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Vader The Art of War

The Art of War
1. Para Bellum 2. This Is The War MP3 3. Lead Us!!! 4. Banners In The Wind 5. Wat Colour Is Your Blood 6. Death In Silence 7. This Is The War (video clip)
2006 Candlelight Records, Regain Records
Our score 7


If you think Vader has perhaps sacrificed quality for quantity on their last few albums, here's an EP to pull you back into the fold. The Art of War is fifteen minutes of Vader punching at their absolute ideal weight and full of confidence. Complimenting their concise and potent attack is a production more complimentary than anything they've received throughout their entire career. As a reader of countless metal reviews, I've learned how difficult it is express how something so straight-forward and tested can still be so magnificent. It's like trying to explain the wonders of top sirloin and cold beer. You really can't. All I can really do is let everyone know is that Vader are definitely serving it up, and if you're not in the self deprivation business, you should check it out. To those who will ask "But what does it sound like," I say - It sounds like Vader. They write death metal that's informed by the genre's founders and project it through a modern lens. There's technical profiency, for sure, but it's a means and not an end. New Drummer Derek Brozowski is as competent a replacement for the recently passed Doc Rackzkowski as one could hope for. He's fast, but not a showman, as the real emphasis here is on the riff work. Again, nothing flashy, and really so workmanlike that it sometimes obscures just how clever it can be. The time changes in "This Is The War" and the nod to "Angel of Death" in "Death in Silence" are so assured in their simplicity as to make the technical arms race in death metal seem kind of irrelevant and silly. The production here is fantastic. Entirely modern, but not clinical or anti-septic. Instead of detaching the listener from the band, it totally intensifies their impact. That may seem like a given, but those who don't dig death metal's recent move towards sterility understand the negative impact of over-tweaking in the studio. Bottom Line: It's the best thing Vader's done since Revelations. It's a tried and true formula played with just enough distinction by a group of guys who love the form. It's only an EP, but if this type of metal appeals to you, then the Art of War is money well spent. For every one else, well, the crossover appeal here is pretty limited. This is death metal for death metal fans.


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scandy_ 4/5/2006 5:38:18 PM

i'll trade you flee the seen for vader

ToiletFleet_ 4/5/2006 5:42:49 PM

Doc hadn't been the drummer for two releases. Oh, and "irelavent." Wow.

davefons_ 4/5/2006 5:53:56 PM

when you consider how many albums vader have put out, i still consider "Derek" the new guy. It's only after Doc died that he became the permanant replacement. either way...sorry for any confusion that might cause. I cannot justify the typo, however.

truthsayer_ 4/5/2006 6:04:37 PM

"It's like trying to explain the wonders oftop sirloin and cold beer" - I've got one: f*cking garbage. Are you telling me this album is f*cking garbage? I'm confused.

wannaseemenaked_ 4/5/2006 6:25:30 PM

this deserves more than a f*cking 7

lefthandpath_ 4/5/2006 6:46:46 PM

too low of a score...better than Phobia. this ep makes me f*cking excited for the full length 9/10

Vader_ 4/5/2006 8:03:41 PM


Mike_ 4/5/2006 8:18:28 PM

"I've learned how hard difficult it is express how something so straight-forward and tested can still be so magnificent" out, the lambgoat syntax police are gonna hit you bigtime for those errors!

Mike_ 4/5/2006 8:20:45 PM

Overall, a sub-par review for a band that has a nearly-flawless discography. This should have been given to a reviewer who not only likes rock-solid, Polish death, but someone who has heard more than just Revelations. As a Vader fan, I learned little from this review.

drewcifer_ 4/5/2006 8:56:46 PM

f*ck you, gluck.

Ash_ 4/5/2006 11:45:33 PM

I think Gluck's comment is the one and only time I'll agree with him. Also as a fan of Vader, this doesn't really tell me anything. 1) it mentions this is the greatest thing since Revelations. Well, that means it's only greater than one other album - The Beast - which was very good and underrated. 2) that is the only other previous recording mentioned. How does this compare to other older releases in the Vader back catalog (which are many in number)?

davefons_ 4/6/2006 1:08:32 AM

ash, there was also the beast after revelations. The review is mostly in that second paragraph, it's well produced riff-centric death metal. It's meat and potatoes, but Vader does it very well. I'm wondering what more you need to know.

davefons_ 4/6/2006 1:21:17 AM

I'm sorry, I mean Blood.

TheReapersSon_ 4/6/2006 8:53:51 AM

This isn't bad at all; that double-bass work is insane. Overall a solid effort from Vader, despite the conflict of interest from Ash Levitt vs. Fonzarelli's review.

Freakboy666_ 4/6/2006 8:58:27 AM

I didn't think it was that bad of a review, but the only thing i can say is that these veterans deserve more then a 7. This EP is solid throughout, and the 7 just doesn't show that.

webmaster_ 4/6/2006 8:59:52 AM

Memo: reviewers should not be reviewing other reviewers here. Seriously.

davefons_ 4/6/2006 10:27:27 AM

freakyboy, y'know, i never know what to do with the rating systems... It's hard to sum up how good an album is with just a number. But, I feel like a 7 suggests "very good" and that's what this album is - very good, but not great.

Ash_ 4/6/2006 11:54:24 AM

Dave, you're right. I forgot about Blood. But there's still a lot more. Webby, relax.

hotaction_ 4/6/2006 1:44:16 PM


asd_ 4/6/2006 3:47:11 PM

fa cagare

panzram_ 4/6/2006 5:24:36 PM

To those who will ask "But what does it sound like," I say - It sounds like Vader...never heard Vader before, throw me a bone, reviewer. Also, *complementing.

Vlade Divac_ 4/6/2006 6:58:02 PM

Props to lambgoat for the hiring of dave...Im feelin what he is trying to convey here, just remember dave keep your fingers away from the keyboard on these comments, it makes you look like you're offended by're better than everyone. BTW this band is savage.

YouAreHearingMeTalk_ 4/6/2006 9:48:40 PM

A 7 is appropriate for this album. Anything more than this would indicate that it is something really special...which it is not. It's an extremely by-the-numbers, while entertaining album. For a really good Vader related album, listen to Head Held High by Nyia.

drewcifer_ 4/7/2006 8:27:16 AM

man, i thought that nyia album was abominable. well, maybe not abominable, but definitely not very good. anyway, dave always does a great job. another thing to note is that reviewing EPs isn't always the easiest thing, considering that usually by the time you blink, theyre over.

asdasdasd_ 4/8/2006 7:15:03 AM

people who comment on album reviews = sad fat loners lolpwnt

Swamplord_ 4/20/2006 8:13:29 PM

8.5/10 This is a great little EP.

Issac_ 4/13/2007 9:47:10 AM

vader's got some badass shit, sick album