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Cataract Golem

Our score 6

by Alex

Golem is the first full-length album from Swiss group, Cataract. These guys are a healthy combination of metal and hardcore, complete with wave after wave of aggression. Golem is truly a fiesty ball of chugga-chugga riffs and precise double-bass grooves. More metal than hardcore, Cataract fight off monotony by utilizing plenty of dynamics, up-tempo beats, and even a few old-school metal guitar solos. When the first track, "Loss Of A Smile", takes over your speakers, you'll get a good feel for what these guys are all about. Sometimes the group sounds like a traditional metal band, but their typically riff-heavy, lead-light brand of metal, coupled with stop-and-go metalcore guitar work, adds a layer of hardcore fury to the mix. When Cataract lock into a crushing groove, they can be frightening. Witness tracks like the brutal "I Regret" and the musically muscular "Two Seconds". There isn't much variety to Cataract, nor does it appear they'd want it any other way. With the exception of some occasional singing, the vocals aren't much more than throaty yells, and they're not very prominent in the mix. Overall they're adequate, but they'd probably be more effective if given additional volume. Golem clocks in at just over 28 minutes. Within that time, Cataract consistently hammers away with riff after riff, scream after yell, and relentless metal groove after metal groove (although the final track, "Source Of The Collapse" does show a glimpse of Cataract's mellow side). Bottom Line: To be honest, there's not a whole lot to say about this album. Cataract is comparable to a worker bee in that they work hard and fast to get the job done. This is a no-frills album, devoid of experimentation and decoration, but nontheless full of competent metal/hardcore.


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