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2009 hardcore and metal releases

Please note, January 2009 releases are not currently listed.

Metal albums released in 2009. Hardcore albums released in 2009. You get the idea.

3RevisionsMetal Blade Records10/27/2009
3 Inches Of BloodHere Waits Thy DoomCentury Media Records09/08/2009
A Day To RememberHomesickVictory Records02/03/2009
A Plea For PurgingDepravityFacedown Records03/03/2009
A Storm Of LightForgive Us Our TrespassesNeurot Recordings09/22/2009
A Textbook TragedyRain City State Of MindDistort Entertainment06/23/2009
AbolishBeyond RedemptionStillborn Records10/20/2009
AbraxasThe Wretched ExistenceRelapse Records12/15/2009
Absus/tCandlelight Records02/24/2009
AcheronThe Final Conflict: Last Days Of GodIbex Moon Records11/24/2009
AdventNaked and ColdSolid State Records09/08/2009
Against Me!The Original CowboyFat Wreck Chords07/07/2009
Agoraphobic NosebleedAgorapocalypseRelapse Records04/14/2009
AidenKnivesVictory Records05/12/2009
AlexisonfireOld Crows/Young CardinalsVagrant Records06/23/2009
American MeSiberian Nightmare MachineRise Records11/10/2009
American SteelDear Friends and Gentle HeartsFat Wreck Chords07/21/2009
Amon AmarthOnce Sent From The Golden Hall (reissue)Metal Blade Records03/03/2009
Anaal NathrakhIn The Constellation Of The Black WidowCandlelight Records07/28/2009
AncestorsOf Sound MindTee Pee Records10/06/2009
Animals As Leaderss/tProsthetic Records04/28/2009
AnomiaESMHold True Recordings07/28/2009
Another BreathThe God ComplexPanic Records12/22/2009
AntigamaWarningRelapse Records03/03/2009
Arch EnemyRoot of All EvilCentury Media Records10/06/2009
ArchitectsHollow CrownCentury Media Records02/10/2009
Arise and RuinNight Storms HailfireVictory Records02/17/2009
ArkaeaYears In The DarknesseOne Music05/17/2009
Armed For ApocalypseDefeatIronclad Recordings09/15/2009
ArmsBendBacks/tTrustkill Records11/10/2009
Arsonists Get All the GirlsPortalsCentury Media Records07/14/2009
As Cities BurnHell or High WaterSolid State Records04/21/2009
As I Lay DyingThis Is Who We Are DVDMetal Blade Records04/14/2009
AsecretdeathasecretdeathTribunal Records03/10/2009
AtheistUnquestionable Presence: Live At WackenRelapse Records07/21/2009
Atreyu Congregation Of The DamnedHollywood Records10/27/2009
AuguryFragmentary EvidenceNuclear Blast Records08/11/2009
August Burns Red Lost Messengers: The OuttakesSolid State Records02/24/2009
August Burns RedConstellationsSolid State Records07/14/2009
Austrian Death MachineDouble BrutalMetal Blade Records09/29/2009
AutumnAltitudeMetal Blade Records03/03/2009
Awaken DemonsThe MirrorTrustkill Records08/25/2009
BaneLos Angeles 3:58 PM6131 Records12/08/2009
BaronessBlue RecordRelapse Records10/13/2009
BattlefieldsThresholds Of ImbalanceTranslation Loss Records03/31/2009
Before There Was RosalynThe Fuhrer: An Allegory Of A History Of DeceptionVictory Records10/27/2009
BehemothEvangelionMetal Blade Records08/11/2009
BelieverGabrielMetal Blade Records03/17/2009
BelphegorWalpurgis Rites: HexenwahnNuclear Blast Records10/20/2009
BergravenTill Makabert VäsenHydra Head Records06/23/2009
Between The Buried And MeThe Great MisdirectVictory Records10/27/2009
Big BusinessMind The DriftHydra Head Records05/12/2009
Birds Of PreyThe Hell PreacherRelapse Records04/28/2009
Black AnvilTime Insults the MindRelapse Records09/01/2009
BlessthefallWitnessFearless Records10/06/2009
Blood Red ThroneSouls Of DamnationEarache Records06/30/2009
BloodhorseHorizoner - Digipack & 2xLP w/ Etching Translation Loss Records05/26/2009
