2013 hardcore and metal albums

Metal albums released in 2013. Hardcore albums released in 2013. You get the idea.

7 Seconds7 Seconds EPRise Records09/17/2013
A Breach of SilenceDead or AliveEscapist Records10/01/2013
A Day To RememberCommon Courtesy 10/08/2013
A Faylene SkyHell Is Where The Heart IsTragic Hero Records01/15/2013
A Loss For WordsBefore It CavesRise Records10/08/2013
A Lot Like BirdsNo PlaceEqual Vision Records10/29/2013
A Skylit DriveRiseTragic Hero Records09/24/2013
A Storm Of LightNations To FlamesSouthern Lord Records09/17/2013
A Wilhelm ScreamPartycrasherNo Idea Records11/05/2013
Abnormal Thought PatternsManipulation Under AnesthesiaLifeforce Records06/25/2013
AborymDirtyAgonia Records06/11/2013
AC4Burn The WorldDeathwish Inc.03/18/2013
AcrimoniousSunyataAgonia Records02/05/2013
Across Tundras / Lark's Tonguesplit LPCavity Records04/20/2013
Aeges / Dust MothBad Blood (split)The Mylene Sheath10/29/2013
After The BurialThis Life Is All We Have EPSumerian Records04/30/2013
After The BurialWolves WithinSumerian Records12/17/2013
AgrimoniaRites Of SeparationSouthern Lord Records04/30/2013
All Pigs Must DieNothing Violates This NatureSouthern Lord Records07/23/2013
Alpha & OmegaNo Rest, No PeaceBridge Nine Records07/23/2013
AmarantheThe NexusSpinefarm Records03/26/2013
Amon AmarthDeceiver of the GodsMetal Blade Records06/25/2013
AmorphisCircleNuclear Blast Records04/30/2013
AnacondasSub Contra BluesProsthetic Records10/15/2013
Ancient VVisdomDeathlikeProsthetic Records02/05/2013
AnciientsHeart of OakSeason Of Mist04/16/2013
AnthraxAnthems EPMegaforce Records03/19/2013
AntigamaMeteorSelfmadegod Records05/28/2013
AnvilHope In HellThe End Records05/28/2013
AosothIV:Arrow In HeartAgonia Records04/16/2013
ApparitionsKiss Me SleepingIndianola Records02/26/2013
ApparitionsKiss Me SleepingIndianola Records04/09/2013
ArckanumFenriz KindirSeason Of Mist05/14/2013
Ark Of The CovenantSelf HarvestFacedown Records04/30/2013
Armed For ApocalypseThe Road Will EndIronclad Recordings07/23/2013
ArsisUnwelcomeNuclear Blast Records04/30/2013
Arsonists Get All The GirlsListen To The Color 08/01/2013
As They BurnWill, Love, LifeVictory Records02/19/2013
ASGBlood DriveRelapse Records05/28/2013
Ashes Of AresAshes Of AresNuclear Blast Records09/17/2013
Asking AlexandriaFrom Death To DestinySumerian Records08/06/2013
AttilaAbout That LifeArtery Recordings06/25/2013
August Burns RedForeign & Familiar DVDSolid State Records12/03/2013
August Burns RedRescue & RestoreSolid State Records06/25/2013
August Burns Red / SilversteinFour Minutes Being Cool (split) 04/20/2013
Author & PunisherWomen & ChildrenSeventh Rule Recordings04/30/2013
AutopsyThe Headless RitualPeaceville Records07/02/2013
Avenged SevenfoldHail To The KingWarner Bros. Records08/27/2013
Azure EmoteThe Gravity Of ImpermanenceSelfmadegod Records04/03/2013
BacklashWhere's The PrideEulogy Recordings11/19/2013
Backstabbers Inc.M.I.A. 01/01/2014
Balance and ComposureThe Things We Think We're MissingNo Sleep Records09/10/2013
BaptistsBushcraftSouthern Lord Records02/19/2013
BaronessLive at Maida ValeRelapse Records07/23/2013
BatillusConcrete SustainSeventh Rule Recordings03/19/2013
BattlecrossWar of WillMetal Blade Records07/09/2013
BeastmilkClimaxMagic Bullet Records11/29/2013
BeissertDarkness Devil DeathAgonia Records04/30/2013
Bent LifeFull Skul6131 Records08/13/2013
Beyond CreationThe AuraSeason Of Mist05/14/2013
Beyond the ShoreGhostwatcherMetal Blade Records04/02/2013
Black FlagWhat The... 11/05/2013
Black Sabbath13Universal Music Group06/11/2013
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath: Live…Gathered In Their Masses (DVD)Universal Music Group11/26/2013
Black Sheep WallIt Begins AgainSeason Of Mist06/11/2013
Black TuskTend No WoundsRelapse Records07/23/2013
BlackguardStormVictory Records03/05/2013
Bleed From WithinUprisingCentury Media Records04/02/2013
BlessthefallHollow BodiesFearless Records08/20/2013
Blind To FaithUnder The HeptagramA389 Records10/01/2013
BlockheadsThis World Is DeadRelapse Records01/22/2013
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch DarkMetal Blade Records05/28/2013
