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Guns Up! All This Is

Guns Up! - All This Is
1. Break Yourself/Least Of My Worries
2. How It's Done MP3
3. All In
4. Foolin' Who
5. On Your Way Out
6. No Shelter
7. Face It
8. FYS
9. More Than You
2005 1917 Records


Reviewed by: Kirby Unrest   //   Published: 10/24/2005

[Editor's note: this review should have been posted many months ago. However, due to a clerical error, the review was never posted. We apologize for the major delay.]

Hailing from Haverhill, Mass. Guns Up! bring a fistful of classic NYHC sound with some modern influence to the table and mop the floor with plenty of the newer bands I hear trying to mimic the originals. A huge part of their efficacy results from their ability to make riffs, lyrics and style seem both distinctly familiar and refreshingly organic.

With six new tracks, as well as a previously released 7", Guns Up! doesn't waste any time in establishing dominance and getting things moving. "Break Yourself" starts off with a sludgy, doomsday-worthy lick that explodes with bombastic force into the nuclear energy of "Least Of My Worries." The drums are clear and forceful; while the standard mosh parts fade into an outro that has the rock and roll feel of Suicide File, Hope Conspiracy and Bars material. "How It's Done" has a chunky breakdown that quickly morphs into one of my favorite two step parts of the year, and is topped off with an awesome sing along. "All In" hits like a sledgehammer, while I dig the opening drum pattern on "Foolin Who." The final two offerings are much faster, perfect for circle pits and lots of stage dives and help mix up the pacing. The guitar work is strong, the bass playing solid and the vocals are quite competent, though much harsher than I would have expected (which completely helps All This Is to stand out). [Editor's note: the final three tracks, not part of the review package, originally appeared on a now out-of-print 7" release.]

The recording, courtesy of Dean Baltulonis at Atomic is near perfect and one of his best efforts in years. The mix could be a little better, as the vocals are too high at points and the instrumentation is somewhat lost in spots. Nothing too bad though. Meanwhile, the layout is very well done, with great live photos.

Bottom Line: All This Is doesn't have any genre defying moments. It's not going to turn the scene upside down and induce clone bands to emulate its framework. The fact is Guns Up! aren't destined to win any awards for an earth shattering album that changes the face of aggressive music. What makes this record so effective and gives it such momentum is the dedication and respect to the forefathers of NYHC, truly not heard in such a finely honed manner since No Warning's landmark full-length, Ill Blood" Yet like that album, All This Is adds its own unique ideas to the formula, and the youthful spirit makes it a hearty brew that gets better and better each time you listen.

eh_   posted 10/25/2005 7:25:32 PM
this band just rips of no warning.
zzzzzz 5/10 at most
panzer_   posted 10/25/2005 5:19:06 PM
The MP3 sounds good. Definatly check em out.
yo_   posted 10/25/2005 4:48:37 PM
1917 records rules. and so does guns up!
democracy_at_its_finest_   posted 10/25/2005 3:15:07 PM
or wait that proves yourt point even more. nvm.
democracy_at_its_finest_   posted 10/25/2005 3:09:25 PM
true but only part of the album is new, the other part is from a "previously released 7"".

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