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Naglfar Pariah

1. Proclamation 2. A Swarm of Plagues 3. Spoken Words of Venom AUDIO 4. The Murder Manifesto 5. Revelations Carved in Flesh 6. None Shall Be Spared 7. And the World Shall Be Your Grave 8. The Perpetual Horrors 9. Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice
2005 Century Media Records
Our score 7


I've always approached black metal with some hesitation, because I haven't found many bands within the genre that I can get into. Many times black metal bands come across way too cheesy for my tastes. However, Naglfar has been one black metal band that I have always enjoyed. Throughout their releases, this band hasn't fallen into all the trends of black metal; instead they have consistently released uncompromising, misanthropic albums, which set them apart from the cheese-dicks of the genre. Pariah is Naglfar's fourth full-length album, and while I think it is a good album, it doesn't the high standard the band set for itself with the release of 2003's Sheol. The overall song-writing on Pariah is more varied, and a touch more melodic than any of Naglfar's previous releases. This seems to have compromised some of the brutality that I was expecting from this album. This isn't to say that Pariah is a slow, weak album by any means. There are still black metal blasts, but they don't hold the same fury as they did on Sheol. However, Naglfar's more dynamic song-writing has kept this album from slipping completely, because this isn't a boring listen. I am just missing the same feeling that I got from Sheol. But there are still some factors that make this a good black metal album. The main change since Sheol is the departure of vocalist Jen Ryden. Bassist, Kristoffer Olivius, has stepped up to assume vocal duties, and I think he does a fantastic job. Olivius' vocals are a small bit deeper than Ryden's, but are still scathing and mesh perfectly with Naglfar's sound. He also enunciates his vocals more, so the lyrics are a bit easier to understand right from the start. The production (courtesy of Naglfar staple Ballerina Studios) is quite crushing and powerful, yet still retains a distinctly black metal sound. Actually, I think this is best sounding Naglfar record yet. The overall guitar-work is great, but I wasn't expecting anything less. As I stated earlier, there is a stronger sense of melody throughout this album, and some of the guitar leads are quite catchy. Meanwhile, the drumming is good, but there are more slower songs on this album, and I don't feel that the drumming is as creative as it could be during these slower moments. I'm not sure why the drum-work falls behind at points, because Mattias Grahn has long shown he is a machine capable of inhuman speed and technicality. Bottom Line: Pariah may not possess the same ferocity that Sheol had, but it is still a good black metal album. I have a feeling that fans of Naglfar will enjoy this album, but I would not recommend this album as your introduction to this band. I would actually recommend starting with their releases in chronological order so that you can hear how the group continues to progress. Naglfar are still one of black metal's best.


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crossfire_ 6/24/2005 1:27:09 PM


xRYBREADx_ 6/24/2005 1:29:12 PM

I can't wait to hear this. Sick band.

hxcobd_ 6/24/2005 2:06:36 PM

Again, not real black metal. Get your genres straight, lambgoat.

cradle_ 6/24/2005 2:22:21 PM

it's black metal.

steve_ 6/24/2005 2:27:21 PM

From the Century Media Records bio of Naglfar - "Naglfar have proven their fortitude, remaining black metal's standard bearer"....... get your genres right hxcobd

TheWood_ 6/24/2005 2:27:29 PM

This review is balls...but I do enjoy these guys. While I do consider pretty much all black metal bands to be the "cheese dcks" of metal, I'm definitely taking a few shots in the mouth.

hxcobd_ 6/24/2005 2:33:36 PM

It doesn't matter what their label's description says, broseph. This music is not straight black metal. Maybe black INFLUENCES, but there is no way it's true black metal.

...._ 6/24/2005 3:01:30 PM

what the f*ck is "real black metal"? leviathan? shut the f*ck up with your stupid genres, it is pretty much black metal, jesus christ.

anonymous 6/24/2005 3:29:23 PM

seriously...who f*cking cares? it might not be all that "necro" or whatever, but who made you the genre king?

hxobd is a moron_ 6/24/2005 4:14:22 PM

you f*cking idiot. It's black metal you piece of shit. Just because its not shitty grim kvult as f*ck production doesnt mean its not black metal. wahh wahh wahh you f*cking idiot. Oh they are known.......they must not be black metal. you homo

ben_ 6/24/2005 5:23:42 PM

unfortunately, naglfar do nothing more than rip off dissection at every turn... maybe this album is different, but i highly doubt it.

Mom_ 6/24/2005 6:44:43 PM

true black metal is dead and sucked dck.

Coley Thrash_ 6/24/2005 8:59:12 PM

Duh, everyone knows Cradle is true KVLT Black Metal, and Naglfar sounds nothing like them. Regardless, amazing band and one of my all time favorites. Vittra destroyed and that was pretty damn Black Metal. But they accomplish a brilliant blend of Black and Death Metal. As far as Kristoffer's vocals, he is no Dani Filth but it is brutal.

hxcobd_ 6/25/2005 1:08:25 AM

*be's too big a pssy to post real username* -"hxcobd is a moron" kid

whitelambpowergoat_ 6/25/2005 1:55:12 PM

man i thought you were cool hxcoaioasidupofiupwoeriweqr but dude come the f*ck on who gives a shit about this true kvlt n3cro shit. as far as im concerned and as far as the metal masses are concerned its black metal. i mean, i like leviathan and xasthur too but i dont really diffrentiate between the two being in separate genres. most black metal is gay anyway, but naglfar is pretty good.

hxcobd_ 6/25/2005 4:35:16 PM

I don't really care that much. It's when people start personally attacking me behind anonymous usernames that I get annoyed.

xBrendanx_ 6/25/2005 10:59:20 PM

Naglfar is definitely black metal and this release is definitely amazing. I'm calling it the best metal release this year, along with new Demons And Wizards

hhghdf_ 6/26/2005 4:29:58 PM

WAHHH WAHHH WAHHH - hsxcobdgfdhdghdgay

fedoncore_ 6/27/2005 10:38:24 AM

sheol was a kick-ass album unlike pariah.

Blood Must Be Shed_ 6/27/2005 11:12:26 AM

Another awful abortion from the legendary gayh and norsecore capital of the world--Sweden. Sorry, shreiking, tremolo wank, and pipe organs of doom don't magically make a band black metal, and I'm sickened that like fifteen years after the rise of modern black metal, people still can't distinguish between poseurs and the real deal. Hopefully the rise of industrial black metal will overshadow insignificant gays like gaylnar in the near future and rightfully gain recognition as the next big

savemefromtheoutsideworld_ 6/28/2005 11:57:42 AM

^^^^ pissed because it wasnt recorded on an evil black frozen necroanswering machine in the darkest of blasphemous woods at night

Blood Must Be Shed_ 6/28/2005 7:05:31 PM

^^ Is pissed because he discovered AIDs was invented for peons like himself.

johnnyjohnny_ 6/30/2005 1:47:47 AM

hmmm... if shrieking, tremolo wank and pipe organs of doom don't make you black metal... then what does?

Blood Must Be Shed_ 6/30/2005 12:11:41 PM

Realized or not, a fundamental ideological basis.