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2010 hardcore and metal releases

Metal albums released in 2010. Hardcore albums released in 2010. You get the idea.

10818.61Deathwish Inc.04/13/2010
1349DemonoirProsthetic Records04/27/2010
36 CrazyfistsCollisions And CastawaysFerret Music07/27/2010
A Bullet For Pretty BoyRevision:ReviseArtery Recordings11/09/2010
A Day To RememberWhat Separates Me From YouVictory Records11/16/2010
A Hero A FakeLet Oceans LieVictory Records01/19/2010
A Plea For PurgingThe Marriage Of Heaven And HellFacedown Records07/06/2010
Abigail WilliamsIn the Absence of LightCandlelight Records09/28/2010
AbscessDawn of InhumanityPeaceville Records03/09/2010
Acid Tigers/tDeathwish Inc.04/27/2010
AdaiFelo De SeCavity Records06/15/2010
AeonPath Of FireMetal Blade Records05/25/2010
AeternamDisciples Of The UnseenMetal Blade Records02/16/2010
AffianceNo Secret RevealedBullet Tooth11/30/2010
AficionadoWhen It Comes To CreationNo Sleep Records10/05/2010
After The BurialIn DreamsSumerian Records11/23/2010
AgallochMarrow Of The SpiritProfound Lore Records11/23/2010
AlesanaEmptinessFearless Records01/26/2010
AlexisonfireDog's BloodVagrant Records11/02/2010
All Out WarInto The Killing FieldsVictory Records08/31/2010
All That RemainsFor We Are ManyProsthetic Records10/12/2010
AllegaeonFragments of Form & FunctionMetal Blade Records07/20/2010
Alpha & OmegaLife Swallower6131 Records07/13/2010
And Hell Followed WithProprioceptionEarache Records06/29/2010
Angel EyesMidwesternThe Mylene Sheath07/13/2010
Angelus ApatridaClockworkCentury Media Records06/29/2010
AntagonistWorld In DeclineProsthetic Records08/17/2010
AntidoteThou Shalt Not Kill (reissue)Bridge Nine Records08/24/2010
Apocalyptica7th SymphonyZomba Label Group08/24/2010
Arma GathasDead To This WorldMetal Blade Records04/27/2010
ArsisStarve For The DevilNuclear Blast Records02/09/2010
As Hell RetreatsRevivalStrike First Records05/25/2010
As I Lay DyingThe Powerless RiseMetal Blade Records05/11/2010
As They SleepDynastySolid State Records11/23/2010
AshersKill Your MasterThorp Records07/13/2010
Asking AlexandriaLife Gone WildSumerian Records12/21/2010
At The GatesThe Flames of the End (DVD set)Earache Records02/22/2010
At The SoundawnShiftingLifeforce Records04/27/2010
AtheistJupiterSeason Of Mist11/09/2010
Attack Attack!s/tRise Records06/08/2010
AttilaRageArtery Recordings05/11/2010
August Burns RedHome CD/DVDSolid State Records09/28/2010
AutopsyThe Tomb WithinPeaceville Records10/05/2010
Baptized In Bloods/tRoadrunner Records10/19/2010
Barn BurnerBangersMetal Blade Records02/16/2010
Barren EarthCurse of the Red RiverPeaceville Records04/06/2010
Beneath The MassacreMarée NoireProsthetic Records09/14/2010
Beneath The SkyIn Loving MemoryVictory Records05/11/2010
Bison B.C.Dark AgesMetal Blade Records04/13/2010
Black AnvilTriumvirateRelapse Records09/28/2010
Black BreathHeavy BreathingSouthern Lord Records03/30/2010
Black TuskTaste The SinRelapse Records05/25/2010
Black Veil BridesWe Stitch These WoundsStandby Records07/20/2010
BlacklistedNo One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me (CD)Deathwish Inc.04/13/2010
Blatant DisarrayEveryone Dies AloneTribunal Records03/16/2010
Bleeding Throughs/tRise Records04/13/2010
Blind WitnessNightmare On Providence StreetMediaskare Records03/09/2010
Bonded By BloodExiled To EarthEarache Records08/10/2010
BorknagarUniversalThe End Records03/02/2010