Body StuffBody Stuff EPThe Path Less Traveled Records07/23/2013
BombusThe Poet and the ParrotCentury Media Records09/17/2013
Born Of OsirisTomorrow We Die AliveSumerian Records08/20/2013
BoysetsfireWhile A Nation SleepsBridge Nine Records06/11/2013
Breakdown of SanityPerceptionWe Are Triumphant Records10/18/2013
Bring Me The HorizonSempiternalEpitaph Records04/01/2013
Broken HopeOmen Of DiseaseCentury Media Records10/01/2013
Brutal Truth / Bastard NoiseThe Axiom of Post Inhumanity (split)Relapse Records11/11/2013
Bullet For My ValentineTemper TemperRCA Records02/12/2013
Burnt BooksBurnt BooksAt A Loss Recordings01/29/2013
Butcher BabiesGoliathCentury Media Records07/09/2013
Call Of The VoidDragged Down A Dead End PathRelapse Records03/19/2013
Cannibal CorpseButchered At Birth (25th Anniversary)Metal Blade Records02/19/2013
CaravelsLacunaTopshelf Records03/26/2013
CarcassSurgical SteelNuclear Blast Records09/17/2013
CathedralThe Last SpireMetal Blade Records04/30/2013
CauldronTomorrow's LostEarache Records04/30/2013
CenturiesTaedium VitaeSouthern Lord Records08/06/2013
Children of BodomHalo of BloodNuclear Blast Records06/11/2013
ChimairaCrown of PhantomseOne Music07/30/2013
ChthonicBu-TikSpinefarm Records06/25/2013
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!Pardon My FrenchFearless Records04/30/2013
Church of MiseryThy Kingdom ScumRise Above Records06/11/2013
City In The SeaBelow The NoiseSumerian Records08/20/2013
Close Your EyesLine In The SandVictory Records10/29/2013
ClutchEarth RockerWeathermaker Music03/19/2013
Cnoc An TursaThe Giants of AuldCandlelight Records03/26/2013
CodeAugur NoxAgonia Records11/26/2013
CoffinsThe FleshlandRelapse Records07/09/2013
Coffins / Noothgrushsplit LPSouthern Lord Records11/26/2013
ColiseumSister FaithTemporary Residence Ltd.04/30/2013
ColossusTime & EternalFacedown Records06/11/2013
ComadreComadreVitriol Records01/08/2013
Complete FailureThe Art Gospel Of Aggravated AssaultSeason Of Mist02/19/2013
ConditionsFull of WarGood Fight Music03/26/2013
Conducting From The GraveConducting From The Grave 10/01/2013
ContinentsIdle HandsVictory Records01/22/2013
Cop ProblemBeneath White Noise EP 10/24/2013
Corrections HouseLast City ZeroNeurot Recordings10/29/2013
Corrosion of ConformityCorrosion of ConformityCandlelight Records02/28/2013
Cough / WindhandReflection Of The Negative (split)Relapse Records04/16/2013
CounterpartsThe Difference Between Hell and HomeVictory Records07/23/2013
CowardsHoarderDeadlight Entertainment11/19/2013
CreationsUnworthy/HumilityMediaskare Records06/11/2013
CronianErathemsSeason Of Mist11/12/2013
CrossfaithApocalyzeThe End Records08/20/2013
CrownPsychurgyCandlelight Records06/18/2013
CrusadesPerhaps You Deliver This Judgement With Greater Fear Thank I Receive ItNo Idea Records11/05/2013
Cult of LunaVertikalDensity Records01/29/2013
Cult of LunaVertikal IIDensity Records09/17/2013
DagobaPost Mortem Nihil EsteOne Music11/05/2013
Dance Gavin DanceAcceptance SpeechRise Records10/08/2013
Dark SermonIn TongueseOne Music03/26/2013
Dark TranquillityConstructCentury Media Records05/28/2013
DarkaneThe Sinister SupremacyProsthetic Records07/02/2013
DarkthroneThe Underground ResistancePeaceville Records02/26/2013
Dave HauseDevourRise Records10/08/2013
DayshellDayshellSumerian Records10/15/2013
Dead In The DirtThe Blind HoleSouthern Lord Records08/06/2013
Dead Letter CircusThe Catalyst FireThe End Records10/29/2013
DeafheavenSunbatherDeathwish Inc.06/11/2013
Death AngelThe Dream Calls for BloodNuclear Blast Records10/15/2013
Death of an EraThe Great Commonwealth EPArtery Recordings05/21/2013
Death Ray VisionWe Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'Bullet Tooth09/10/2013
Death WolfII: Black Armoured DeathCentury Media Records02/19/2013
Deeds Of FleshGradually MeltedUnique Leader Records10/01/2013
Deeds of FleshPortals to CanaanUnique Leader Records06/25/2013
Deep SwellLore Of The AnglerWeathermaker Music10/15/2013
Defeated SanityPassages Into DeformityWillowtip Records02/05/2013
DefeaterLetters HomeBridge Nine Records07/16/2013
DeicideIn The Minds Of EvilCentury Media Records11/26/2013
