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Bloodjinn Murder Eternal

Murder Eternal
Our score 6

by Alex

Most of the music on Murder Eternal is metallic hardcore with an element of chaos. The abundance of morphing tempos, painful screams, and punishing grooves can be dizzying at times, but just when things appear to be falling apart, Bloodjinn stabilizes the mix with slower, nearly emo, sounding passages. Fans of groups like This Day Forward will have no difficulty enjoying the crazed hardcore on "Mezzadan", that is until the track boils over into a slower, melodic section that features some sparse but well-placed guitar strumming. The trend continues with "Let Us Know Within", a song that actually sounds slightly similar to Bloodjinn's Southeastern brethren, Codeseven. Subtle diversity is Bloodjinn's strongsuit. After listening to this album once or twice, it still seemed fairly average. But the more we listened, the more this stuff started to sink in. The haunting chords and thoughtful melodies of several tracks, particularly "Broke In A Small Town", are nice counterpoints to the aggressive and methodical hardcore of others. At times this record can be downright evil, especially when the vocalist resorts to his guttural grindcore growls (check out the brutal track "Forsaken On 52"). Bottom Line: This is original stuff. The originality isn't particularly noticeable until one truly gives this album a chance. Little things here and there will slowly grow on you. You'll even get to the point where you remember dozens of changes and melodies, something you won't think possible after your first listen. A solid record.

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anonymous 12/24/2017 5:17:01 PM

Oh f*ck this is good. Love TDF too.