Brain DrillQuantum CatastropheMetal Blade Records05/11/2010
Brian PosehnFart And Wiener JokesRelapse Records04/27/2010
Bring Me The HorizonThere Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It...Epitaph Records10/05/2010
Bro JoviSongs to Crush Beers to Vol.1.self-released11/16/2010
Bullet For My ValentineFeverZomba Label Group04/27/2010
Burning The MassesOffspring Of TimeMediaskare Records11/23/2010
Bury TomorrowPortraitsArtery Recordings03/16/2010
BuzzovenViolence From The VaultRelapse Records01/05/2010
Call To PreserveLife of DefianceFacedown Records06/08/2010
Cancer BatsBears, Mayors, Scraps And BonesGood Fight Music04/13/2010
Canvas SolarisIrradianceSensory Records07/13/2010
Cardiac ArrestHaven For The InsaneIbex Moon Records05/25/2010
CarnifexHell Chose MeVictory Records02/16/2010
CasanovaCasanova (Deluxe Edition)Tribunal Records04/13/2010
CasanovaOne Night Stand (Deluxe Edition)Divebomb Records10/14/2010
CathedralThe Guessing GameNuclear Blast Records04/20/2010
Cave InAnomalies Vol. 1.Hydra Head Records12/14/2010
Cave InPlanets of Old CD/DVDHydra Head Records01/26/2010
Cephalic CarnageMisled By CertaintyRelapse Records08/31/2010
CeremonyRohnert ParkBridge Nine Records06/08/2010
Charred Walls Of The Damneds/tMetal Blade Records02/02/2010
Chelsea GrinDesolation Of EdenRazor & Tie02/16/2010
ChimairaComing Alive DVD/CDFerret Music07/20/2010
Circa SurviveBlue Sky NoiseAtlantic Recordings04/20/2010
Circle Of AnimalsDestroy The LightRelapse Records10/12/2010
Circle Of Dead ChildrenPsalm of the Grand DestroyerWillowtip Records06/08/2010
Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest FireSongs of Ill Hope and DesperationProsthetic Records06/08/2010
ClutchLive At The 9:30 (2xDVD)Weathermaker Music05/11/2010
ColiseumHouse With A CurseTemporary Residence Ltd.06/22/2010
ColossusDrunk On BloodTribunal Records08/10/2010
Comeback KidSymptoms + CuresVictory Records08/31/2010
Complete FailureHeal No EvilRelapse Records08/31/2010
Conducting From The GraveRevenantsSumerian Records10/26/2010
ConfideRecoverTragic Hero Records05/18/2010
ContinuanceCarry OurselvesRise Records04/27/2010
Corpus ChristiA Feast For CrowsVictory Records07/06/2010
CoughRitual AbuseRelapse Records10/26/2010
Cradle of FilthDarkly Darkly Venus AversaNuclear Blast Records11/09/2010
Crime In StereoI Was Trying To Describe You To SomeoneBridge Nine Records02/23/2010
Cro-MagsAlpha OmegaDivebomb Records07/13/2010
CrucifiedColdest Winter; Darkest Reaches of The MindDouble or Nothing Records07/06/2010
Cruel HandCruel Hand EPBridge Nine Records06/29/2010
Cruel HandLock & KeyBridge Nine Records07/27/2010
CynicRe-TracedSeason Of Mist05/18/2010
Daaths/tCentury Media Records10/25/2010
Dark FortressYlemCentury Media Records02/09/2010
Dark FuneralAngelus Exuro pro EternusRegain Records01/26/2010
Dark TranquillityWe Are The VoidCentury Media Records03/09/2010
DarkthroneCircle The WagonsPeaceville Records04/06/2010
Daughterss/tHydra Head Records03/09/2010
Dawn Of AshesGenocide ChaptersMetal Blade Records09/14/2010
Death AngelRelentless RetributionNuclear Blast Records09/14/2010
Deception Of A GhostSpeak Up, You’re Not AloneBullet Tooth08/24/2010
Decrepit BirthPolarityNuclear Blast Records07/27/2010
Deez NutsThis One's For YouMediaskare Records10/26/2010
DefeatistSixth ExtinctionWillowtip Records02/23/2010
DeftonesDiamond EyesWarner Bros. Records05/04/2010
Demon HunterThe World Is A ThornSolid State Records03/09/2010
DependencyConvictedBlood & Ink Records05/25/2010
