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Bleed The Sky Paradigm in Entropy

Bleed The Sky - Paradigm in Entropy
01. Minion MP3
02. Killtank
03. Paradigm in Entropy
04. Skun un Skin
05. Leverage
06. The Martyr
07. Gated
08. God in the Frame
09. Division
10. Borrelia Mass
2005 Nuclear Blast Records

Reviewed by: Rob McFeters   //   Published: 4/26/2005

When I first starting listening to Paradigm in Entropy, Bleed the Sky's first full-length, I thought I was listening to Chimaira. This band sounds almost like an exact clone of Chimaira's last album, The Impossibility of Reason. The only thing that I can give Bleed the Sky is that while they may be a pretty big rip-off, at least they do it well.

Every aspect of Paradigm in Entropy is executed very well, and the band's performance is air-tight. It's just really hard for me to get past the Chimaira comparison. At the core, Bleed the Sky plays a thrashy style of metal, with some hardcore, death metal, and melodic elements thrown in there. They even have an electronics/sampler member, just like Chimaira. The guitars are thick, and there's tons of overused double-bass, a healthy use of the word "motherfucker," and gigantic "mosh" breakdowns. The vocals are, for the most part, a venomous scream, until the melodic passages come, and then he sings like some nu-metal vocalist, which actually fits the music.

Every now and then, Bleed the Sky cranks out a decent, thrash riff, and, when it is accompanied by some great tom-work on the drums, it can be very catchy. Unfortunately this doesn't happen very often, but I definitely can't take away from the band's ability to play their songs. There aren't any jarring transitions between riffs, so I'm sure these guys put a good bit of thought into their song-writing. I just wish they had expanded their focus, beyond copying one band.

The production of Paradigm in Entropy comes courtesy of Ben Schigel, who has also produced (surprise, surprise) Chimaira, and is absolutely crushing. There's not a part of this band that has been left behind in the mix. However, it seems like the band hasn't really taken advantage of their great production. All the instruments, and tones sound great, but, somehow the song-writing just isn't complimented that well.

Bottom Line: This record is so similar to Chimaira that it is hard for me to hear anything else. Unfortunately, Bleed the Sky can't quite get to the level of musicianship that Chimaira has attained, and I'm afraid that's not saying much. This album sounds professional, and is performed flawlessly, but that can't save mediocre song-writing.

Andrew Bradford_   posted 10/18/2008 2:29:05 PM
Bleed The Sky Rules! Their new album is the shit. How come it's not up on this site.
anonymous   posted 7/17/2007 3:04:04 PM
everyone who hates metalcore can eat a fat dick
Jose_   posted 5/18/2007 2:51:13 AM
I dont Know why Rob McFeters,(the guy who reviewed Paradigm in Entropy), thinks that these guys are trying to copy Chimaira. I think some people just love horrible music. However, I do like one of their tracks in their new CD but not even that could save the album. Chimaira sucks balls and they should be trying to copy Paradigm instead.
STUPID_   posted 3/2/2006 9:46:35 AM
how about a 10 out of 10 f*ck queer review
JXP_   posted 11/2/2005 3:54:39 PM
Bleed the sky kicks ass. Theyre good live, the albums great, and they are cool as shit in person. Oh and they dont sound much like Chimaira Retards.

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