazor & Tie09/30/2014
FinntrollNatten Med De Levande FinntrollSpinefarm Records06/17/2014
Fit For A KingSlave To NothingSolid State Records10/14/2014
FloorOblationSeason Of Mist04/29/2014
Flotsam and JetsamNo Place For Disgrace ?- 2014Metal Blade Records02/18/2014
For All I AmNo HomeInVogue Records10/14/2014
For All Those SleepingIncomplete MeFearless Records06/23/2014
For The Fallen DreamsHeavy HeartsRise Records04/08/2014
For TodayFight The SilenceRazor & Tie02/04/2014
ForevermoreTelosSolid State Records07/22/2014
Forgotten TombDarkness in Stereo DVDAgonia Records04/29/2014
Four Letter LieLike StructuresArtery Recordings08/05/2014
Four Year StrongGo Down In HistoryPure Noise Records07/22/2014
Fuck The FactsAbandoned 10/01/2014
Fucked UpGlass BoysMatador Records05/28/2014
Full of Hell / MerzbowFull Of Hell & MerzbowProfound Lore Records11/25/2014
GallowsChains 7"Bridge Nine Records07/01/2014
GamefaceNow is What Matters NowEqual Vision Records03/18/2014
Generation Of VipersCoffin WisdomTranslation Loss Records10/28/2014
Get Involved!Silk CutsMorseCode Recordings03/04/2014
GhostxShipCold Water ArmyInnerstrength Records07/08/2014
GhoulHang TenTankcrimes04/19/2014
Ghoul / Cannabis CorpseSplatterhash (split)Tankcrimes01/07/2014
Giant SquidMinoansTranslation Loss Records10/28/2014
GideonCallousedFacedown Records10/14/2014
Glamour Of The KillSavageseOne Music05/13/2014
GoatwhoreConstricting Rage of the MercilessMetal Blade Records07/08/2014
GodfleshA World Lit Only By Fire 10/07/2014
GodfleshDecline & Fall EP 05/26/2014
GojiraLes Enfants Sauvages CD/DVD/Book 03/11/2014
Goodtime BoysRainBridge Nine Records05/20/2014
GormathonFollowing The BeastNapalm Records10/07/2014
Grand MagusTriumph And PowerNuclear Blast Records02/04/2014
Graves At Sea / Sourveinsplit LPSeventh Rule Recordings05/13/2014
GridlinkLonghenaSelfmadegod Records02/19/2014
GustGustSouthern Lord Records09/16/2014
HakenRestorationCentury Media Records11/11/2014
Hang The BastardSex In The Seventh CircleSiege of Amida Records10/14/2014
HarkCrystallineSeason Of Mist03/18/2014
HavensideLiving Our Darkest DaysInnerstrength Records03/11/2014
HaymakerLet Them Rot 7"A389 Records02/01/2014
He Is LegendHeavy FruitTragic Hero Records08/19/2014
Heart In HandA Beautiful WhiteSiege of Amida Records11/04/2014
HeartistFeeding FictionRoadrunner Records08/12/2014
HeiressOf Great SorrowThe Mylene Sheath11/18/2014
HeliaThe Great DivideInVogue Records07/15/2014
Hideous DivinityCobra VerdeUnique Leader Records10/27/2014
HierophantPesteBridge Nine Records11/25/2014
HiraxImmortal LegacySPV/Steamhammer03/04/2014
HODBook Of The WormArctic Music Group09/09/2014
Hollow EarthSilent GravesPanic Records11/11/2014
Holy TonguesWeak PeopleMelotov Records08/05/2014
HomewreckerCircle of DeathA389 Records10/31/2014
HoodsGato NegroArtery Recordings11/24/2014
Hopeless YouthDisgustCandlelight Records02/25/2014
Hour of PenanceRegicideProsthetic Records05/13/2014
House Of LightningLightworkerTranslation Loss Records10/14/2014
HouseholdWith or WithoutBlood & Ink Records09/30/2014
HundredthResistMediaskare Records03/25/2014