DestinityXI Reasons To SeeLifeforce Records03/30/2010
Dew-ScentedInvocationProsthetic Records05/25/2010
DiestoHigh As The SunSeventh Rule Recordings11/01/2010
Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabraNuclear Blast Records10/12/2010
Dir En GreyUroboros CD/DVDThe End Records05/25/2010
DonnybrookThe Beast InsideEulogy Recordings10/12/2010
Dr. AculaThe Social Event Of The CenturyUprising Records04/20/2010
DragonforceTwilight DementiaRoadrunner Records09/14/2010
DukatalonSaved By FearRelapse Records12/14/2010
Early GravesGonerIronclad Recordings06/22/2010
Early ManDeath PotionThe End Records07/20/2010
East Of The WallRessentimentTranslation Loss Records07/20/2010
EluveitieEverything Remains As It Never WasNuclear Blast Records03/09/2010
ElysiumInspired HatredTribunal Records05/11/2010
EnderThis Is RevengeEulogy Recordings07/20/2010
EnergyWalk Into The Fire EPBridge Nine Records10/26/2010
EnslavedAxioma Ethica OdiniNuclear Blast Records09/28/2010
EnvyRecitationTemporary Residence Ltd.10/12/2010
EquilibriumRekreaturNuclear Blast Records06/18/2010
Every Time I DieShit Happens: The Series?Epitaph Records10/26/2010
ExodusExhibit B: The Human ConditionNuclear Blast Records05/18/2010
FarAt Night We LiveVagrant Records05/25/2010
Fatal EmbraceThe Empires Of HumanityMetal Blade Records06/08/2010
Father BefouledMorbid Destitution of CovenantRelapse Records09/14/2010
FinntrollNifelvindCentury Media Records03/09/2010
First BloodSilence Is BetrayalBullet Tooth11/09/2010
Fleshgod ApocalypseMafiaWillowtip Records06/08/2010
FleshwroughtDementia/DyslexiaMetal Blade Records08/03/2010
For TodayBreakerFacedown Records08/31/2010
ForbiddenOmega WaveNuclear Blast Records10/26/2010
Foxy Shazams/tWarner Bros. Records04/13/2010
FreyaAll Hail The EndVictory Records01/19/2010
From First To LastThrone to the WolvesRise Records03/16/2010
Fuck The FactsDisgorge Mexico: The DVDself-released05/11/2010
GhostOpus EponymousRise Above Records10/18/2010
Gifts From Enolas/tThe Mylene Sheath07/13/2010
God DethronedUnder The Sign Of The Iron CrossMetal Blade Records11/23/2010
GodfleshStreetcleaner (reissue)Earache Records08/10/2010
GraveBurial GroundRegain Records06/14/2010
Grave MakerGhosts Among MenVictory Records06/22/2010
GriefCome To Grief (reissue)Willowtip Records07/13/2010
GwarBloody Pit of HorrorMetal Blade Records11/09/2010
GypsyhawkPatience and PerseveranceCreator Destructor Records07/06/2010
Harvey MilkA Small Turn of Human KindnessHydra Head Records05/18/2010
Harvey Milks/tHydra Head Records01/26/2010
Haste The DayAttack Of The Wolf KingSolid State Records06/29/2010
Haste The DayAttack of the Wolf KingSolid State Records06/29/2010
Hate Your GutsBastard's DiseaseEulogy Recordings07/22/2010
Have Heart10.17.09Bridge Nine Records11/23/2010
HeartsoundsUntil We SurrenderEpitaph Records06/15/2010
Heaven Shall BurnInvictusCentury Media Records06/08/2010
Hell WithinGod Grant Me VengeanceThorp Records07/13/2010
Hero DestroyedThroesRelapse Records08/31/2010
High On FireSnakes for the DivineeOne Music02/23/2010
Holy GrailCrisis In UtopiaProsthetic Records10/26/2010
HorsebackThe Invisible MountainRelapse Records08/03/2010
Hour Of The WolfDecompositions Volume 1Think Fast! Records11/09/2010
HowlFull of HellRelapse Records05/11/2010
I Am AbominationTo Our ForefathersGood Fight Music05/11/2010
I Declare WarMalevolenceArtery Recordings06/01/2010
I The BreatherThese Are My SinsSumerian Records12/07/2010