Bloody PandaSummonProfound Lore Records08/11/2009
Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The StarsCandlelight Records02/23/2009
BodychokeCold River Songs (reissue)Relapse Records02/03/2009
Born Of OsirisA Higher PlaceSumerian Records07/07/2009
Broadcast The NightmareTwenty TwelveSumerian Records04/14/2009
Brutal TruthEvolution Through RevolutionRelapse Records04/14/2009
Burden Of A DayOneOneThousandRise Records05/12/2009
Buried InsideSpoils Of FailureRelapse Records03/03/2009
Burning Empiress/t 7"FC Records11/10/2009
Burning HumanResurrection Through FireeOne Music04/21/2009
Burnt By The SunHeart Of DarknessRelapse Records08/18/2009
Bury Your DeadIt's Nothing PersonalVictory Records05/26/2009
Byzantines/t (reissue)Crash Music03/10/2009
CalibanSay Hello to TragedyCentury Media Records08/25/2009
CandlemassDeath Magic DoomNuclear Blast Records05/05/2009
Cannibal CorpseEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade Records02/03/2009
Cave InPlanets of OldHydra Head Records07/28/2009
ChimairaThe InfectionFerret Music04/21/2009
ChordFloraNeurot Recordings05/12/2009
Church Of MiseryHouses of the UnholyRise Above Records07/07/2009
Circle of ContemptArtifacts In MotionSumerian Records11/24/2009
City of ShipsLook What God Did To UsTranslation Loss Records07/21/2009
ClutchStrange Cousins From the WestWeathermaker Music07/14/2009
COAPain MachinesDouble or Nothing Records07/21/2009
CoalesceOXRelapse Records06/09/2009
Conducting From The GraveWhen Legends Become DustSumerian Records02/17/2009
ConfideShout the TruthTragic Hero Records08/25/2009
ConvergeAxe To FallEpitaph Records10/20/2009
Corpus ChristiThe Darker Shades of WhiteVictory Records02/17/2009
CreaturesI, LuciferEulogy Recordings08/04/2009
Cult Of LunaFire Was Born DVDEarache Records04/28/2009
CultedBelow The Thunders Of The Upper DeepRelapse Records07/21/2009
DaathThe ConcealersCentury Media Records04/21/2009
Dance Gavin DanceHappinessRise Records06/09/2009
Darkest HourThe Eternal ReturnVictory Records06/23/2009
Dead and DivineThe Machines We AreDistort Entertainment08/04/2009
Death Before DishonorBetter Ways to DieBridge Nine Records07/28/2009
Death By StereoDeath Is My Only FriendUniversal Music Group07/07/2009
Death ThreatLost At SeaReaper Records06/30/2009
DefeaterTravelsBridge Nine Records02/24/2009
Despised IconDay Of MourningCentury Media Records09/22/2009
Despised IconMontreal Assult DVDCentury Media Records03/24/2009
Destrophys/tVictory Records10/27/2009
Destruction Of A RoseSuspended In TimeStandby Records07/21/2009
Devin Townsend ProjectAddictedInsideOut Music11/17/2009
Dir En GreyShinkiba DVDThe End Records04/28/2009
Dirge WithinForce Fed LieseOne Music09/01/2009
Divine HeresyBringer Of PlaguesCentury Media Records07/28/2009
DominanceResurrectedTribunal Records10/13/2009
DoomridersDarkness Come AliveDeathwish Inc.09/29/2009
DoomsdayLay Down And BurnEulogy Recordings03/31/2009
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver LiningsRoadrunner Records06/23/2009
DredgThe Pariah, the Parrot, the DelusionWarner Bros. Records06/09/2009
Dying FetusDescend Into DepravityRelapse Records09/15/2009
DysrhythmiaPsychic MapsRelapse Records07/07/2009
Earth CrisisTo The DeathCentury Media Records05/05/2009
El CreepoEl Creepo!Rotten Records09/01/2009
EmmureFelonyVictory Records08/18/2009
EndwellConsequencesMediaskare Records04/21/2009
Eryn Non DaeHydra LernaiaMetal Blade Records06/23/2009
Evergreen TerraceAlmost HomeMetal Blade Records09/29/2009
