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Ruiner What Could Possibly Go Right

Ruiner - What Could Possibly Go Right
1. Once Loved
2. Paint Peals MP3
3. Adhering To Superstition
4. Lockjaw
5. Getting Over The Overs
6. Out Go The Candles
7. A Bridge Too Many
8. Six By Six
2005 1917 Records

Reviewed by: Cory   //   Published: 12/12/2005

Baltimore's Ruiner released What Could Possibly Go Right as a 7" on Firestarter Records in May of this year and a summer of touring later, found themselves signed to 1917 Records, who promptly re-released the record with two bonus tracks. After listening to the eight tracks that comprise this meaty EP, it's easy to see why. What Could Possibly Go Right is a highly impressive debut, packed with great lyrics, palpable passion and one truly memorable track after the next.

The first thing that grabbed me about this record was Rob Sullivan's vocals. They were as immediately unique and powerful as those of Wes Eisold (American Nightmare, Some Girls) or Dave Weinberg (No Reply, Suicide File). After dozens of listens, I can safely say that this EP rivals either of their respective personal debuts and his throat-destroying performance is just the beginning. Whether using automotive troubles on the highway as a metaphor for life or viciously yet insightfully attacking corrupt religious structures, the lyrics display a notable quantity of intelligence. There are even a few really great sing-alongs in there, especially the end of "Adhering To Superstition."

The band's punk rock aesthetic is enhanced by the contrast of clear and bright riffing, with down and dirty low-end rhythm guitar and bass. Smart guitar lines and arrangements abound here, making many of these songs more than they might have been in the hands of a less capable hardcore band. The record's title comes from one of the disc's most anthemic moments, when the drum tempo is halved and the line "What could possibly go right" sums up the end of a shitty night. I can honestly visualize the crowd reaction to nearly every song on this disc being fantastic, as Ruiner knows how to combine the lyrical hooks with just the right part of each song, creating great hardcore moments along the way.

Bottom Line: Ruiner's What Could Possibly Go Right is an incredibly impressive debut and it's no surprise that 1917 jumped on the opportunity to re-release it to a bigger market. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys as they continue to pick up steam through constant touring. Fans of intelligent, thoughtful hardcore, both lyrically and musically, should definitely check out Ruiner.

anonymous   posted 12/25/2005 4:07:16 PM
track 3 completely and totally f*cking owns. My stereo wont go loud enough to do it complete justice :)
some_dude_guy_man_   posted 12/21/2005 2:25:50 PM
this album is alright, i wouldnt waste money on it though
tomgilk_   posted 12/14/2005 6:11:41 PM
theyre good live. they bring lots of kids in my area. i like the cd too.
xxSmokemethxx_   posted 12/14/2005 12:58:02 AM
uhhhhh hardcore sucks.
rarefactor_   posted 12/13/2005 4:34:39 PM
I screamed obscenities a bunch on this. That's my claim to fame.

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