Iced EarthBox of the WickedSPV/Steamhammer05/18/2010
IhsahnAfterCandlelight Records01/26/2010
Ill NinoDead New WorldVictory Records10/26/2010
ImmolationMajesty and DecayNuclear Blast Records03/09/2010
Impending DoomThere Will Be ViolenceFacedown Records07/20/2010
In Fear And FaithImperialRise Records06/15/2010
In MourningMonolithPulverised Records02/16/2010
In the Midst of LionsThe Heart Of ManFacedown Records08/03/2010
InfanticideFrom Our Cold, Dead HandsWillowtip Records02/09/2010
InfernaeonGenesis To NemesisProsthetic Records08/31/2010
Insidious DiseaseShadowcastCentury Media Records07/27/2010
IntegrityThe Blackest CurseDeathwish Inc.05/27/2010
IntermentInto The Crypts Of BlasphemyPulverised Records08/31/2010
IntronautValley of SmokeCentury Media Records10/12/2010
Ion Dissonance CursedCentury Media Records08/24/2010
Isis / Melvinssplit 12"Hydra Head Records07/13/2010
IstappBlekingeMetal Blade Records06/08/2010
JesuHeart Ache & DethronedHydra Head Records11/16/2010
JuciferThroned In Bloodself-released04/06/2010
Karma To BurnAppalachian IncantationNapalm Records05/11/2010
KataklysmHeaven’s VenomNuclear Blast Records08/24/2010
Kayo DotCoyoteHydra Head Records04/20/2010
Keep Of KalessinReptilianNuclear Blast Records06/08/2010
Kid LibertyFight With Your FistsBullet Tooth08/10/2010
Kill The ClientSet For ExtinctionRelapse Records10/26/2010
Killing The DreamLucky MeDeathwish Inc.11/23/2010
Killing TimeThree Steps BackDead City Records02/09/2010
King ConquerAmerica's Most HauntedMediaskare Records11/23/2010
Kingdom Of SorrowBehind The Blackest TearsRelapse Records06/08/2010
Kings Destroys/t 7"self-released05/25/2010
Knights Of The AbyssThe Culling of WolvesFerret Music08/17/2010
Knock 'Em DeadEndless StruggleEulogy Recordings02/02/2010
KnutWonderHydra Head Records06/29/2010
KonghShadows Of The ShapelessSeventh Rule Recordings03/30/2010
KornKorn III: Remember Who You AreRoadrunner Records07/13/2010
KriegThe IsolationistCandlelight Records10/26/2010
KrugerFor Death, Glory and the End of the WorldListenable Records07/13/2010
KylesaSpiral ShadowSeason Of Mist10/26/2010
Lair Of The MinotaurEvil PowerSouthern Lord Records04/13/2010
Landmine MarathonSovereign DescentProsthetic Records03/16/2010
LaviniaThere Is Light Between UsThe Mylene Sheath11/16/2010
LegendValedictionRise Records05/25/2010
LemuriaChautauqua CountyBridge Nine Records11/23/2010
Leng Tch'eHypomanicSeason Of Mist06/08/2010
letlive.Fake HistoryTragic Hero Records04/13/2010
Letter To The ExilesThe Shadow LineStrike First Records04/13/2010
Like Moths To FlamesSweet TalkerRise Records12/14/2010
Line Of FireMomentumTribunal Records08/10/2010
Living SacrificeThe Infinite OrderSolid State Records01/26/2010
MadballEmpireGood Fight Music10/12/2010
Make Do And MendEnd Measured MilePanic Records10/26/2010
MantricThe DescentProsthetic Records04/27/2010
MasakariThe Prophet FeedsSouthern Lord Records06/08/2010
MastodonJonah Hex EPWarner Bros. Records06/29/2010
MelvinsThe Bride Screamed MurderIpecac Recordings06/01/2010
Memphis May FireBetween the LiesBullet Tooth11/02/2010
MeshuggahAlive CD/DVDNuclear Blast Records02/09/2010
MessengersAnthemsStrike First Records11/09/2010
Miles AwayEndless RoadsResist Records08/20/2010
MiserationThe Mirroring ShadowLifeforce Records01/19/2010
Misery IndexHeirs To ThieveryRelapse Records05/11/2010
Miss May IMonumentRise Records08/17/2010
Monument To Thievess/tNo Sleep Records03/30/2010