I Am HeresyThy WillCentury Media Records03/04/2014
I Declare WarWe Are Violent People By NatureArtery Recordings04/15/2014
I Killed The Prom QueenBelovedEpitaph Records02/18/2014
I The BreatherLife ReaperSumerian Records07/15/2014
I, OmegaTransientsBullet Tooth07/15/2014
Ice Nine KillsThe Predator Becomes The PreyFearless Records01/21/2014
Iced EarthPlagues of BabylonCentury Media Records01/21/2014
Ides of GeminiOld World New WaveNeurot Recordings09/16/2014
IKILLYAVae VictisMegaforce Records04/29/2014
Ill NinoTill Death, La FamiliaVictory Records07/22/2014
Illuminate MeI Have Become a CorpseTragic Hero Records07/15/2014
In FlamesSiren CharmsSony Records09/09/2014
Inanimate ExistenceA Never-Ending Cycle Of AtonementUnique Leader Records06/24/2014
IncarnatedTry Before DieSelfmadegod Records06/10/2014
IndianFrom All PurityRelapse Records01/21/2014
InsomniumShadows Of The Dying SunCentury Media Records04/29/2014
Inter ArmaThe CavernRelapse Records10/14/2014
Internal BleedingImperiumUnique Leader Records09/30/2014
IntervalsA Voice Within 03/04/2014
Invent, AnimateEverchangerTragic Hero Records08/26/2014
Iron ReaganTyranny of WillRelapse Records09/16/2014
IslanderViolence & DestructionVictory Records07/08/2014
IssuesIssuesRise Records02/18/2014
Job For A CowboySun EaterMetal Blade Records11/11/2014
Johnny BoothThe Bronze AgeHotfoot Records01/25/2014
Judas PriestRedeemer Of SoulsEpic Records07/08/2014
JuniusDays Of The Fallen SunProsthetic Records02/18/2014
KataplexisDownpourGaly Records01/11/2014
KatatoniaLast Fair Day Gone NightPeaceville Records09/30/2014
Kayo DotCoffins on IoFlenser Records10/16/2014
KayserRead Your EnemyListenable Records03/04/2014
KholdTil EndesPeaceville Records09/30/2014
Killer Be KilledKiller Be KilledNuclear Blast Records05/13/2014
King 810Memoirs Of A MurdererRoadrunner Records08/19/2014
King 810proem EPRoadrunner Records05/13/2014
King of AsgardKargMetal Blade Records07/22/2014
King ParrotBite Your Head OffCandlelight Records02/24/2014
Kingdom Of GiantsGround CultureInVogue Records10/21/2014
KontrustExplositiveNapalm Records11/11/2014
KriegTransientCandlelight Records09/02/2014
KrokodilNachashSpinefarm Records11/11/2014
KrugerAdam and SteveListenable Records10/13/2014
Kublai KhanBalancing Survival & HappinessArtery Recordings04/29/2014
KyngBurn the SerumRazor & Tie04/15/2014
Lacuna CoilBroken Crown HaloCentury Media Records04/01/2014
Lamb Of GodAs The Palaces Burn DVDEpic Records10/14/2014
Legion of the DamnedRavenous PlagueNapalm Records01/07/2014
Lesser KeyLesser Key EPSumerian Records04/01/2014
LionheartWelcome To The West CoastFast Break! Entertainment01/14/2014
LionizeJetpack SoundtrackWeathermaker Music02/18/2014
Lord MantisDeath MaskProfound Lore Records04/29/2014
Lorna ShoreMaleficiumDensity Records03/18/2014
Lost SocietyTerror HungryNuclear Blast Records04/01/2014
Machine HeadBloodstone & DiamondsNuclear Blast Records11/10/2014
Machine HeadKillers & Kings 10"Nuclear Blast Records04/19/2014
MadballHardcore LivesGood Fight Music07/08/2014
MalpracticeTurning TidesSensory Records09/16/2014
MamaleekHe Never Said A Mumblin' WordFlenser Records07/22/2014
