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The Red Chord Clients

The Red Chord - Clients
01. Fixation On Plastics
02. Lay The Tarp
03. Black Santa
04. Antman
05. Clients
06. Upper Decker
07. Hospice Residence
08. Dragon Wagon
09. Love On The Concrete
10. Blue Line Cretin
11. He Was Dead When I Got There
2005 Metal Blade Records

Reviewed by: John C.   //   Published: 5/19/2005

Several years after their popular debut, Fused Together In Revolving Doors, The Red Chord return with their highly anticipated sophomore release, Clients. Much has changed since their Robotic Empire days. The five-piece now has the backing of a much larger label in Metal Blade Records, and has had some personnel changes, most notably behind the drum-kit, with ex-Origin member John Longstreth (now departed). The results are impressive—a very clear and crisp recording, and percussion that's solid and precise. Add Guy Kozowyk's vocals, which seem to have lowered a step and become even fuller, and you've got a pretty heavy record. But the initial 'wow' factor of the overly slick production and heaviness doesn’t last long.

Musically, The Red Chord don't deviate far from their last album. The unit still churns out an amalgam of hardcore, metal, metalcore, death metal and grind, with all the rhythmic shifts, breakdowns, and guitar squeals that fans of the quintet should be familiar with. The opening track, "Fixation On Plastics," is a perfect example of the group's versatility. Indeed, "Fixation," as well as songs such as "Black Santa," "Clients," and "Upper Decker" is where The Red Chord excels the most, thanks to its fast chaotic frenzy of noisy grind-metal, with hardcore and metalcore riffs/passages scattered within to serve as a contrast. Conversely, when the hardcore/metalcore element is more prevalent, such as in "Lay The Tarp," "Antman," or "Love On The Concrete," and the tempo begins to drag, I found my attention waning. Maybe it's personal preference, but the latter group of songs listed are just not strong nor memorable enough when compared to the former group.

From a technical standpoint, the unit definitely has the chops to play interesting and technical metal. The guitars are sharp and in line with the percussion, even during the fast grinding moments. As mentioned before, the production values are quite clean and impressive.

Bottom Line: Overall, a good effort by The Red Chord. The primary detractor of Clients is song quality and consistency. Luckily, while some songs are average and may cause your attention to wane or want to skip ahead, the quality tracks that do hold your attention and exhibit the quintet's strengths are quite impressive. The Red Chord have never sounded cleaner and heavier, and their cross-genre sound should continue to appeal to the general audience of 'extreme music.'

Red line Cretin_   posted 6/21/2007 11:50:00 AM
Hey all you gays get off your high horses. because were all Clients. And this album f*cking hurts soooooo good.
Dillon_   posted 2/13/2007 3:42:45 AM
anyone who disses The Red Chord will be murdered by me. SHUT THE f*ck UP, you don't make music, you don't talk shit
anonymous   posted 1/12/2007 3:55:46 PM
Bands good but gets really boring
sensoryamusia_   posted 1/17/2006 2:49:19 PM
hahahahahahahahahahahaha this place has more retards than myspace.hahahahahahahahahahahahaha anyonone who shit talks s a scene kid.
anonymous   posted 12/31/2005 12:12:25 AM
its not as good as fused together in revolving doors but still pretty good

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