Mose GiganticusGift HorseRelapse Records07/20/2010
Motionless In WhiteCreaturesFearless Records10/12/2010
Mouth Of The ArchitectThe Violence BeneathTranslation Loss Records04/27/2010
Mozart SeasonNightmaresEqual Vision Records07/20/2010
Mr. DeathDeath Suits YouNapalm Records09/27/2010
Murder Death KillFuck With Us And Find OutMediaskare Records03/09/2010
Mutiny Withins/tRoadrunner Records02/23/2010
My City BurningLone WolvesI Scream Records08/23/2010
My EpicYetFacedown Records07/06/2010
My Ticket HomeThe Opportunity To BeRise Records11/09/2010
Mychildren MybrideLost BoySolid State Records06/08/2010
NachtmystiumAddicts: Black Meddle Part 2Century Media Records06/08/2010
NailsUnsilent DeathSix Feet Under Records03/12/2010
NameInternet Killed The Audio StarLifeforce Records02/16/2010
NegligenceCoordinates of ConfusionMetal Blade Records10/12/2010
Neon BastardMeikhausRobotic Empire09/07/2010
Nero OrderThe Towerself-released07/20/2010
NevermoreThe Obsidian ConspiracyCentury Media Records06/08/2010
Night HorsePerdition HymnsTee Pee Records08/03/2010
NoctiferiaDeath CultureListenable Records07/13/2010
Norma JeanMeridionalRazor & Tie07/13/2010
OceanoContagionEarache Records11/09/2010
Of Mice & Mens/tRise Records03/09/2010
Of Salt and SwineLights OutInnerstrength Records04/27/2010
Onward To OlympasThis World Is Not My HomeFacedown Records01/19/2010
OracleDesolate Kings: The Oracle AnthologyTribunal Records04/13/2010
OrbsAsleep Next to ScienceEqual Vision Records08/17/2010
Orphaned LandThe Never Ending Way of ORwarriORCentury Media Records02/09/2010
Ov HellThe Underworld RegimeProsthetic Records04/13/2010
OverkillIronboundeOne Music02/09/2010
PainCynic ParadiseNuclear Blast Records06/08/2010
Parkway DriveDeep BlueEpitaph Records06/29/2010
Past LivesTapestry of WebsSuicide Squeeze Records02/23/2010
PathologyLegacy Of The AncientsVictory Records07/06/2010
Peripherys/tSumerian Records04/20/2010
PhobiaUnrelentingRelapse Records11/23/2010
PiebaldVolume IRise Records04/27/2010
PiebaldVolume IIRise Records05/25/2010
PiebaldVolume IIIRise Records07/20/2010
Pierce The VeilSelfish MachinesEqual Vision Records06/22/2010
Portugal. The ManAmerican GhettoEqual Vision Records03/02/2010
PowerpointMission StatementThorp Records07/13/2010
PriestessPrior to the FireTee Pee Records02/02/2010
Pro-PainAbsolute PowerRegain Records09/28/2010
Quest For FireLights from ParadiseTee Pee Records08/31/2010
RaunchyA Discord ElectricLifeforce Records10/12/2010
RefusedThe Shape of Punk to Come (Deluxe Version)Epitaph Records06/08/2010
ReignitionThe Epitome of Free WillThink Fast! Records05/25/2010
Return To EarthAutomataMetal Blade Records08/17/2010
RhinocerosThey Are Coming For MeEulogy Recordings02/02/2010
RosalineThe Vitality TheoryGood Fight Music07/20/2010
RosettaA Determinism of MoralityTranslation Loss Records05/25/2010
Rotten SoundNapalmRelapse Records03/30/2010
Run With The Hunteds/tPanic Records11/23/2010
SamaelAntigodNuclear Blast Records11/23/2010
SayyadinaThe Great Northern RevisitedRelapse Records03/16/2010
Scarlett O'Haras/tRise Records09/14/2010
Sea of TreacheryWonderlandBlkheart Group12/14/2010
SeahavenGhostCreator Destructor Records05/25/2010
Sick Of It AllBased On A True StoryCentury Media Records04/20/2010
SighScenes From HellThe End Records01/19/2010
SilversteinDecade: Live At The El Mocambo CD/DVDVictory Records06/08/2010
SilversteinTransitionsHopeless Records12/07/2010
Sister SinTrue Sound Of The UndergroundVictory Records06/22/2010
