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Transistor Transistor Erase All Name And Likeness

01. Kill The Head 02. And The Body Will Die 03. Black Cat 04. Power Chord Academy 05. Songssanstitle 06. Curse All You Kids 07. Sweet William 08. Transistor Transistor VS Everyone 09. Empathy 10. Straight To Hell 11. A Sinking Ship Full Of Optimists
2005 Level Plane Records
Our score 8


In non-musical terms, this album is your relationship with your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend dissolving, realizing you have no job prospects or work skills, trying to express these frustrations through music and being met with blank stares or programmed enthusiasm but never anyone who actually "gets it." It's righteous tantrum music. Maybe I'm projecting. Or maybe Transistor Transistor has written the most relatable album of '05. Normally, love songs penned to your band are the lowest point a group hits in self-indulgence before they have coke-strokes or do solo records. Transistor Transistor rewrote that formula with this album. The whole thing is wrapped so tightly on itself it makes Myspace profiles and college application personal statements look downright worldly. But somehow this works. It more than works -- it hits the heart. Erase All Name And Likeness really pinpoints the artist VS audience relationship. "Curse All You Kids" makes me wonder how many shows these dudes have played rolling around on the floor, killing themselves to express something while kids talk amongst themselves, gaze dead-eyed at the wall behind the band, or step outside. The song "Transistor Transistor VS Everyone" puts into words a feeling anyone who has toured has experienced: a "band as gang" ethic in the least thuggish way possible. Musically, this is screamy hardcore, at its best when Ink & Dagger traits surface, at its worst when falling into aged screamo clichés [note: use of word "screamo" for those who understand the difference and don't rely on Spin to define genres]. Despite a few missteps, the album is strong and there is something here that transcends the notes played. A gestalt I won't be able to convey in this review other than to say it made my body respond in random shakes and non-metal headbanging. Bottom Line: This album is for people who make things. Music, art, whatever. I don't know if you'll get it otherwise. But for those of you who create and happen to operate at 80% frustrated -- this is a great listen. Sounds pretentious Well, fuck you.


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battles_ 4/12/2005 1:50:36 PM

FIRST POST!! I want to hear this.

hxcobd_ 4/12/2005 2:09:12 PM

Always been a great band.

xtroyx_ 4/12/2005 2:16:28 PM

i just bought this album yesterday actually. its f*cking amazing and this is a good review. go out and get it.

anonymous 4/12/2005 2:43:03 PM

kein gehört worden

holycitybradley_ 4/12/2005 2:54:41 PM

This is more of a livejournal entry that an album review

bradmann_ 4/12/2005 3:06:28 PM

good call patrick...who got the clear/white 2xLP?? i did!

xpissangelx_ 4/12/2005 3:22:58 PM

everyone knows transistor sucks, no one lieks your writing

deadwithfear_ 4/12/2005 3:47:30 PM

i'm gonna check this out...even though the review is f*cking horrendous.

Mr.Fuji_ 4/12/2005 5:48:53 PM

I got it on clear/white 1 week after if came out in nyc

ipoopedinyourcloset_ 4/12/2005 7:59:20 PM

And now we have the reason his metalcore reviews are so low. Thanks for letting us know how "indie" you are by stating you understand where the term screamo came from; bravo for you. Continue listening to your indie rock, I'll stick with my metal.

again with the again_ 4/12/2005 8:29:35 PM

transistor transistor arent indie rock.

Its Tragic_ 4/13/2005 6:14:11 AM

didnt her dont care about music that you need to "get" its f*cking music, its either good or bad, its not some ridiculous metaphore that prick Dennis Miller rattles of just before he contiues to imply that Iraq caused not only 911, but the Tsunami, The death of Terri Schiavo AND the common cold. I dont want to get off on a rant here but im f*ckING SICK of saying that music is something to be got. That just a pretentious way of saying "not a lot of people like this, but the ones that do are to

Its Tragic_ 4/13/2005 6:18:05 AM

oh and "A gestalt I won't be able to convey in this review other than to say it made my body respond in random shakes and non-metal headbanging." WHAT? Shut the sweet f*ck up. Music that gives you Parkinson's is bad f*cking news. Go hang out with Michael J Fox.

awesome_ 4/13/2005 7:01:46 AM

As previously stated, good record, awful review.

ipoopedinyourcloset_ 4/13/2005 7:14:52 AM

Closer to indie rock than metal. A few "screams" don't change what it is.

likewoa_ 4/13/2005 7:17:49 AM

this band way underrated and good

justinjj1_ 4/13/2005 9:37:11 AM

this is possibly the worst review I have ever read.

its amazing_ 4/13/2005 11:39:28 AM

if you think this sounds anything like indie rock you are clueless. if you think the shitty metalcore you were defending in your post above is metal you are clueless. i dont care either way about this review, but you are looking like a bitter poser.

ipoopedinyourcloset_ 4/13/2005 2:18:42 PM

I guess I'm one of those people who don't "get it" then. I'll admit that, and I'm glad I don't get it, because I just don't like it. Screamy hardcore? Really? Give it another listen...

stick_ 4/13/2005 5:10:43 PM

"screamo cliches"?? isn't that the whole point? to not care? to stick my dick in your ear and f*ck what you heard? why don't we save "screamo cliches" for bands that 14 year olds label as "screamo"?

elliot_ 4/13/2005 7:08:13 PM

oh cool! saying "this is the worst review ever" is really cool! cuz i mean, you have so much reason to say that. it's not like he perfectly explained this album and how it sounded and why it was good. yeah, definitely worst review ever. high five! cool!

Its Tragic_ 4/13/2005 9:20:57 PM

oh cool! saying "this is the worst review ever" is really cool! cuz i mean, you have so much reason to say that. it's not like he perfectly explained this album and how it sounded and why it was good. yeah, definitely worst review ever. high five! cool! posted by elliot ( on 4/13/2005 7:08:13 PM GAAAAAYYYY FAAAGGGOOOOTTTTTT shut up, why do you care that someone made fun of a review of some random band on the interne

anonymous 4/14/2005 11:18:32 AM

that's africa's problem. how do you suggest i fix that problem? with all the money i make? nah, i'd rather spend it on underground music like transistor transistor.

SMokeOutLoud_ 4/19/2005 10:39:33 AM

hmm, music for people who make things? huh. no good. bye.

JaleelxWhite_ 4/22/2005 2:37:28 PM

hahaha, best part of the entire review/comments is watching "Its Tragic" make a complete joke out of themself...

Amatuer Party_ 4/23/2005 6:54:25 AM

Since there is not much description of music it is best to go to and listen to mp3s.

windowlicker_ 5/11/2005 9:46:54 AM

this record is better than 99% of the over compressed metal core garbage on this site and it will never get the respect it deserves

xkristiankorex_ 5/11/2005 9:48:07 AM

the new norma jean is better

captain sensible_ 8/13/2005 1:50:57 PM

this album is probably the best thing that came out all year

united_ninety_three_ 4/16/2006 11:54:48 PM

the new norma jean is better posted by xkristiankorex () on 5/11/2005 9:48:07 AM please stab your f*cking ears with an ice pick and get dead stat. also, patrick is obviously incapable of writing a passably decent review and should be fired, beaten, and bukkake'd by fat jewish men. way to fail once again, asstard. 9/10 album.