Marty FriedmanInfernoProsthetic Records05/27/2014
Martyr DefiledNo Hope No MoralitySiege of Amida Records04/29/2014
MartyrdodElddopSouthern Lord Records07/22/2014
MassacreBack From BeyondCentury Media Records04/01/2014
MastodonOnce More 'Round The SunWarner Bros. Records06/24/2014
MayanAntagoniseNuclear Blast Records02/04/2014
MayhemEsoteric WarfareSeason Of Mist05/27/2014
Me and the TrinityCruxHotfoot Records12/09/2014
Megaton LeviathanPast 21 Beyond The Arctic CellSeventh Rule Recordings09/09/2014
Mekong DeltaIn A Mirror DarklySPV/Steamhammer04/29/2014
MelvinsHold It InIpecac Recordings10/14/2014
Memphis May FireUnconditionalRise Records03/25/2014
MenaceImpact VelocitySeason Of Mist03/18/2014
MeridianThe Awful TruthVictory Records09/02/2014
MeshuggahThe Ophidian Trek DVDNuclear Blast Records09/30/2014
MethedrasSystem SubversionPavement Entertainment11/10/2014
MetsatollKarjajuhtSpinefarm Records05/27/2014
MiasmalCursed RedeemerCentury Media Records05/13/2014
Misery IndexThe Killing GodsSeason Of Mist05/27/2014
Miss FortuneA Spark To BelieveSumerian Records05/20/2014
Miss May IRise of the LionRise Records04/29/2014
Monte PittmanThe Power of ThreeMetal Blade Records01/21/2014
MonumentsThe AmanuensisCentury Media Records07/08/2014
Moral MazesMagic Tommy JacksonBridge Nine Records09/02/2014
Morbus ChronSwevenCentury Media Records03/04/2014
More Than A ThousandVol. 5 Lost At HomeeOne Music02/18/2014
MorgothGod Is Evil EPCentury Media Records08/12/2014
MortalsCursed to See the FutureRelapse Records07/08/2014
Motionless In WhiteReincarnateFearless Records09/16/2014
Mouth Of The SouthStruggle WellFacedown Records08/05/2014
MurmurMurmurSeason Of Mist01/21/2014
Mutilation RitesHarbingerProsthetic Records07/22/2014
My EpicBehold (Instrumental)Facedown Records05/27/2014
My FictionsStranger SongsTopshelf Records07/01/2014
My Iron LungReliefPure Noise Records07/08/2014
MyrkurMykur EPRelapse Records09/16/2014
MysticumPlanet SatanPeaceville Records10/27/2014
NachtmystiumThe World We Left BehindCentury Media Records08/05/2014
NauseaCondemned To The SystemWillowtip Records01/07/2014
Ne ObliviscarisCitadelSeason Of Mist11/10/2014
Nebraska BricksLive In Pain, Die In VainEulogy Recordings05/27/2014
NecrophagiaWhiteWorm CathedralSeason Of Mist10/28/2014
NecrowretchEven Death May Die 7"Century Media Records10/13/2014
Nero Di MarteDerivaeProsthetic Records10/28/2014
NervosaVictim of YourselfNapalm Records03/11/2014
Nevada RosePaint Me In LightTragic Hero Records06/17/2014
New Found GloryResurrectionHopeless Records10/07/2014
NightbringerEgo Dominus TuusSeason Of Mist09/30/2014
NightfellThe Living Ever MournSouthern Lord Records05/13/2014
NightmaresSuspiriaRise Records06/03/2014
No Bragging RightsThe Concrete FlowerPure Noise Records09/23/2014
NoctemExiliumProsthetic Records09/16/2014
NonpointThe ReturnRazor & Tie09/30/2014
NothingGuilty of EverythingRelapse Records03/04/2014
Novembers DoomBled WhiteThe End Records07/15/2014
Nux VomicaReelingRelapse Records04/01/2014
Obey The BraveSalvationEpitaph Records09/16/2014
Obisidian KingdomMantiisSeason Of Mist10/27/2014