Demon LungThe Hundredth NameCandlelight Records06/04/2013
DemonicalDarkness UnboundMetal Blade Records11/12/2013
DeprecatedDeriding His CreationUnique Leader Records10/01/2013
DesertersTry To FeelMediaskare Records10/29/2013
DestructionSpiritual GenocideNuclear Blast Records02/05/2013
DethklokMetalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok OperaWilliams Street Records10/29/2013
DevildriverWinter KillsNapalm Records08/27/2013
Devin Townsend ProjectThe Retinal CircusInsideOut Music10/29/2013
DevourmentConceived In SewageRelapse Records02/19/2013
Dew-ScentedInsurgentProsthetic Records05/28/2013
Diamond PlatePulseEarache Records08/20/2013
DisperseLiving MirrorsSeason Of Mist02/19/2013
DominationReality is HellWestcoast Worldwide Records03/12/2013
Done DyingShelf Life 7"Reaper Records10/15/2013
DoomridersGrand BloodDeathwish Inc.10/15/2013
Down To NothingLife On The JamesRevelation Records09/10/2013
DownpresserDon't Need A Reason6131 Records05/28/2013
Dream TheaterDream TheaterRoadrunner Records09/24/2013
DynastyBeyond MeasureFacedown Records01/22/2013
DysmorphicA Notion of CausalityUnique Leader Records09/02/2013
EarthlessFrom the AgesTee Pee Records10/08/2013
EarthlingDark PathForcefield Records05/07/2013
East of the WallRedaction ArtifactsTranslation Loss Records10/29/2013
Eight BellsThe Captain's DaughterSeventh Rule Recordings02/19/2013
EldkraftShamanMetal Blade Records05/28/2013
ElitistBetween The Balance 07/30/2013
EmblazonedThe Living MagisteriumDeepsend Records09/03/2013
Empire of RatsEmpire of RatsA389 Records10/01/2013
EnablerShift of RedemptionThink Fast! Records04/09/2013
EnablerThe Flies EP 10/01/2013
EndezzmaErotik NekrosisAgonia Records02/05/2013
EndstilleeKapitulation 2013Season Of Mist11/12/2013
EnforcerDeath By FireNuclear Blast Records03/05/2013
EntrailsRaging DeathMetal Blade Records05/14/2013
Ephel DuathHemmed By Light, Shaped By DarknessAgonia Records11/26/2013
EphemerosAll Hail CorrosionSeventh Rule Recordings08/20/2013
ErimhaReign Through ImmortalityVictory Records07/09/2013
ERRAAugmentTragic Hero Records10/29/2013
Eternal RestPropheticDeepsend Records04/16/2013
Evan BrewerYour ItinerarySumerian Records07/16/2013
Evergreen TerraceDead HorsesRise Records12/10/2013
Everyone Dies In UtahNeutral GroundTragic Hero Records11/19/2013
Everything In Slow MotionPhoenixFacedown Records12/10/2013
EvileSkullCentury Media Records06/11/2013
EvocationExcised And AnatomisedCentury Media Records09/03/2013
ExhumedNecrocacyRelapse Records08/06/2013
ExhumerDegraded by SepsisComatose Music10/15/2013
ExiviousLiminalSeason Of Mist10/30/2013
ExtolExtolFacedown Records06/25/2013
EyeconoclastDrones of the AwakeningProsthetic Records04/16/2013
Eyes Set To KillMasksCentury Media Records09/17/2013
Face To FaceThree Chords and a Half TruthRise Records04/09/2013
FacebreakerDedicated To The FleshMetal Blade Records08/20/2013
FACTBurundangaGood Fight Music05/21/2013
Fall City FallVictusVictory Records01/22/2013
FallstarBackdraftFacedown Records04/16/2013
FallujahNomadicUnique Leader Records04/02/2013
Famous Last WordsTwo-Faced CharadeInVogue Records04/30/2013
Fates WarningDarkness In A Different LightInsideOut Music10/01/2013
Felix MartinThe Scenic AlbumProsthetic Records09/17/2013
FinntrollBlodsveptCentury Media Records03/26/2013
Fit For A KingCreation/DestructionSolid State Records03/12/2013
Fit For An AutopsyHellboundeOne Music09/10/2013
Fleshgod ApocalypseLabyrinthNuclear Blast Records08/20/2013
Flotsam and JetsamUgly NoiseMetal Blade Records04/16/2013
Focused MindsThe Fact Remains6131 Records09/17/2013
For All I AmSkinwalkerEqual Vision Records01/22/2013
For TodayPrevailer EP/DVDRazor & Tie04/02/2013
Forty WintersIsolation EP 10/31/2013
FreyaParagon of the CrucibleDeadlight Entertainment11/05/2013
Fuck The FactsAmer 06/18/2013
Fucking InvincibleDowntown Is Dead 05/14/2013
Funeral For A FriendConduitThe End Records02/05/2013
Generation KillWe're All Gonna DieNuclear Blast Records11/26/2013
GhostIf You Have GhostRepublic Records11/19/2013
Ghost B.C.InfestissumamRepublic Records04/16/2013
GhoulIntermediate Level Hard-CoreTankcrimes08/20/2013
