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Hope Collapse Year of the Leper

Year of the Leper
1. Year of the Leper 2. Cold Steel Penetrates Your Flesh 3. Sunday School Dropouts 4. Little Warsaw 5. Artificial Light 6. Leper Convention
2005 Inkblot Records
Our score 8


The only good thing about the demise of great bands like Discordance Axis and Burnt by the Sun is that it allowed drummer Dave Witte a little reprieve to not completely collapse from exhaustion. Also in a multitude of other projects, from experimental work with James Plotkin (Atomsmasher/Phantomsmasher, Khanate) to going on the road with Melt Banana, Dave Witte has yet another band on his resume in the form of Hope Collapse. Hope Collapse also features Carlos Ramirez (Black Army Jacket), Andrew Orlando (Black Army Jacket), and Pete Ciccotto (Milhouse) and this band makes it immediately clear who their influences are. Inside the CD insert, where normal thank you lists go, is a list of bands (many of them not active anymore) that has influenced the band -- ranging from Terrorizer, Napalm Death, and Discharge, to Suffocation, Death, and Dark Throne. The good thing is that all of these influences are easily heard in Hope Collapse, and it is clear that the members of the band are truly students of the history of extreme music, and not just copiers of a given style.The music they play is slightly in that crusty fast hardcore/grind vein showcasing Witte's blast beats and speed, yet the band also knows how to settle down into slower early death metal styled grooves. The production is slightly raw, though all instruments and vocals are clearly heard, giving the whole recording a sense of urgency, similar to all of the classic older recordings in this style. Bottom Line: Though this short EP starts off with an unnecessary intro that sounds like an evil children's song, it quickly gets to the point and does not falter through its short existence. This recording is the perfect teaser for a band that will hopefully be around for a bit, and not solely as a side project band. This is for anyone who grew up with and loves the classic death metal, hardcore, and punk bands.


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deadwithfear_ 6/20/2005 12:15:52 PM


ghetto_paul_ 6/20/2005 12:38:53 PM

sounds promising. will check out post-haste.

assparade_ 6/20/2005 3:32:28 PM

i so wanna hear this. witte can never go wrong.

lazerxbeast_ 6/20/2005 4:41:48 PM

I like what I've heard.

dutchstep_ 6/20/2005 5:42:04 PM

i've never even heard of this band before. i'll definitely be checking it out, though. great review.

thegoddamnawesome_ 6/20/2005 7:53:53 PM

good review i'll be checking this shit out.