Six Feet UnderGraveyard Classics 3Metal Blade Records01/19/2010
Sky Eats AirplaneThe Sound Of SymmetryEqual Vision Records04/13/2010
Society's PlagueThe Human The CanvasStand and Deliver Records06/29/2010
SoilworkThe Panic BroadcastNuclear Blast Records07/13/2010
Son of AureliusThe Farthest ReachesGood Fight Music04/13/2010
Son of Aurelius The Farthest Reaches "Deluxe Edition"Good Fight Music07/06/2010
Sons of AzraelScouting the BoneyardIronclad Recordings01/19/2010
Stand UnitedAdherenceEulogy Recordings09/28/2010
StarkweatherThis Sheltering NightDeathwish Inc.05/27/2010
Stay Ahead Of The WeatherWe Better Get Goin' If We're GonnaNo Sleep Records12/07/2010
StenchIn PutrescenceNapalm Records11/02/2010
Stephen BrodskyHere's to the FutureHydra Head Records03/23/2010
Stick To Your GunsThe Hope DivisionSumerian Records06/01/2010
SuffokateNo Mercy, No ForgivenessMediaskare Records02/23/2010
Suicide AngelsSanctify The DarknessSonic Unyon Recording Company05/18/2010
SybreedThe Pulse of AwakeningListenable Records07/13/2010
System DivideConscious SedationMetal Blade Records09/14/2010
TaprootPlead The FifthVictory Records05/11/2010
Ten After TwoIf You Don't FirstRise Records11/09/2010
TerrorKeepers of The FaithCentury Media Records09/14/2010
TesseracTConcealing FateCentury Media Records10/12/2010
The Abominable Iron SlothThe ID Will OvercomeBlack Market Activities04/27/2010
The AbsenceEnemy UnboundMetal Blade Records09/14/2010
The Acacia StrainThe Most Known Unknown DVDProsthetic Records02/16/2010
The Acacia StrainWormwoodProsthetic Records07/20/2010
The Atlas MothThe One Amongst the Weed FieldsCandlelight Records09/28/2010
The Austerity ProgramBacksliders and Apostates Will BurnHydra Head Records05/04/2010
The Autumn Offerings/tVictory Records08/31/2010
The Binary CodePriest EPself-released08/10/2010
The BledHeat FetishRise Records03/09/2010
The Breathing ProcessOdyssey (Un)deadCandlelight Records03/09/2010
The BurialThe WinepressStrike First Records08/17/2010
The ChariotLong LiveGood Fight Music11/23/2010
The ContortionistExoplanetGood Fight Music08/31/2010
The CrinnDreaming SaturnNuclear Blast Records04/20/2010
The CrownDoomsday KingCentury Media Records10/12/2010
The Damned ThingsIroniclastIsland Records12/14/2010
The Devil Wears PradaZombieFerret Music08/24/2010
The Dillinger Escape PlanOption ParalysisSeason Of Mist03/23/2010
The F*cking WrathTerra FireTee Pee Records10/19/2010
The Funeral PyreVultures At DawnProsthetic Records06/08/2010
The Ghost InsideReturnersMediaskare Records06/08/2010
The Great American BeastDomestic BloodBullet Tooth09/07/2010
The Great American BeastThe Modern GentlemanBullet Tooth06/22/2010
The HauntedRoadkill: On the Road With the Haunted (CD/DVD)Century Media Records06/08/2010
The High ConfessionsTurning Lead Into Gold With The High ConfessionsRelapse Records07/20/2010
The Kings Of Nuthin'Old Habits Die HardSailor's Grave Records05/11/2010
The Last FelonyToo Many HumansLifeforce Records08/17/2010
The Main Street GospelLove Will Have Her RevengeTee Pee Records06/29/2010
The OceanAnthropocentricMetal Blade Records11/09/2010
The OceanHeliocentricMetal Blade Records04/13/2010
The Red ShoreThe Avarice Of ManMediaskare Records10/26/2010
The SecretSolve Et CoagulaSouthern Lord Records09/28/2010
The ShowdownBlood In The GearsSolid State Records08/24/2010
The SleepingThe Big DeepVictory Records09/28/2010
The SmashupThe Sea And The Serpents BeneathEulogy Recordings03/16/2010