GiganMulti-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-ScienceWillowtip Records10/15/2013
Glass CloudPerfect War ForeverEqual Vision Records10/22/2013
Gloria MortiLateral ConstraintMetal Blade Records02/05/2013
Glorior BelliGators Rumble, Chaos UnfurlsMetal Blade Records11/12/2013
GnawHorrible ChamberSeventh Rule Recordings10/15/2013
GOGIronworksSeason Of Mist09/03/2013
GorgutsColored SandsSeason Of Mist09/03/2013
GraveMorbid Ascent EPCentury Media Records09/17/2013
Greeley EstatesDevil Son EP 04/09/2013
GrimeDeteriorateForcefield Records05/07/2013
GwarBattle MaximusMetal Blade Records09/17/2013
GyreSecond CircleMonolithic Records07/23/2013
Hail of BulletsIII The Rommel ChroniclesMetal Blade Records10/29/2013
Hanging GardenAt Every DoorLifeforce Records02/05/2013
Harm WulfThere's Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The TillDeathwish Inc.10/29/2013
Harm's WayBlinded EPDeathwish Inc.07/23/2013
HateSolarfleshNapalm Records02/05/2013
HatebreedThe Divinity Of PurposeRazor & Tie01/29/2013
HavokUnnatural SelectionCandlelight Records06/25/2013
Heart In HandAlmost ThereSiege of Amida Records05/14/2013
Heart Of A CowardSeveranceCentury Media Records11/12/2013
Hearts & HandsMy Own MachineArtery Recordings10/01/2013
Heaven Shall BurnVETOCentury Media Records04/30/2013
Helms Alee / Ladder Devilssplit 7"Brutal Panda Records09/10/2013
Hesitation WoundsHesitation Wounds EPDeathwish Inc.04/09/2013
HessianManégarmrSouthern Lord Records04/30/2013
High On Fire"Spitting Fire" Volumes 1 & 2eOne Music06/18/2013
HighnessHoldMagic Bullet Records05/14/2013
Hollow SunshineHeld AboveRobotic Empire11/12/2013
Holy GrailRide The VoidProsthetic Records01/22/2013
Honour CrestSpilled InkRise Records12/10/2013
Hope for the DyingAletheiaFacedown Records03/19/2013
HorisontTime WarriorsMetal Blade Records10/01/2013
Hot LunchHot LunchTee Pee Records03/12/2013
HowlBloodlinesRelapse Records04/30/2013
HrvrdThe Bird's CageEqual Vision Records02/19/2013
HumiliationTurbulence From the DeepDeepsend Records05/28/2013
HumiliationTurbulence From the DeepDeepsend Records07/09/2013
HundredthRevoltMediaskare Records03/19/2013
HuntressStarbound BeastNapalm Records07/02/2013
HybridAngstDeepsend Records05/14/2013
HybridAngstDeepsend Records04/30/2013
HypocrisyEnd Of DisclosureNuclear Blast Records04/02/2013
I Am KingFallenRise Records10/15/2013
I ExistFrom DarknessProsthetic Records12/03/2013
I Killed EveryoneNecrospirePavement Entertainment07/09/2013
I See StarsNew DemonsSumerian Records10/22/2013
IceageYou're NothingMatador Records02/19/2013
Iced EarthLive In Ancient KourionCentury Media Records04/16/2013
IhsahnDas SeelenbrechenCandlelight Records10/22/2013
ImmolationKingdom of ConspiracyNuclear Blast Records05/14/2013
Immortal BirdAkrasiaClosed Casket Activities12/03/2013
Impending DoomDeath Will ReigneOne Music11/05/2013
Imperium DekadenzMeadows of NostalgiaSeason Of Mist03/19/2013
In BetweenStill EPNo Sleep Records07/09/2013
In SolitudeSisterMetal Blade Records10/01/2013
InfernoOmniabsence Filled By His GreatnessAgonia Records09/24/2013
InquisitionObscure Verses for the MultiverseSeason Of Mist10/29/2013
IntegrityBlack Heksen RiseIndie Recordings02/08/2013
IntegritySuicide Black SnakeMagic Bullet Records06/11/2013
Inter ArmaSky BurialRelapse Records03/19/2013
Into The FloodVicesCentury Media Records06/11/2013
IntronautHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)Century Media Records03/19/2013
Iron ChicThe Constant OneBridge Nine Records11/05/2013
Iron ManSouth of the EarthMetal Blade Records10/01/2013
Iron ReaganWorse Than DeadA389 Records03/19/2013
Iron TongueThe Dogs Have Barked The Birds Have FlownNeurot Recordings05/28/2013
IslanderPainsVictory Records10/01/2013
IwrestledabearonceLate For NothingCentury Media Records08/06/2013
J.J. HrubovcakDeath Metal Christmas: Hellish Renditions Of Christmas Classics 11/29/2013
James LaBrieImpermanent ResonanceInsideOut Music08/06/2013
Jungle RotTerror RegimeVictory Records03/26/2013
KadavarAbra KadavarNuclear Blast Records04/16/2013
KalmahSeventh SwamphonySpinefarm Records06/25/2013
KataklysmWaiting For The End To ComeNuclear Blast Records10/29/2013