ObituaryInked In BloodRelapse Records10/28/2014
ObliterationsPoison EverythingSouthern Lord Records10/28/2014
ObsequiaeSuspended In The Brume Of Eos20 Buck Spin05/27/2014
October FileThe Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair...Candlelight Records06/10/2014
Of Mice & MenRestoring ForceRise Records01/27/2014
Old LinesNo Child Left BehindNo Sleep Records10/14/2014
Old Man GloomThe Ape Of GodProfound Lore Records11/11/2014
Old WoundsDeath Projection EPGood Fight Music09/16/2014
OmnihilityDeathscapes Of The SubconsciousUnique Leader Records07/22/2014
Only CrimePursuanceRise Records05/13/2014
OpethPale CommunionRoadrunner Records08/26/2014
Orange GoblinBack From The AbyssCandlelight Records10/07/2014
Order Of IsazSeven Years of FamineSeason Of Mist04/01/2014
OriginOmnipresentNuclear Blast Records07/08/2014
Our Last EnemyPariahEclipse Records03/11/2014
OverkillWhite Devil ArmoryeOne Music07/22/2014
PallbearerFoundations Of BurdenProfound Lore Records08/19/2014
PathologyThrone Of Reign 08/05/2014
PeripheryClearSumerian Records01/28/2014
PHILMFire From The Evening SunUDR Music09/16/2014
PhobiaGrindcoreDeep Six Records09/09/2014
Pianos Become The TeethKeep YouEpitaph Records10/27/2014
Pig DestroyerMass & VolumeRelapse Records10/14/2014
PilgrimII: Void WorshipMetal Blade Records04/01/2014
PilloryEvolutionary MiscarriageUnique Leader Records06/10/2014
PolarShadowed By VulturesProsthetic Records04/15/2014
PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have FallenMetal Blade Records11/24/2014
ProngRuining LivesSPV/Steamhammer05/13/2014
Prostitute DisfigurmentFrom Crotch To CrownWillowtip Records02/04/2014
Provoke, DestroyVultureIndianola Records07/22/2014
PsychoChainsaw PriestSelfmadegod Records04/29/2014
Puig DestroyerPuig DestroyerNo Sleep Records09/30/2014
PunchThey Don't Have To BelieveDeathwish Inc.08/19/2014
PyrrhonThe Mother Of VirtuesRelapse Records04/01/2014
R.A.Collateral DamageBridge Nine Records07/01/2014
Rage NucleaireBlack Storm of ViolenceSeason Of Mist07/22/2014
Red EnemyRed EnemyMediaskare Records11/11/2014
ReformersAbolishMediaskare Records04/29/2014
ResistanceThe Seeds WithinPavement Entertainment11/10/2014
RevocationDeathlessMetal Blade Records10/14/2014
Rings Of SaturnLugal Ki EnUnique Leader Records10/14/2014
RingwormHammer Of The WitchRelapse Records03/18/2014
Rise Of The NorthstarWelcameNuclear Blast Records11/25/2014
RosettaFlies To FlameTranslation Loss Records10/14/2014
Run With The HuntedThe Sieve And The SandPanic Records06/03/2014
SahgDelusions of GrandeurIndie Recordings02/18/2014
SanctuaryThe Year The Sun DiedCentury Media Records09/30/2014
SarkeAruagintIndie Recordings02/18/2014
Savage MessiahThe Fateful DarkEarache Records03/18/2014
Saving GraceThe UrgencyFacedown Records01/21/2014
Scar SymmetryThe Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity)Nuclear Blast Records10/14/2014
Scars of TomorrowFailed TransmissionsArtery Recordings07/08/2014
SchammaschContradictionProsthetic Records04/29/2014
Self Defense FamilyTry MeDeathwish Inc.01/07/2014
SepticfleshTitanProsthetic Records06/24/2014
