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The Locust Safety Second, Body Last

The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last
01. Armless and Overactive
02. Who's Handling the Population Paste
03. Invented Organs
04. New Tongue Sweepstakes
05. Consenting Abscess
06. One Decent Leg MP3
07. Movement Across the Membrane
08. Oscillating Eyes
09. Immune System Overtime
10. Hairy Mouth
2005 Ipecac Recordings

Reviewed by: Ash Levitt   //   Published: 3/28/2005

The Locust is the absolute epitome of a love 'em or hate 'em band in the world of heavy music. Their avant garde style of slightly controlled noise is unique, to say the least, and readily creates a legion of rabid fans as quickly as they piss other people off (surely whoever had the bright idea to stick them on a tour with Andrew WK had to see a flurry of middle fingers and fights coming). This bipolar, all-or-none split of listeners could be a seemingly simple reason why this band has jumped between very diverse labels (GSL to Epitaph to Ipecac): perhaps no one really knows what to do with them.

Despite (or in spite) of all of this, the Locust continue to make music that is creative and in and of itself one ginormous middle finger. On past releases the Locust have been satisfied with short song structures somewhere in the grind vein, only with more electronics and much noisier. The old love 'em and leave 'em M. O. of the band has been replaced on their newest offering with longer tracks (actually only two split into six sections) and lots of electronic interludes to give you a break in between your living room spazz sessions.

Bottom Line: Occasionally the blast beats are still there, along with the distorted guitars and screaming, though on Safety Second, Body Last, the band tries (somewhat) to expand beyond this. The end result, though a natural progression from Plague Soundscapes, is difficult to explain, especially if the listener is not familiar with the Locust. It is good, solid output one would expect from the Locust; the only problem is that it's very short. Basically, fans of the Locust will enjoy this furiously while those cynical about the band will now have more fuel for the fire. That and the fact that this complements the Ipecac roster perfectly is all you need to know.

JudasGoat_   posted 7/9/2007 4:48:53 PM
Worth it.
Kill You_   posted 3/29/2007 1:21:41 AM
Anyone who insults the locust are excactly what the lyrics are talking about. They are easily the most important band in REAL heavy music. So keep your bitch ass mouths shut and keep jerkin off until the next Killswitch engage cd comes out.
nivo_   posted 12/7/2006 6:00:28 AM
seriously, anyone who's been running their mouths at this band needs to be shot. If they wanted any shit from you they'd pick it out of your teeth.
esc_   posted 9/8/2005 7:28:50 PM
the locust f*cking own. learn to use your ears e-thugs
hatedragon_   posted 7/9/2005 4:38:20 PM
i bought and liked this album, very interesting and different, can completely understand why some people didn't like it. Musicianship and originality 7/10

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