KatalepsyAutopsychosisUnique Leader Records01/08/2013
KatatoniaDethroned and UncrownedKscope09/10/2013
KEN modeEntrenchSeason Of Mist03/19/2013
Kill Devil HillRevolution RiseCentury Media Records10/29/2013
Kill DivisionDestructive ForceMetal Blade Records10/15/2013
Killswitch EngageDisarm The DescentRoadrunner Records04/02/2013
King Conquer1776Mediaskare Records07/16/2013
KoldbrannVertigoSeason Of Mist01/22/2013
KonghSole CreationAgonia Records02/19/2013
KontinuumEarth Blood MagicCandlelight Records01/08/2013
KornThe Paradigm ShiftProspect Park Records10/08/2013
Kowloon Walled City / Batillussplit 7"Brutal Panda Records12/10/2013
KromosomLive ForeverSouthern Lord Records01/22/2013
KvelertakMeirRoadrunner Records03/26/2013
KylesaSpiral ShadowSeason Of Mist05/28/2013
Lair of the MinotaurGodslayer EPSouthern Lord Records04/20/2013
Last Chance To ReasonLevel 3Prosthetic Records08/06/2013
LeadersIndomitableFacedown Records09/03/2013
Lecherous NocturneBehold Almighty DoctrineUnique Leader Records03/19/2013
LegionWokeeOne Music07/30/2013
LeprousCoalInsideOut Music05/28/2013
LesbianForestelevisonisTranslation Loss Records06/25/2013
letlive.The Blackest BeautifulEpitaph Records07/09/2013
LifeformsMultidimensionalLifeforce Records05/14/2013
LiferuinerFuture RevisionistsInVogue Records06/04/2013
Lightning Swords of DeathBaphometic ChaosiumMetal Blade Records01/22/2013
Like Moths To FlamesAn Eye For An EyeRise Records07/09/2013
Living SacrificeGhost ThiefSolid State Records11/12/2013
LocrianReturn To AnnihilationRelapse Records06/25/2013
Lord DyingSummon the FaithlessRelapse Records07/09/2013
Lost SocietyFast Loud DeathNuclear Blast Records03/19/2013
LumbarThe First And Last Days Of UnwelcomeSouthern Lord Records11/26/2013
LycusTempest20 Buck Spin07/09/2013
Make Do And Mend / The Flatlinerssplit 7"Rise Records06/18/2013
Mammoth GrinderUnderworlds20 Buck Spin07/23/2013
Man Must DiePeace Was Never An OptionLifeforce Records11/12/2013
Maps For TravelersChange Your NameNo Sleep Records08/27/2013
MastodonLive at BrixtonWarner Bros. Records12/10/2013
Meek Is MurderEverything Is Awesome Nothing Matters 10/22/2013
MelvinsEverybody Loves SausagesIpecac Recordings04/30/2013
MelvinsTres CabronesIpecac Recordings11/05/2013
Memory GardenDoomainMetal Blade Records04/16/2013
MephistophelesSounds of the EndWillowtip Records10/01/2013
MercenaryThrough Our Darkest DaysProsthetic Records07/30/2013
Misery IndexLive in MunichSeason Of Mist02/19/2013
Misery SignalsAbsent Light 07/23/2013
Modern Life Is WarFever HuntingDeathwish Inc.09/03/2013
Monsters Scare You!Die A LegendCentury Media Records07/09/2013
MossHorrible NightRise Above Records04/02/2013
Mouth of the ArchitectDawningTranslation Loss Records06/25/2013
Move ForwardNothing's Left to Save UsWestcoast Worldwide Records05/14/2013
MumakilFlies Will StarveRelapse Records06/11/2013
Mutiny WithinSynchronicity 01/12/2013
Mutoid ManHelium HeadMagic Bullet Records11/29/2013
My Bitter EndNostalgic SentimentsWe Are Triumphant Records03/19/2013
My EpicBeholdFacedown Records12/10/2013
My Heart To FearAlgorithmSolid State Records07/09/2013
My Ticket HomeStrangers OnlyRise Records09/03/2013
Myka, RelocateLies To Light The WayArtery Recordings10/29/2013
NailsAbandon All LifeSouthern Lord Records03/19/2013
NailsObscene Humanity EPSouthern Lord Records01/22/2013
NeaeraOurs Is The StormMetal Blade Records03/05/2013
NecronomiconRise of the Elder OnesSeason Of Mist06/10/2013
NecrophobicWomb Of LilithuSeason Of Mist10/29/2013
NecrowretchPutrid Death SorceryCentury Media Records02/05/2013
NegatorGates to the PantheonProsthetic Records05/14/2013
Nero Di MarteNero Di MarteProsthetic Records03/19/2013
NervousNervousTwelve Gauge Records09/24/2013
Nervous ImpulseNervous ImpulseBridge Nine Records05/28/2013
New Found GloryKill It LiveBridge Nine Records10/08/2013
New WatersLions EPBlood & Ink Records02/12/2013
NiacinKrushProsthetic Records04/02/2013
Night BirdsBorn to Die in SuburbiaGrave Mistake Records07/09/2013
NightfallCassiopeiaMetal Blade Records01/22/2013
Nine CovensOn The Dawning Of LightCandlelight Records01/08/2013
NKNothing To Be Gained HereTriple Crown Records05/21/2013