SepulturaAlive At Rock In RioUniversal Music Group09/23/2014
Serpentine PathEmanationsRelapse Records05/27/2014
Set and SettingA Vivid MemoryProsthetic Records09/02/2014
Set To ReflectArtificial SunStandby Records01/14/2014
Sheer TerrorStanding Up For Falling DownReaper Records07/15/2014
Shin To ShinShin To ShinA389 Records02/07/2014
Shores of NullQuiescenceCandlelight Records03/25/2014
ShrapnelThe Virus ConspiresCandlelight Records02/04/2014
Sick Of It AllThe Last Act Of DefianceCentury Media Records09/30/2014
Sienna SkiesSeasonsInVogue Records07/29/2014
Sight of EmptinessInstincts 01/21/2014
Silent PlanetThe Night God SleptRelapse Records11/10/2014
Silent ScreamsHope For NowArtery Recordings07/22/2014
Silver SnakesYear Of The SnakeBridge Nine Records03/04/2014
SincerityThe AuthorityWe Are Triumphant Records09/23/2014
SkalmoldMeo vaettumNapalm Records11/24/2014
SkyboundDarkfallWe Are Triumphant Records12/15/2014
SlavesThrough Art We Are All EqualsArtery Recordings06/24/2014
Sleeping GiantFinished PeopleCentury Media Records08/19/2014
SleepwaveBroken CompassEpitaph Records09/16/2014
Slipknot.5: The Gray ChapterRoadrunner Records10/21/2014
Slough FegDigital ResistanceMetal Blade Records02/18/2014
SnakeWayYear of the SnakeThink Fast! Records04/08/2014
So HideousLast Poem/First LightProsthetic Records04/29/2014
SockwebWerewolfMonolithic Records03/25/2014
Son of AureliusUnder A Western Sun 06/03/2014
Sonata ArcticaPariah's ChildNuclear Blast Records04/01/2014
Sonic SyndicateSonic SyndicateNuclear Blast Records07/08/2014
SoreptionEngineering The VoidUnique Leader Records02/18/2014
SoulburnThe Suffocating DarknessCentury Media Records11/18/2014
SSSLimp.Gasp.Collapse.Prosthetic Records11/10/2014
StarkillVirus Of The MindCentury Media Records10/14/2014
StenchVentureAgonia Records10/07/2014
StrikerCity of GoldNapalm Records09/09/2014
StructuresLife Through A WindowSumerian Records05/13/2014
Such GoldThe New SidewalkRazor & Tie11/10/2014
Suicide SilenceEnding Is The Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial ShowCentury Media Records02/18/2014
Suicide SilenceYou Can't Stop MeNuclear Blast Records07/15/2014
Sunn O))) / UlverTerrestrialsSouthern Lord Records02/14/2014
Sworn EnemyLiving On Borrowed TimeRock Ridge Music04/29/2014
SylarTo Whom It May ConcernRazor & Tie05/13/2014
TakenCarry Us Until There Is Nothing Left (discography)Other People Records12/09/2014
TempelOn The Steps Of The TempleProsthetic Records01/21/2014
Test of TimeA Place BeyondBridge Nine Records05/20/2014
Test of TimeBy DesignBridge Nine Records07/22/2014
Texas In JulyBloodworkEqual Vision Records09/16/2014
ThanatosGlobal PurificationCentury Media Records11/18/2014
The Acacia StrainComa WitchRise Records10/14/2014
The Amity AfflictionLet The Ocean Take MeRoadrunner Records06/10/2014
The Atlas MothThe Old BelieverProfound Lore Records06/10/2014
The BannerGreyingGood Fight Music12/09/2014
The Black Dahlia MurderFool 'Em All DVDMetal Blade Records05/27/2014
The Bunny The BearFood ChainVictory Records03/18/2014
The ChantNew HavenLifeforce Records06/10/2014
The Color MoraleHold On Pain EndsFearless Records09/02/2014
