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Amora Savant The Immaculate Misconception

1. To Annihilate All Consciousness 2. The Immaculate Misconception 3. A Picture Worth A Thousand Lies 4. Riding A Wave Of Wishful Thinking 5. Flames On The Horizon (A City In Ruins) 6. This Is Not A Eulogy
2005 Volatile Productions
Our score 4

by Cory

The tray of Amora Savant's debut EP greets the listener with this Nietzsche quote about the nature and necessity of human opinion: "I believe that each person must have his own opinion about every thing about which it is possible to have an opinion, because he himself is a special unique thing that holds a new previously nonexistent view about all other things." After listening to the album, this quote seems more like a pretentious pre-emptive strike at potential detractors than a necessary component of the artwork or album concept. It seems to be the opinion of Amora Savant that there is no shame in sounding like Shai Hulud and older Hopesfall. It is my opinion that as decent as this disc is, there isn't really anything unique about it. They've got the Hulud formula nailed down from the start of the disc. After a brief yet annoying intro, (note to bands: cut it out. nobody wants to hear a minute of talking, noise, etc., they just want to hear the music.) Amora Savant spends the next twenty-two minutes alternating between the faster part with screaming vocals and a melodic guitar line, the mid-tempo part with a chug and a death metal vocal and the slow parts with talking vocals and another melodic guitar line. The parts themselves are good, but I was just hoping for something a little more interesting from a band so apparently capable. This music has already been done as well as it's going to be, so I'd rather hear a band build on it than repeat it. In the track "A Picture Worth A Thousand Lies" they briefly take a stab at a Meshuggah riff, something that comes off a bit gimmicky, especially considering the band's claim of playing "polyrhythmic" music, a term no metal band would have ever used if not for the Swedish titans. The album's guitar work in general, despite all sounding vaguely familiar, kept me interested in the disc for the most part. None of it is particularly innovative, but the dual leads and soaring melodies are generally well done. On occassion the drumming also shines, such as the end of "Flames On The Horizon," which ends with a blasting pattern and chug combo that I hadn't heard before. Bottom Line: Well-produced, well-played melodic metal-core albums are a dime a dozen these days. If you've been looking for something new in the Hulud/Hopesfall vein, Amora Savant fill that niche in a way that neither of those bands currently are. Maybe next time, they'll create their own niche.


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johnfuckingdenver_ 7/21/2005 7:09:45 PM

haha... now no one can post "first". idiots.

sawtooth_ 7/21/2005 7:10:43 PM

fellow milwaukeeans....yeah...4/10.

mindrot_ 7/21/2005 7:51:15 PM

this cd is in my car stereo right now. cant wait to see them live...

theiris_ 7/21/2005 8:07:29 PM

I will agree with this review. It is still a pretty good listen if you are into the style. I have seen them twice and they put on a really good positive show. The members themselves are also really amazing and positive individuals. At the least check them out if they come through your town.

anonymous 7/21/2005 8:50:08 PM

all cory does is rip on bands for not creating new genres. have you ever even played in a band before dude?

anonymous 7/21/2005 9:10:40 PM

This review is pathetic, all you did was referene the bands listed on the one sheet. You're not even trying.

Cory_ 7/21/2005 9:49:52 PM

I have played in bands before, although never a metalcore band. I don't see how it isn't the right of a listener and music fan to expect a band to at least try to do something interesting or different. If I had bought this CD I'd be pissed and, quite frankly, having to listen to it four times was about all I could take.

keepthechange_ 7/22/2005 2:04:57 AM

i like cory, he cared enough about his review to see what people thought of his opinion. cory your a good guy in my book

Andy_ 7/22/2005 2:06:13 AM

I'm glad he reviewed it at all :)

holycitybradley_ 7/22/2005 10:44:40 AM

andy parmann is hot

picturesofme_ 7/22/2005 11:36:16 AM

too Cory review, no read ever.

willxcore_ 7/22/2005 3:35:52 PM

i never expect to read a good review on lambgoat unless it's by a band that i've never heard of and is supposedly "mad old school" and so f*ckin innovative even tho they just churn out the same bullshit they have been for years. So what if it's the generic formula.. if it's done good that's all we can ask for. Is anyone forgetting that metal/hardcore is supposed to be just music to relate to and flip out for or whatever, since when has it become a genre to outdo it's predecessors? make music tha

XOmeletX_ 7/22/2005 5:41:22 PM

Hay Willxcore I stole your dignity at a park

UrbanStrike_ 7/24/2005 4:27:53 AM

Amora Savant are nice dudes.

dave_ 7/27/2005 10:35:23 AM

Boring band.

anonymous 8/8/2005 3:55:32 AM

sweet. you didn't even touch on the production of the record or the amount of heart the band has. Or the meaning in their music. you had it in your head when you read the one sheet what review you were going to give this band. stop writing reviews if you can't handle listening to a cd more than 4 times in a row you pathetic piece of shit.

baobab_ 11/8/2006 8:46:19 PM

WAY better than a 4. f*ck this review.

andy _ 4/4/2007 9:41:10 AM

even though the band might not be doin anything to different atleast thier bringing the possetive message back to music thats lost its touch so thumbs up to them ill be at ther last show on APRIL 23,

Wingman_ 12/11/2007 8:48:33 PM

hahaha, if you couldnt listen to this band for more than 4 times in a row. then you should be shot, 4 times in a row. how pathetic can you be, seriously, i mean come on. this band is not trying to be like everyone else by conforming to the mainstream population. i give mad props to a band that sticks with the old and not with the new. f*ck sellouts