No SirThe Future Is BrightTwelve Gauge Records08/13/2013
NoctumFinal SacrificeMetal Blade Records10/29/2013
Norma JeanWrongdoersRazor & Tie08/06/2013
NorthlaneSingularityWarner Bros. Records11/05/2013
NothnegalNothnegalSeason Of Mist08/06/2013
OathbreakerEros|AnterosDeathwish Inc.08/20/2013
ObliterationBlack Death HorizonRelapse Records11/12/2013
Oblivion?Called to RiseUnique Leader Records10/15/2013
OceanoIncisionsEarache Records10/01/2013
OcellusDeparturePavement Entertainment05/14/2013
OctavesGreener PasturesTopshelf Records02/26/2013
OctavesWhich Way the Wind BlowsBridge Nine Records04/16/2013
Oh, SleeperTitan EP 07/02/2013
Old HabitsBury EverythingEulogy Recordings09/03/2013
Omnium GatherumBeyondLifeforce Records03/05/2013
Orange GoblinA Eulogy For The Fans - Orange GoblinCandlelight Records03/12/2013
OrchidThe Mouths Of MadnessNuclear Blast Records04/30/2013
Orphaned LandAll Is OneCentury Media Records06/25/2013
OtepHydraVictory Records01/22/2013
OvercomeNo Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.Facedown Records01/08/2013
Paint It BlackInvisible EPNo Idea Records04/02/2013
PalmsPalmsIpecac Recordings06/25/2013
PalmsPalmsIpecac Recordings06/25/2013
Paradise LostTragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)Century Media Records10/29/2013
PelicanDeny The Absolute b/w The TruceThe Mylene Sheath08/20/2013
PelicanForever BecomingSouthern Lord Records10/15/2013
Pentagram ChileThe MaleficeMetal Blade Records11/12/2013
PersekutorPower Frost 7"Magic Bullet Records11/29/2013
PestThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records07/09/2013
PestilenceObsideoCandlelight Records11/11/2013
Phantom GlueA War of Light ConesBlack Market Activities07/16/2013
Phil Anselmo / WarbeastsplitHousecore Records01/08/2013
Philip AnselmoWalk Through Exits OnlyHousecore Records07/16/2013
Philip Anselmo & The Illegals2-track EPHousecore Records10/28/2013
PhinehasThe Last Word Is Yours To SpeakRed Cord Records07/23/2013
Pierce The VeilThis Is A Wasteland DVDFearless Records11/11/2013
Pinkish BlackRazed To The GroundCentury Media Records09/17/2013
Polar Bear ClubDeath ChorusRise Records11/19/2013
Power TripManifest DecimationSouthern Lord Records06/11/2013
Primitive ManScornRelapse Records08/20/2013
PristinaHopeless GodlessThe Path Less Traveled Records02/26/2013
Pro-PainThe Final RevolutionSPV/Steamhammer11/25/2013
Protest The HeroVolitionRazor & Tie10/29/2013
PursonThe Circle and the Blur DoorMetal Blade Records04/30/2013
PushmenThe Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The FairThe End Records04/30/2013
PyrexiaFeast of IniquityUnique Leader Records10/29/2013
PyrithionThe Burden of SorrowMetal Blade Records04/16/2013
Ramming SpeedDoomed to Destroy, Destined To DieProsthetic Records06/25/2013
Raven Black NightBarbarian WinterMetal Blade Records02/19/2013
Red FangWhales and LeechesRelapse Records10/15/2013
Red Fang / ASGsplit EPRelapse Records02/19/2013
ReflectionsExi(s)teOne Music10/22/2013
Reign SupremeSky BurialMediaskare Records03/19/2013
RelentlessTurn The Curse6131 Records01/29/2013
Remembering NeverThis Hell Is HomeDead Truth Recordings11/29/2013
RescuerWith Time Comes The ComfortRise Records01/14/2013
RetoxYPLLEpitaph Records05/07/2013
RevengeHymns Of AnnihilationEulogy Recordings01/22/2013
RevocationRevocationRelapse Records08/06/2013
Rings of SaturnDingirUnique Leader Records02/05/2013
RingwormBleedRelapse Records09/17/2013
Rivers of NihilThe Conscious Seed of LightMetal Blade Records10/15/2013
Rot In Hell / Psywarfaresplit LPMagic Bullet Records11/22/2013
Rotten SoundSpecies At WarRelapse Records01/22/2013
Rotting ChristKata Ton Daimona Eaytoy (Do What Thou Wilt)Season Of Mist03/05/2013
Rotting OutThe Wrong Way6131 Records05/07/2013
RuinsPlace of No PityListenable Records02/26/2013
Russian CirclesMemorialSargent House10/29/2013
Sacred Mother TongueOut of DarknessThe End Records04/30/2013
SadgiqaceaFalse PrismCandlelight Records05/07/2013
SarkeAruagintIndie Recordings09/20/2013
SatyriconSatyriconNuclear Blast Records09/17/2013
Scale The SummitThe MigrationProsthetic Records06/11/2013
Scar The MartyrScar The MartyrRoadrunner Records10/01/2013