The ContortionistLanguageeOne Music09/16/2014
The Dead RabbittsShapeshifterTragic Hero Records07/01/2014
The DripA Presentation of Gruesome PoeticsRelapse Records04/15/2014
The Francesco Artusato ProjectOur Dying SunSumerian Records10/07/2014
The GeeksStill Not In This AloneThink Fast! Records07/15/2014
The Ghost InsideDear YouthEpitaph Records11/17/2014
The GraviatorsMotherloadNapalm Records04/08/2014
The HauntedExit WoundsCentury Media Records09/02/2014
The HauntedEye Of The Storm EPCentury Media Records01/21/2014
The HellGroovehammerProsthetic Records07/08/2014
The Kennedy VeilTrinity of FalsehoodUnique Leader Records01/21/2014
The KindredLife In LuciditySumerian Records02/25/2014
The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeThe Last Ten Seconds Of Life 2010-2012Density Records07/29/2014
The Mongoloids / Broken Teethsplit EP6131 Records02/25/2014
The OathThe OathRise Above Records04/15/2014
The Order Of IsrafelWisdomNapalm Records09/09/2014
The OverseerRest and Let GoSolid State Records03/04/2014
The ParamedicDiary of My DemonsBullet Tooth08/12/2014
The PrestigeEcotoneMediaskare Records03/18/2014
The ShrineBless OffTee Pee Records03/11/2014
The Smoking HeartsVictory!Bullet Tooth01/28/2014
The Swan KingLast So LongWar Crime Recordings06/03/2014
The UnguidedFragile ImmortalityNapalm Records02/11/2014
The UnsembleThe UnsembleIpecac Recordings03/04/2014
The Word AliveRealFearless Records06/10/2014
The Wounded KingsConsolamentumCandlelight Records02/25/2014
These Are TheyAt the Feast of Seven FuneralsThe End Records11/18/2014
These Arms Are Snakes / The Coathangarssplit 7"Suicide Squeeze Records12/02/2014
Thomas GilesModern NoiseMetal Blade Records11/25/2014
Those Who Bring The TorturePiling UpSelfmadegod Records08/19/2014
Those Who FearDeath SentenceFacedown Records06/24/2014
ThrowdownIntoleranceeOne Music01/21/2014
Tiger FlowersDead HymnsMelotov Records04/08/2014
TiltsCuatro HombresRobotic Empire06/24/2014
To The WindBlock Out The Sun & SleepPure Noise Records07/22/2014
Today Is The DayAnimal MotherSouthern Lord Records10/14/2014
TombsSavage GoldRelapse Records06/10/2014
ToothgrinderSchizophrenic Jubilee EPSpinefarm Records11/04/2014
Torch RunnerCommitted To The GroundSouthern Lord Records05/13/2014
Torch RunnerEndless NothingSouthern Lord Records09/30/2014
Touche AmoreLive On BBC Radio 1: Vol. 2Deathwish Inc.09/30/2014
Trade WindSuffer Just To BelieveOther People Records06/03/2014
TraitorsTraitorsWe Are Triumphant Records02/25/2014
Trap ThemBlissfuckerProsthetic Records06/10/2014
Trash TalkNo PeaceOdd Future Records05/27/2014
TrioscapesDigital Dream SequenceMetal Blade Records08/19/2014
TriptykonMelana ChasmataCentury Media Records04/15/2014
TrollfestKaptein KaozNapalm Records04/08/2014
TwilightIII: Beneath Trident's TombCentury Media Records03/18/2014
Twitching TonguesWorld War LIVEClosed Casket Activities08/12/2014
Ultramantis BlackUltramantis BlackRelapse Records07/08/2014
UnearthWatchers of RuleeOne Music10/28/2014
United NationsThe Next Four YearsTemporary Residence Ltd.07/15/2014
Until We Are GhostsBitterseedInVogue Records05/27/2014
