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Turmoil Staring Back

Disc One: 01. Pinstripes & Neckties 02. The Great American Crime 03. Commander And Thief AUDIO CLIP 04. Playing Dead 05. The Discipline of Self Loathing 06. The Locust 07. Killing Today For A Better Tomorrow 08. Impending Doom Theory 09. Dear Jon 10. Let It Die 11. Fear of Falling Down 12. Every Man My Enemy 13. Six Demon Bag 14. Staring Back 15. Throwing Stones Disc Two: 01. Staring Back 02. Anchor 03. Killign Today For A Better Tomorrow 04. The Process Of 05. New Media 06. Fuse 07. Burning 08. Choke 09. 60 Minute Void 10. From Bleeding Hands 11. Evolution of Lies 12. Starve 13. These Bridges 14. Spinning & Crashing 15. Is Anybody There 16. Burning 17. Starve 18. Monolith 19. Choke 20. Nine 21. The Truth 22. Contain 23. Walk Away 24. Loss For Words
2005 Abacus Recordings
Our score 9


It is said that everything happens for a reason, a saying that could not ring truer in the case of Philly-based survivors of the nineties, Turmoil. It is precisely this saying which is only now answering the selfish question that has haunted me since their unexpected breakup five years ago; the question being, why did Turmoil break up during the touring cycle for one of the best albums of the genre ever, The Process Of The tangibles of the breakup I was well-aware of, having visited their old website frequently since the time it went online in the late nineties. Documenting the overall string of bad luck and lack of tour support in their final statement, and finally pulling the merchandise section down, was only some of the public evidence of their abrupt halt. Their highly-promoted show in Montreal co-headlining with One King Down was drastically overhauled as the newly-formed Godbelow replaced them, starting off another love affair for me which has not since diminished in intensity. As much as a loyal fan living north of the border could at the time, I watched the Turmoil machine collapse, and it was heartbreaking. But for the better. Turmoil had nowhere to go in 2001. There was no with which to keep track of their internationally-dispersed fanbase or stream auditory evidence of their avant-garde brand of discordant hardcore. Just the grueling option of minimalist touring, and a very different version of Century Media than most new entrants to the scene are witness to today; a label which, in years past, forsook quality bands like Only Living Witness, Subzero, Merauder, Cro-Mags, Demolition Hammer, and 454 Big Block to name a handful of those undermined by an overall lack of interest in the styles these street-level bands were forging, leading to the end for most, including Turmoil. With Abacus Recordings stepping into the picture in 2005, offering to reissue Turmoil's Century Media back catolog along with three fresh and newly recorded tracks, it appears as though label interest has finally caught up with Turmoil before its members were over the hill. And judging by the wide-array of festival and club dates the band has performed internationally since reuniting, tour support is not lacking like it used to, either. This two-CD retrospective, appropriately-titled Staring Back from the bruising track bearing the same name on The Process Of, will bring back memories for those who followed Turmoil throughout the nineties, and offer a mandatory crash course in their politically and sonically charged discography for newcomers to the scene; because if you were involved in the scene in the nineties, you knew who Turmoil were. The Process Of, produced by then-hot producer Steve Evetts (Buried Alive, All Out War, Hatebreed), was and still is a monumental album. Jamie Getz's harrowing backup screams to Jon Gula's throat-shredding accusations designed for hypocrites ("The Locust"), washed-up sellouts ("Let It Die"), and the stagnant nature of the hardcore scene ("Throwing Stones"), capped off a tormenting vocal presence that helped set The Process Of apart from the pack. The frantic pace of "Killing Today For A Better Tomorrow," "Dear Jon," and "Six Demon Bag" continued in the vein of technicality hinted at on the Anchor EP and earlier, their classic debut US album, From Bleeding Hands, both included on Staring Back in their original and more-than-adequate form. While their debut was remixed by Steve Evetts prior to its Century Media release in 1996, it still sounds dark and simple as it was meant to, with Gula's scathing attacks on televised news ("New Media"), American imperialism ("Evolution of Lies"), and social divisions (T"hese Bridges") layered over an early Turmoil sound that never went quiet. Their three new songs, which start off Staring Back are amazingly similar to the sound perfected on The Process Of, if not a tad basic, but this is easily forgiven considering the members had vowed to never resurrect Turmoil. Still, the new material packs a convincing punch for a band out of the game for so long (although Gula, Hydro, and Gardner formed doom sludge band The Kiss Of Death in the meantime), and serves its purpose as a teaser in anticipation of their comeback album, slated for release in 2006. Bottom Line: Like the one band Turmoil based aspects of their songwriting and philosophy on, Voivod, they were ahead of their time in the nineties no matter how hard they toured. What else were they going to do but break up Cheapen their product by being half-assed They left us in 2001, like real men, without warning. Now they have boldly returned, clearly eager to write the music and say the things that they so desired to half a decade ago. What better way to reacquaint oneself with one of the most trend-free, seething hardcore bands of the nineties, than by purchasing Staring Back This is mandatory.