The SwordWarp RidersKemado Records08/24/2010
The Tired & TrueScenariosEulogy Recordings07/06/2010
The Tony Danza Tapdance ExtravaganzaDanza IIIBlack Market Activities07/06/2010
The Word AliveDeceiverFearless Records08/31/2010
This Day Will TellToo True To Be GoodIndianola Records10/05/2010
This Is HellWeight of the WorldRise Records06/08/2010
This Or The ApocalypseHaunt What’s LeftGood Fight Music06/22/2010
This Time It's WarTerror Plotsself-released11/12/2010
Through The Eyes Of The DeadSkepsisProsthetic Records02/02/2010
Tides of ManDreamhouseRise Records09/14/2010
TitanSweet DreamsRelapse Records10/12/2010
To Speak Of WolvesMyself < Letting GoSolid State Records05/18/2010
TombsFear Is The WeaponRelapse Records11/09/2010
TorcheSongs For SinglesHydra Head Records09/21/2010
Torche / BorisChapter Ahead Being FakeHydra Head Records07/13/2010
Trash TalkEyes & Ninesself-released06/08/2010
Trigger The BloodshedDegenerateMetal Blade Records05/25/2010
TriptykonEparistera DaimonesCentury Media Records03/23/2010
TriptykonShatterCentury Media Records10/25/2010
Tub RingSecret HandshakesThe End Records08/31/2010
U.S. ChristmasRun Thick In The NightNeurot Recordings09/20/2010
UnderdogMatchlessBridge Nine Records05/18/2010
UnderoathDisambiguationSolid State Records11/09/2010
Unearthly TranceVRelapse Records09/28/2010
Upon A Burning BodyThe World Is OursSumerian Records04/06/2010
V/APast PresentRevelation Records11/09/2010
VanisherThe History Of SaintsTribunal Records09/14/2010
VannaThe Honest Hearts EPArtery Recordings10/12/2010
Various ArtistsThis Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2Relapse Records06/22/2010
Veil Of Maya[id]Sumerian Records04/06/2010
Victory In NumbersKilling. Mourning. Love.Bullet Tooth09/21/2010
Viral Load / Putrid Pilesplit CDRelapse Records11/09/2010
VolumesThe Concept Of DreamingMediaskare Records11/16/2010
Waking The CadaverBeyond Cops. Beyond God.Candlelight Records08/10/2010
War From A Harlot's MouthMMXLifeforce Records11/09/2010
War From A Harlots Mouth / Burning SkiessplitLifeforce Records07/20/2010
War Of AgesEternalFacedown Records04/13/2010
WatainLawless DarknessSeason Of Mist06/08/2010
Where The Ocean Meets The SkyEmpiresCI Records10/12/2010
While She SleepsThe North Stands for NothingGood Fight Music11/23/2010
WhitechapelA New Era of CorruptionMetal Blade Records06/08/2010
WidowMidnight Strikes...Twice! (Deluxe Edition)Tribunal Records05/11/2010
Wild Orchid ChildrenThe Wild Orchid Children Are Alexander SupertrampEqual Vision Records11/09/2010
WildildlifeGive In To LiveVolcom Enterainment10/26/2010
WitcheryWitchkriegCentury Media Records06/29/2010
WitheredDualitasProsthetic Records10/26/2010
Within The RuinsInvadeVictory Records08/31/2010
WoeQuietly, UndramaticallyCandlelight Records10/12/2010
Woe Of TyrantsThrenodyMetal Blade Records04/13/2010
Woe, Is MeNumber(s)Rise Records08/31/2010
WolvhammerBlack Marketeers of WWIIIInit Records07/13/2010
WormrotAbuseEarache Records06/08/2010
Wrath And Raptures/tTragic Hero Records02/16/2010
Wrench In The WorksDecrease/IncreaseFacedown Records03/16/2010
WretchedBeyond The GateVictory Records08/03/2010
Xasthur2005 Demo CD/12"Hydra Head Records02/23/2010
YakuzaOf Seismic ConsequenceProfound Lore Records06/22/2010
YearsSemblanceMagic Bullet Records11/16/2010
Your DemiseThe Kids We Used To Be...Rise Records10/25/2010
Your MemorialAtonementFacedown Records11/23/2010
ZoroasterMatadoreOne Music07/13/2010