Every Time I DieNew Junk AestheticEpitaph Records09/15/2009
EvileInfected NationsEarache Records09/22/2009
Ex DeoRomulusNuclear Blast Records06/30/2009
FatalistThe Depths of InhumanityIbex Moon Records11/24/2009
Fell SilentThe Hidden WordsSumerian Records03/03/2009
Fight AmpManners and PraiseTranslation Loss Records10/27/2009
FireworksAll I Have To Offer Is My Own ConfusionTriple Crown Records03/24/2009
For The Fallen DreamsRelentlessRise Records07/21/2009
For TodayPortraitsFacedown Records06/09/2009
Fu ManchuSigns of Infinite PowerCentury Media Records10/20/2009
Fuck The FactsDisgorge Mexico LPStillborn Records06/09/2009
GallowsGrey BritainWarner Bros. Records05/05/2009
GazaHe Is Never Coming BackBlack Market Activities11/10/2009
General SurgeryCorpus In ExtremisListenable Records04/07/2009
GlassjawEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence (reissue)Roadrunner Records03/24/2009
Gnaw Their TonguesAll The Dread Magnificence Of PerversityCrucial Blast Records09/08/2009
GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of GodMetal Blade Records06/23/2009
God DethronedPassiondaleMetal Blade Records04/28/2009
God ForbidEarthsbloodCentury Media Records02/24/2009
Goes CubeAnother Day Has PassedThe End Records05/12/2009
GorgorothQuantos Possunt ad Satanitatem TrahuntRegain Records11/11/2009
Graf OrlockDestination Time TodayLevel Plane Records04/14/2009
Graves Of ValorSalarian GateRelapse Records05/26/2009
Green JellyMusick to Insult Your Intelligence ByRotten Records09/29/2009
GreymachineDisconnectedHydra Head Records08/04/2009
Grief Of WarWorshipProsthetic Records07/07/2009
Gwen StacyA DialogueSolid State Records10/20/2009
HackneyedBurn After ReapingNuclear Blast Records08/14/2009
Hand To HandDesign The End / Follow The HorizonLifeforce Records05/26/2009
HandsCreatorFacedown Records07/21/2009
HatebreedFor The LionseOne Music05/05/2009
Hatebreeds/teOne Music09/29/2009
He Is LegendIt Hates YouTragic Hero Records07/21/2009
HeartsoundsUntil We SurrenderCreator Destructor Records08/25/2009
HoodsPit BeastI Scream Records06/09/2009
Horse The BandDesperate LivingVagrant Records10/06/2009
Howls/t EPRelapse Records07/21/2009
HullSole LordThe End Records05/26/2009
HypocrisyA Taste of Extreme DivinityNuclear Blast Records11/03/2009
I See Stars3DSumerian Records04/14/2009
IdeamenMay You Live In Interesting TimesRotten Records10/27/2009
ImmortalAll Shall FallNuclear Blast Records10/06/2009
Impending DoomThe Serpent ServantFacedown Records03/31/2009
In The Midst Of LionsOut Of DarknessStrike First Records05/26/2009
InciteSlaughterI Scream Records10/20/2009
Inevitable EndThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records03/17/2009
InferiThe End Of An EraTribunal Records06/23/2009
Inhale ExhaleBury Me AliveSolid State Records10/06/2009
Insect WarfareWorld ExterminationEarache Records03/02/2009
InsomniumAcross the DarkCandlelight Records09/07/2009
Into The MoatThe CampaignMetal Blade Records03/17/2009
IrepressSol Eye Sea ITranslation Loss Records02/17/2009
Iron AgeThe Sleeping EyeTee Pee Records08/04/2009
Iron ThronesVisions Of LightTribunal Records06/23/2009
IsisWavering RadiantIpecac Recordings05/05/2009
It Dies TodayLividityTrustkill Records09/15/2009
It PrevailsCapture & EmbraceRain City Records02/17/2009
JavelinaBeasts Among SheepTranslation Loss Records09/29/2009
Job For A CowboyRuinationMetal Blade Records07/07/2009
JodisSecret HouseHydra Head Records10/27/2009
Jungle RotWhat Horro​rs AwaitNapalm Records05/19/2009
Karl SandersSaurian ExorcismsThe End Records04/14/2009