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bombs_away_ 12/1/2005 9:03:29 PM


xtroyx_ 12/1/2005 9:04:49 PM

great review. glad to see people taking notice of turmoil again.

Jay_ 12/1/2005 9:12:50 PM

I love this band

wooo_ 12/1/2005 9:13:39 PM

Great album. And for those who were looking for CD-quality tracks, you can finally get them. Great sound quality, and great price. Couldn't turn down 39 tracks for 12.99.

shaihulud2k1_ 12/1/2005 9:26:20 PM

amazing band.

xannebowmanx_ 12/1/2005 10:49:29 PM

Great band. Great album.

iamtuff_ 12/1/2005 11:31:20 PM

i hate reviews like this... i dont give a f*ck about the bands history or why this guy wants to suck their dck... just tell me about their music

panzer_ 12/1/2005 11:45:23 PM

Great band, great album. Will pick this up for sure.

evan_ 12/2/2005 1:06:56 AM

best record, yes

you_in_hawk_country_now_ 12/2/2005 1:59:38 AM

i love michael gluck's reviews. this is no exception.

anonymous 12/2/2005 10:38:12 AM

not like this is anything new, but that really was one of the most pathetic reviews ever. jesus christ....that being said, this album deserves a 10...but god was this review horrendous.

dumptruck_ 12/2/2005 10:40:03 AM

I saw these guys like 7 years ago with Madball. No one took to them like I thought they would, despite how amazing they were live.

rob_mcfeters_ 12/2/2005 11:45:10 AM

good review mike. i need to get this Cd.

Strongarm_ 12/2/2005 5:48:51 PM

HEHE, I actually liked Staring Back. And yea, I've heard this and it's pretty good. The hype is well deserved

fnffishcore_ 12/2/2005 8:17:34 PM

"Staring Back" is one of my all-time favorite songs...

justinbean_ 12/3/2005 8:36:41 PM

i cant believe you people are calling this review bad. the fact of the matter is that all bands are products of the time they play in, and for turmoil it has so much to do with the fact that they were TRULY breaking new ground, which can't be said of pretty much any bigger hardcore bands these days. its all about rehashing already done styles, whereas turmoil took what everyone else had access to and built something new. especially given that this is a group;s discog after theyve broken up, al

truthsayer_ 12/3/2005 9:27:00 PM

Important band, much appreciation.

vorak_ 12/5/2005 4:45:26 PM

i saw turmoil last weekend and picked up this disc. its f*cking awesome. 10/10 from me.

xthardingx_ 12/20/2005 4:17:25 PM

so what about the alblum? this is a review right? so why do we need a history lesson.

still it sells_ 12/23/2005 1:18:56 PM

Turmoil!! Can we redeem these actions, change the path that we have paved! Gula is the best & friendliest frontman ever. European Tour s gonna kick ass, just as last year even though they played only three shows. Can't wait!!

rob mafia_ 12/26/2005 2:46:18 AM

...because it's a discography, and everyone should have already heard these songs before.

xavengerx_ 1/9/2006 7:49:16 AM

One of favorite band! I saw them 6 years ago and it was awesome. I can't wait to see them again!

Chris_ 1/19/2006 1:32:43 PM

One of the most progressive and best hc bands ever.. respect! And I think they have gone a step forward with the new songs.. THX Turmoil for these words & music

gsfdgd_ 2/1/2006 9:08:00 PM

good band shit review