SecretsFragile FiguresRise Records07/23/2013
SeekerUnlovedVictory Records10/29/2013
Self Defense FamilyThe Corrections Officer In MeFamily Drugs08/27/2013
Senseless BeautyThe Belonging EndeavorStandby Records04/16/2013
SepticfleshEsoptronSeason Of Mist06/07/2013
SepulturaThe Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The HeartNuclear Blast Records10/29/2013
SeriannaDefine MeBullet Tooth08/13/2013
Set To ReflectA New Path To Walk OnStandby Records04/02/2013
SethScars Born From Bleeding StarsSeason Of Mist06/11/2013
Seven Sisters of SleepOpium MoralsA389 Records03/20/2013
Shai HuludReach Beyond The SunMetal Blade Records02/19/2013
ShakhtyorShakhtyorMetal Blade Records08/20/2013
SharksSelfhoodRise Records04/30/2013
ShiningOne One OneProsthetic Records04/23/2013
Shreddy KruegerThe GrievingInVogue Records09/03/2013
Silence The MessengerAchillesStandby Records10/15/2013
Silver Snakes / Souvenirssplit EP6131 Records01/15/2013
SilversteinThis Is How The Wind ShiftsHopeless Records02/05/2013
SilversteinThis Is How The Wind Shifts: AddendumHopeless Records10/15/2013
Sirens & SailorsSkeletonsArtery Recordings10/29/2013
Six Feet UnderUnbornMetal Blade Records03/19/2013
SkeletonwitchSerpents UnleashedProsthetic Records10/29/2013
SkineaterDermal HarvestPulverised Records02/19/2013
SodomEpitome of TortureSPV/Steamhammer05/07/2013
SoilworkThe Living InfiniteNuclear Blast Records03/05/2013
Some StrangerSelf-Titled EPRobotic Empire04/02/2013
SoulflySavagesNuclear Blast Records10/01/2013
Speaking the King'sHere To Stay EPNuclear Blast Records07/09/2013
SpektrCypherAgonia Records02/19/2013
Spiritual BeggarsEarth BluesInsideOut Music04/16/2013
StarkillFires of LifeCentury Media Records04/30/2013
Stick To Your Guns / The Story So Farsplit 7"Pure Noise Records06/18/2013
Stomach EarthStomach EarthBlack Market Activities07/16/2013
Stray From The PathAnonymousSumerian Records09/17/2013
Strengthen What RemainsTurning A Blind EyeBlood & Ink Records08/13/2013
SuffocationPinnacle of BedlamNuclear Blast Records02/19/2013
Suicidal Tendencies13 03/26/2013
SupurationThe Cube 3Listenable Records04/09/2013
SvartsynBlack TestamentAgonia Records06/11/2013
Sworn InThe Death CardRazor & Tie08/20/2013
Sworn Vengeance...And With This Hammer Of Vengeance 09/03/2013
Take OffenseUnited States of MindReaper Records09/17/2013
Tear Out The HeartViolenceVictory Records03/19/2013
Temple of BaalVerses Of FireAgonia Records11/12/2013
TerminateAscending To Red HeavensSelfmadegod Records02/18/2013
TerrorLive By The CodeVictory Records04/09/2013
TesseractAltered StateCentury Media Records05/28/2013
Test of TimeThe PriceBridge Nine Records09/10/2013
TestamentDark Roots Of Thrash DVD/CDNuclear Blast Records10/29/2013
Texas Is The ReasonDo You Know Who You Are?: The Complete CollectionRevelation Records02/12/2013
The Acacia StrainAbove/Below 7"Rise Records11/12/2013
The Acacia StrainMoney For Nothing EPProsthetic Records02/19/2013
The Black Dahlia MurderEverblackMetal Blade Records06/11/2013
The BronxThe Bronx IV 02/05/2013
The BrowningHypernovaEarache Records10/01/2013
The Bunny The BearStoriesVictory Records04/01/2013
The BurialIn The Taking Of FleshFacedown Records07/09/2013
The Charm the FuryA Shade of My Former SelfPavement Entertainment09/17/2013
The Color MoraleKnow HopeRise Records03/26/2013
The DefiledDaggersNuclear Blast Records08/06/2013
The Devil Wears Prada8:18Roadrunner Records09/17/2013
The Devil's BloodIII: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven PillarsMetal Blade Records06/11/2013
The Dillinger Escape PlanOne of Us Is The KillerSumerian Records05/14/2013
The DoomsayerFire.Everywhere.Candlelight Records10/28/2013
The Gates of SlumberStormcrowScion A/V01/29/2013
The IlluminationDeparturesInVogue Records10/01/2013
The Last StandThe Time Is NowEulogy Recordings01/22/2013
The Last Ten Seconds Of LifeINVIVO[EXVIVO]Density Records10/22/2013
The Modern Age SlaveryRequiem For Us AllPavement Entertainment03/19/2013
The MongoloidsMongo LifeSix Feet Under Records04/02/2013
The Monolith DeathcultTetragrammatonSeason Of Mist05/14/2013
The More I SeeThe Disappearing HumansEarache Records10/01/2013