KatatoniaNight is the New DayPeaceville Records11/10/2009
KeelhaulKeelhaul's Triumphant Return to ObscurityHydra Head Records08/18/2009
KhanateClean Hands Go FoulHydra Head Records05/26/2009
Kids Like UsThe GameEulogy Recordings08/18/2009
Killswitch Engages/tRoadrunner Records06/30/2009
KillwhitneydeadNot Even God Can Save You Now: A Trilogy Of Terror (BOX SET)Tribunal Records06/05/2009
KingdomThe Rage That GuidesEulogy Recordings03/31/2009
KittieIn The BlackeOne Music09/15/2009
Knives Exchanging HandsThe War Of Speech, The Weapon Of WordsTragic Hero Records07/21/2009
KylesaStatic TensionsProsthetic Records03/17/2009
Lacuna CoilShallow LifeCentury Media Records04/21/2009
Lamb Of GodWrathEpic Records02/24/2009
Landmine MarathonRusted Eyes Awake (reissue)Prosthetic Records08/18/2009
Lazarus A.D.The OnslaughtMetal Blade Records03/03/2009
Lewd ActsBlack Eye BluesDeathwish Inc.09/01/2009
Living HellOblivionEulogy Recordings10/13/2009
Lord MantisSpawning The NephilimSeventh Rule Recordings04/28/2009
LoveHateHeroAmerica UnderwaterFerret Music09/29/2009
Luna MortisThe AbsenceCentury Media Records02/10/2009
Lye By MistakeFea JurBlack Market Activities10/13/2009
MadLoveWhite With FoamIpecac Recordings09/29/2009
Make Do And MendBodies Of WaterPanic Records03/31/2009
MaleficeDawn of ReprisalMetal Blade Records03/03/2009
Mammoth GrinderExtinction of HumanityRelapse Records12/08/2009
Man Must DieNo Tolerance For ImperfectionRelapse Records08/04/2009
MastodonCrack The SkyeWarner Bros. Records03/24/2009
Maylene And The Sons Of DisasterIIIFerret Music07/07/2009
MegadethEndgameRoadrunner Records09/15/2009
MelvinsChicken Switch (remix CD)9/29/20Ipecac Recordings09/29/2009
Memphis May FireI Am Your ViolinTrustkill Records04/21/2009
Memphis May FireSleepwalkingTrustkill Records07/21/2009
mewithoutYouIt's All Crazy!Tooth & Nail Records05/19/2009
MillionsGather ScatterSeventh Rule Recordings03/31/2009
MinskWith Echoes In The Movement Of StoneRelapse Records05/26/2009
Minus The BearAcoustics EPSuicide Squeeze Records02/17/2009
Miss May IApologies Are For The WeakRise Records06/23/2009
Molotov SolutionThe HarbingerMetal Blade Records06/09/2009
MOSSTombs of the Blind DruggedRise Above Records07/07/2009
MumakilBehold The FailureRelapse Records03/31/2009
Municipal WasteMassive AggressiveEarache Records08/25/2009
NahemaHA New ConstellationLifeforce Records06/23/2009
NarrowsNew DistanceDeathwish Inc.05/12/2009
Nations AfireThe UprisingThink Fast! Records06/09/2009
NeaeraOmnicide-Creation UnleashedMetal Blade Records05/26/2009
NebulaHeavy PsychTee Pee Records07/07/2009
New Found GloryNot Without A Fight LPBridge Nine Records03/10/2009
NightrageWearing A Martyr's CrownLifeforce Records08/04/2009
NihillGrondHydra Head Records10/13/2009
NihillKrachHydra Head Records09/15/2009
Nirvana 2002Recordings 89-91Relapse Records11/10/2009
ObituaryDarkest DayCandlelight Records06/30/2009
ObscuraCosmogenesisRelapse Records02/17/2009
OceanoDepthsEarache Records04/07/2009
Oh, SleeperSon Of The MorningSolid State Records08/25/2009
Old Man's ChildSlaves of The WorldCentury Media Records05/19/2009
Outbreaks/tThink Fast! Records11/10/2009
OutbreakWork To DeathThink Fast! Records06/09/2009
OvermarsBorn AgainCrucial Blast Records06/09/2009
OxbowFuckfest (reissue)Hydra Head Records09/15/2009
Paint It BlackAmnesiaBridge Nine Records06/16/2009
Paint It BlackSurrender 7"Fat Wreck Chords08/18/2009
Paradise LostFaith Divides Us Deaths UnitesCentury Media Records10/06/2009
