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Caliban Vent

Our score 6

by Alex

When listening to the opening track of 'Vent', don't be surprised if you're reminded of the electric and acoustic guitar introductions often found on Metallica's 'And Justice For All'. You know the drill; a lone electric guitar plays away while an acoustic communicates some somber melody. That's what the brief intro track on this album sounds like. Before you know it though, Caliban drops the Metallica and pulls out some Slayer as they rip into "Fire Of Night", a fast and furious combination of metal and hardcore. Andy, the vocalist, immediately kicks in with his throaty screams and venemous delivery. He really doesn't have much range, but he fits the bill in this situation. And so it goes. this German band really has the "metal with a touch of hardcore" thing down. Most of their compositions are solidly anchored by speedy metal riffs, relieved on occasion by nice groovy breakdowns. This is no one-trick pony though. Caliban uses solid musicianship and some unusual touches, such as female vocals, to separate themselves from the pack. The female vocals aren't anything special, but their presence alone is enough to provide 'Vent' with an added dimension. Aside from the metal and hardcore, there's also a nice grindcore element (check out "New Kind Of Freedom") to this record. Once every so often, the vocals transform themselves into the low growling grind-kids have come to know and love. And there's a definite grind thing going on with some of the guitar riffs. Don't worry though, Caliban uses these elements very tastefully. In fact, the band seems to be at their best when they walk the fine line between genres, as evidenced by the nicely balanced track, 'In The Eye Of The Storm'. As with most of Caliban's offerings, the song is very metal, but the fact that it's sprinkled effectively with bits and pieces of hardcore and grind really adds to its enjoyability. Bottom Line: This is one dense album. Piercing grooves mingle choatically with screamy vocals and hardcore breakdowns at every turn. Listeners will have to spend more than a few hours listening to 'Vent' to fully appreciate some of its contents, but the time spent aquainting yourself with Caliban will be well worth it.

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Alex_ 11/27/2008 3:24:59 AM

This is what I started me metalcore experience with back in 2002.