Upon A Burning BodyThe World Is My Enemy NowSumerian Records08/12/2014
Upon This DawningWe Are All SinnersArtery Recordings04/29/2014
UsneaRandom Cosmic ViolenceRelapse Records11/10/2014
V/A'Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + TheSumerian Records05/13/2014
V/AIn Utero: In Tribute: In EntiretyRobotic Empire04/19/2014
V/AMidnight ClearSolid State Records11/25/2014
V/APunk Goes 90s Vol. 2Fearless Records04/01/2014
V/APunk Goes Pop Volume 6Fearless Records11/17/2014
VaderTibi Et IgniNuclear Blast Records06/10/2014
ValesWilt & Rise6131 Records02/18/2014
VallenfyreSplintersCentury Media Records05/13/2014
VampireVampireCentury Media Records03/18/2014
VanhelgdRelics Of Sulphur Salvation20 Buck Spin05/27/2014
VannaVoidPure Noise Records06/17/2014
VarathronUntrodden Corridors of HadesAgonia Records12/09/2014
VesaniaDeus Ex MachinaMetal Blade Records10/28/2014
VicesNew BreedMelotov Records07/22/2014
VillainsFreudian Slip 11/11/2014
Violent SonsNothing As It SeemsBridge Nine Records07/08/2014
VolumesNo SleepMediaskare Records07/15/2014
War Of AgesSupreme ChaosFacedown Records07/22/2014
WayfarerChildren of The Iron AgeProsthetic Records11/24/2014
We Are The DamnedDoomvirateLifeforce Records05/27/2014
We Came As RomansPresent, Future, and Past DVDEqual Vision Records09/02/2014
When Cities SleepWhat Lies Lay Between UsIndianola Records11/18/2014
White Arms of AthenaWhite Arms of AthenaProsthetic Records12/02/2014
White EmpressRise Of The EmpressPeaceville Records09/30/2014
WhitechapelOur Endless WarMetal Blade Records04/29/2014
Whores / Rabbitssplit 7"Brutal Panda Records02/11/2014
Wild ThroneBlood MakerBrutal Panda Records03/04/2014
WinterfyllethThe Divination of AntiquityCandlelight Records10/07/2014
Wisdom In ChainsWhen We Sleep EPFast Break! Entertainment04/07/2014
WishWish EP6131 Records10/28/2014
Witch MountainMobile of AngelsProfound Lore Records09/30/2014
WitchmasterAntichristus Ex UteroSeason Of Mist11/24/2014
With IncreaseDeath Is InevitableBlood & Ink Records02/25/2014
Within The RuinsPhenomenaeOne Music07/22/2014
Wizard RifleHere In The DeadlightsSeventh Rule Recordings10/28/2014
WolfDevil SeedCentury Media Records09/02/2014
Wolves At The GateVxVSolid State Records06/10/2014
Wolves In The Throom RoomCelestite 07/01/2014
Wolves Like UsBlack Soul ChoirProsthetic Records03/04/2014
WolvhammerClawing Into Black SunProfound Lore Records07/08/2014
WormwoodWormwoodMagic Bullet Records10/14/2014
WoundsDie YoungRazor & Tie11/25/2014
WovenwarWovenwarMetal Blade Records08/05/2014
Wreck & ReferenceWantFlenser Records06/10/2014
WretchedCannibalVictory Records06/10/2014
XerathIIICandlelight Records09/16/2014
XerxesCollision BlondeNo Sleep Records10/21/2014
Xibalba / Suburban Scumsplit 12"Closed Casket Activities05/13/2014
XTRMSTXTRMSTDim Mak Records11/17/2014
YAITWWhen Life Comes To DeathDeathwish Inc.05/27/2014
YautjaSongs of DescentForcefield Records02/04/2014
Years Since the StormHopeless ShelterArtery Recordings03/18/2014
YOBClearing The Path To AscendNeurot Recordings09/02/2014
Young WidowsEasy PainTemporary Residence Ltd.05/13/2014