The Moth GathererA Bright Celestial LightAgonia Records04/30/2013
The OceanPelagialMetal Blade Records04/30/2013
The Omega ExperimentThe Omega ExperimentListenable Records04/09/2013
The Ongoing ConceptSaloonSolid State Records08/20/2013
The Plot In YouCould You Watch Your Children BurnRise Records01/15/2013
The Rival MobMob JusticeRevelation Records02/26/2013
The Saddest LandscapeExit WoundedTopshelf Records06/11/2013
The Safety FireMouth Of SwordsInsideOut Music09/03/2013
The Wonder YearsThe Greatest GenerationHopeless Records05/14/2013
This Is HellThe EnforcerI Surrender Records02/19/2013
This Misery GardenCornerstoneSeason Of Mist04/16/2013
This Will Destroy YouLive In Reykjavik, IcelandMagic Bullet Records10/29/2013
Those Who FearUnholy AngerFacedown Records02/05/2013
Throw The FightThe VaultBullet Tooth03/19/2013
Thy Art Is MurderHateNuclear Blast Records04/02/2013
Title FightSpring Songs EPRevelation Records11/12/2013
To The WindEmpty EyesPure Noise Records05/07/2013
TomahawkOddfellowsIpecac Recordings01/29/2013
Tombstone HighwayRuralizerAgonia Records03/19/2013
Touche AmoreIs Survived ByDeathwish Inc.09/24/2013
Touche Amore / Pianos Become The Teethsplit 7"Deathwish Inc.01/22/2013
Touche Amore / Title Fightsplit 7" 04/20/2013
Toxic HolocaustChemistry Of ConsciousnessRelapse Records10/29/2013
Toxic HolocaustFrom The Ashes Of Nuclear DestructionRelapse Records04/02/2013
TRCNationNo Sleep Records09/24/2013
TriviumVengeance FallsRoadrunner Records10/15/2013
TurisasTurisas2013 DVDCentury Media Records09/03/2013
Twilight Of The GodsFire On The MountainSeason Of Mist10/01/2013
Twitching TonguesIn Love There Is No LawClosed Casket Activities08/20/2013
TyrValkyrjaMetal Blade Records09/17/2013
UlcerGrant Us DeathPulverised Records02/19/2013
UlcerateVermisRelapse Records09/17/2013
UlverMesse I.X-VI.XKscope10/08/2013
UnburiedMurder 101Selfmadegod Records01/08/2013
Uncle Acid & the DeadbeatsMind ControlMetal Blade Records05/14/2013
UnkindPelon JuuretRelapse Records07/09/2013
Valient ThorrOur Own MastersVolcom Enterainment06/18/2013
VannaPreying/Purging 7" 12/17/2013
VannaThe Few and the Far BetweenArtery Recordings03/13/2013
VastumPatricidal Lust20 Buck Spin11/12/2013
Vattnet ViskarSky SwallowerCentury Media Records09/03/2013
Vehement SerenadeThe Things That Tear You ApartFast Break! Entertainment04/23/2013
Venemous MaximusBeg Upon The LightNapalm Records07/09/2013
VesselsBlack TeethHotfoot Records02/12/2013
VildhjartaThousands Of EvilsCentury Media Records10/29/2013
VoicesFrom The Human Forest Create A Fuge Of Imaginary RainCandlelight Records06/04/2013
VoivodTarget EarthCentury Media Records01/22/2013
VreidWelcome FarewellIndie Recordings03/05/2013
Vulture IndustriesThe TowerSeason Of Mist10/01/2013
War GenerationStart Somewhere Never SurrenderRise Records09/03/2013
WarbeastDestroyHousecore Records04/02/2013
WarbringerIV: Empires CollapseCentury Media Records10/29/2013
WardrunaYggdrasilIndie Recordings04/02/2013
WartornIconic NightmareSouthern Lord Records01/22/2013
WatainThe Wild HuntCentury Media Records08/20/2013
We Came As RomansTracing Back RootsEqual Vision Records07/23/2013
Weekend NachosStillRelapse Records11/08/2013
White WizzardThe Devils CutEarache Records06/25/2013
WhoresCleanBrutal Panda Records10/29/2013
WindhandSomaRelapse Records09/17/2013
Winds of PlagueResistanceCentury Media Records10/29/2013
WitherscapeThe InheritanceCentury Media Records08/06/2013
Within The RuinsEliteeOne Music02/26/2013
WoeWithdrawalCandlelight Records04/23/2013
Wolves At The GateBack To SchoolSolid State Records10/01/2013
Wolves Like UsGet GoneProsthetic Records06/25/2013
WolveserpentPerigaea AntahkaranaRelapse Records09/17/2013
World CollapseInto The NightReaper Records10/15/2013
WormedExodromosWillowtip Records03/26/2013
WorthwhileCarry On KidInVogue Records07/16/2013
XerxesWould you understand?No Sleep Records06/18/2013
ZatokrevThe Bat The Wheel And The Long Road To NowhereCandlelight Records01/08/2013
ZodiacA Hiding PlaceProsthetic Records10/29/2013
ZombifiedCarnage Slaughter and DeathMetal Blade Records02/05/2013
ZozobraSavage MastersBrutal Panda Records04/02/2013