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The Dying Light The Killing Plan

The Dying Light - The Killing Plan
1. The Killing Plan MP3
2. All Crowns Fall
3. Jaws of Dis
4. Freezing the Spirit
5. Serve the Hidden Masters
6. The Bodiless
7. Haunting Recollections
8. This World is Sinking
2005 Willowtip Records

Reviewed by: Ash Levitt   //   Published: 12/17/2005

Death metal has always been kind of finicky. Since its inception, it seems like there have been waves of talent in which multiple great bands emerge, and then barren stretches where only a dedicated few carry on the flame. Even though there are many good bands today, it feels like we're in a barren stretch. But fear not, bands like the Dying Light will never let the American styled death metal fall by the wayside.

With their newest release for Willowtip titled the Killing Plan, the Dying Light embodies what can best be described as straight up death metal. There is no need to use qualifiers here like "technical," "melodic," or "brutal." Just think classic American death metal: Morbid Angel, Death, Suffocation, etc. The Dying Light are truly students of the genre, and instead of just copying from other bands, they take the form and alter it slightly. The end result is still true to its roots while being distinct enough to allow the Dying Light to stand on its own.

Incorporating former members of Cattle Press, Dim Mak, Hemlock, and Ripping Corpse, the musicians that comprise the Dying Light are certainly not wet behind the ears amateurs. They are thoroughly experienced, and it shows in songwriting abilities. The band knows how to carefully craft songs including many different feels and textures so the end result is a good, solid album that progresses instead of each song sounding the same. The Dying Light contains everything you'd expect from good death metal: quick, impressive, darkly melodic guitar work; powerful accompanying bass; technical, accomplished drumming; and strong vocals ranging from outright screams to guttural utterances. The pristine production by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) only helps these individual elements to shine, and then be melded into one cohesive force.

Bottom Line: This is not fringe by any means in terms of sound and style. If you're looking for crazy, spastic post hardcore, or repetitive breakdowns, look elsewhere. This is for those who like classic death metal or newer torchbearers like Hope Collapse. There is a lot to be discovered in this release, and listeners will find many reasons for repeat listens.

UrbanStrike_   posted 12/23/2005 1:05:14 AM
I can't understand why people think this cd is great. It's mediocre and really boring.
xtroyx_   posted 12/20/2005 11:38:40 PM
picked this up today and it is pretty impressive. track 4 is the favorite first time through.. the only problem with this record is the length. i expected longer songs and a longer full length from a metal band. but it's still alright.
fvckyouyoufvckingfvck_   posted 12/20/2005 12:46:06 PM
trick drums are the best.
mefuckyeah_   posted 12/19/2005 6:04:38 PM
This cd is pretty damn good
TheWood_   posted 12/19/2005 1:34:55 PM
I like what I am hearing here, but I agree with what the guy before me said about triggers. Unfortunately, not every drummer can hit as hard as Dave Witte.

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