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Rotten Sound Exit

01. Exit 02. Burden MP3 03. Sell Your Soul 04. V.S.A. 05. Follow 06. Maggots 07. Slave 08. Mass Suicide 09. Soil 10. Fail and Fall 11. Greed 12. Slay 13. Western Cancer 14. Nation 15. Havoc 16. Traitor 17. XXI 18. Running Weak
2005 Willowtip Records, Spinefarm Records
Our score 8

by Cory

Fans of grindcore should be familiar with Rotten Sound already. For the previously unacquainted, Exit is the fifth album in seven years for Finland's lords of brutality. In their eleven year career, they have made quite a name for themselves on both sides of the ocean and Exit may very well be the record that propels them in the eyes of fans to the heights of groups like Pig Destroyer or Nasum. While the formula here is relatively tried and true grind, the unrelenting speed and intensity of Rotten Sound is what sets them apart. There are extended periods of time on Exit when the drums rival the speed of the programmed drums of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. To be honest, the bass drumming is so fast that it actually was physically sickening. I once listened to this disc three times in a row and felt a bit queasy afterwards. Thankfully, Rotten Sound relies on more than their speed alone. The guitars seem to be heavily inspired by 80's thrash and the catchiness of the songs is a definite reflection of this. My favorite thing about this disc was that despite being a relatively straight-forward grind disc, Rotten Sound weren't afraid to throw some twists in on tracks like "Slay," which was essentially one giant metal breakdown, or "Soil," which easily wins my vote for most effective use of a tambourine on a metal record, ever. Moreover, the relatively melodic vocals on "Nation" were an unexpected and welcome addition to Rotten Sound's already impressive repertoire. The whole record is under thirty minutes, but listening to it is absolutely exhausting. The listener is shown absolutely no mercy as the band crams eighteen tracks of solid pulsing death metal in without more than a few seconds' pause until the last few minutes when the interlude "XXI" leads into the powerful closer "Running Weak." The disc feels incredibly raw and visceral, in much the same way that bands like Napalm Death were recorded nearly two decades ago and more recently, sounding very similar to the production utilized by death/grind supergroup Venomous Concept. Bottom Line: This is grindcore with something more to offer. I'm not personally the most diehard fan of the genre, but I find myself listening to this disc as often as physically possible. I've probably given this disc more spins in the last month than any metal record in recent memory and will undoubtedly continue to do so for a long time. Their execution and talent is on par with the best in the genre and their songwriting shows depth and genuine creativity. Rotten Sound's Exit is one of the best records I've heard so far this year.

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FudgeYourYankeeBlueJeans_ 3/13/2005 11:14:47 AM

slightly better than Murderworks. i know alot of people will claim its a Nasum rip-off but come on, Nasum's singer (RIP) handled the production duties if i remember correctly. i think one more solid album by this band will cement them among the grindcore elite

Cory_ 3/13/2005 11:35:56 AM

I would say this record already has.

vegans_taste_good_ 3/13/2005 11:38:30 AM

willowtip comes through again. this is a great cd

anonymous 3/13/2005 1:33:19 PM


el justin_ 3/13/2005 6:16:52 PM

awesome disc

xCERVIX DESTROYERx_ 3/13/2005 6:27:51 PM

holy f*cking sheeit.

retch_ 3/13/2005 11:46:21 PM

great cd

bobbydrake_ 3/14/2005 2:47:59 AM

cory, you didn't try very hard with this review. also, venomous concept are far from 'death/grind' how does a band that rips off mdc and gism sound like 'death/grind'? and this does really sound like nasum, but i'm not complaining, because it kicks ass. though i think the best rotten sound stuff was when they were with repulse, this is still pretty amazing stuff.

dutchstep_ 3/14/2005 10:28:30 AM

i listened to this CD pretty religiously for about a week and now i hardly ever listen to it. "nation" is probably my favorite track.

Yurheda Splode_ 3/14/2005 11:54:36 AM

Sounds like a Nasum tribute band. Drummer is good.

dumptruck_ 3/14/2005 2:24:16 PM

Nothing wrong with sounding like Nasum. This band rips.

jeffs_ 3/15/2005 7:59:45 AM

This is one of the best albums Ive bought in over a year. Check out the intensity of vocals in "Havoc"

James_ 3/15/2005 5:47:22 PM

Awesome CD! Some of the better Grind stuff I've heard...