PariaThe Barnacle CordiousBlack Market Activities03/17/2009
PelicanEphemeralSouthern Lord Records06/04/2009
PelicanWhat We All Come To NeedSouthern Lord Records10/27/2009
Poison The WellII/III EPFerret Music01/20/2009
Poison The WellIII/III EPFerret Music05/19/2009
Poison The WellThe Tropic RotFerret Music07/07/2009
Polar Bear ClubChasing HamburgBridge Nine Records09/08/2009
Porcupine TreeThe IncidentRoadrunner Records09/22/2009
PropagandhiSupporting CasteG7 Welcoming Committee03/10/2009
Protest The HeroGallop Meets The EarthVagrant Records09/15/2009
PsyopusOdd SensesMetal Blade Records02/17/2009
Pulling TeethParanoid Delusions | Paradise IllusionsDeathwish Inc.03/31/2009
Pyramids With Nadjas/tHydra Head Records10/27/2009
Raise The Red Lanterns/tAt A Loss Recordings10/27/2009
Razor Of OccamHomage to MartyrsMetal Blade Records03/17/2009
Red Knife LotterySoiled Soul and RaptureUprising Records07/21/2009
RedemptionSnowfall on Judgement DayInsideOut Music10/06/2009
RevocationExistence Is FutileRelapse Records09/29/2009
Revolution MotherRollin’ With Tha MuthaFerret Music07/07/2009
Rise And FallOur Circle Is ViciousDeathwish Inc.10/27/2009
RosalineA Constant NorthEulogy Recordings07/21/2009
RuinerDead WeightBridge Nine Records09/08/2009
RuinerHell Is EmptyBridge Nine Records09/22/2009
Russian CirclesGenevaSuicide Squeeze Records10/20/2009
Salt The WoundAresRotten Records09/15/2009
SamaelAboveNuclear Blast Records04/07/2009
SaosinIn Search of Solid GroundCapitol Records09/08/2009
Sargant FuryDo You Remember: The AnthologyTribunal Records10/13/2009
SavioursAccelerated LivingKemado Records10/27/2009
Sax RuinsYawiquoIpecac Recordings07/28/2009
Scale The SummitCarving Desert CanyonsProsthetic Records02/17/2009
Scar SymmetryDark Matter DimensionsNuclear Blast Records10/20/2009
SenecaReflections *Limited 2 Disc EditionLifeforce Records03/31/2009
Set Your GoalsMutiny In the U.K. (DVD)Eulogy Recordings02/17/2009
Set Your GoalsThis Will Be The Death Of UsEpitaph Records07/21/2009
Shadow GalleryDigital GhostsInsideOut Music11/03/2009
Shadows FallRetributionFerret Music09/15/2009
SilversteinA Shipwreck in the SandVictory Records03/31/2009
SkeletonwitchBreathing The FireProsthetic Records10/13/2009
SkinlabThe Scars Between UsStand and Deliver Records09/15/2009
SlayerWorld Painted BloodAmerican Recordings11/03/2009
Sleeping GiantSons Of ThunderFacedown Records06/23/2009
SolitudePoisoned Population: The Complete Collection (1987-1994)Tribunal Records10/13/2009
Soul ControlCyclesBridge Nine Records08/25/2009
Starring Janet LeighSpectrumIronclad Recordings05/12/2009
Steel NationForever WoundedDouble or Nothing Records10/13/2009
Stinking LizavetaSacrifice and BlissAt A Loss Recordings03/31/2009
Stray From The PathMake Your Own HistorySumerian Records10/27/2009
Strike AnywhereIron FrontBridge Nine Records10/06/2009
Struck By LightningSerpentsTranslation Loss Records09/01/2009
SuffocationBlood OathNuclear Blast Records07/14/2009
SuffocationThe Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec CityRelapse Records10/27/2009
Suicide SilenceNo Time To BleedCentury Media Records06/30/2009
Swallow The SunNew MoonSpinefarm Records11/10/2009
Sweet CobraMercyBlack Market Activities09/28/2009
Syrenss/tCavity Records04/07/2009
Take It Back!AtrocitiesFacedown Records11/10/2009
Taking Back SundayNew AgainWarner Bros. Records06/02/2009
TenetSovereignCentury Media Records08/25/2009
TerrorThe Damned. The Shamed (LP)Reaper Records04/14/2009
The AgonistLullabies For A Dormant MindCentury Media Records03/10/2009
