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Tides From Silence

1. The Sight MP3 2. Unveiled 3. In Their Arms
2006 Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records
Our score 8


Instrumental bands have the same ability to establish their own sound and separate themselves from the pack as do bands with vocalists. However, through no fault of the bands, the listening public usually makes lazy comparisons to the largely recognized instrumental bands. Oh, it's heavy, ambient, slow tempo instrumental music It must sound like Pelican! This kind of comparison is just as lame and unimaginative as comparing any instrumental bands to the likes of the Fucking Champs, Lustre King, Don Caballero, Dysrhythmia, etc. Tides is one of these bands that the uninitiated listener could easily lump into the same boat as some other instrumental bands, but the fact is they deserve their own boat, and their newest EP From Silence provides more than enough proof of this. Last year's debut Resurface instantly showed that Tides had something to say, but that they were still searching for the right way to say it. Their newest offering clearly shows that in the elapsed time since their debut Tides has not only learned how to convey what they want to say, but scream it at top volume, all without saying a word.The three lengthy songs on this newest offering are well crafted, more finely tuned, and more dynamic than the material Tides has presented in the past. Each song moves the listener through subtle twists and turns that easily holds one's attention. Stylistically, many of the elements incorporated into From Silence are similar to those found on Resurface. However, there is a slightly more expansive feel to the new EP that wasn't there before. The opening of the first track is reminiscent of Earth's latest Hex, though Tides pushes things along a little faster. The musical exploration of other bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor is also apparent in From Silence. The EP also demonstrates many heavier moments that are akin to bands like Yob or Mouth of the Architect. All of the transitions in between are seamlessly interwoven, and give the impression that an eleven minute song feels like one. The twenty plus minutes of music on this EP (more than some bands' full-lengths) absolutely begs to be played again the second it is over. This release makes the imminence of a full-length nothing less than exciting. Bottom Line: In my review for their debut release Resurface, I said the following: "If this debut is any indication of what Tides is capable of, then future releases are surely destined to place them in the elite of bands of this style." Tides not only accomplished this and met the bar they previously set for themselves, but they exceeded it brilliantly.


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hxcobd_ 5/20/2006 9:40:40 PM

Can you guys stop giving shitty doom and instrumental bands good ratings? Boring the f*ck out of me by now

Imalwaysright_ 5/20/2006 9:41:07 PM

Sooooooo f*cking good.

march_of_flames_ 5/20/2006 11:12:11 PM

pffff at quoting yourself

yourewakingup_ 5/21/2006 12:09:42 AM

such an awesome cd

I_AM_FUCK_ 5/21/2006 3:50:50 AM

I prefer Resurface, but this is an awesome ep.

anonymous 5/21/2006 3:57:06 AM


theaxis_ 5/21/2006 8:48:16 AM

good review. this band rules so much

ese_bauber_ 5/21/2006 12:29:26 PM

great band

Jonah_ 5/21/2006 12:31:11 PM

[spam] Order this shit on or from Relapse, Century Media, Revelation or Very. Also, check the dudes out on tour this summer! [/spam]

retch_ 5/21/2006 11:41:10 PM

very good stuff

vcreationv_ 5/22/2006 3:32:05 AM

great band great ep great review f*ck tha haterz

scandy_ 5/22/2006 10:47:09 AM

just ordered my copy

theoneandonly_ 5/22/2006 12:21:37 PM

I fall asleep listening to this stuff...I like isis...enough said

wearyourwounds_ 5/22/2006 12:37:06 PM

great cd. though, resurface is more satisfying because there are more songs.

sure_ 5/23/2006 10:03:17 AM

However, through no fault of the bands, the listening public usually doesn't notice that tides is ripping off Isis.

HC 4 Ever Distro_ 5/28/2006 9:49:40 PM

You can also get this here for $9.98