The Alter BoysThe Amazing Sounds of the Alter BoysRotten Records09/01/2009
The Autumn OfferingRequiemVictory Records06/09/2009
The Bakerton GroupEl RojoWeathermaker Music02/17/2009
The Black Dahlia MurderDeflorateMetal Blade Records09/15/2009
The Black Dahlia MurderMajesty DVDMetal Blade Records05/12/2009
The Cassidy ScenarioWithstanding VoracityLet It Burn Records02/01/2009
The ChariotWars and Rumors of WarsSolid State Records05/05/2009
The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsRise Records09/01/2009
The Crimson ArmadaGuardiansMetal Blade Records07/07/2009
The DestroHarmony of DiscordIronclad Recordings10/13/2009
The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowFerret Music05/05/2009
The Fall Of TroyIn the Unlikely EventEqual Vision Records10/06/2009
The Funeral PyreDecemberCreator Destructor Records03/10/2009
The Gates Of SlumberHymns of Blood & ThunderRise Above Records09/15/2009
The Human Quena OrchestraThe Human Quena OrchestraCrucial Blast Records04/21/2009
The KillerNot All Who Are Lost...Organized Crime Records06/23/2009
The LegionA Bliss to SufferListenable Records09/01/2009
The Loved OnesDistractionsFat Wreck Chords02/03/2009
The MatadorBad Day for a SnakeImagine It Records06/06/2009
The Miles BetweenDeceiverMediaskare Records02/24/2009
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouWorse Than AloneEyeball Records03/10/2009
The Psyke ProjectDead StormLifeforce Records09/01/2009
The Red ChordFed Through The Teeth MachineMetal Blade Records10/27/2009
The SleepingWhat It TakesVictory Records02/17/2009
The UsedArtworkWarner Bros. Records09/01/2009
The World We KnewTo The WolvesStillborn Records06/30/2009
The_NetworkBishop Kent ManningBlack Market Activities09/15/2009
Therefore I AmThe Sound of Human LivesEqual Vision Records06/23/2009
Thick As BloodEmbraceEulogy Recordings04/14/2009
This Is HellWarbirdsThink Fast! Records08/18/2009
This Romantic TragedyTrust in FearTragic Hero Records09/22/2009
Those Who Lie BeneathAn AwakeningRise Records10/13/2009
Threat SignalVigilanceNuclear Blast Records09/11/2009
ThrowdownDeathlesseOne Music11/10/2009
ThursdayCommon ExistenceEpitaph Records02/17/2009
TombsWinter HoursRelapse Records02/17/2009
Torche12"/DVDHydra Head Records03/10/2009
TransatlanticWhirlwindMetal Blade Records10/27/2009
Type O NegativeSlow, Deep and HardRoadrunner Records03/24/2009
UnholyNew Life Behind Closed EyesProsthetic Records05/12/2009
V/ASaw VI SoundtrackTrustkill Records10/20/2009
Vale Of PnathVale Of PnathTribunal Records06/23/2009
Various ArtistsTribunal Records 100: "We Gotcha Covered"Tribunal Records11/17/2009
Vinny StigmaNew York BloodI Scream Records02/03/2009
VoivodInfiniRelapse Records06/23/2009
War From A Harlots MouthIn ShoalsLifeforce Records04/28/2009
WarbringerWaking Into NightmaresCentury Media Records05/19/2009
We Came As RomansTo Plant A SeedEqual Vision Records11/03/2009
We Were GentlemenLiving HellCentury Media Records07/14/2009
Weekend NachosUnforgivableRelapse Records09/01/2009
Widsom In ChainsEverything You KnowI Scream Records11/03/2009
Winds Of PlagueThe Great Stone WarCentury Media Records08/11/2009
Within The RuinsCreatureVictory Records02/17/2009
WolfRavenousCentury Media Records03/24/2009
WretchedThe Exodus of AutonomyVictory Records03/03/2009
XasthurAll Reflections DrainedHydra Head Records05/26/2009
xTyrantxPrepare For DevastationEulogy Recordings07/07/2009
YOBThe Great CessationProfound Lore Records07/14/2009
ZaoAwake?Ferret Music05/05/2009
ZombiSpirit AnimalRelapse Records02/03/2009